Diploma in Visual Communication: Details, Scope & Jobs

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of Diploma in Visual Communication course. It is a job oriented course. This article covers vital details such as course duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, similar courses, syllabus and career prospects. If you are enthusiastic about the field of viscom, you will find this article very helpful and informative. If you are planning to pursue viscom course, the details provided in this article will help you make an informed choice!


Name of Course: Diploma in Visual Communication
Course Type: Diploma Certificate
Eligibility Criteria: 1oth or 12th passed (depending upon the institute)
Duration: 1-2 years


Diploma in Visual Communication

What is visual communication? Let us check out the basic details first.


Visual Communication: An Introduction

In simple terms, visual communication is the transmission/dissemination of information, news, messages or ideas using symbols and imagery. Basically, it is communication through a visual aid!


Signs, symbols, imagery, typography, animation, advertising etc are used to transmit information. Visual Communication can be said to be a part of mass communication. Using visual communication, large audience can be reached. Information or message can be transmitted to a large audience using this mode of communication.


Drawing & illustration, photography, videography, graphic design, animation, film production & editing, web designing, advertising and photojournalism are important parts of visual communication studies. The subjects form an integral part of viscom syllabus.

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In India, visual communication courses are available in 3 main formats- Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma and Certificate. Among these 3 course formats, Bachelor’s Degree is the best one! Prominent Bachelor’s Degree courses are- B.Sc. in Visual Communication, BA in Visual Communication and Bachelor of Visual Communication.


Bachelor’s Degree course can be pursued after completing 10+2 schooling from a recognized board. Let us not focus out attention on Diploma in Visual Communication program –


Diploma in Visual Communication: Course details


Type of course

It is a Diploma certificate program.



Could be anywhere between 1-2 years. Some institutes are known to offer 1 year long course. Some institutes offer 18 months long course. Some of them are known to offer 2 years long course.


Eligibility Criteria

Varies from one institute to another. It also depends upon the duration and nature of the course. I’ve seen institutes giving admission to 10th passed students. Some other institutes have set 10+2 passed as minimum educational qualification required.


Admission process

Depending upon the institute, it could be either direct admission process or merit based admission process. Some institutes accept students after conducting a written test or interview.


VISCOM Syllabus

I’ve listed down some important subjects present in viscom program here. You may go through the list to get a better idea about the course structure and syllabus –

  • Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Film Production
  • Film Editing
  • Animation
  • Advertising
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Design
  • Script Writing and Editing


Note: All subjects present in the curriculum have not been mentioned. Only important subjects have been listed above.


Similar/Relevant courses

As I mentioned before, Bachelor’s Degree Viscom courses are better and more valuable than Diploma in Visual Communication! Some relevant Bachelor’s Degree courses are –

  • B.Sc. in Visual Communication
  • B.Des. Visual Communication
  • B.Sc. in Visual Media
  • BA in Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Media


The above mentioned Bachelor’s Degree courses can be pursued after successfully completing 10+2 from a recognized board.


Visual Communication scope & jobs

Viscom professionals are usually recruited by –

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media Houses (Print, Internet and Broadcast)
  • Film Production Houses
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Broadcast Firms
  • Publishing Firms
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