How to Become an Air Hostess in India | Complete Career Guide

Do you want to become an Air Hostess? If yes, this article will be of help to you. This guide has been crafted keeping the needs of air hostess career aspirants and enthusiasts in mind. This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about becoming an air hostess in India. 10+2 passed students, Diploma holders as well as graduates may make use of this guide to set career goals!

Air Hostess

Before heading to the meat of the matter – how to become an air hostess in India – let us check out some basic details about air hostess career, training and eligibility criteria. In the next section, you’ll find answers to questions like- “Who is an air hostess/host?”, “What are his/her tasks?”, “Which are the popular training courses available in India?” etc.


Air Hostess: An Introduction

Air Hostesses are members of aircrew employed by the airlines to ensure safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights. They are also known by the names of Flight attendant, cabin crew, air host and flight steward/stewardess.


An air hostess’ primary task if to ensure that passengers aboard the flight are comfortable and all the safety procedures are being followed. Their duty starts well before passengers board the flight!


Their duty starts off with a safety briefing with the pilots and chief flight attendant. During this briefing, they take note of safety and emergency checklists. After that, boarding particulars are checked and verified. They take note of passengers with specials needs, kids, VIPs and aged passengers. Special attention is given to passengers belonging to these categories.


Before passenger boarding, air hostesses enter the cabin and inspect it thoroughly. They make sure that all parts and equipment inside the cabin are serviceable and in working condition. They also ensure that the cabin is clean and ready to host passengers.


During passenger boarding, air hostesses greet passengers and help them to their respective seats. They also assist passengers with luggage loading. Passengers sitting in the emergency exit row are briefed about the way the exit door works.


This is followed by a safety demonstration. Before the take-off, they ensure that passengers are well settled, comfortable and seat belts are fastened. Services taking place prior to the take-off is called Pre take-off service.


After take-off, air hostesses cater to the needs of the passengers. They serve food and drinks to passengers. Apart from customer service duties, they also conduct cabin and lavatory inspection (at regular intervals).


In case of mid-air turbulence, they communicate with the pilots and passengers. During such situations, they obtain inputs from the pilots and pass it on to passengers (if necessary). They ensure that the cabin remains safe during such events. On landing, they stand by the exit doors and monitor the disembarking passengers.

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Many of us think that this profession is only for females. It is a fact that this field is dominated by females. But male candidates are also eligible to join this profession! They may don roles such as flight steward, air host or cabin crew member!


In short, an air hostess is trained to ensure safety and comfort of passengers. They are trained in areas like customer service duties, first aid, emergency training and cabin inspection.


Here’s a list of skills and qualities required to thrive in this profession –

  • Good communication skills. Proficiency in foreign languages.
  • Pleasing personality.
  • Good height (and proportional weight).
  • Clear complexion.
  • Quick thinking and presence of mind.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Caring attitude and sense of responsibility
  • Stamina (willingness to work for long hours).
  • Technical know-how.
  • Ability to gel with the team.


Let us check out the eligibility criteria now –


Air Hostess Eligibility criteria

To become an air hostess in India, one must be 10+2 passed from a recognized board. 10+2 is the minimum educational qualification required.


Though 10+2 is the minimum qualification required, airlines these days prefer recruiting candidates possessing relevant Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma. The term relevant covers courses related to fields such as Hotel Management, Travel & Hospitality Management, Aviation, Travel and Tourism Management etc.


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Candidate should be unmarried. Age should be between 17 to 25 years.


Minimum height required is 157 cm for female candidates and 170 cm for male candidates. Height requirement may vary from one airlines to another. Weight of the candidates should be in proportion to the height.


Having clear complexion and confidence will help. If you satisfy the requirements mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for the job of an air hostess/host or flight stewardess/steward.


Let us check out the steps involved in becoming an air hostess –


How to Become an air hostess: Step-by-step guide


1 Meet the requirements

Make sure that you are eligible to apply for this job. Give attention to physical, medical and educational requirements set by the airlines conducting the recruitment.


2 Apply for the job/interview

Most of the airlines plying their trade in India conduct recruitment drives at regular intervals. They usually put advertisements on their websites, job portals and leading newspapers.


Look for such advertisements. Register or apply for the same.


3 Attend the selection procedure and clear it

Airlines recruit deserving candidates after conducting a selection process. The test usually comprises of PAT (Aptitude Test), GD (Group Dynamics) test and Interview.


Airlines shortlist candidates based on their performance in the tests mentioned above. If you manage to clear the selection procedure and make it into the merit list, you’ll be selected by the airlines for further training.


4 Undergo training and complete it

Selected candidates will be given training by the airlines. They are trained in areas like customer service duties, aircraft familiarization, technical subjects, safety procedures, aircraft rules and regulations and emergency training.


After completing the training satisfactorily, successful candidates will be placed on active service by the airlines!


These are the steps involved in becoming an air hostess. Here are some more ‘How to become’ articles from Courses after 10th- How to become an architect & How to become a CA.

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