Benefits of Vocational Courses | Reasons to Pursue Vocational Training

Vocational courses are job oriented training programs. ITIs, technical education institutes and many private institutes across India are offering vocational training programs now. Despite being job oriented and pretty useful, such courses are not very popular among Indian students. In this article, you will be reading about some of the benefits of pursuing vocational courses.

Vocational Courses

Vocational courses focus on instilling trade-wise skills in students. Such training programs develop industry-specific or sector-specific skills in students. The main aim of such a program is to make students industry-ready and help them get a job using the skills they gain.


Students tend to look at vocational courses as inferior academic programs. Many students feel that vocational courses often leads to blue collar jobs. It is not uncommon to see students going for Degree and Diploma courses. It seems like vocational courses are reserved (and taken only by) academically weak students. Also check – Vocational courses after 12th.

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I think vocational courses are pretty good. In this age of cut-throat competition, getting a job (with decent pay) has become very tough. In such times, vocational courses can prove to be very useful. Also check – Distance education courses.


This is the age of learning useful ‘skills’. Why else do you think the Government of India is focusing extensively on the Skill India initiative? Vocational courses help students acquire skills – skills that will help them find a decent job.


Let us check out some of the benefits of pursuing vocational courses –


Advantages of pursuing vocational courses

  1. Finding a decent job made easy: Vocational courses focus on trade theory and trade practical training. This unique blend of classroom lectures and practical sessions helps students acquire industry-specific skills. These skills are valued by industries and recruiters. In short, these very skills will help students find decent jobs after completing the course.
  2. Skilled workers in huge demand: Industries are looking for skilled and qualified work-force. Skilled workers are in huge demand these days. More and more people are going for Degree programs and white-collar jobs. There is a dearth of skilled workers in India. This gap in the demand and supply of workers is something that we can exploit. Vocational courses will help one acquire useful skills and bag a job in the process.
  3. Availability of institutes/colleges: Numerous institutes (Government and private) are offering vocational courses to eligible students. Finding a decent institute and securing admission won’t be a difficult task.
  4. Support from the Government: The Government is working on the Skill India mission. The standards of vocational courses and training will certainly improve, thanks to this mission. Taking this fact into consideration, it is safe to say that now is a good time to pursue vocational courses in India!
  5. Short course duration: Compared to the traditional Degree and Diploma courses, vocational courses are shorter (in duration). Shorter course duration means less time taken to complete the training. Such short courses will be helpful to those who want to obtain a job (fast).
  6. Low fees (relatively low): Both Government and private institutes across India are offering vocational training programs. In both these cases, the fees charged is not very high.
  7. Chance to find work abroad: It is not uncommon to see skilled workers finding work abroad and moving out of India (not permanently). Yes, the nature of work is not white-collar type. But the pay scale is much better than what it is in India (in most of the cases).
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