How to become a Physiotherapist in India | Career Guide

Do you want to become a physiotherapist? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of this profession. Here, you fill find the following details – step-by-step career guide, relevant courses, their duration, eligibility criteria and more.


Physiotherapy aspirants will benefit from this post. Come, let us take a closer look at this domain. What is physiotherapy all about? What’s it like to become a physiotherapist? What’s the nature of work like? Also check – How to become a Doctor in India.


You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Here we go –


What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. It forma an integral part of allied healthcare sector. Physiotherapists are allied healthcare workers.


The main aim of physiotherapy is to solve impairments in different parts of the body and promote mobility and function. For achieving these goals, physiotherapy employs mechanical force and movements, manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy.


Physiotherapist is a trained professional who performs physical therapy. He/she is trained in areas such as – diagnosis, examination, prognosis, patient education and physical intervention.


Physiotherapy is a broad field. It consists of different sub-branches and areas of specialization. Some such notable areas of specialization include –

  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy
  • Clinical electrophysiology
  • Geriatric physiotherapy
  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Orthopaedic physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Paediatric physiotherapy


How to become a physiotherapist in India, you may ask. Read on to know more –


How to become a physiotherapist in India?

In order to become a physiotherapist in India, one must possess adequate educational qualification and knowledge. In India, BPT is the minimum educational qualification that one must possess in order to become a physiotherapist.


Here’s everything you need to know about BPT course –


BPT course details (duration, eligibility and more)

BPT stands for Bachelor of Physiotherapy. It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. This is the minimum educational qualification required to become a physiotherapist in India.


Students who have passed 12th standard with PCB subjects are eligible to pursue this course. So, if you want to become a physiotherapist, pursue Science stream with PCB subjects after 10th.


After completing 12th Science with PCB subjects, you may apply for BPT admission. Pursue this academic program and complete it. On course completion, you will be awarded BPT Degree. Using this Degree, you may register with relevant authorities and start physical therapy practice.


If you want to continue physiotherapy education, you may go for PG courses. MPT is the most popular PG level physiotherapy program. It stands for Master of Physiotherapy. Apart from MPT, there also exists different types of PG Diploma (Physiotherapy) programs. These PG programs will help you specialize in different sub-branches of physiotherapy. Also check – Diploma courses after 12th science.


Physiotherapists may find work at healthcare centers such as – hospitals, clinics, physiotherapy centers/clinics etc. They are also hired by sport teams, athletes, gyms etc. They may even start their own physiotherapy center/clinic.

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