How to Become a Wildlife Photographer in India | Simple Guide

This is a career guide. The profession that I’m discussing in this post is – Wildlife Photographer. Do you want to become one? If yes, read the entire post. You will find many important details, relevant professional courses and other facts about this profession.

Wildlife Photographer

It is not uncommon to see youngsters being attracted towards this profession. This career is not like any other 9 to 5 job! It involves adventure, travel, sightseeing, field work and much more!


Apart from that, if one can get really good at his/her trade, he/she may even become a celebrity! It is not uncommon to see talented wildlife photographers gaining fame! They are also able to earn decent amount of money.


In order to thrive in this field, it is necessary to possess certain qualities. The most important quality required is – passion for photography.


Okay, let us talk about career part. How to become a wildlife photographer, you may ask. There are many paths available, which will lead you to this career.


Different Paths to become a wildlife photographer

Earlier, people used to enter this domain without pursuing any professional course. They simply used to learn the tricks of the trade themselves/from professional photographers. Many folks follow this strategy at present too!


They learn the tricks of the trade under an established photographer at his/her studio. Gradually, after acquiring the necessary set of skills, they start off on their own!


On the other hand, you may rely on professional photography courses too. There exists different course formats. Some such course formats are –

  • Bachelor’s Degree courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Certificate courses
  • Vocational programs
  • Workshops


Here are some of the popular Bachelor’s Degree courses – BA in Photography, B.Sc. in Photography, BA in Photography and Graphic Design. 12th pass students are eligible to pursue these courses.


Here are some of the Diploma courses – Diploma in Photography, Diploma in Professional Photography. 10th or 12th pass students are eligible to pursue these courses. Also check – Photography courses.


Here are some of the vocational and certificate training programs – Certificate in Photography, ITI Photography course. 10th or 12th pass students are eligible to pursue these courses.

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