List of Best Fitter ITI Colleges & Seats in Maharashtra

Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to study ITI fitter course after 10th? Are you all set to apply for ITI admission in Maharashtra this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITI colleges in Maharashtra that offer fitter course/trade.

ITI Fitter Maharashtra

In this post, readers will find the following details –

  • List of ITI colleges providing fitter trade in Maharashtra
  • Number of fitter trade seats available for admission
  • Type of the ITI
  • Address & district
  • Basic details about fitter trade/course


Come, let us take a quick look at the overview of fitter trade. Here it is –

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ITI Fitter Trade: Basic Details

Name of the tradeFitter
Type of courseITI training
Duration2 years
Eligibility criteriaPassed 10th class or equivalent qualification


Let us check out the list of ITI colleges now. Here it is –


List of Fitter ITI Colleges in Maharashtra

Sr NoName of the ITIType of ITINumber of fitter trade seats availableAddressDistrict
1Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Rajur, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40At Post Rajur Tal. AkoleAHMEDNAGAR
2Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Keli Kotul, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment60Keli KotulAHMEDNAGAR
3Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Maveshi, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment20Mavashe, At Post Maveshi Tal.AkoleAHMEDNAGAR
4Government Industrial Training Institute, Ahmednagar, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment340At Post AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
5Government Industrial Training Institute, Jamkhed, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40Karmala RoadAHMEDNAGAR
6Government Industrial Training Institute, Kopargaon, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment100M.G.UdayanAHMEDNAGAR
7Government Industrial Training Institute, Newasa, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40At. Post NewasaAHMEDNAGAR
8Government Industrial Training Institute, Rahuri, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40Navyug Colony, Tandulwadi, Station RoadAHMEDNAGAR
9Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangamner, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40At- Gunjalwadi, Post-RajapurAHMEDNAGAR
10Government Industrial Training Institute, Shevgaon, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40Pathardi Road, At Post ShevgaonAHMEDNAGAR
11Government Industrial Training Institute, Shrigonda, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment60Wadali RoadAHMEDNAGAR
12Government Industrial Training Institute, Shrirampur, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40At Post ShrirampurAHMEDNAGAR
13A.I.E.& D F’S, Bhaskarrao Galande Patil, Private Industrial Training Institute, Ashoknagar.Private40A/P. Ashoknagar, Tal. Shrirampur, Dist. Ahmednagar.AHMEDNAGAR
14Akole Taluka Educ. Society’S Industrial Training Center Akole, Dist AhmednagarPrivate40At./Post : Akole, Tal: Akole, Dist : AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
15Amrutvahini Industrial Training Institute Amrutnagar,SangamnerPrivate120A/P-Amrutnagar,Tal-Sangamner,Dist-Ahemadnagar,State-MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
16Apj Abdul Kalam Private ITI. Manchi HillPrivate40At- Manchi Hill Post- Ashwi Bk. Tal- Sangamner DisAHMEDNAGAR
17Dnyaneshwar Private ITIPrivate40Bhanashivare, Tal – NewasaAHMEDNAGAR
18Dr Bhanudas G Dere Private ITI Karhe Tal Sangamner Dist AhmednagarPrivate60At- Karhe phata, Post Nimon, Tal- Sangamner, Dist-AHMEDNAGAR
19Indian Society For Social Action’S, Industrial Training Institute (Private)Private20Dhokarai Phata, Kashti, Tal-Shrigonda, Dist-AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
20Industrial Training Centre SakurPrivate40A/P-Sakur,Tal-Sangamner,Dist-Shemadnagar,State-MahAHMEDNAGAR
21Jijamata Private Industrial Training Institute,BhendaPrivate120Ap- Bhende (Dnyashwarnagar ),Tal – Newasa,Dist – AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
22Lakshya Education Society,ITI,Kedgaon ,AhmednagarPrivate40Lakshya Education Society’s, Shri Zaware Plot,Near Yashoda Hotel,Near Railway Overbreze Kedgaon Industrial Estate,Kedgaon,Ahmednagar.Pin-414005,Mob:-9422791702/8600127090AHMEDNAGAR
23Lokpanchayat Rural Technical Training Institutes Private ITIPrivate40At- Kurkundi Post- Ghargoan, Tal – Sangamner, Dist – AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
24Maulana Abulkalam Azad PrivateITIPrivate40At Barababhli Post Nimbodi Tal. Nagar Dist. AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
25Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation , Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Ranjangaon [ Masjid] Tal Parner Dist AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
26Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate140Plot No. B-4/2 , Midc, AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
27Private Industrial Training Institute,LoniPrivate140A/P:-Loni Bk Tal:-Rahata Dist:-Ahmednagar MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
29Shirdi Sai Rural Institute’S Industrial Training Institute,RahataPrivate100At.Po-Rahata Tal:Rahata Dist:Ahmednagar.AHMEDNAGAR
30Shri Ambalika Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Ambikanagar,Po-Jagdamba FactoryAHMEDNAGAR
31Shri Chakrdhar Swami Private ITIPrivate60Kopargaon, Dist Ahmednagar, MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
32Shri Kundlikrao Ramrao Jagtap Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P: Pimpalgaon Pisa, Tal:-Shrigonda, Dist-Ahmednagar, Pin-413703, MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
33Shri Laxmi Narayan Industrial Training Center , Shivajinagar , Rahuri Dist- AhmednagarPrivate80A/P-Shrishivajinagar , Tal-Rahuri, Dist- AhmednagaAHMEDNAGAR
34Shri Saibaba Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirdi. Tal- Rahata, Dist-Ahmednagar Pin-423109Private40Shri Saibaba Sansthan’S Shri Saibaba Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirdi. Tal- RahatAHMEDNAGAR
35Vamanrao Ithape Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80AT- VELHALE, POST- RAJAPUR, TAL- SANGAMNER, DIST- AHMEDNAGAR (422605)AHMEDNAGAR
36Vidya Niketan Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40670, Vidyanagari, Pune-nashik highway,near AlephatAHMEDNAGAR
37Xavier Technical Training Centre-ShrirampurPrivate40In front of St. Luke's Hospital , word No-01,AAHMEDNAGAR
38Government Industrial Training Institute, Akola, Dist: AkolaGovernment100Ratanlal Plot , AkolaAKOLA
39Government Industrial Training Institute, Akot, Dist: AkolaGovernment140Popatkhed RoadAKOLA
40Government Industrial Training Institute, Balapur,Government20N.H. No. 6 Opp. Shri Tape Hanuman Temple BalapurAKOLA
41Government Industrial Training Institute, Barshitakali, Dist: AkolaGovernment20RamnagarAKOLA
42Government Industrial Training Institute, Patur, Dist: AkolaGovernment20Balapur RoadAKOLA
43Government Industrial Training Institute, Telhara, Dist: AkolaGovernment20MIDC Area Thar Telhara Dist AkolaAKOLA
44Manav Private ITIPrivate40Gut NO 1035, NH No.6, vyalla, Dist Akola.AKOLA
46Smt. Kamlabai Deshmukh ITIPrivate60Kanheri Sarap Ta, Barshitakali Dist Akola.AKOLA
47Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Chikhaldara, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Main RoadAMRAVATI
48Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dharni, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Burhanpur RoadAMRAVATI
49Government Industrial Training Institute (SCP), Rahatgaon, Dist: AmravatiGovernment100At- Rahatgaon, Amravati. Nagpur Road High Way No-6AMRAVATI
50Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Chikhali, Dist: AmravatiGovernment20Chikhali, At. ChikhaliAMRAVATI
51Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Susarda, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Susarda, At. SusardaAMRAVATI
52Government Industrial Training Institute, Achalpur, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40VilayatpuraAMRAVATI
53Government Industrial Training Institute, Amravati, Dist: AmravatiGovernment120Morshi Road,AmravatiAMRAVATI
54Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhatkuli, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40BhatkuliAMRAVATI
55Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandur Bazar, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Chandur BazarAMRAVATI
56Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandur Railway, Dist: AmravatiGovernment80Virul RoadAMRAVATI
57Government Industrial Training Institute, Daryapur, Dist: AmravatiGovernment20Shiwar RoadAMRAVATI
58Government Industrial Training Institute, Dhamangaon Railway, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40At. Dhamangaon RailwayAMRAVATI
59Government Industrial Training Institute, Morshi, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Simbhora RoadAMRAVATI
60Government Industrial Training Institute, Mozari, Dist: AmravatiGovernment60Dastekadi RoadAMRAVATI
61Government Industrial Training Institute, Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Dist: AmravatiGovernment80Chandurrly RoadAMRAVATI
62Government Industrial Training Institute, Warud, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Dhanodi RoadAMRAVATI
63DHAMANGAON EDUCATION SOCIETY’S PRIVATE ITIPrivate40Dhamangaon rly Dist amravati maharshtraAMRAVATI
64Keshvaro Meanekar Private ITI, Wankhede Colony, Vill. Jarud Ta. Warud Dist AmravatiPrivate40Wankhede Colony, Vill. Jarud Ta. Warud Dist AmravaAMRAVATI
65Nalanda Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate20At. Mogra Po. Bhankheda Ta Dist.AmravatiAMRAVATI
66Pimplod Education Society Pimplod PrivateIndustrial Training Institute Babhali DaryapurPrivate40At Post-Babhali Daryapur Ta-Daryapur Dist-AmravatiAMRAVATI
67Private Industrial Training Institute PimplodPrivate60Private Industrial Training Institute Pimplod Ta.Daryapur Dist.AmravatiAMRAVATI
68Pundalik Maharaj Private Industrial Training InstiPrivate40At Post Roshankheda, Tq. Warud, Dist AmravatiAMRAVATI
69Rajendrarao Moghe Private ITI, ShendurjanaghatPrivate40At – Malkapur, Dhanodi Road, Shendurjanaghat, TahAMRAVATI
70Samrat Ashok Ayodogik Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40At. Darapur Tal. Daryapur Dist. AmravatiAMRAVATI
71SL Private ITIPrivate60Mauji Takali (Khurd) Survey no. 72, Borgaon Road, Badnera-444701AMRAVATI
72Swargiya Pratapsinh Deshmukh Private ITI JarudPrivate80At. Post Jarud, Pandhurna Amravati Road, Ta. Warud. Dist. AmravatiAMRAVATI
73Vidhybharti Private Industrial Training InstutitePrivate120C.K.Naidu Road Camp Amravati 444602AMRAVATI
74Vidyaniketan Private Industrial Training CentrePrivate120Takerkheda Road,Taluka-Anjangaon Surji,Dist-AmravaAMRAVATI
75Government Industrial Training Institute (SCP), Kilearc, Dist: AurangabadGovernment40Kile Arc, VIP Road, AurangabadAURANGABAD
76Government Industrial Training Institute, Aurangabad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment120MIDC Area Railways Station RoadAURANGABAD
77Government Industrial Training Institute, Gangapur, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20Oppsite Muktanand CollegeAURANGABAD
78Government Industrial Training Institute, Kannad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20Infront Off State Bank HyedrabadAURANGABAD
79Government Industrial Training Institute, Khulatabad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment60At. KhulatabadAURANGABAD
80Government Industrial Training Institute, Paithan, Dist: AurangabadGovernment60Apegaon RoadAURANGABAD
81Government Industrial Training Institute, Phulambri, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20Ajanta RoadAURANGABAD
82Government Industrial Training Institute, Sillod, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20Behind Y.C. CollageAURANGABAD
83Government Industrial Training Institute, Soygaon, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20At. SoygaonAURANGABAD
84Government Industrial Training Institute, Vaijapur, Dist: AurangabadGovernment40Near BSNL OfficeAURANGABAD
85Fransalian Technical Institute, AurangabadPrivate40Seven Hill, Jalna Road, AurangabadAURANGABAD
87Jain Private Industrial Training Institute VerulPrivate40Jain Gurukul Campus At Post Ellora Tq Khultabad Dist AurangabadAURANGABAD
88Shri Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal’S Industrial Training CenterPrivate20Georai Tanda, Paithan Road, Aurangabad.AURANGABAD
89Yashodeep Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Gut No. 114, Pimpalgaon Pandhari, Shri Kshetra KaAURANGABAD
90Government Industrial Training Institute, Ashti, Dist: BeedGovernment40Belgoan RoadBEED
91Government Industrial Training Institute, Beed, Dist: BeedGovernment120Nagar RoadBEED
92Government Industrial Training Institute, Dharur, Dist: BeedGovernment60Ambachondi RoadBEED
93Government Industrial Training Institute, Gevrai, Dist: BeedGovernment40Takadgaon RoadBEED
94Government Industrial Training Institute, Kej, Dist: BeedGovernment20At. KejBEED
95Government Industrial Training Institute, Majalgaon, Dist: BeedGovernment40Kesapuri CampBEED
96Government Industrial Training Institute, Parali Vaijnath, Dist: BeedGovernment60Parli VaijnathBEED
97Government Industrial Training Institute, Patoda, Dist: BeedGovernment40PatodaBEED
98Government Industrial Training Institute, Shirur Kasar, Dist: BeedGovernment20At. Shirur KasarBEED
99Government Industrial Training Institute, Vadwani,Government20Chinchwan RoadBEED
100Bharatiya Jain Sanghantana, Sakkarbai Bulabchand Muttha Industrial Training Center Dongarkini Tal. PPrivate40At. Post. Dongarkinhi Tal. Potoda Dist. BeedBEED
101Jagdamba Industrial Training Institute, Georai Dist.BeedPrivate40Beed-Jalna Road, Near Water Supply Tank, GeoraiBEED
102Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Private Industrial Training Institute,Beed.Private20Telgaon Road,Beed. (M. S.) 431122.BEED
103Techno-Vision Private ITIPrivate40A/P: Borisawargaon Ta: Kaji Dist: BeedBEED
104Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhandara, Dist: BhandaraGovernment60Station RoadBHANDARA
105Government Industrial Training Institute, Lakhandur, Dist: BhandaraGovernment40At. LakhandurBHANDARA
106Government Industrial Training Institute, Lakhani, Dist: BhandaraGovernment20Near Basmati Rice Mill, N.H. 6, GadegaonBHANDARA
107Government Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Dist: BhandaraGovernment80MIDC Area, Tumsar RoadBHANDARA
108Government Industrial Training Institute, Sakoli, Dist: BhandaraGovernment60Near Government PolytechnicBHANDARA
109Government Industrial Training Institute, Tumsar, Dist: BhandaraGovernment40Sant Jagnade NagarBHANDARA
111APEX PRIVATE ITIPrivate40At- Maregaon/Shahapur, New Pipari PunarwasanBHANDARA
112Babuji (Private)Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Babuji Industrial Training Institute Chicholi Tah. Tumsar Dist BhandaraBHANDARA
113Dhananjay Tirpude Private ITIPrivate60Savri, Tal : LakhaniBHANDARA
114Dr. Arun Motghare Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80At. Post Kosra-Kondha,Opposite Power House,BHANDARA
115G. S. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60NAGZIRA ROADBHANDARA
116Gurukul Private ITIPrivate120At- Manegaon Post : Pimpalgaon Tal:. LakhaniBHANDARA
118Late Sevakram Pardhi (Private) Industrial Training Institute Hardoli(Sihora)Private60Late Sevakram Pardhi Industrial Training Institute Hardoli(Sihora)Tah. Tumsar Dist BhandaraBHANDARA
119Late Shantabai Karemore ITI TumsarPrivate80Shriram Nagar Hasara Road Tumsar Dist. BhandaraBHANDARA
120Late Tulshiramji TITIrmare Memorial Private Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara, PPrivate40Neharu Ward Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara, Pin 441909BHANDARA
121Mauli Private ITI,Private60Beside renanag Polytechnic Centre, Geerola, KardhaBHANDARA
123New Tulsi Private ITIPrivate60Near Advocate. Pramod Ilme’s House, Bajaj NagarBHANDARA
124Powara (Private)Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Powara Industrial Training Institute Bhojapur Bhandara Dist BhandaraBHANDARA
125Prakashbhau Umathe Private ITIPrivate100Grmasewak colony,Behind ST satandBHANDARA
126Pyarelal (Private) ITI,Dawadipar BazarPrivate60DAWADIPAR BAZARBHANDARA
127R B Jaiswal Private ITIPrivate60At Post – Bela, Tahsil- Bhandara, Dist- BhandaraBHANDARA
128R. M. (Private) Industrial Training Institute , Khapa Tah-TumsarPrivate40At-Po-Khapa, Tah-Tumsar, Dist-Bhandara State-Maharashtra, Pin- 441912BHANDARA
129SAI PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTEPrivate60Building No. 9/1B, Seat No. 8A, Mor Market, Bajaj Nagar, Tumsar, Tah. Tumsar, Dist. BhandaraBHANDARA
130Sai Private Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate60Plot No. 21, 22, Gat No. 716/1/12, Kh. No. 16, Pragati Coloney,BHANDARA
131Saint Jagnade Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute,Ganesh Ward,Pauni Dist BhandaraPrivate40Ganesh Ward Pauni Th- Pauni Dist: Bhandara, Pin 44BHANDARA
132Sairam Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160Mahal Ward Near Pande Mahal BhandaraBHANDARA
133Sau.Seemadevi Pardhi (Private) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Sau.Seemadevi Pardhi (Private) Industrial Training Institute Tumsar Dist BhandaraBHANDARA
134Shikhar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Survey No. 29/1, Plot No. 263, Hanuman Ward, Tah. Mohadi, Dist. BhandaraBHANDARA
135Shivaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40At-Bhilewada Post-Kardha Tha+Dist-BhandaraBHANDARA
136Shri Vishwakarma Private ITIPrivate40Near Swapndeep Sabhagruha, Lakhani, Th-LakhaniBHANDARA
137The Young Revolution Panthers (Private)Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40The Young Revolution Panthers Industrial Training Institute Hardoli (Zan) Tah Mohadi Dist BhandaraBHANDARA
138Tulsi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100Petrol-Pump (Thana), Jawaharnagar, National Highway-6BHANDARA
139Vainganga Private Industrial Training Institute,DePrivate40arsinha Tola, Devhada Bu,Tah- Mohadi, Dist: BhandBHANDARA
140Vidyadevi (Private)Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Vidyadevi Industrial Training Institute Pipara Road Tumsar Dist BhandaraBHANDARA
141Government Industrial Training Institute, Buldana, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment200Malkapur RoadBULDHANA
142Government Industrial Training Institute, Chikhali, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Near Bus Stop, Main Road, Chikhali Dist.BuldanaBULDHANA
143Government Industrial Training Institute, Deulgaon Raja, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Chikhali RoadBULDHANA
144Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalgaon Jamod, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Samadhan Geening Factory CampusBULDHANA
145Government Industrial Training Institute, Khamgaon, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment320Jalamb Road, Khamgaon.BULDHANA
146Government Industrial Training Institute, Lonar, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment20Pangra Dole Road ,Lonar Dist-BULDHANA
147Government Industrial Training Institute, Malkapur, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40National High No-6 In Front Of Sutgirni,BULDHANA
148Government Industrial Training Institute, Mehakar, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Dongaon RoadBULDHANA
149Government Industrial Training Institute, Motala, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40At. MotalaBULDHANA
150Government Industrial Training Institute, Nandura, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Ward No-2BULDHANA
151Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangrampur, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Jalgaon Jamod RoadBULDHANA
152Government Industrial Training Institute, Shegaon, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment20Pawar Wadi,Gaulkhed Road, ShegaonBULDHANA
153Government Industrial Training Institute, Sindhakhed Raja, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40, At. Sindhakhed RajaBULDHANA
154Ans Infovally Industrial Training CenterPrivate60Ans Infovally Industrial Training Center At. PostBULDHANA
155Harsh Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Harsh Industrial Training Institute , Near Moti Baag, Midc Turning , Sutala Bk. Taluka Khamgaon District Buldhana Pin:-444303BULDHANA
156Karam Private ITI ChikhliPrivate80Old Town Road, ChikhliBULDHANA
158Late Sau Meenatai Jadhao Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120Shelgaon UjadBULDHANA
159New CITIzen Private ITIPrivate60At- Bhadech Lay out, Near HP Gas GodownBULDHANA
160Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute Shelodi Road Khamgaon Dist Buldana (MS)Private40Shelodi Road, Khamgaon, Tq. Khamgaon, Dist. BuldanBULDHANA
161Samruddhi Private ITIPrivate60At. Jambhurun Tq.BULDHANA
162Shri.Pralhad Hari Jangale Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Po.N.H.6, Nandura Road,Malkapur Tal.Malkapur Dist.BuldhanaBULDHANA
164Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi)Government80Asifabad Rao Near Shivaji CollageCHANDRAPUR
165Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Chimur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Warora RoadCHANDRAPUR
166Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Gondpipari, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Alapalli RoadCHANDRAPUR
167Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Jivati, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Shengaon RoadCHANDRAPUR
168Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Korpana, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment60Wani RoadCHANDRAPUR
169Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Pombhurna, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40PombhurnaCHANDRAPUR
170Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal AGovernment20At-Post- DewadaCHANDRAPUR
171Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Mangi, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment20At Post Mangi Khu, Po-upperwahiCHANDRAPUR
172Government Industrial Training Institute, Ballarpur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Near Patta Godown, Alapalli RoadCHANDRAPUR
173Government Industrial Training Institute, Bramhapuri, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment60Khed RoadCHANDRAPUR
174Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandrapur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment140Old Warora Naka Civil LineCHANDRAPUR
175Government Industrial Training Institute, Mul, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40At. MulCHANDRAPUR
176Government Industrial Training Institute, Nagbhid, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40At. Post NagbhidCHANDRAPUR
177Government Industrial Training Institute, Sawali, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment20At ChakpiranjiCHANDRAPUR
178Government Industrial Training Institute, Sindewahi, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment60At. SindewahiCHANDRAPUR
179Government Industrial Training Institute, Warora, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment60Near Bus Stand Main RoadCHANDRAPUR
180Ambuja Industrial Training Center Gadchandur Tal Korapana Dist ChandrapurPrivate40Ambuja Industrial Training Center ,Gadchandur ,Tal Korapana Dist Chandrapur,MsCHANDRAPUR
181Ballarpur Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Shivaji Ward , Near Mjf College , BallarpurCHANDRAPUR
182Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Bamni, BallarpurPrivate40Bit Campus, Bamni, Tal.- Ballarpur, Dist.- ChandraCHANDRAPUR
183Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Datala , ChandrapurPrivate40M.I.D.C. Road, Datala , Th./Dist.-Chandrapur , MahCHANDRAPUR
184Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Yenbodi, BallarpurPrivate40At Yenbodi, Tal.- Ballarpur, Dist.- ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
185Dr. A. P. Pillai Industrial Taining CentrePrivate40Behind S.P. Lawa College Serve No. 107/4D/107/5 TukumCHANDRAPUR
186Global Private Industrial Training Institute,ChandrapurPrivate40C-8,Industrial Area ,Behind Adarsh Petrol Pump ,Mul Road ,ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
187Gurusai Private ITIPrivate240Ram nagar Road, MIDC, Datala Chowak , ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
188Indira Industrial Training Centre, Tukum ChandrapuPrivate80In Front Of Khrist Hospital Near Mahesh Bhavan TukCHANDRAPUR
189Indira Priavte Industrial Training Institute, Dewada, Dist.- ChandrapurPrivate40At Post Dewada, Near Datala, Tahsil/Dist.- Chandrapur-442401CHANDRAPUR
191Karmaveer Kannamwar Private ITI, Netaji Chowk Babupeth, Dist-ChandrapurPrivate40Netaji Chowk, Babupeth, Dist – ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
192Kutemates PrivateITIPrivate120Shivaji ward , Manjusha Layout , Station Road ,BhadrawatiCHANDRAPUR
193Late Jagannath Jogi Private Industial Training Institute GhugusPrivate40Amrai Ward GhugusCHANDRAPUR
194Maa Bhavani Private ITIPrivate80Near macroon school , bhadrawati ta- bhadrawatiCHANDRAPUR
195Maharastra Private Industrial Training CentrePrivate120CHOUGHAN PHATA, ARMORI ROAD, BETALA, BRAMHAPURICHANDRAPUR
197Mata Mahakali Private Industrial Training Center,Warora, Dist.ChandrapurPrivate40Near Salim Nagar, Warora, Dist.ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
198Montfort Industrial Training Institute (Private)Private80Montfort Road, Gourakshan WardCHANDRAPUR
199Paramount ITIPrivate40Plot No. 19, Block No. 123, Mohalla, BabupethCHANDRAPUR
200Priyadarshini Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60Pandav Ward, Bangali Camp, BhadrawatiCHANDRAPUR
201Rashtriya Private ITI. Bamanwada, Tah. Rajura, Dist. ChandrapurPrivate60Near Laxmi Godown, Bamanwada, Tah. Rajura, Dist. Chandrapur Pin:- 442905 MsCHANDRAPUR
202Sambhaji Sayare Private Industrial Training InstitPrivate40Anandwan Square WaroraCHANDRAPUR
203Shinde Private Industrial Training Institute,Mul Dist ChandrapurPrivate40Markwar Kawelu Factory Parisar, Nagpur Road, Mul,CHANDRAPUR
204Shri Sai Private Industrial Training Institute, BhadrawatiPrivate120Shri Sai Private Industrial Training Institute, Jain Mandir Road, Old Manohar Talkies, BhadrawatiCHANDRAPUR
205Shri Salasar Balaji Private ITIPrivate60At Anturla Phata, Chandrapur Ghugus Road, Tah.+Dist. ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
206Shri. Sai. Private ITI. ChandrapurPrivate80Shri Sai. Private ITI. Behind Hotel Tristar , Tulsinagar, C.T.P.S. Road, ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
207Somayya Private ITIPrivate40Somayya Private ITI,Wadgaon Ward,Akashwani Road,Chandrapur-442401 MaharashtraCHANDRAPUR
208Swami Vivekanand private ITI chimurPrivate40masad road chimur dist chandrapurCHANDRAPUR
209Tarashakti Private Industrial Training Institute, Tadalj Dist ChandrapurPrivate40Survey No . 178/1A-1,Nagpur Highway, Tadali, Chandrapur.CHANDRAPUR
210Vinit Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Vijjasan Budha Leni, Bhadrawati, Dist- ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
211Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Pimpalner, Dist: DhuleGovernment40PimpalnerDHULE
212Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Shirpur, Dist: DhuleGovernment40At Post Kalamsare, Shirpur Tal Shirpur, Dist DhuleDHULE
213Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Sukapur, Dist: DhuleGovernment20Sukapur, At. Post SukapurDHULE
214Government Industrial Training Institute, Dhule, Dist: DhuleGovernment320Old Agra Road, DeopurDHULE
215Government Industrial Training Institute, Shindkheda, Dist: DhuleGovernment40Kumrej Road ShindkhedaDHULE
216Ahinsa Private ITI DondaichaPrivate160Dhule Road, Mandal Shivar,DondaichaDHULE
217Apteshta Industrial Training CenterPrivate60BALHANE TAL. SAKRI DIST. DHULEDHULE
218B m Patil Private ITI MuktiPrivate40Sri Nivas Bhau Nagar Plot No31 Parola Dist JalgaonDHULE
219Dadaso Anandrao Ganpat Pawar Private ITIPrivate40279, National Highway No. – 3, Gorane Phata (NardaDHULE
221Gangamai Private ITIPrivate80At Post Nagaon Tal. Dist. Dhule.DHULE
222Jaydeep Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40At Post Degaon Tal Shindkheda, Dist DhuleDHULE
223Kisan Vidya Prasarak Mandalache Industrial Training Center , Shirpur Dist-DhulePrivate20Near Bus Stand, Shirpur, Tal Shirpur, Dist DhuleDHULE
224Late Jasuaai Bahuddeshiya Sanstha Sanchalit Private ITIPrivate40At- Post Holnanthe ShirpurDHULE
225R O Nikam Private ITIPrivate40Gondur, AT Tal, Dhule Maharastra.DHULE
226Sakri Taluka Education SocITIes Industriul Training Instiute SakriPrivate120Sakri Taluka Education SocITIes Industriul TraininDHULE
227Samode Private Industrial Training Institute, Tal Sakri Dist DhulePrivate60Samode Tal-Sakri Dist-DhuleDHULE
228Shantai Education Society Private ITIPrivate40Pimpalner, Dist Dhule, Maharashtra.DHULE
229Shantiwan Private ITIPrivate60Tal sakri dist Dhule, Maharashtra.DHULE
230Shri Tirupati Educational Sanstha’S D.N.Patil I. T. I.Private40Shri Tirupati Educational Sanstha’S D.N.Patil Industrial Training Institute, Ramnagar, Wadibhokar Road, Deopur,DHULE
231Supabai Shivram Anturlikar ITIPrivate40At Post Waghadi Tal- Shirpur Dist Dhule.DHULE
232Svs Industrial Training Center Dondaicha Dist DhuPrivate120Svs Industrial Training Center Dondaicha Dist DhuDHULE
234Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Allapalli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40At. AllapalliGADCHIROLI
235Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Bhamragad, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40At. BhamragadGADCHIROLI
236Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Desaiganj, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment60At. DesaiganjGADCHIROLI
237Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Etapalli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40Krushnar RoadGADCHIROLI
238Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Gadchiroli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40GadchiroliGADCHIROLI
239Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Mulchera, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40Allapalli RoadGADCHIROLI
240Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Sironcha, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40At. SironchaGADCHIROLI
241Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jambhiya, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment20Jambhiya, Jambiya GattaGADCHIROLI
242Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Korchi, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment60Korchi, At. KorchiGADCHIROLI
243Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Ramgad, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment20Ramgad, At. RamgadGADCHIROLI
245Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dewari, Dist: GondiaGovernment40At. DewariGONDIA
246Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Salekasa, Dist: BhandaraGovernment20Darekasa RoadGONDIA
247Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Bijepar, Dist: GondiaGovernment20At. Post- BijeparGONDIA
249Government Industrial Training Institute, Gondia, Dist: GondiaGovernment200Government ITI, Fulchur peth, Goregaon Road, GondiaGONDIA
250Government Industrial Training Institute, Goregaon,Government20Hirapur Road GoregaonGONDIA
251Government Industrial Training Institute, Sadak Arjuni, Dist: GondiaGovernment40Sadak ArjuniGONDIA
252Government Industrial Training Institute, Tiroda,Government60At-khairbodi, MIDC AreaGONDIA
253Bhagirathi Private ITIPrivate60Near Bus Stand, Khumari, GondiaGONDIA
254Gurukul Private ITI,NagraPrivate40Nagra Post,Gondia DistGONDIA
255J.K Private ITI KohmaraPrivate40At Kohmara Taluka Sadak Arjuni Dist GondiaGONDIA
256Late Raju Bhadade Private ITIPrivate60At Post- Dandegaon, Tahsil – GondiaGONDIA
257Rajiv Gandhi Industrial Training Center,Tirora Dist GondiaPrivate40Gandhi Ward Tirora Tah Tirora Dist GondiaGONDIA
258Saibaba Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80At Post- Karanja, Tah.- Gondia, Dist.- GondiaGONDIA
260Shreeyansh Private Industrial Training Institute, TiroraPrivate160Sahakar Nagar Tirora Th-Tirora Dist- Gondia (MaharGONDIA
261Shri Balaji PrivateITIPrivate120At:Murpar,Post:Rawanwadi gat no 127/2,129GONDIA
262Shri Datta Private ITIPrivate40At- Post Khairbodi, Tal., TirodaGONDIA
263Shri Laxmanrao Mankar Private ITI,Amgaon-441902 ,DPrivate40Th Amgaon Dist-GondiaGONDIA
264Tulsi Private Industrial Training Institute, AmgaonPrivate40At. Post. Tah.-Amgaon Dist.- GondiaGONDIA
265Vedant Private Industrial Training Institute, Tal Tiroda Dist GondiaPrivate60At :- Chandrabhaga Naka, Sant Ravidas Ward , TiroraGONDIA
266Government Industrial Training Institute, Aundhanagnath, Dist: HingoliGovernment40Behind CourtHINGOLI
267Government Industrial Training Institute, Basmatnager, Dist: HingoliGovernment40Parbhani Road BasmathnagarHINGOLI
268Government Industrial Training Institute, Hingoli, Dist: HingoliGovernment40M.I.D.C. AreaHINGOLI
269Government Industrial Training Institute, Sengaon, Dist: HingoliGovernment20Near Panchayat SamITI Risod RoadHINGOLI
270Jagat Jyoti Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Pinprala road , Kurunda Tq.Basmat, Hingoli, MaharaHINGOLI
271Ramakrishna Private Industrial Technical InstitutePrivate40At-Balsond Th-Hingoli Dist-HingoliHINGOLI
272Shri. Bhiravnath Nisarga Mandals Private Industrial Training Institute, Hatta Tq. Vasmat Dist. HingoPrivate60Shri. Bhiravnath Nisarga Mandals Private Industrial Training Institute, Hatta Tq. Vasmat Dist. HingoliHINGOLI
273Government Industrial Training Institute, Amalner, Dist: JalgaonGovernment60At Post. AmalnerJALGAON
274Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhadgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment40Pachora Road BhadgaonJALGAON
275Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal, Dist: JalgaonGovernment60Jamner Road, Near Saibaba MandirJALGAON
276Government Industrial Training Institute, Bodwad, Dist: JalgaonGovernment40Kolhadi RoadJALGAON
277Government Industrial Training Institute, Dharangaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment60Chopda RoadJALGAON
278Government Industrial Training Institute, Erendol, Dist: JalgaonGovernment20Shetaki Sangh Godawoon Mhasawad Road At Post ErandJALGAON
279Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment460National High Way No 6, JalgaonJALGAON
280Government Industrial Training Institute, Jamner, Dist: JalgaonGovernment60Jalgaon RoadJALGAON
281Government Industrial Training Institute, Parola, Dist: JalgaonGovernment100Kasoda RoadJALGAON
282Government Industrial Training Institute, Raver, Dist: JalgaonGovernment60Utkheda RoadJALGAON
283Government Industrial Training Institute, Uchande,Government40At Post UchandeJALGAON
284Aabasaheb Shivajirao Sitaram Patil Private ITIPrivate120AT-CHINCHPURA TAL-DHARANGAON DIST-JALGAONJALGAON
285Aabaso Datta Pawar Industrial Training Institute(P) Bhadgaon Deshmukh Wada Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon DisPrivate80Aabaso Datta Pawar Industrial Training Institute(P) Bhadgaon Deshmukh Wada Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-JalgaonJALGAON
286Aadarsh Hightech Private ITIPrivate120Kanhale, Tal:. BhusavalJALGAON
287Annasaheb Punekar Private I.I.I. , JalgaonPrivate100Suvarn Bhavan, Near Bank Of Maharashtra, Jilha Peth, JalgaonJALGAON
288Avdai Private Industrial Training Institute Gudhe Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-JalgaonPrivate40At & Post Gudhe Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-JalgaonJALGAON
289Bhagini Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute ChopdaPrivate80Post Box No.20 Satwai Mata Road, Dhangar Galli, Chopda , Tal-Chopda , Dist-Jalgaon MaharashtraJALGAON
290Bhagirathi Private I T I JalgaonPrivate180Bhagirathi Private I T I ; A 28/29 , Auduyogic Vasahat, Old Midc Jalgaon 425003JALGAON
291BHASKARACHARYA (Private) Industrial Tranining InstitutePrivate40Tarwade peth chalisgaon dist jalgaonJALGAON
292Bhusawal Parisar Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute, BhusawalPrivate6015, Nivrutti Nagar, Nh- 6, Over Bridge Near, Bhusawal Dist. Jalgaon 425201JALGAON
293Chopda Education Society’S,Shikshan Sanstha,Industrial Training Institute, Chopda,Private100Arunodaya Coloney,Old Shirpur Road,A/P-Chopda, Tal-Chopda,Dist-JalgaonJALGAON
294D.M Patil Private ITIPrivate40Savakhede Turk tal. Parola Dist jalgaon.JALGAON
295Dadasaheb Sukhadev Soma Bhoi Private ITIPrivate40Unsrikhada, Ta. Parola, Dist Jalgaon, Maharashtra.JALGAON
296Dhandai Mata Education Society’S Industrial Training Centre, AmalnerPrivate40Dhandai Mata Education Society’S Industrial Training Centre, Dheku Sim Road AmalnerJALGAON
297Dr. Uttamrao Mahajan Private ITIPrivate40Bhilakhed Shivar, ChalisgaonJALGAON
298Ekra Education Societiche Industrial Training Center, Mehrun , Dist- JalgoanPrivate40S.No 10/1 Haji Gulam Nabi Nagar, Ganeshpuri, Mehrun JalgaonJALGAON
299Ekveera Private ITIPrivate120Anand Nagar Tal.JALGAON
300Gan Gan Ganate Bote Private Industrial Training IPrivate80Plot No. 14,Midc Area, Varangaon Rd, BhusawalJALGAON
301Hari Om Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Kargaon shivar,Near Medical College,Dhule Road,CSNJALGAON
302Hindi Seva Mandalache, Shri Sant Gadge Baba Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal.Private340D.L.Hindi High School Campus, Shivaji Nagar, Bhusawal. Dist.JalgaonJALGAON
303Indirabai Lalwani Private Industrial Training Institute, JamnerPrivate60Indirabai Lalwani Private Industrial Training Institute, Jamner Tal Jamner Dist JalgaonJALGAON
304Jai Durga Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirsoli (P.B.)Private60Shirsoli (P.B.) Tal.&Dist.JalgaonJALGAON
305Jai Hanuman Private ITIPrivate40Survey No. 76/1, Plot No. 4, 5 NH-6, BhusawalJALGAON
306Jijau Shishnik And Bahuuddshia Industrial Training Institute TakarkhedePrivate40A / P. Takarkhede Tal Amalner Dist JalgaonJALGAON
308L.H. Patil Private ITIPrivate60Gat. No. 76, At. Ramdeowad, Post. WavadadaJALGAON
309Late Annasaheb Bhaurao Jadhav Private Industrial Training Institute, PatondaPrivate40At Post- Pantonda Tal-Chalisgaon, Dist-Jalgaon PIN-424102JALGAON
310Late, G. S. Varade Private Industrial Training Institute, Muktainagar, Dist- JalgaonPrivate220Old Bus Stand Road, Near J. E. School, MuktainagarJALGAON
311Late. Mandodari Khalane Industrial Taining Institute, ChalisgaonPrivate140Chalisgaon Tal. Chalisgaon Dist. JalgaonJALGAON
312Mahajan Private ITIPrivate60Shriram eregision near pal road post, Raver Tq.JALGAON
313Matoshri Private Industrial Training Institute RaverPrivate40Savada – Burhanpur Raod Raver Tal. Raver Dist. JalJALGAON
314Modern Industrial Taining Institute, Derabardi ChalisgaonPrivate40Chalisgaon Tal. Chalisgaon Dist. JalgaonJALGAON
315Navalbhau Pratishtanche Industrial Training Center, AmalnerPrivate80Navalbhau Pratishtanche Industrial Training Center, Jalod Road AmalnerJALGAON
316Navyuvak Samajik & Shaikshnik Santha Sachalit Shri Ramchandra Kishan Mahajan Private Industrial TraininPrivate120At Post Pilkhod Tal Chalisgaon Dist: Jalgaon (Maharashtra)JALGAON
317Navyuvak Vidya Prasarak Mandalssau JS Bhangale Private ITIPrivate140At. Po. Dambhurani Tal- YawalJALGAON
318North Maharashtra Knowledge City Private ITIPrivate40Oat No.166 Bambhori In front of K B C N M U mainJALGAON
319Nutan Private Industrial Training Institute ChinawalPrivate40At.Po. Chinawal, Tal- Raver, Dist – Jalgaon.JALGAON
321Prakash Mandal’S Private Industrial Training Institute, Sangvi Bk.Private120At.Po. Sangvi Bk. Tal.Yawal Dist. Jalgaon Pin – 425326JALGAON
322Rajashree Shahu Private ITI BambhoriPrivate60Infront of main gate of university,,Bambhori,Tal.Dharangaon,Dist.Jalgaon Maharastra 425001JALGAON
323Samartha Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Sunoda Road Maskawad bkJALGAON
324Sameer Industrial Training Centre.Private80Sameer Industrial Training Centre.Danish Nagar,AmaJALGAON
325Saraswati Private ITIPrivate80Gate No. 15/1, Ta:. AmalnerJALGAON
326Sarvodya Shikshan Prasarak Co.Op.Samaj Ltd. Umbarkhede’S Private Industrial Training Institute UmbarPrivate80At.Post – Umbarkhede Tal. – Chalisgaon Dist – JalgaonJALGAON
327Shakuntala Sevabhavi Santheche Private Industrial Training Institute Dist: JalgaonPrivate200Gat No.50 Plot No.39/1, Vidyut Colony, Near Government Polytechnic, JalgaonJALGAON
328Sheth Natwarlala Ranchoddas Gujrathi Private ITIPrivate40Ghodgaon , Tal- Chopda, Dist Jalgaon, maharashtraJALGAON
330Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Mandal Sanchalit Mangaldeep Private Industrial Training Institute, KhadkaPrivate100At.Po. Khadka Tal. Bhusawal Dist. JalgaonJALGAON
331Shram Safalya Education Society’S Industrial Training Institute(Private),Private80Chopda Road, Near Deoli Phata, Amalner, Tal- Amalner, Dist-Jalgaon, Pin-425401JALGAON
332Shree Nath Education Society, Private I.T I., FulgaonPrivate40Ravjibua Parisar, Tapat Kathora Road, VarangaonJALGAON
333Shri Dadasaheb Pundalik Patil Private ITIPrivate40pachora, Dist Jalgaon Maharashtra.JALGAON
334Shri Ganesh Private ITIPrivate40Yawal, Tehsil – YawalJALGAON
335Shri Prakashchandra Jain Private ITIPrivate4086/1/2 Palkhed (BK) Jalgon Road, Tal: JamnerJALGAON
336Shri Sai Private ITIPrivate40Devagaon, Tal- Amalner, Dist Jalgaon, Maharashtra.JALGAON
337Shri Sai Samarth Industrial Training Institute (P), Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgoan Dist-JalgaonPrivate160Balad Road Sant Sena Maharaj Mandir, Nachankheda Road, BhadgaonJALGAON
338Shri Sant Gajanan Bahuddshiy Sanstha Sanchlit,Industrial Training Institute, Vele, Tal-ChopdaPrivate40Narendra Nagar, A/P-Vele , Tal-Chopda,Dist-JalgaonJALGAON
339Shri Tatyasaheb Arun Bajirao Chaudhari Private ITIPrivate120AT POST ANTURLI KH. TAL ERANDOLJALGAON
340Shri.Sharada Shikshan Mandal Deepnagar Sanchlit Private ITI. ,Nimbhora BkPrivate40At.Nimbhora Bk. Post.FekariJALGAON
341Shrimati Indubai Private ITIPrivate60A-5 Co op Industrial Estate MIDC JalgaonJALGAON
342Smt. Bhagirathi G. Zharkhande Sanchailit Siddhivinayak Private Industrial Training Institute, KanhalPrivate40Plot No. 1,12,13,14, Shivpur Kanhala Rd, Bhusawal Dist. JalgaonJALGAON
343Smt. Sharchchandrika Suresh Patil Private ITIPrivate40MGSM Campus, Yaval Road, ChopdaJALGAON
344Sri Nath Nange Baba Multipurpose Mandal’S IdustriaPrivate80At/Post Waghare Tal Parola Dist JalgaonJALGAON
345Sspm’S Industrial Training Institute, TehuPrivate120A/P. Kajgaon Road, TehuJALGAON
346Sushila Ramesh Choudhri Private ITIPrivate40Yawal road, Kingaon, Tal-YawalJALGAON
347Tatra & Vaidyak Industrial Training Center. Faizpur.Dist-JalgaonPrivate140Nhavimarg, Faizpur.Tal-Yawal .Dist-Jalgaon.JALGAON
348Tatyasaheb Patil Shikshan Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Center, Devgaon, JalgaonPrivate40A/P. Shetaki Sangh Parola Tal. Parola Dist. JalgaonJALGAON
349Ujjwal Shaikshanik & Samajik Industrial Training Center, Nashirabad, Dist-JalgaonPrivate320At And Post : Nashirabad, Tal Dist : JalgaonJALGAON
350Umang private ITIPrivate40Bhorasgyran, Dhule Road, Chalisgaon,JALGAON
352Ushabai Shankar Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40S.NO.198, BEHIND GURUKUL, JALGAON ROAD, SAKEGAONJALGAON
353Vatsai Education Society Sanchalit,Private ITI.,AmalnerPrivate80Near Sub Station,Dhule Road,AmalnerJALGAON
354Vidyaniketan Private Industrial Training Institute Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon
355Vyas Shikshan Mandal,S Private ITI YawalPrivate160Vyas Shikshan Mandal,S Private ITI Yawal Near GoJALGAON
356Y.C.S.P.Mandal’S Private ITI.ErandolPrivate100Y.C.S.P.Mandal’S Private ITI. Erandol Mhasawad Road, ErandolJALGAON
357Yuva Vikas Pratistahan JalgaonPrivate80G-11, Midc, Jalgaon 425003.JALGAON
358Government Industrial Training Institute, Ambad, Dist: JalnaGovernment40Jalna Beed RoadJALNA
359Government Industrial Training Institute, Badnapur, Dist: JalnaGovernment60Near Tahsil OfficeJALNA
360Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhokardan, Dist: JalnaGovernment40M.I.D.C. Jalna RaodJALNA
361Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghansavangi, Dist: JalnaGovernment40Rajegaon RoadJALNA
362Government Industrial Training Institute, Jafrabad, Dist: JalnaGovernment20Bhokardhan RoadJALNA
363Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalna, Dist: JalnaGovernment40Near ST Workshop, Aurangabad Road, Chandanzeera, JJALNA
364Government Industrial Training Institute, Mantha, Dist: JalnaGovernment20Near Tahashil OfficeJALNA
365Government Industrial Training Institute, Partur, Dist: JalnaGovernment20MIDC AreaJALNA
366Dharti Janseva Prathishthan Private ITI Rohanwadi, Revgaon Road,JalnaPrivate20Dharti Janseva Prathishthan Private ITI Rohanwadi, Revgaon Road,JalnaJALNA
367Dr.Zakir Husain Private Industrial Training Institute.Anwa Tal Bhokardan Dist JalnaPrivate40At/Po Anwa Tal Bhokardan Dist Jalna (M.S)JALNA
368Government Industrial Training Institute, Ajara, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40428, Salgaon RoadKOLHAPUR
369Government Industrial Training Institute, Gadhinglaj, Dist: KolhapurGovernment60Sadhana Mal, Shendri RoadKOLHAPUR
370Government Industrial Training Institute, Gaganbawada, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40At. GaganbawadaKOLHAPUR
371Government Industrial Training Institute, Hatkanangle, Dist: KolhapurGovernment60Kolhapur Sangli road, Opp. Datta Spining Mill, At. HatkanangleKOLHAPUR
372Government Industrial Training Institute, Kolhapur, Dist: KolhapurGovernment180Kalamba RoadKOLHAPUR
373Government Industrial Training Institute, Murgud, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40Infront Of Sirpirajirao Talav, Senapati Kapshi RoadKOLHAPUR
374Government Industrial Training Institute, Panhala, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40Waghbil-Panhala RoadKOLHAPUR
375Government Industrial Training Institute, Radhanagari, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40Near St Depo Opp-gajanan Maharaj MandirKOLHAPUR
376Government Industrial Training Institute, Shahuwadi, Dist: KolhapurGovernment60Chanwad RoadKOLHAPUR
377Government Industrial Training Institute, Shirol, Dist: KolhapurGovernment80Vijay Sighnagar, Agara RoadKOLHAPUR
378Government Industrial Training Institute, Turkewadi, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40Halkarni Midc, Patne FataKOLHAPUR
379Bapusaheb Sardesai Private ITIPrivate40A/P-Gawase, Tal-Ajara, Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
380Deshbhakt Babasaheb Khanjire Private ITI, IchalkaranjiPrivate40As-7, Khanjire Ind Estate Shahapur IchalkaranjiKOLHAPUR
381Dr D.Y.Patil Pratishthan’S Industrial Training Institute, GargotiPrivate40Near Injubai Mandir, A/P- Gargoti, Tal- Bhudargad, Dist- KolhapurKOLHAPUR
382Dr.J.J.Magdum Private Industrial Training Institute ,JaysingpurPrivate40Near Deep Public School , Kolhapur Buy -Pass RoadKOLHAPUR
383Dr.Tanajirao Chorage Private Industrial Training Institute Nandwal.Private40At-Post: Nandwal [ Jaital-Phata ] , Tal-Karveer,DiKOLHAPUR
384Janata Shikshan Mandal Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60279/B, ARJUNNAGAR, ARJUNI – 416 235 TAL.KAGAL, DIST.KOLHAPURKOLHAPUR
385Jay Shivaray Education Society Murgud’S Industrial Training Centre Sadashiv Nagar [ Hamidwada] Tal KPrivate60Industrial Training Centre Sadashivnagar [ Hamidwada] Tal Kagal Dist Kolhapur Pin 416 235KOLHAPUR
386Kadambari Industrial Training Center Pimple/ThanePrivate40At-Pimpale Tarf Thane Post-Waghave,Tal-PanhalaKOLHAPUR
387Late Jawanmalji Gandhi Industrial Training Institute (Private)Private80P-12 & P-55, M.I.D.C. Shiroli, Kolhapur 416122KOLHAPUR
388Latthe Education Society Sangli, Jaysingpur Private Industrial Training Institute,JaysingpurPrivate40C/O Balwantrao Zele Highschool Shirol-Wadi Road, Jaysingpur, Tal-Shirol, Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
389Mahatma Jotirao Phule Private Industrial Training Institute,Shahunagar(Parite).Private40Shahunagar(Parite),Tal. Karvir, Dist. KolhapurKOLHAPUR
390Major Anandrao Ghatge Private Industrial Training Institute, VhanaliPrivate40A/P-Vhanali,Tal-Kagal,Dist-Kolhapur.KOLHAPUR
391My Mother’s Education Society’s Sanchalit IndustriaI Training lnstitute, Chipari Phata JaysingpurPrivate40A/P-Chipri Phata Jaysingpur Tal-Shirol Dist-KolhaKOLHAPUR
392Padmabhushan Dr. Vasantraodada Patil Private ITIPrivate40R.S, No 644, Sangli Road, Near Adinath Housing SocKOLHAPUR
393Pandurang Patil Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60A/P – Savarde Bk., Tal- Kagal ,Dist -Kolhapur ,Sate – Maharastra . Pin Code -416219KOLHAPUR
394Sahakarratna Shamraoji Patil Yadravkar Private Industrial Training Institute YadravPrivate40Yadrav , Tal – Shirol Dist- KolhapurKOLHAPUR
395Sangrul Edu. Soc. Industrial Training Center Koparade ,Tal.-Karveer,Dist- KolhapurPrivate40At-Post Koparde Tal Karveer Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
396Sanjay Ghodawat Private ITIPrivate40Kolhapur- Sangali Highway.KOLHAPUR
397Sanjaysinh Gaikwad Private Industrial Trainng Institute Donoli/BambvadePrivate40At/Po-Donoli/Bambavade,Tal-Shahuwadi,Dist-Kolhapur,Pin-Co-416213,State-MaharastraKOLHAPUR
398Shahu Itc, KolhapurPrivate602968, Dasara Chowk, KolhapurKOLHAPUR
399Shayadri Shikshan Prasark Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Centre Tulshi Dharan DhamodPrivate20At/Post-Tulashi Dharan, Dhamod, Tal:-Radhanagari, Dist:-Kolhapur.416211KOLHAPUR
400Shital Ketkale Private Industrial Training Institute ShirolPrivate60Janata Highschool Javal Shirti Cornar Shirol.KOLHAPUR
401Shree Bhairavanath Industrial Training Institute KhotwadiPrivate40At Khotwadi Post Majgaon Tal Panhala Dist KolhapurKOLHAPUR
402Shree Shamrao Patil Private ITI , TalsandePrivate40A/P- Talsande, Tal- Hatkanangale, Dist- KolhapurKOLHAPUR
403Shree Shiddhivinayak Private ITIPrivate60Nartawade, Tal- Radanagari, Dist Kolhapur.KOLHAPUR
404Shri Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Ambap’s Ashokrao Mane Private ITIPrivate40At-Post-Vatahr Tarf Vadgoan, Tal- Hatkanangale, DiKOLHAPUR
405Shri Datta Private ITI.Private80A/p-Dattanagar, Tal-ShirolKOLHAPUR
406Shri Parashram Balaji Patil Private Industrial TraPrivate40At/Post-Mudal, Tal-Bhudargad, Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
407Shri Vitthalai Industrial Training Center Kasaba TaralePrivate40At/Post-Kasaba Tarale Tal- Radhanagari Dist- KolhapurKOLHAPUR
408Shri.K.S.Chougule Industrial Training Centre Malwadi-KotoliPrivate40At-Post-Malwadi-Kotoli,Tal-Panhala,Dist-Kolhapur,KOLHAPUR
409Shriram Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P- Nave Pargaon, Nr. Mahatma Gandhi Hostipal.KOLHAPUR
410Tatyasaheb Kore Private Industrial Training Institute, WarnanagarPrivate60A/P- Warananagar, Tal- Panhala, Dist – Kolhapur.KOLHAPUR
411Victory Foundation Pune Sanchalit Victory Itc NesariPrivate40Victory Foundation Pune Sanchalit Victory Itc NesariKOLHAPUR
412Vidyavardhini Educational Academys Vidyavardhi IndPrivate40al (Gargoti) Tal Bhudhargad Dist Kolhapur Pin 416KOLHAPUR
413Vitthalrao Patil Private Industrial Training Institute KalePrivate40At-Post Kale Tal-Panahala Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
414Y.D. Mane Institute of Technology ITIPrivate40426/5, near Alka Farm, Sangoan Road, Kagal Tal- KaKOLHAPUR
415Government Industrial Training Institute, Ahamadpur, Dist: LaturGovernment40Nanded RoadLATUR
416Government Industrial Training Institute, Chakur, Dist: LaturGovernment40Nanded RoadLATUR
417Government Industrial Training Institute, Devani, Dist: LaturGovernment40NILANGA ROAD DEONI DIST LATURPIN 413519LATUR
418Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalkoth, Dist: LaturGovernment20Behind 33 Kva SubstationLATUR
419Government Industrial Training Institute, Latur, Dist: LaturGovernment180Shivaji ChowkLATUR
420Government Industrial Training Institute, Nilanga, Dist: LaturGovernment80Bidar RoadLATUR
421Government Industrial Training Institute, Renapur, Dist: LaturGovernment40Sai RoadLATUR
422Government Industrial Training Institute, Udgir, Dist: LaturGovernment60Degloor RoadLATUR
423Azeem Private ITI. AusaPrivate60Afsar Nagar, Near Power House, Ausa Dist- LaturLATUR
424Gramin ITIPrivate40At. post Gharni Tq Chakur, dist latur.LATUR
425Rajeev Gandhi Private ITIPrivate40Jalkot Road, Tal: UdgirLATUR
426Shri Guruji ITI, LaturPrivate40Near Shri Shri Ravishankar school, Gate No.7, WasaLATUR
427Swami Vivekanand Private Industrial Training Institute, LaturPrivate40P-74, MIDC, KALAMB ROAD, LATUR 413512LATUR
428Vishweshwarayya ITIPrivate40At- Post- Almala (S. Wadi), Tq, Ausa, Dist Latur-4LATUR
429Government Industrial Training Institute (Minority), Mandavi, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment60Rangabhawan Parisar, 3 Mahapalika MargMUMBAI
430Government Industrial Training Institute, Mumbai-11, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment460374, Sane Guruji Marg, Near Agripada Police StatioMUMBAI
431Anjuman- I-Islam M.H.Saboo Siddik Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40M.H.Saboo Siddik Private Industrial Training Institute 8.Saboo Siddik Polytechnic Road ,Byculla ,Mumbai-400008MUMBAI
432Joseph Cardijn Technical,Industrial Training CenterPrivate40Khashaba Jadhav Marg, Naigaum, Dadar (E), Mumbai – 400014MUMBAI
433Shardashram Vidyamandir, Industrial Training CenterPrivate40Dr.Bhavanishnkar Dadarkar Marg,Opp.Post Office,Dadar,Mumbai-400 028.MUMBAI
434Government Industrial Training Institute, Andheri,Government8018th Road Khar (West) MumbaiMUMBAI SUBURBAN
435Government Industrial Training Institute, Kurla, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment140Kirol Road, Vidyavihar (West) MumbaiMUMBAI SUBURBAN
436Government Industrial Training Institute, Mulund, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment160Balasaheb Thakurwadi, Mithagar RoadMUMBAI SUBURBAN
437Don Bosco Private ITIPrivate40Premier Automobiles Road, Kurla (West)MUMBAI SUBURBAN
438Fr. Agnel Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Fr. Agnel Private Industrial Training Institute, Fr. Agnel Ashram, Bandstand, Bandra(West), Mumbai-400 050.MUMBAI SUBURBAN
439Lalji Mehrotra Technical InstitutePrivate60Lalji Mehrotra Technical Institute, Private TrainiMUMBAI SUBURBAN
440Shri G.V.Gandhi Gurukul Private ITIPrivate40Tilak Road, Opp.Punjab National Bank, Ghatkopar(E),Mumbai No. 400 077MUMBAI SUBURBAN
442St. Francis Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Mount Poinsur, Svp Road, Borivali (West)MUMBAI SUBURBAN
443The Childrens Aid Societys Private Industrial Training Institute MankhurdPrivate40ITI. Agarwadi Road, Mankhurd, Mumbai-400088.MUMBAI SUBURBAN
444Government Industrial Training Institute (SCP), NaGovernment40Jaripatka Road, IndoraNAGPUR
445Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Belda, Dist: NagpurGovernment20Belda, At. Post- BeldaNAGPUR
446Government Industrial Training Institute, Butibori, Dist: NagpurGovernment40Butibori, P-9, MIDC AreaNAGPUR
447Government Industrial Training Institute, Hingana, Dist: NagpurGovernment40Wanadongari Hingna RoadNAGPUR
448Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalmeshwar, Dist: NagpurGovernment80At. KalmeshwarNAGPUR
449Government Industrial Training Institute, Kamthi, Dist: NagpurGovernment40Bharuka Complex Lala OliNAGPUR
450Government Industrial Training Institute, Katol, Dist: NagpurGovernment60Sawargaon Road, KatolNAGPUR
451Government Industrial Training Institute, Kuhi, Dist: NagpurGovernment40M I D C Area Mandhal Road, tah-kuhi,dist-NagpurNAGPUR
452Government Industrial Training Institute, Nagpur,Government140Shraddhanand Peth Opp Blind SchoolNAGPUR
453Government Industrial Training Institute, Narkhed, Dist: NagpurGovernment20Ghubadmet Road Near Rushi TalavNAGPUR
454Government Industrial Training Institute, Ramtek, Dist: NagpurGovernment60At Wahitola, Post Khairi Bijewada, Tah- Ramtek,NAGPUR
455Government Industrial Training Institute, Savner, Dist: NagpurGovernment60Pahalepar, Dhapewada RoadNAGPUR
456Government Industrial Training Institute, Umred, Dist: NagpurGovernment60Sao Road, Gotekhani, UmredTal-Umred, Dist-NagpurNAGPUR
457Abdul Majeed Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate40survey no 23/2 A, mouza Lonara,NagpurNAGPUR
458Amir Privet Industrial Training CenterPrivate60Survey No. 57 Chargaon, Khairi Gram Panchyat KhairNAGPUR
459Anjuman Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Mangalwari Bazar Road Sadar,Nagpur.NAGPUR
460Arvindbabu Deshmukh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Bhopal National Highway, Near M.I.D.C. Heti SurlaNAGPUR
461Bhartiya Private Industrial Training Center Of Nagpur (Bitcon)Private40170(Abcd), Sankalp Nagar, Wathoda Lay-Out, Behind Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan School, Shri Krishna Nagar Square, Nagpur.NAGPUR
462Bhartiya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120Dighori, Umrere Road, Nagpur-24NAGPUR
463Bhawani Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate140Near Sut Girni, Harpur Nagar, Umred Road, NagpurNAGPUR
464Bonde Audogik Private Prashikshan Sanstha khapariPrivate60At. Khapari Post.Ghorad Ta.Kalmeshwar Distt.NagpurNAGPUR
465Br. Sheshrao Wankhede Shetkari Sahakari Soot Girni Ltd, NagpurPrivate40At- Mohogao Post Butibori Talika Dist Nagpur 44110NAGPUR
466Chaitainya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate140In Front Of N.B.S.S., Kachimet, Amravati Road, Nagpur-440033NAGPUR
468Dayaramji Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40KODAMENDHINAGPUR
470Globus Industrial Training Institute KampteePrivate2401, Ajani, Behind Dragon Palace Temple New KampteeNAGPUR
471Gurukul Private ITIPrivate40At- Dhapewada, Teh: KalmeshwarNAGPUR
472Hazrat Tajbaba Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Tajabad Sharif, Umred Road, Nagpur- Pin.Code No.440024 Nagpur.NAGPUR
473Husnoor Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160103-106 (B), Wel Come Co-Operative Society, Borgaon, Gorewada Tank Road, Nagpur – 440013NAGPUR
474Jeevan Vikas Private Industrial Training Institute, ThugaondeoPrivate40At- Post- Thugaondeo, Tah- Narkhed, Dist- Nagpur 4NAGPUR
476Keshaorao Pawar Private Industrial Training Institute,SaonerPrivate140At-Angewada Post-MalegaonNAGPUR
477Keshavrao Shende Private ITIPrivate4036, Mauja Akola (Udasa), Post: Aptur, Tah : Umred,NAGPUR
478Khadija Bai Private Industerial InstitutePrivate60Anjuman Compound Mangal Bazar Sadar NagpurNAGPUR
479KIRAN PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTEPrivate60At. Plot No. 05, Khasra No. 18/2, Mouza – Kalamna,NAGPUR
480Kothale Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate360Dahegaon (R.), Saoner Road, Nagpur.NAGPUR
481Late Bhaskarrao Dhote Private ITIPrivate40Mohapa, Tal:. KalmeshwarNAGPUR
482Late Deoraoji Itankar Private ITI UmredPrivate80Near Rural Hospital, Budhawari Peth,Umred.Dist-NagpurNAGPUR
483Late Gangadharrao Korde I.T.C., PithoriPrivate120At. Pithori Tal. Narkhed Dist. Nagpur Pin CodNAGPUR
484Late Laxmanrao Vastad (Uskelwar) Private Industrial Training Institute Nagpur.Private5801, Saraswati Nagar, Post-Mhalgi Nagar, Hudkeshwar Road, Nagpur-440034NAGPUR
485Late Mahadevrao Mahalle Private I.T.C. NagpurPrivate40E-2/F-3 NEW NANDENVAN NAGPURNAGPUR
486Late Shankrarao Kale Smruti Private ITIPrivate60At- Post Bramni, Tal: KalmeshwarNAGPUR
487Late Wamanrao Bhure Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120At+Post- Kohli, Th- Kalmeshwar, Dist- Nagpur Pin-4NAGPUR
488Mahatma Phule Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate320Parsodi, Wardha Road, Post-Khapri Railway, NagpurNAGPUR
489Matoshri Mangla Umathe (Private) ITI.Private40Killa Road Jalalkheda Th.Narkhed Distt.NagpurNAGPUR
490Megh Sai (Private) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120AT POST DONGARGAO, TAL: NAGPURNAGPUR
491Mouda Private ITI MoudaPrivate120Jaistambh Chowk, Near,Gajanan Magal Karayalaya, MoNAGPUR
492Muktabai Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60WADODANAGPUR
493Mukundraj swami Private ITIPrivate40AT. post Pachkhedi tal. Kuhi, Nagpur.NAGPUR
494multiskill Private Industrial Training Institute, Vihirgaon, Nagpur.Private120Vihirgaon, NH-7 Umred Road, Vihirgaon, NagpurNAGPUR
495Narkhed Industrial Training CentrePrivate40Nagar Parishad School No. 3NAGPUR
496Navnath Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate14071/1,2,3,4, Sarvashri Nagar Navnath ITI Road Nagpur-34NAGPUR
497Nazara Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Plot No, 4-12, Rajnagar Colony , At – Chankapur( Jaibhole Nagar), Post- Khaperkheda, Tah- Savner, Dist- Nagpur 441102NAGPUR
498Netai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100At+Post-Khat(Rly) Tah-Mouda Dist- NagpurNAGPUR
499Parshuram (Private) Industrial Training InsITItutePrivate80Plot No. 55, Opp. Patel Petrol Pump, Koradi Road,NAGPUR
500Rabbani Private ITIPrivate60Phutana oli, Kamptee, Dist. Nagpur 441001NAGPUR
501Radhikatai Pandav Private ITIPrivate40Survey No 57, Revti Nagar BesaNAGPUR
502Rajeev Gandhi Industrial Training Center, Gandhinagar, Dist-NagpurPrivate40381/3, North Ambazari Road, Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur – 440010.NAGPUR
503Ravi Industrial Training Institute, NagpurPrivate80Great Nag Road, Siraspeth, Nagpur-09NAGPUR
504Saraswati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120At post Ajani, KamthiNAGPUR
505Sharwani Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120Plot No. 26,27 WCL Clny, Godhahi (Rly)NAGPUR
507Shri Sadguru Datta Private ITI, KuhiPrivate40115, Mouza Bhojapur kuhi Akoli Road, Dist Nagpur.NAGPUR
508Shri Swami Vivekanand Industrial Training InstitutePrivate6071/2, OUTER RING ROAD, PENDHARINAGPUR
509Shriram Industrial Traning Institute MoudaPrivate20At Post Mouda Tah Mouda, Dist NagpurNAGPUR
510Shyam Babu Sawarkar Audyogik Private Prashikshan Sanstha NimkhedaPrivate120At. Jogithana Peth Trimurti bhavan, Umred, Dist. NNAGPUR
511SM Industrial Training Institute PrivatePrivate6048 Vidhya Nagar Near shri Krishna Ckowk Wathoda NaNAGPUR
512Smt. Anjanabai Dhote Private Industrial Training InstutePrivate60Vinkar Colony Ring Road Manewada NagpurNAGPUR
513Sonatai Pandav Industrial Training CentrePrivate40Kh. No. 73 Mouza – Lamdham, Tah. Katol, Dist. NagpNAGPUR
515UMARKAR PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTEPrivate60At. Survey No. 143, 144, 145, 146/1, 310, P.H. 36,NAGPUR
516Vidhya Shikshan Prasark Mandalachi Private Industrial Training Institute KatolPrivate40Near Railway Station Khutamba Road Katol Tah- Katol Dist- Nagpur 441302NAGPUR
517Vidyadeep Private Industrial Training Institute, Kamptee Dist NagpurPrivate120Lala Oli, Loiya Graound, Kamptee Dist. NagpurNAGPUR
518Vidyanniketan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Vidyanniketan Private Industrial Training Institute,Unnati Park Besa NagpurNAGPUR
519Vidyasagar Industrial Training Institute, KhaperkhedaPrivate40At+Post:-New Bina Khaperkheda Tha-SaonerNAGPUR
520Vikas Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Ambadi, Tah – Kuhi, Dist – Nagpur.NAGPUR
521Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Kinwat, Dist: NandedGovernment40Nanded RoadNANDED
522Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Patoda, Dist: NandedGovernment20Government Tribal I T I Patoda,Tq. kinwat, Dist: NandedNANDED
523Government Industrial Training Institute, Ardhapur, Dist: NandedGovernment40Nanded Hingoli RaodNANDED
524Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhokar, Dist: NandedGovernment20At. BhokarNANDED
525Government Industrial Training Institute, Dharmabad, Dist: NandedGovernment40Basar RoadNANDED
526Government Industrial Training Institute, Hadgaon, Dist: NandedGovernment40Near DattbardiNANDED
527Government Industrial Training Institute, Kandhar, Dist: NandedGovernment20At. KandharNANDED
528Government Industrial Training Institute, Loha, Dist: NandedGovernment40At. LohaNANDED
529Government Industrial Training Institute, Mahur, Dist: NandedGovernment40Sahyadri ResortNANDED
530Government Industrial Training Institute, Mudkhed, Dist: NandedGovernment40Bhokar Road, Mudkhed, Tq. MudkhedNANDED
531Government Industrial Training Institute, Mukhed, Dist: NandedGovernment40Government LineNANDED
532Government Industrial Training Institute, Naigoan, Dist: NandedGovernment20Lalwandi RoadNANDED
533Government Industrial Training Institute, Nanded, Dist: NandedGovernment260VIP Road,Near Mahatma Phule StatueNANDED
534Dr.Devendra Joshi Private Industrial Training Institute ,NandedPrivate40,Laxmi Nagar , Wadi (Bk),Tq.Dist-Nanded-NANDED
535Gramin Itc Nehrunagar Nagalgaon Tq.Kandhar Dist.NandedPrivate80At.Nehrunagar Post.Nagalgaon Tq.Kandhar Dist.NandeNANDED
536Kalawatibai Chavan Private ITIPrivate40Lalwandi Road, Naigan, Dist Nanded.NANDED
537Late Dr Shankar Rao Chavan Private ITI Krishnur Tal Biloli Dist NandedPrivate20Late Dr Shankar Rao Chavan Private ITI Krishnur TaNANDED
538National Industrial Training Institute, NandedPrivate40Near Railway Over Bridge, Shivjaji Nagar, NandedNANDED
539Shri Hazursahib ITI NandedPrivate40Shri Hazur Sahib ITI Bafana Road NandedNANDED
540Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Akkalkuva, Dist: NandurbarGovernment60Near Grampanchayat Water TankNANDURBAR
541Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Akrani, Dist: NandurbarGovernment40A/p. AkraniNANDURBAR
542Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Nandurbar, Dist: NandurbarGovernment100Near Shani Mandir, G.T.P. College Road, NandurbarNANDURBAR
543Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Navapur, Dist: NandurbarGovernment80Dhanrat RoadNANDURBAR
544Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Shahada, Dist: NandurbarGovernment20A/p. ShahadaNANDURBAR
545B.Y. Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Nandurbar-Prakasha Highway, Near Astoriya Sugar FaNANDURBAR
546Jamia Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120Near Amlibari FataNANDURBAR
547Vidya Pravartak Mandala’S Puj. Sane Guruji Industrial Training Center, Shahada, DhulePrivate120Puj. Sane Guruj Vidya Prasarak Mandala’S I Industrial Training Center, Shahada, NandurbarNANDURBAR
548Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi)Government40Behind B.s.n.l Office Balsad Road Peth tal-peth diNASHIK
549Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Deola, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Post -DEOLA TAL-DEOLANASHIK
550Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dindori, Dist: NashikGovernment120Umrale Road, At Post . DindoriNASHIK
551Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Igatpuri, Dist: NashikGovernment60At Post IgatpuriNASHIK
552Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Kalwan, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Kolhopur Phata, Post – ManurNASHIK
553Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Satana, Dist: NashikGovernment60AT BHAKSHI POST MULANE TAL SATANA DIST NASHIKNASHIK
554Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Surgana, Dist: NashikGovernment40Umbarthan RoadNASHIK
555Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Trimbakeshwar, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Post TrimbakeshwarNASHIK
556Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Ambupada, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Post Ambupada TaL-SurganaNASHIK
557Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Boripada, Dist: NashikGovernment20Post: Chinchohol Tal: TrimbakeshwarNASHIK
558Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Nanashi, Dist: NashikGovernment80Nanashi, At Post NanashiNASHIK
559Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandwad, Dist: NashikGovernment40Kalikadevi Paythe, At Post – ChandwadNASHIK
560Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon, Dist: NashikGovernment60Mochi Corner, Camp RoadNASHIK
561Government Industrial Training Institute, Nandgaon, Dist: NashikGovernment60Girna Colony Sakora RoadNASHIK
562Government Industrial Training Institute, Nashik, Dist: NashikGovernment200Babubhai Rathi Chowk, Trambak Road, SatpurNASHIK
563Government Industrial Training Institute, Niphad, Dist: NashikGovernment80At Post NiphadNASHIK
564Government Industrial Training Institute, Sinnar, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Post SinnarNASHIK
565Government Industrial Training Institute, Yeola, Dist: NashikGovernment60At – Babhulgoan, Post – BhatgoanNASHIK
567brahma Valley Private ITIPrivate40Brahma valley educational campus, anjaneri, Tal- TNASHIK
568Dr.Vijay Bidkar lndustrial Training (P) lnstitute AbhonaPrivate40AT/PO-ABHONA (CHANKAPUR ROAD) TAL. KALWAN DIST. NANASHIK
569Golden Privete Industrical Training InstitutePrivate80Sawata Nagar, Saikheda Road, Ozar (Mig)NASHIK
570Gurukul education society’s Gurukul private industrial training institutePrivate4034/1/B,34/2, PHULENAGAR, MANMAD ROAD NANDGAON.NASHIK
571K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute NashikPrivate280Dongare Vidyarthi Vasatigruh,Sharanpur Road,Canada Corner,NashikNASHIK
572Late Bhausaheb Hire Smarnika Trust Industrial Training Center, Malegaon Dist- NasikPrivate80Late Bhausaheb Hire Smarnika Trust Industrial TraNASHIK
573Maharashtra Samaj Seva Sangh Sanchalit, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13Private40Navrachana Vidyalaya Compound, Vir Savarkar Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik-13NASHIK
574Maharashtra Shetkari Seva Mandal’S, Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Yeola Road, Camp EastNASHIK
575Matoshri Aasarabai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Near Odhagaon, Aurangabad Highway, Eklahare, NashiNASHIK
576Matoshri Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate20Babhulgaon, Tal- Yeola Dist- NashikNASHIK
577N.D.M.V.P. Samaj’S Private Industrial Training Institute Nandgaon Dist , NasikPrivate40New English Campus,Malegaon Road, Nandgaon Tal-Nandgaon Dist-NashikNASHIK
578N.D.M.V.P. Samaj’S, Private Industrial Training Institute , SatanaPrivate40N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S Private Industrial TrainingNASHIK
579N.D.M.V.P. Samaj’S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon I, Tal-Malegaon, Dist- Nashik.Private40N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial TraNASHIK
580N.D.M.V.P. Samaj’S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Tal-Dindori, Dist- Nashik.Private120N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial TraNASHIK
581Nashik Dist Maratha Vidy Prasarak Samajs, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13Private200Udoji Maratha Boarding Campus, Gangapur Road, NashNASHIK
582Nashik Dist Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj,Industrial Training Centre, Sinnar Tal Sinnar,DistPrivate80Sinnar College Campus,Nashik -Poona HighwayNASHIK
583Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samajs Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P-Bhausaheb Nagar(Pimplas ) Tal-Niphad Dist-Nashik MaharashtraNASHIK
584Nashik Private ITIPrivate4035/1/2A , Viholi, Nashik Maharashtra.NASHIK
585Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’S Private ITI, NashikPrivate40Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’S Private ITI, Nashik C/O Mohinidevi Runghta Prathamik Vidymandir, Gharpure Ghat, Ashok Stambh, NashikNASHIK
586Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’S Private ITI,SinnarPrivate40N.S.P.Mandal’S Itc Sinnar C/O B.N. Sarda High School, Near Tahshil Office, Sinnar Tal.- Sinnar Dist.- NashikNASHIK
587Nasik Dist Maratha Vidyaprasarak Samaj Industrial Training Center, Tahrabad, Tal Satana Dist-NasikPrivate40Nasik Dist Maratha Vidyaprasarak Samaj Industrial Training Center, Tahrabad, Tal Satana Dist-NasikNASHIK
589Niphad Taluka Education Society’S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Pimpalgaon (B) Tal-NiphadPrivate40Niphad Taluka Education Society, Pimpalgaon (B) Tal-Niphad Dist – Nashik. 422 209NASHIK
591Saptashrungi Shikshan Sanstheche ITI DeolaPrivate100MALEGAON ROAD, DAULATNAGAR AT.POST.DEOLANASHIK
592Shatabdi Private ITIPrivate40Agaskhind Onsinnar Ghoti Highway Nashik, MaharashtNASHIK
594Shri. Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya’S, Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60C/O. Jain Boarding, College RoadNASHIK
595Siddhivinayak Co-Op. Industrial Estate Ltd,Ozar (Mig) Undertaking’S Private Industrial Training InsPrivate180Opp. Gaikhe Petrolpump,Mumbai- Agra Road,Ozar (Mig) Tal-Niphad, Dist-Nashik 422 206 MaharashtraNASHIK
596Swami Vivekanand Sanstha’S Shri.Mahadu L.Pagar ItcPrivate120At-post- MungaseNASHIK
597Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhum, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment20Pardi RoadOSMANABAD
598Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalamb, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment40Tandulwadi RoadOSMANABAD
599Government Industrial Training Institute, Osmanabad, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment100Tuljapur RoadOSMANABAD
600Government Industrial Training Institute, Paranda, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment80Karmala RoadOSMANABAD
601Government Industrial Training Institute, Umarga, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment40MandirOSMANABAD
602Champatrai Ajmera Idustrial Training Center OsmanabadPrivate40Dandnaik Complex, Barshi Naka OsmanabadOSMANABAD
603Industrial Training Centre, Paranda, Dist OsmanabadPrivate20At Post Bawchi Road Paranda Tq Paranda Dist OsmanabadOSMANABAD
604Pawanraje Nimbalkar Industrial Training Institute, OsmanabadPrivate40At Post .Terna Nagar Dhoki, Tq & Dist. OsmanabadOSMANABAD
605Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthan Itc Alani OsmanabadPrivate20Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthan Itc At Gadpati AlaniOSMANABAD
606Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Jawhar, Dist: ThaneGovernment60Dahanu-Nashik, Bypass RoadPALGHAR
607Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Mokhada, Dist: ThaneGovernment40Irfan ManzilPALGHAR
608Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Palghar, Dist: ThaneGovernment40Machhimar Society, Mahim Road, PalgharPALGHAR
609Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Talasari, Dist: ThaneGovernment40TalasariPALGHAR
610Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Vikramgad, Dist: ThaneGovernment60Dahanu Road, Mangal Kayalay Near Post OfficePALGHAR
611Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Wada, Dist: ThaneGovernment20Pali, Post – PosheriPALGHAR
612Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Wangaon, Dist: ThaneGovernment40Vangaon Chinchani RoadPALGHAR
613Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Dongari, Dist: ThaneGovernment40C/o Government Madhyamik Ashramshala, SambhaPALGHAR
614Government Industrial Training Institute, Vasai, Dist: ThaneGovernment60C/o Vasai Macchimar Sarvodaya Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, PachubandarPALGHAR
615Bassein Education Society’S Industrial Training Center , Ramedi, Vasai, Dist- ThanePrivate40Opp. Shree Ram Mandir, Azad Road, At.: RamediPALGHAR
616Bhanudas Maniram Save Shikshan Sanstha’S L. J.Raut Private Industrial Training Institute, ChinchaPrivate40Raut Stop, Chinchani, Tal. Dahanu, Dist. Thane, Pin. 401 503, MaharashtraPALGHAR
618H & H.J. VAKIL MODEL SCHOOL DAHANU PRIVATE ITIPrivate40Masoli, Dhanu road, tehsil dahanu, dist palghar.PALGHAR
619Kelva Mahim Private ITIPrivate60Mahim, Tal-Palghar, Dist-Thane, Pin.No.401402PALGHAR
620Kokan Education & Medical Trust’S Private Industrial Training Institute, Saphale Dist. Thane.Private60At. Saphale (Nandade), Po. Umbarpada, Tal. Palghar, Dist. Thane.PALGHAR
621Ramavtar Surajmal Modi Industrial Training InstituPrivate160At-Borigaon, Po-Bordi, Tal-TalasariPALGHAR
622Government Industrial Training Institute, Gangakhed, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment20Kodri RoadePARBHANI
623Government Industrial Training Institute, Jintur, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment60JinturPARBHANI
624Government Industrial Training Institute, Manvat, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment60Pathri RoadPARBHANI
625Government Industrial Training Institute, Palam, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment20Jayakwadi WasahatPARBHANI
626Government Industrial Training Institute, Parbhani, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment220Jintur RoadPARBHANI
627Government Industrial Training Institute, Pathari, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment20Vita Road, Pathri, Dist. ParbhaniPARBHANI
628Government Industrial Training Institute, Purna, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment40Anand NagarPARBHANI
629Government Industrial Training Institute, Selu, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment20Nagar Parishad StadiumPARBHANI
630Government Industrial Training Institute, Sonpeth, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment40Deshmukh ComplexPARBHANI
631Gramin Polyechnic’S Industrial Training Centre, Dharmapuri Tal & Dist ParbhaniPrivate20Gramin Polyechnic’S Industrial Training Centre, Dharmapuri Tal & Dist ParbhaniPARBHANI
632Gramin Private ITI, PalamPrivate40Post Sarfarajpur, Tal- Palam, Dist Parbhani.PARBHANI
633Hon. Ratnakarraoji Gutte Industrial Training Institute, Wadgaon (St.) Tq-Sonpeth, Dist-ParbhaniPrivate40Hon. Ratnakarraoji Gutte Industrial Training Institute, Wadgaon (St.) Tq-Sonpeth, Dist-ParbhaniPARBHANI
635Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Manikdoh, Dist: PuneGovernment40At. ManikdohPUNE
636Government Industrial Training Institute (Woman), Pune, Dist: PuneGovernment40Parihar Chowk, AundhPUNE
637Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhor, Dist: PuneGovernment40S.No.74/75 Waghajai Nagar, Manerdevi RoadPUNE
638Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghodegaon, Dist: PuneGovernment40A/p Ghodegaon (Gonawadi)PUNE
639Government Industrial Training Institute, Indapur, Dist: PuneGovernment100Baramati RoadPUNE
640Government Industrial Training Institute, Khed (Rajgurunagar), Dist: PuneGovernment40At post ChandoliPUNE
641Government Industrial Training Institute, Lonavala, Dist: PuneGovernment40Nangargaon MIDC Block Industrial EstatePUNE
642Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon (Bk), Dist: PuneGovernment40GovernmentINDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE Malegaon (Bk)PUNE
643Government Industrial Training Institute, Mulshi,Government40At- Bhare Post-Ghotavade Tal-Mulshi Dist-PunePUNE
644Government Industrial Training Institute, Pimpri Chinchwad, Dist: PuneGovernment80Telco Road, Behind Bajaj Auto, Ajanta Nagar, SectoPUNE
645Government Industrial Training Institute, Pune, Dist: PuneGovernment240Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune, MaharashtraPUNE
646Government Industrial Training Institute, Shirur, Dist: PuneGovernment40P-45, M.I.D.C. RanjangaonPUNE
647Government Industrial Training Institute, Varvand, Dist: PuneGovernment40Solapur HighwayPUNE
648Government Industrial Training Institute, Velhe, Dist: PuneGovernment40GovernmentITI,VELHE.AT-KONDHAVALE KH,PO-ANTROLI,VELHEPUNE
649Government ITI Bombay Engineer Group & Centre, KirkeeGovernment40Kirkee, Pune 411003, Maharashtra.PUNE
650Aditya Private ITIPrivate60Gat No 645, Post. Kondapuri, Tehsil Shirur, Pune NPUNE
651Akhil Bhartiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad`S Shri Namdeorao Suryawanshi Private Industrial Training IPrivate40Parvati , Ramana, Pune-9PUNE
652All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’S Private Industrial Training Institute, BoribhadakPrivate120At -Boribhadak Post : Boriaindi, Pune-Solapur Highway, Taluka :- Daund, Dist Pune, MaharashtraPUNE
653Aydyogik Tantra Shikshan Sanstha Private ITI Chinchwad Pune-19Private40C-2 Midc, Opp Post Office Chinchwad Pune- 19PUNE
654Bhima Shaikshanik Nyas Sanchalit PrivateIndustrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P-Madhukarnagar-Patas,Tal-Daund,Dist-PunePUNE
655Dnyan, Kala, Krida & Krishi Pratishthan Sanchalit Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120A/P – Kalamb, Tal – Indapur, Dist – PunePUNE
656Dnyandeep Gramvikas Pratishthan Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate40At Post Talegaon Dhamdhere, Tal. Shirur, Dist.PunePUNE
657Don Bosco Private Industrial Traininng InstitutePrivate40Near St. Andrew'S High School , Balji Chowk ,CPUNE
658Gramonnati Mandal’S Annasaheb Naware Tantrik Shikshan Kendra Private Industrial Training Institute NPrivate80A/P-Narayangaon,Tal-Junnar,Dist-Pune.PUNE
659Indian Society For Social Action’S, Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Daund-Patas Road, Girim, Tal-Daund, Dist-PunePUNE
660Industrial Training Institute (Private) At/Post Male Tal- Mulshi Dist-PunePrivate40At/Post Male Taluka:MulshiPUNE
661Jaihind Private ITIPrivate40A/P Kuran Tal -Junnar Dist Pune Maharashtra.PUNE
662Karamveer Bhaurao Patil Shikshan Sanstha Sanchalit Col. Yashwantrao Renuse Private ITIPrivate40At PST_ kikvi (Morwadi) Tal- Bhor, Dist Pune.PUNE
663Krishi Vikas Pratishthan Shardabai Pawar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100A/P- Shardanagar, Tal- Baramati, Dist- Pune.PUNE
664KUMSS Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80At-Malwadi, Post-Karhati, Tal-Baramati, Dist-PunePUNE
665Namdeorao Mohol Vidya & Krida Pratishthan Private Industrial Training Institute PirangutPrivate40At Post – Ghotawade Phata , Near Telephone ExchanPUNE
666Oriental Education Society Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Gate No.37,38 At post Gauddara , Tal HaveliPUNE
667Pharate Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P-Mandavgan Pharata Tal- Shirur,Dist-Pune 412210PUNE
668Phulgaon Shri Shikshan Prasarak Mandal ITI, PhulgaonPrivate40A/P:- phulgaon Tal:- Haveli, Dist:- Pune 412216PUNE
669Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Industrial Training Institute Morwadi, Pimpri – 18Private40Pcmc ITI Morwadi, Near Morwadi Court, Morwadi, Pimpri – 18PUNE
670Purandhar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’S Private Industrial Training Institute,WaghapurPrivate40A/P-WaghapurPUNE
671Queen Mery Industrial Training Center, Khadki, Dist PunePrivate40Park Road, Range Hills, KhadkiPUNE
672Raje Pratishthan Sanchalit Mayureshwar Private ITIPrivate60Khandukhairewadi, Morgaon Road, Tal Baramati, distPUNE
673Rayat Shikshan Sansthas Private ITIPrivate40A/P – Dawadi Tal.- Khed Dist.Pune-410505PUNE
674Samarth Private Industrial Training Institute Belhe Tal- Junnar Dist – PunePrivate60A/P. Belhe Tal – Junnar Dist- Pune Pin.- 412 410PUNE
675Sayadri Valley College of Engineering & Technology Industrial Training Institute (Private), Rajuri.Private40Nagar Kalyan Highway, Rajuri, Tal-JunnarPUNE
676Shivneri Foundation’S Shivneri Private Industrial Training Institute, KhanapurPrivate40A/P-Khanapur, Tal-Junnar, Dist-PunePUNE
677Shree Bhairavnath Private ITIPrivate40Near S.T. Stand pabal, Tal-Shirur,dist pune.PUNE
678Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Trust,S (Private) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Sr.No-53,Bhawani Chawl, Shivaneri nagar ,Lane no-3PUNE
679Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Shikshan Sanstha’S Private Indistrial Traning InstitutePrivate100At/Post- Shirur(Ghodnadi), Tal-Shirur,Dist-Pune.PUNE
680Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Private Industrial Training Institute ,PunePrivate80626,Shukrawar Peth ,Shahu Chowk,Shivaji Road ,PunePUNE
681Shri Kulswami Industrial Training Center ,VadajPrivate40A/P.Vadaj Tal.Junnar Dist.PunePUNE
682Shri Saraswati Pratishthan’S Adiraj Industrial TraPrivate60A/P-Kharabwadi Chakan Tal-KhePUNE
683Shri Vighnahar Trusts Late Nivruttisheth Sherkar Private Industial Training Institute, NivruttinagarPrivate60At-Nivruttinagar(Dhalewadi),Post-Shiroli Bk, Tal-Junnar ,Dist-PunePUNE
684Social Aaction For Man Power Creation Private Industrial Training Centre, Malawali Tal Maval Dist PuPrivate40At- Bhaje, Near Malavali Railway Station, Post- Malvali, Tal- Maval, Dsit- Pune, Pin Code- 410405.PUNE
685Sonai Private Industrial Training InstutitePrivate80Sonamatha, A/P- Gokhali Tal.- Indapur Dist.- PunePUNE
686St. Joseph’S Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Shankar Sheth Road, Behind Mira SocietyPUNE
687Vitthalrao Thorat Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Thorat nagar,BhigwanPUNE
688Zeal Private ITIPrivate40Survey no 39,Narhe dhayari road ,Narhe,Pune-41PUNE
689Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Karjat, Dist: RaigadGovernment60Bamnoli, Post-kirvaliRAIGAD
690Government Industrial Training Institute, Alibaug, Dist: RaigadGovernment60Shivaji Nagar, ChendhreRAIGAD
691Government Industrial Training Institute, KhalapurGovernment40Gopal Sona Niwas, Plot No.8,Chinchavali Shekin ,KhRAIGAD
692Government Industrial Training Institute, Mahad, Dist: RaigadGovernment60Opp.chande Ground Tambad BhuvanRAIGAD
693Government Industrial Training Institute, Mangaon, Dist: RaigadGovernment60near navodaya vidyalay At Post Nijampur TAL MANGAORAIGAD
694Government Industrial Training Institute, Mhasala, Dist: RaigadGovernment20Opp.kokan Trading, Dighi RoadRAIGAD
695Government Industrial Training Institute, Nagothane, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Mumbai- Goa High Way, Near PHCRAIGAD
696Government Industrial Training Institute, Panvel, Dist: RaigadGovernment460Old Mumbai-pune Highway, Near S. T. StandRAIGAD
697Government Industrial Training Institute, Pen, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Near Government Polytechnic Boys HostelRAIGAD
698Government Industrial Training Institute, PoladpurGovernment40Subhadrakunj” Nr.s.t.bus Stand PoladpurRAIGAD
699Government Industrial Training Institute, Shriwardhan, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Near Ganesh Mandir,ganesh AliRAIGAD
700Government Industrial Training Institute, Sudhagad(pali), Dist: RaigadGovernment20Behind Bllaleshwer Tempal Devulpada, Bhira RoadRAIGAD
701Government Industrial Training Institute, Tala, Dist: RaigadGovernment40At-pusati, Post TalaRAIGAD
702Government Industrial Training Institute, Uran, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Karanja Road, Daur NagarRAIGAD
703Anjumane Waseeul Taleem Edu.Trust Raigad Maf Industrial Training Center ,Tal Murud-Janjira,Dist. RaPrivate20At/P: Mazgaon, Tal: Murud Janjira, Dist: RaigadRAIGAD
704Rayat Shikshan Sansthechi Industrial Training Center Navade. Dist-RaigadPrivate20P. J Mhatre Vidyalaya, NawadeRAIGAD
705Smt Geeta D. Tatkare Polytechnic Private ITIPrivate20A/P, Gove, Kolad, Taluka_roha Dist RaigadRAIGAD
706Government Industrial Training Institute, Chiplun, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment40A/p KanheRATNAGIRI
707Government Industrial Training Institute, Dapoli, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment20at post jalgaon tal dapoli dist.ratnagiriRATNAGIRI
708Government Industrial Training Institute, Guhagar, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment40A/p Rgppl AnjanwelRATNAGIRI
709Government Industrial Training Institute, Khed, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment40Bhadgaon, PO. KhedRATNAGIRI
710Government Industrial Training Institute, Lanja, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment40Near Kukkutpalan KendraRATNAGIRI
711Government Industrial Training Institute, Ratnagiri, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment340Nachane RoadRATNAGIRI
712Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangameshwar, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment40Mabhale PunarvasavnRATNAGIRI
713Haji Mohammed Saheb Thakur Private ITIPrivate40At Post – Karanjari, Tal – Sangameshwar, Dist – RaRATNAGIRI
714Hamad Been Jasam Private ITIPrivate40Serv. No. 158, Hisa no. 4, Chirekhan, DabholRATNAGIRI
715Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha Private Industrial Training Institute , Sawarde, Tal – Chiplun, Dist -RatPrivate40Ap : Sawarde, (Vahalphata)RATNAGIRI
716Smt Indira M. Behare Private Industrial Training Institute, SadavaliPrivate40At/Post-SadavaliRATNAGIRI
717Government Industrial Training Institute, Atpadi, Dist: SangliGovernment40Atpadi-dighanchi Road, Sakharkarkhana PhataSANGLI
718Government Industrial Training Institute, Islampur, Dist: SangliGovernment60MIDC Plot No. P10SANGLI
719Government Industrial Training Institute, Jath, Dist: SangliGovernment40Behiend Pwd Office Sangli RoadSANGLI
720Government Industrial Training Institute, Kadegaon, Dist: SangliGovernment40MIDC Area Shivaginagar Kadegaon,Tal-KadegaonSANGLI
721Government Industrial Training Institute, Kavthemahakal, Dist: SangliGovernment20Near Rural Hospital, Jath Road,SANGLI
722Government Industrial Training Institute, Palus, Dist: SangliGovernment40NEAR TEXTILE MILL,ANDHALI ROAD,A/P PALUSSANGLI
723Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangli, Dist: SangliGovernment300Industrial EstateSANGLI
724Government Industrial Training Institute, Shirala, Dist: SangliGovernment40Shirala-Islampur Road, SHIRALASANGLI
725Government Industrial Training Institute, Tasgaon, Dist: SangliGovernment40Datta Mala, Vasumbe Phata, Manerajuri RoadSANGLI
726Government Industrial Training Institute, Vita, Dist: SangliGovernment40Salsinge RoadSANGLI
727Annasaheb Dange Audyogik Prahsikshan Kendra Ashta Tal.Walwa Dist.SangliPrivate40At.Post.Ashta Tal.Walwa Dist.Sangli ( Annasaheb DaSANGLI
728Loknete Hon.Hanmantrao Patil Charitable Trust’S Adarsh Private Industrial Training Centre Khambale (Private40Khambale (Bha) Vita.SANGLI
729Mahalaxmi Private ITI, PethPrivate80Gat No . 894, Peth, Tal; Walwa Dist:SangliSANGLI
730Rajarambapu Patil Private Industrial Training Institute, RajaramnagarPrivate40A/P- Rajaramnagar, Sakharale,SANGLI
731Sambhaji Private Industrail Training CenterPrivate40A/P- Inam Dhamni Tal- Miraj Dist- SangliSANGLI
732Sangli Industraial School, Industrial Training Center, Dist-SangliPrivate40Post Box No.71, Mission Compound, Sangli-Miraj RoaSANGLI
733Smt.Padmini Private Industrial Training Institute Ektanagar DighanchiPrivate40A/P:Dighanchi Tal: Atpadi Dist:Sangli 415315SANGLI
734Vasantdada Patil Privet Industrial Training Institute MirajPrivate20Plot No 04 M.I.D.C. MirajSANGLI
735Venkateshwara Audhyogik Prashikshan KendraPrivate80Gat No. 905/A/1 A/P- Peth Tal-Walwa Dist- SangliSANGLI
736Vilasrao Patil Private Industrial Training Institute MangalePrivate60A/P- Mangale,Tal-Shirala,Dist-SangaliSANGLI
737Government Industrial Training Institute, Dahiwadi, Dist: SataraGovernment60At. Dahiwadi, Behind Telephone ExchangeSATARA
738Government Industrial Training Institute, Karad, Dist: SataraGovernment340Vidhya Nagar, SaidapurSATARA
739Government Industrial Training Institute, Khatav, Dist: SataraGovernment60Aundh-KhatavSATARA
740Government Industrial Training Institute, Koregaon, Dist: SataraGovernment100Plot No. P-3, Small MIDC, Koregaon – Rahimatpur RoSATARA
741Government Industrial Training Institute, Lonand, Dist: SataraGovernment80Jambhalicha MalaSATARA
742Government Industrial Training Institute, Mahabaleshwar, Dist: SataraGovernment4055/2, Near Bharati Vidyapith, GodwaliSATARA
743Government Industrial Training Institute, Patan, Dist: SataraGovernment60M.I.D.C., YeradSATARA
744Government Industrial Training Institute, Phaltan, Dist: SataraGovernment80Vinchurni Road JadhavwadiSATARA
745Government Industrial Training Institute, Satara, Dist: SataraGovernment280Molacha Odha Karanje TarfSATARA
746Government Industrial Training Institute, Wai, Dist: SataraGovernment40Plot No.17 M.I.D.C. Mandhardevi RoadSATARA
747Chatrapati Shau Private ITIPrivate40Shendre, Tal: SataraSATARA
748Dadasaheb Mokashi Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate40survey no 75/1 Rajmachi Karad vita roSATARA
749Daulat Private Industrial Training Institute DaulatnagarPrivate40At Post- Daulatnagar Tal-Patan Dist- SataraSATARA
751Yashwantrao Mohite Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P Rethare Bk. Tal. – Karad Dist. – SataraSATARA
752Government Industrial Training Institute, Devgad, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment60JamsandeSINDHUDURG
753Government Industrial Training Institute, Malwan, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment20Government Poly. Campus, KumbharmathSINDHUDURG
754Government Industrial Training Institute, Oros, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment20At Post – OrosSINDHUDURG
755Government Industrial Training Institute, Sawantwadi, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment40Mumbai Goa High Way, KolgaonSINDHUDURG
756Government Industrial Training Institute, Vaibhavwadi, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment20At-Post Taluka VaibhavwadiSINDHUDURG
757Government Industrial Training Institute, Akkalkot, Dist: SolapurGovernment60Near Mahada Colony, Station RoadSOLAPUR
758Government Industrial Training Institute, Akluj, Dist: SolapurGovernment40A/p KhandaliSOLAPUR
759Government Industrial Training Institute, Barshi, Dist: SolapurGovernment40Gadegaon RoadSOLAPUR
760Government Industrial Training Institute, Karmala, Dist: SolapurGovernment60Plot No. P-1, M.I.D.C., Nagar RoadSOLAPUR
761Government Industrial Training Institute, Kurduwadi, Dist: SolapurGovernment20Near Water Supply Tank, Paranda RoadSOLAPUR
762Government Industrial Training Institute, Mandrup, Dist: SolapurGovernment20Old Nimbargi Road, MandrupSOLAPUR
763Government Industrial Training Institute, Mangalvedha, Dist: SolapurGovernment40MIDC Plot No P1, Pandharpur RaodSOLAPUR
764Government Industrial Training Institute, Mohol, Dist: SolapurGovernment40Kalase Nagar, Pandharpur RoadSOLAPUR
765Government Industrial Training Institute, Pandharpur, Dist: SolapurGovernment40Old Kasegaon Road, Near CourtSOLAPUR
766Government Industrial Training Institute, Solapur, Dist: SolapurGovernment180Vijapur RoadSOLAPUR
767Govind Private Industrial Traning Institute NateputePrivate40A/P. Natepute, Tal. Malshiras, Dist. Solapur, Pin.413109SOLAPUR
768Karmavee Lohokare Guruji Private Industrial Training Institute,Gaudgaon.Private60Karmavee Lohokare Guruji Private Industrial Training Institute,Gaudgaon,Tal:Barshi Dist:SolapurSOLAPUR
769Karmveer N.M. Gadsing (Guruji) Private ITIPrivate40Malegaon, A/p- MalegaonSOLAPUR
770Lokmangal Private ITIPrivate40At Post Wadala Taluka-Solapur North Dist- SolapurSOLAPUR
771Marathwada Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100Tuljapur Road, Tale HippargaSOLAPUR
772New Satara Private Industrial Training Institute,PandharpurPrivate40123/2/A/2/K, New Solapur Road,Opposite Reliance Petrol Pump, Pandharpur.SOLAPUR
773Parvati Tad I T I Mangalwedha Tal:- MangalwedhaPrivate40Parvati Tad I T I Khomnal Road Mangalwedha Tal:- Mangalwedha Dis:- SolapurSOLAPUR
774Private Industrial Training Institute MalinagarPrivate40A/P Malinagar Tal Malshiras Dist SolapurSOLAPUR
775PrivateITI Gunjegaon Tal- Mangalwedha Dist- SolapurPrivate60Ap- Gunjegaon Tal- Mangalwedha Dist- SolapurSOLAPUR
776Sahyadri Private ITIPrivate40AT-Post: Karkamb Teh. PandharpurSOLAPUR
777Sangramsingh Industrial Training InstitutePrivate20At Post Shetphal Tal Mohol District SolapurSOLAPUR
778Seth Ratnachand Sakharam Shah Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40197,Budhwar Peth, Shravika Santha NagarSOLAPUR
779Shanti Private Industrial Training Institute SolapurPrivate40Shivganga Nagar Vijapur Road SolapurSOLAPUR
780Shri Sai Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100A/P:-Sasure-Vairag,Dhengale Patil Nagar,Solapur Barshi Highway,Tal-Barshi,Dist-Solapur-413402SOLAPUR
781Shriram Pravate Industrial Training Institute PanivPrivate40At/Post-PanivSOLAPUR
782Sojar Private Industrial Traning Institute KhandviPrivate60At/Po-Khandvi,Tal-Barshi,Dist-SolapurSOLAPUR
783Swami Vivekanand Private ITIPrivate40Gate no. 16/2, Solapur Barshi Road, KhedSOLAPUR
784Vasantrao Kale (Private) Industrial Training Institute Dhondewadi, Post- Jainwdai, Tal-Pandharpur, DPrivate40At-Dhondewadi, Post-Jainwadi, Tal-Pandharpur,Dist-SOLAPUR
785Vilaschandra M.Mehta Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P-Dahigaon, Tal-Malshiras, Dist-Solapur.413109.SOLAPUR
786Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Murbad, Dist: ThaneGovernment20Kudavali MIDCTHANE
787Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Shahapur, Dist: ThaneGovernment60Ganeshwadi Savroli RoadTHANE
788Government Industrial Training Institute, AmbernatGovernment160Old Bhendipada, Kalyan Badlapur Road (West)THANE
789Government Industrial Training Institute, Belapur, Dist: ThaneGovernment80Sect-29, Agroli Gaon, C.B.D. Belapur, PO- KokanbhaTHANE
790Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhiwandi, Dist: ThaneGovernment60Bhadvad, Near Police LineTHANE
791Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalyan, Dist: ThaneGovernment60C/o Government Technical High School, Near Furniture Marketr-3THANE
792Government Industrial Training Institute, Thane, Dist: ThaneGovernment160Road No. 28, Ramnagar, Wagale Industrial EstateTHANE
793Government Industrial Training Institute, Ulhasnagar, Dist: ThaneGovernment80C/o Government Technical High School & Jr. College,THANE
794Ahmed Abdullah Garib Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Memon Welfare Educational Campus,Almas Colony,Behind Wafa Park,Kausa Mumbra.ThaneTHANE
795Bharat Private ITIPrivate40Opp. Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Dist thane MaharashtrTHANE
796DR. Manoj Shete Private ITIPrivate40At-Post-Mokhavane. Kasara.TalukashahapurTHANE
797Fr. Agnel Technical Education Complex Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100Sector 9 A VashiTHANE
798Indala Private ITIPrivate60Bapsai, KalyanTHANE
799Jai Bhagwan Private Industrial Training Institute, Vitawa, KalwaPrivate40Jai Bhagwan Private ITI, Suryapada, Near Octroi NaTHANE
800JAI BHAGWAN PRIVATE ITIPrivate40Suryapada, Near Octroi Naka, Vitawa, Kalwa, TalukaTHANE
801Shad Adam Shaikh Private ITIPrivate40Khadipar, Rasoolabad, Bhiwandi (Thane) 421-302.THANE
802Takiya Amani Shah Pvgt. ITI BhiwandiPrivate40654, Idgah Road BhiwandiTHANE
803Government Industrial Training Institute, Ashti, Dist: WardhaGovernment40At. AshtiWARDHA
804Government Industrial Training Institute, Hinganghat, Dist: WardhaGovernment40At Rimdoh Jam RoadWARDHA
805Government Industrial Training Institute, Karanja Gh, Dist: WardhaGovernment40Near Toll Naka Parisar Amravati RoadWARDHA
806Government Industrial Training Institute, Pulgaon, Dist: WardhaGovernment260Nachangaon RoadWARDHA
807Government Industrial Training Institute, Samudrapur, Dist: WardhaGovernment40A-14, Midc AreaWARDHA
808Government Industrial Training Institute, Selu, Dist: WardhaGovernment40Near Indira Sah.soot Girni Station Road Dhanoli (MWARDHA
809Government Industrial Training Institute, Wardha, Dist: WardhaGovernment80Arvi Naka Mahda ColonyWARDHA
810Bhaiyasaheb Ukrande Industrial Training Center, Waigaon (Nipani) Dist-WardhaPrivate80At Post-Gandhi Ward, Waigaon (Nipani) , Tal And Dist-WardhaWARDHA
811Bhaiyyasaheb Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Express Highway, Nachangaon Road, Pulgaon, Tal Deoli, Dist WardhaWARDHA
812Chetana Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Master Colony, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardhaganj, Dist. WardhaWARDHA
813Dr R.G.Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate80Batchelor Road, Nalwadi, Dist:WardhaWARDHA
814Gajanan Prasad Privet Industrial Training Institute GiradPrivate60Near Mscb Office & Petrol Pamp At+Post Girad, Ta. Samdrapur, Distt-Wardha-442305WARDHA
815Government ITI For Physcially Handicapped ,WardhaPrivate20Laxmi Nagar ,Near Mahila Ashram ,Sevagram Road ,WardhaWARDHA
816Jamnalal Bajaj Private ITIPrivate4024 Near Chetna D.Ed. Collage Sawangi Meghe &amWARDHA
817K.C.Ronghe Private Industrial Trainning InstitutePrivate40Yenora Road,Near Rly Gate, Hinganghat, Dist WardhaWARDHA
818Om Vishwakarma Industrial Training Center,Sawangi Dist-WardhaPrivate80Master Colony, Samata Nagar, Sawangi Meghe, Wardha (Ganj), Dist. Wardha – 442001WARDHA
819Samruddhi Private ITIPrivate80Sonegaon (A) Road DeoliWARDHA
820Shri Gajanan Maharaj Rural Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Survey No.149,Mauza Umari (Meghe),Tal.Wardha,Dist.WARDHA
822Shri Ramdasji Tadas Private ITIPrivate60Yavatmal Road, Deoli .WARDHA
823Talmale Private Industrial Training Institute, WardhaPrivate120Talmale (Private) Industrial Training Institute, MahiWARDHA
824Government Industrial Training Institute, Karanja Lad, Dist: WashimGovernment40Darwha RoadWASHIM
825Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon, Dist: WashimGovernment40M.I.D.C. AreaWASHIM
826Government Industrial Training Institute, Mangrulpir, Dist: WashimGovernment40Jamb RoadWASHIM
827Government Industrial Training Institute, Manora, Dist: WashimGovernment40M.I.D.C. Area Devthana RoadWASHIM
828Government Industrial Training Institute, Risod, Dist: WashimGovernment40Bhokarkheda Road Near BSNL OfficeWASHIM
829Government Industrial Training Institute, Washim, Dist: WashimGovernment40Civil Line washimWASHIM
832Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi)Government40By Pass RoadYAVATMAL
833Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi)Government40At. MaregaonYAVATMAL
834Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Kalamb, Dist: YavatmalGovernment60At. KalambYAVATMAL
835Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Pandharkawada, Dist: YavatmalGovernment60Sonbardi RoadYAVATMAL
836Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Ralegaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Kalamb RoadYAVATMAL
837Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Antargaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40At. Post AntargaonYAVATMAL
838Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Harshi, Dist: YavatmalGovernment20At. Post HarshiYAVATMAL
839Government Industrial Training Institute, Babhulgaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment60Yavatmal road,Near gimona fata,Babhulgaon,YavatmalYAVATMAL
840Government Industrial Training Institute, Darwha, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Yavatmal Road DarwhaYAVATMAL
841Government Industrial Training Institute, Digras, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Bhavani Mandir RoadYAVATMAL
842Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghatanji, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Belora RoadYAVATMAL
843Government Industrial Training Institute, Gunj, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Mahur RoadYAVATMAL
844Government Industrial Training Institute, Ner, Dist: YavatmalGovernment60Manikwada RoadYAVATMAL
845Government Industrial Training Institute, Umarkhed, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Baldi RoadYAVATMAL
846Government Industrial Training Institute, Wani, DiGovernment60Chandrpur RoadYAVATMAL
847Government Industrial Training Institute, Yavatmal, Dist: YavatmalGovernment120Dhamangaon RoadYAVATMAL
848Government Industrial Training Institute, Zari-Jamani, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40At. Zari-jamani, Shirola Road Zari JamaniYAVATMAL
849Balaji Industrial Training Institute(Private), SawarlaPrivate40c/o 'ANURADHA' pragati nagar statiYAVATMAL
850Makron Private ITIPrivate80Near macroon school , wadgaon road,wani ta- wanYAVATMAL
851Markandeya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40At.Baradgaon, Tah.Ralegaon, Dist.YavatmalYAVATMAL
852Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute, WaniPrivate60Plot No. P 1, Midc Area. Wani Dist- Yavatmal 445304 (M.S.)YAVATMAL
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