List of Best Diploma Courses After 12th Science

Have you passed 12th standard with science stream subjects? Do you want to pursue a good diploma course after completing 12th science? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best courses to do after 12th science.

Diploma after 12th science

Science stream is very popular among 10th passed students in India. To be honest, it is the most popular PUC stream among students who have passed matriculation examination. Science stream consists of two main groups – PCM group and PCB group. You may also check – arts courses after 12th in India.


After completing 12th science, a student has access to different types of academic programs & courses. Some of the notable course formats include – Bachelor’s Degree courses, Integrated (Dual Degree courses), Diploma courses, Paramedical courses, Professional Degrees & more. Also check – List of government jobs after completing diploma in India.


In this post, we will focus on diploma courses after 12th science. Science stream students have access to different types of diploma programs. Some of the notable diploma courses include – engineering courses, general/non-technical diploma courses, vocational courses, paramedical courses & distance learning courses. You may also check – diploma courses after 12th commerce & arts.


We will check out each type of diploma course in this post. Come, let us check out the list of science stream diploma courses now. Here it is –


List of diploma courses after 12th science


1 Diploma in Engineering courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
2 Diploma in Electrical Engineering
3 Diploma in Civil Engineering
4 Diploma in Computer Engineering
5 Diploma in Chemical Engineering
6 Diploma in Production Engineering
7 Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
8 Diploma in Automobile Engineering
9 Diploma in Communication & Computer Networking
10 Diploma in Information Technology
11 Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
12 Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
13 Diploma in Automation & Robotics
14 Diploma in Cloud Computing & Big Data
15 Diploma in Gaming & Animation
16 Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
17 Diploma in Textile Chemistry
18 Diploma in Textile Processing Technology
19 Diploma in Plastic Engineering
20 Diploma in Mining Engineering
21 Diploma in Ceramic Technology
22 Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
23 Diploma in Food Processing & Technology
24 Diploma in Information & Communication Technology
25 Diploma in Tool & Die Making
26 Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
27 Diploma in Metallurgy
28 Diploma in Power Electronics
29 Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Technology
30 Diploma in Architecture
31 Diploma in Geoinformatics
32 Diploma in Plastic Mould Technology
33 Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
34 Diploma in Printing Technology
35 Diploma in Electronics Production & Maintenance
36 Diploma in Medical Electronics
37 Diploma in Marine Engineering
38 Diploma in Mechatronics
39 Diploma in Leather Technology
40 Diploma in Rubber Technology
41 Diploma in Packaging Technology
42 Diploma in Computer Applications
43 Diploma in Industrial Electronics
44 Diploma in Environmental Engineering
45 Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering
46 Diploma in Plastic & Polymer Engineering
47 Diploma in Polymer Technology
48 Diploma in Garment Fabrication Technology
49 Diploma in Renewable Energy
50 Diploma in Robotic Process Automation
51 Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering
52 Diploma in Audiography & Sound Engineering
53 Diploma in Cyber Forensics & Information Security
54 Diploma in Safety & Fire Engineering
55 Diploma in Refrigeration & Airconditioning
56 Diploma in Paint Technology


2 non-technical diploma courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Craft Technology
2 Diploma in Commercial & Computer Practice
3  Diploma in Cinematography
4  Diploma in Film & Video Editing
5 Diploma in Fine Arts
6 Diploma in Costume Design & Garment Technology
7 Diploma in Library & Information Science
8 Diploma in Modern Office Practice
9 Diploma in Costume Design & Dress Making
10 Diploma in Interior Decoration
11 Diploma in Modern Office Management
12 Diploma in Art for Drawing Teacher
13 Diploma in Commercial Art
14 Diploma in Interior Design
15 Diploma in Cosmetology & Health
16 Diploma in Modern Office Practice (Hindi)
17 Diploma in Fashion Technology
18 Diploma in Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology
19 Diploma in Beauty & Hairdressing
20 Diploma in Stenography & Secretarial Practice
21 Diploma in Beauty Culture & Cosmetology
22 Diploma in Beauty Culture
23 Diploma in Visual Graphics
24 Diploma in Cosmetology
25 Diploma in Photography
26 Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology
27 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Administration
28 Diploma in Travel & Tourism
29 Diploma in Hotel Management
30 Diploma in Business Management
31 Diploma in Finance, Accounts & Auditing
32 Diploma in Office Management & Computer Application
33 Diploma in Knitting & Garment Technology
34 Diploma in Event Management
35 Diploma in Meat Technology
36 Diploma in Tourism Studies


3 Paramedical diploma courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Pharmacy
2 Diploma in Pharmacy (Ayurveda)
3 Diploma in Pharmacy (Homeopathy)
4 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
5 Diploma in Physiotherapy
6 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
7 Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
8 Diploma in X-Ray Technology
9 Diploma in Radiography
10 GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery)
11 ANM (Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery)
12 Diploma in Emergency Care Technology
13 Diploma in Dialysis Technology
14 Diploma in Occupational Therapy
15 Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology
16 Diploma in Veterinary Assistant
17 Diploma in Dental Hygienist
18 Diploma in Radiography
19 Diploma in ECG Technology
20 Diploma in CT Scan Technology
21 Diploma in Dental Assistant
22 Diploma in Community Healthcare
23 Diploma in Medical Record Technology
24 Diploma in Blood Bank Technology
25 Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
26 Diploma in Rural Healthcare
27 Diploma in Sanitary Worker
28 Diploma in Nursing Assistant
29 Diploma in Radiological Techniques
30 Diploma in Neuro Technology
31 Diploma in Cardiovascular Technician
32 Diploma in Dental Mechanics
33 Diploma in Dental Hygiene
34 Diploma in Optometry
35 Diploma in Pharmacy (Veterinary)
36 Diploma in Multi-purpose Health Worker
37 Diploma in Cath Lab Technology
38 Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science
39 Diploma in Dental Lab Technician
40 Diploma in Orthopaedic Technician
41 Diploma in Food & Nutrition


4 Vocational diploma courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 D.Voc. Software Development
2  D.Voc. Industrial Tool Manufacturing
3 D.Voc. Automobile Servicing
4 D.Voc. Production Technology
5 D.Voc. Automobile Manufacturing Technology
6 D.Voc. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
7 D.Voc. Electronic Manufacturing Services
8 D.Voc. Travel & Tourism
9 D.Voc. Graphics & Multimedia
10 D.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
11 D.Voc. Construction Technology
12 D.Voc. Food Processing
13 D.Voc. Interior Design
14 D.Voc. Fashion Design
15 D.Voc. Jewellery Design
16 D.Voc. Product Design
17 D.Voc. Hardware & Networking
18 D.Voc. Hotel Management
19 D.Voc. Dairy Technology
20 D.Voc. Apparel Design
21 D.Voc. Rubber Technology
22 D.Voc. Photography
23 D.Voc. Modern Office Practice


5 Distance & Online learning diploma courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Aquaculture
2 Diploma in Agriculture
3 Diploma in Sericulture
4 DPLAD (Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development)
5 Diploma in Event Management
6 Diploma in Dairy Technology
7 DECE (Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education)
8 DWED (Diploma in Women’s Empowerment & Development)
9 DCE (Diploma in Creative Writing in English)
10 DPVE (Diploma in Value Education)
11 DNHE (Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education)
12 DVAPFV (Diploma in Value-added Products from Fruits & Vegetables)
13 DAFE (Diploma in HIV & Family Education)
14 DMT (Diploma in Meat Technology)
15 DIPP (Diploma in Paralegal Practice)
16 DTS (Diploma in Tourism Studies)
17 Diploma in BPO Finance & Accounting
18 Diploma in Modern Office Practice
19 DWM (Diploma in Watershed Management)


6 Aviation courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Cabin Crew Training
2 Diploma in Airfare Ticketing
3 Diploma in Ground Staff Training
4 Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Management


7 Teacher Training courses

Sr No Name of the course
1 D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education)
2 D.P.Ed. (Diploma in Physical Education)
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