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Through education, we can demolish the unemployment rate from this world. Only education can provide us higher earnings to live our lives in a better way. An advanced degree can open multiple paths. Success does not come without any effort. You need to devote yourself. Are you planning to enroll yourself in a graduate school which includes law and business? Or you want to explore different options. A GRE test can be the best option for you. GRE or Graduate record examinations are a standardized exam which is conducted by the educational testing services (ETS). Almost every top-level graduate school accept the ETS GRE score for the master degree. For example master of science degree in the USA.

GRE tips, tricks & books

After you are done with your graduation? Then you must be ready to face the stormy competition that exists in the market. If you are really concerned to take your career to further heights, then it is time to enroll your name for higher examinations. Higher education qualifications will help you to earn a bright career along with attractive salary packages.


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Are you feeling confused in terms of choosing the best option to take your career to the next step? Stop worrying and start preparing for GRE. What does GRE stand for? GRE is an abbreviated form for Graduate Records Examination. If you are able to clear the examination with an appreciable score, then you may get a chance to study in higher universities abroad.


The entire examination of GRE is designed and governed by the Educational Testing Service, i.e., ETS. The examination seems to be a cake walk, but it is just the reverse in reality. The entire pattern of this examination is highly consistent in nature. Scores obtained are recognized in top schools of the United States and other countries.



Want to know the hidden treasure of GRE? The examination comprises of four variable categories that are:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical skills of writing


Each and every part is designed for testing the basic skills possessed by the candidate. The fee in association with the test is not more than $155 US dollars. The type of test conducted is either online or offline. The nature of the examination session may vary from one country to another, but the pattern will remain the same.


Get introduced to each and every part of the examination so that you may have a detailed analysis about the type of examination you will be attending. They have been mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Critical thinking – The section of critical thinking has been combined with analytical writing. The test will help in judging the ability of a candidate. The knowledge acquired from school days is sufficient to crack this portion.
  • Verbal reasoning – Verbal reasoning is the second part of the GRE examination. This section will test the ability of the candidate of understanding oral as well as analogical skills. In short, it will help in judging your presence of mind.
  • Quantitative reasoning – The third part is quantitative reasoning that will judge your mathematical skills. This part is inclusive of algebra, data analysis, arithmetic and geometry.


As the format may change little bit any time, it is advisable to stay in touch with latest education news. Now comes the turn of selecting study materials! If you done with registering your name along with other mandatory details to ETS, you will be provided with GRE test materials free of cost.



Graduate record examination is like a generalized exam. The exam doesn’t relate to any specific field or discipline. The exam was designed to evaluate your hidden skills that one has picked up for many years. The GRE or Graduate record examination followed by three stages. Verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning.



This part will test your ability to check the facts, arguments, and judge the evidence and put the view in a structured and convincing manner. It tests your critical thinking ability, your analytical writing skill.



This section measures your ability to analyze and prepare a conclusion from the discourse. This section checks the capacity of yours to understand the author’s intention and perspective. This is a tricky section for all the non-native English speaker.



This section will measure your capability to understand general things, interpret and analyze the information, use the mathematical model to solve problems and apply the basic arithmetic concepts, geometry, algebra, and also data analysis. The good part is that you can carry the calculator in the exam hall. So you don’t​have to give any mental pressure.



There is no such critical eligibility requirement for GRE. Only one eligibility is required for GRE, i.e. proper documents to prove the Candidate’s identity. In India, you need to have a valid passport. The photocopy will not work. Candidate needs to produce the original passport which shows the full name of the Candidate, signature, and photograph.


That’s all. No other documents, like your birth certificate, driving license, etc. won’t work to show your identity. Passport is mandatory. The management is stringent about their rules. Apart from the passport requirements, ETS does not have any age bar or any pre requisites or qualifications. The eligibility will be set by the universities, which will accept the GRE score. For every single program, they set a minimum age bar, qualifications, and experience.



There are various ways through which a Candidate can fill the application for GRE. The most popular way to register for GRE is through phone and online. Apart from these two ways, candidates can register through fax and mail too.



Aspirants can follow the below mentioned process to complete the application –

  • All the aspirants need to create the ETS account
  • Now select what type of GRE you want to take. GRE subject test or GRE general
  • Now choose the date, on which you wish to give the GRE and select the nearest exam centre
  • Fill your academic details
  • Go ahead and make the payment for the exam



Call the regional registration centre (RRC). The centre is located in Gurugram, Haryana. Phone number of the centre is 91-124-4147700. The Candidate should call the centre at least two days before the test date. The confirmation number, address of test centre, reporting time will be provided to the Candidate when they make a call to the exam registration. Complete your online payment through the master card, JCB, visa credit, or debit card.



  • GRE application fee is $205 in all over the world. In Indian rupees, it is approx 14, 322/-
  • The charge of the GRE subject test is $150 worldwide. For Indian students, it is 10, 480
  • Sometimes Candidates need to pay individual fees like
  • Standby testing $25
  • Late registration fees $25
  • Test centre changing charges $50
  • Apart from the above-mentioned charges, candidates are required to pay $50 if they want to change the subject in the exam.



  • For China, rescheduling fee is $53.90
  • Rescheduling charges for rest of the world $50



It is inclusive of sample tests that you will provide you an examination anxiety. The more you attend these sample tests, easier it will become to face the real examination confidently. It has been regarded as the best way to judge your ability to sit for the examination. It will help you in knowing your loopholes to work on.


GRE examination if taken very seriously will definitely help in changing your dreams to reality. It will help you to organize your mind set to take entry to a graduate school. Learning is an unending process. It is possible to master your craft by going through high profile courses.



  • After you have acquired the basic knowledge regarding the GRE examination, the next step will be all about registration. How to register for your forthcoming GRE? Nowadays, with the high advent of internet technologies almost each and every activity takes place through online mode.
  • There is no need to hover to and fro to complete with your registration with GRE. Below are some exclusive methods of getting your name registered for the forthcoming GRE examination:
  • Phone call – You may complete your registration by giving a phone call to the RRC. RRC stand for an appropriate Regional Registration Centre.
  • Online – It is very much easy to get your name registered for GRE through online way. With the high advent of internet technology, it has become easy to carry on registration online.
  • Email system – Email system is another important system for registering your name for GRE examination. All you need is to download the International Scheduling Form and forward the same to the appropriate RRC.
  • Fax system – Fax system is another important system to register your name for GRE examination. Faxing the same after filling details to the appropriate RRC will be a good idea.



Regarding payment, the fee needs to be paid in a secured manner. Some of the highly secured methods of payment for GRE examination after you are done with successful registration include the following:

  • Online payment
  • Credit card
  • Debit card


After you are done with payment, you will receive a receipt as a proof. In case of any confusion, the receipt will assist you in the best possible manner.



Are you determined to appear for the GRE examination in forthcoming days? Some of the best steps that will help in cracking the GRE examination include the following:

  • Scheduling date around six months from commencing of GRE examination will be a good idea. You must ensure that you get your seat reserved on time for perusal.
  • At the time of taking a computer based test, it must be absolute that the type of question that you will be attempting. An attempt to mock test series will give you the opportunity to become friendly with the real life tests.
  • There are numerous questions that need to be decisive in terms of obtaining a good GRE score. You need to take your time to think prior to answering the question.


Books are best friends for students. They will give you knowledge along with exposure to decent trends in the industry. Similarly, if you are preparing yourself for the forthcoming GRE examination, then you need to rock up your preparation at the earliest. It will be better to get associated with a reliable training centre.


There you will be getting the best guidance from expert trainers who keep themselves up-to-date with latest changes in the market. Also, they will let you know if there is any change in the examination pattern. It will prevent you from facing any type of confusion in the actual day of examination.



Attending lectures from top trainers will definitely help in boosting your preparation to a high extent. Along with it, you need to go through some exclusive collections of books to revise. There are many books in the market, but some of the highly effective ones include:

  • ETS: GRE the Official Guide to Revised General Test
  • 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems (Manhattan)
  • GRE Prep with Practice Tests
  • GRE by ArgoPrep
  • Barron’s GRE: 21st Edition
  • Kaplan’s GRE Premier


Going through the books will help you in recalling the concepts along with tricks that were taught to you during the training session. Once your training is over, you need to burn the midnight oil to take your preparation to further level. The more you practice, easier it will become to attend the actual examination with ease thus removing exam anxiety.



If the Candidate is well confident, that he or she can make the preparation well without any supervision, then for sure, self-study is the best option for any student who is going to appear for GRE. If you have a monetary issue, you can save money on the classes and from personal tuition. But for that, you need to keep other things in your mind. You will need good books and also the resources for the exam.


Be confident and make yourself​ motivated all the time.On the other hand, if you need professional guidance for the GRE preparation, Cochin classes are always the right option for you. You will get notes, better study material, and supervision of an expert team. When you jell up with the other students, you will come to know more about the exam, and it increase the competition level also.



All the candidates of GRE must know that ETS, which conduct the GRE, does not offer any Scholarship, even top scorers also don’t get any scholarship. In GRE there is no such thing like a scholarship. But yes you can get the scholarship by the graduate school. The GRE score is not only the criteria to get the scholarship. Many other things also will be considered. Like your academic background, research, and work experience and if you have any other achievement, that too will be considered. So that does not mean GRE score is not essential. It is also equally important, like other factors.



All the applicants use the GRE score for graduate-level study in various subject areas. Some of the department ask the Candidate to take one GRE subject test. Some require a general test. With the subject test, one can assess a particular field’s knowledge, but general test provide you understanding of quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing.



Graduate record examination or GRE is accepted by most of the universities for the graduate program. Candidates who are willing to pursue an MBA, masters, Ph.D. appear for the GRE general test as well. Students perform for the GRE to make their future secure and robust. Because the test score is accepted by maximum graduate school worldwide. In many business schools and law schools also take the GRE test.



Are you going to book the GRE slot? You need to have a credit or debit card. So that you can make the payment for registration US $ 205 and also original passport is required. Below mentioned are a few important things one should remember before registration.


All the information that you have provided should match your original passport and ID and driving license. The name that you have provided in the GRE application should match your original passport. In case of any discrepancy the exam authority can dismiss your exam as well.Check first, which test centre is available in your area and also make sure for which format you are comfortable.Before appearing to the exam read all the policies clearly.



  • It is quite evident that student can cancel or reschedule their exam. But one has to do this four days before the exam date.
  • Candidates can reschedule or cancel the test after paying the cancellation charges or rescheduling fees, which is $50.
  • Candidates have to submit 4days prior notice before reschedule or cancel the exam. ( If the Candidate is from the mainland from china they need to give 10days prior notice.)
  • One cannot exchange the registration​ fee between the GRE subject test and GRE general test.
  • If the Candidate does not follow the guidelines, the full registration fee will be fortified.



In India, GRE organized in more than 22 cities. Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Allahabad, Nasik, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Indore, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, Vadodara, Vijayawada, Trivandrum, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Dehradun, etc. Most of them provide a computer-based exam; some offer paper test.



The syllabus is different in both the exam GRE subject test and GRE general test. GRE general test is the standard exam, which includes quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical writing skill. If you want to appear for a specialized paper, you need to give the GRE subject test.


GRE test is the most extensive assessment exam for graduate admissions in all over the world. You won’t believe that half-million individual appears for the GRE general exam. Every year more than 160 countries organize the exam. Over 1000 exam test centres are there. Above 1200 business schools accept the GRE score.



In case of competitive examinations including GRE, you need to beat the clock in an exclusive manner. To be precise, you need to attend a maximum number of questions correctly. How is it possible? Simple! By attending practice test sessions at the maximum. The higher number of tests you attend, easier it will become to accustom yourself for the real time test.


The marks obtained will help you to know about your loopholes. On that basis, you will be able to get to learn about your weak areas that must be worked out. It is better to note down your weak areas and mistakes in an exercise book. It will help you in avoiding such blunders in the future thus preparing you a perfect fit for the examination.



Last but not the least, it will be a good idea to attend video lectures and go through publications by top experts. Their valuable words will inspire you to go for the examination in the right direction. Boost up your preparation so that you can fulfill your dreams of building a suitable career with high pay package.

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