List of Best PTC Colleges in Bharuch

Do you want to become a teacher? Are you looking for the best PTC Colleges in Bharuch? If yes, this article will be of help to you. I’ve listed down some of the best PTC Colleges in Bharuch here!

PTC Colleges in Bharuch

PTC stands for Primary Teachers Certificate. After completing D.El.Ed. course (offered by PTCs), you will be able to become primary level teacher at both Government and Private schools. You may also check – commerce stream after 10th.


If you want to become a teacher, PTC Colleges will be of help to you! These institutes are known to offer job oriented D.El.Ed. course. You may also check – PTC colleges in Gujarat.


In Bharuch, there exists both Government and Private PTC Colleges. Government Institutes are known to charge relatively lower fees than their Private counterparts.


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After going through the list, you will have the names of prominent PTC Colleges in Bharuch. Using this data, you may make an informed choice!


Here’s the list of best PTC Colleges in Bharuch –


List of PTC Colleges in Bharuch

  • Vocational Training College, Ankleshwar, Bharuch (Grant-in-aid)
  • JM Shah PTC College Campus, Jambusar, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • Shri RR Tanti PTC College, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • Shri Maruti PTC College, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • CM Desai PTC College, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • Atmiya PTC College, Jadeshwar, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • VC Trust PTC College, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • Navsarjan PTC College, Valiya, Bharuch (Self Financed)
  • Amiti PTC College, Bharuch (Self Financed)


If you are looking for D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) course admission, these colleges will be of help to you!

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