List of Best ITI Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to apply for ITI admission in Himachal Pradesh? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITI colleges in Himachal Pradesh.

ITI Colleges Himachal Pradesh

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of ITI colleges in Himachal Pradesh, type of the ITI, address, number of trades offered by the ITI, number of seats available for admission and more. You may also check – Nursing courses after 10th. For job opportunities, please check – government jobs after 10th in HP & government jobs after 12th in HP. For list of science courses, please check – Science courses in HP after 12th.

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If you are interested in ITI admission process, this post will be of help to you. It will help you in identifying the ideal ITI that’ll suit your needs.


Come, let us check out the list of ITIs now. Here it is –


List of ITI colleges in Himachal Pradesh

Sr NoName of the ITIType of ITINumber of trades offeredNumber of seats availableAddressDistrict
1Adarsh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160VPO Swarghat, Tehsil Shri Naina Devi JiBILASPUR
2Dogra Industrial Training CenterPrivate280DograBILASPUR
3Government Industrial Training Institute Berthin, BilaspurGovernment6256V.P.O Berthin, Tehsil Jhandutta, Distt. Bilaspur (H.P)-174029BILASPUR
4Government Industrial Training Institute, BilaspurGovernment10512Nihal Sector, Near Industrial Area Bilaspur, TehsiBILASPUR
5Government ITI, Industrail Training Institute, SwarghatGovernment288Nalagarh Road, Swarghat, District Bilaspur HimachaBILASPUR
6Government Industrial Training Institute, Bilaspur( Women)Government4164Nihal Sector, Near Industrial Area Bilaspur, TehsiBILASPUR
7Government ITI for Women BharariGovernment288Post Office- LehriSarail, Tehsil- GhumarwinBILASPUR
8Government ITI GhumarwinGovernment4184Post office Ghumarwin, Tehsil Ghumarwin Distt BilaspurBILASPUR
9Government ITI Shri Naina Devi JiGovernment280Matri Chhaya Building Near Bus StandBILASPUR
10HIMS Private ITIPrivate2100Vill. Badhoo, Tehsil Ghumarwin Distt BilaspurBILASPUR
11Maa Santoshi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate5260Luharwin, Tehsil GhumarwinBILASPUR
12New Dogra Private. ITIPrivate3516Vill. Mehan ,P.O Chandpur ,Tehsil. SadarBILASPUR
13Pranjli Private. ITI Patta, Ghumarwin, Distt BilaspurPrivate2192Village Patta, P.O, Naswal, Tehsil Ghumarwin,BILASPUR
14Sankhyan Private. ITIPrivate3120P.O & Tehsil,BILASPUR
15Santoshi Private. ITI GhumarwinPrivate4288Near Dakri Chowk GhumarwinBILASPUR
16Satyam Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120Vill. Awari, Po. BhagerBILASPUR
17Shiv Hari Chadda Private ITIPrivate4220Harkukar (Ghumarwin)BILASPUR
18State of the Art ITI, GhumarwainGovernment148Tehsil Ghumarwin dist bilaspurBILASPUR
19Batt Private Industrial Training Institute Bonkhri ModPrivate5504Vill. Bonkhri Mod ,P.O Bathri ,Tehsil Dalhousie, DCHAMBA
20Batt Private. Industrial Training Institute Khushnagri Tehsil ChurahPrivate5272VPO Khushnagri Tehsil ChurahCHAMBA
21Chamba Millennium Private ITIPrivate5320Vill. Labkana, P.O. SaruCHAMBA
22Government Industrial Training Institute for Women, ChambaGovernment380Near Bhuri Singh Power House Chamba Distt. cham,bCHAMBA
23Government Industrial Training Institute, ChambaGovernment14420ChambaCHAMBA
24Government ITI KillarGovernment384Chamba KillarCHAMBA
25Government ITI ChhatrariGovernment3128V.P.O Chhatrari, Tehsil Dist ChambaCHAMBA
26Government ITI, GarnotaGovernment3108Village and Post Office GARNOTA Tehsil BHATTIYATCHAMBA
27Government Industrial Training Institute LachoriGovernment288Vill Lachori P.O Thakuri Matti Tehsil SalooniCHAMBA
28Government Industrial Training Institute,KotiGovernment3108VPO – KotiCHAMBA
29Government ITI BharmourGovernment488Bharmour, ChambaCHAMBA
30Guru Teg BahadurPrivate2168Near Baloo Bridge, P.O. SultanpurCHAMBA
31Hill Modern Private ITIPrivate3520Vill. Bhadram P.O Rajpura Tehsil. ChambaCHAMBA
32Jeevan Lakshya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2108V.P.O Rajpura Tehsil & Distt ChambaCHAMBA
33Maa Jawala Private. Industrial Training Institute (Parel)Private3156Parel PO Sultanpur TehsilCHAMBA
35State of Art Government ITI GarnotaGovernment140VPO Garnota Teshil sihunta dist ChambaCHAMBA
36Alpine Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3136Village and Post Office Jaure-Amb Tehsil BarsarHAMIRPUR
37Chaman Industril Training InstitutePrivate2120Village Bihru Post Office BijhariHAMIRPUR
38Chaman Memorial Private Induatrial Training InstitutePrivate140Chaman Memorial Private. ITI Bijhari (Bihru) Tehsil Barsar Distt. Hamirpur (H.P)HAMIRPUR
39Devasya Private ITIPrivate280Nalti Road, Near Himfed Godown, Vill. DulehraHAMIRPUR
41Government Industrial Training Institute HamirpurGovernment6216HamirpurHAMIRPUR
42Government ITI SujanpurGovernment5236PO & Tehsil Sujanpur-TihraHAMIRPUR
43Government Industrail Training Insutute RailGovernment14580Naduan at Rail, Post office Rail Tehsil NadaunHAMIRPUR
44Government Industrial Training Insitute BhoranjGovernment7256BhoranjHAMIRPUR
45Government Industrial Training Insutte BaniGovernment5208Tehsil BarsarHAMIRPUR
46Government ITI LamblooPrivate4168Lambloo Distt-HamirpurHAMIRPUR
47H.H. Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate244HamirpurHAMIRPUR
48Happy Private. ITI AnuPrivate5148Near Government Degree College Hamirpur, AnuHAMIRPUR
49Him Darshan Private ITI Kohla NadaunPrivate2108VPO Kohla Tehsil Nadaun Distt HamirpurHAMIRPUR
50Him Industrial Training Institute Harsour Vill BarsarPrivate6260Vill. Harsour PO Harsour, Tehsil BarsarHAMIRPUR
51JagrITI Private Industrial Training Institute UhalPrivate3128V.P.O Uhal, Tehsil Tauni Devi, District HamirpurHAMIRPUR
52Jaypee Private. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate7344SamirpurHAMIRPUR
53Jyotsna Private. Industrial Training Institute LoharinPrivate10588JPS Complex Loharin P.O. Khiah Tehsil HamirpurHAMIRPUR
54Kalka Private. ITI BarsarPrivate140VPO Barsar Tehsil BarsarHAMIRPUR
55Krishna Food Crafts (Private.) ITI HamirpurPrivate244Ward No.-3 Partap Nagar, Hamirpur (H.P)HAMIRPUR
56Maa Jawala Private. ITI (Jalari)Private3324Jalari Tehsil NadaunHAMIRPUR
57Private Industrial Training Institute UkhliPrivate160Private. ITI Ukhli tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur (H.P)HAMIRPUR
59Seraj Private ITIPrivate1120Ward No. 9, Bhota Chowk, P.O. hamirpur, Tehsil andHAMIRPUR
60Shivansh Private. ITI Bara (Bijhari)Private264Shivansh Private ITI Bara (Bijhari) PO. Sathwin Tehsil BijhariHAMIRPUR
61State of Art Government Industrial Training Institute Hamirpur at NadaunGovernment160Vill- Jatua P.O. Rail Tehsil Nadaun Distt HamirpurHAMIRPUR
62Tagore Private Industrail Training Institute Sujanpur TihraPrivate6232Tihra Road, Sujanpur TihraHAMIRPUR
63Vijay Vallabh Private. ITI NadaunPrivate2100V.P.O. Bela Tehsil NadaunHAMIRPUR
64VISHAVKARMA Private ITIPrivate280Village. Maloti (Chamral) P.O. Bara, Teh. Nadaun, Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.)177044HAMIRPUR
65Walia Industrial Training Institute Mandyani, GalorePrivate280Vill. Mandyani PO GaloreHAMIRPUR
66Aim Industrial Training Institute ThakurdwaraPrivate6288Vill Thakurdwara P.O Maranda Tehsil. PalampurKANGRA
67Dhauladhar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2108Jamanabad Road, Ichhi,KANGRA
68Dhouladhar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120Bhaijnath Tehsil Baijnath,KANGRA
69Ganpati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate6416V.P.O Bane Di Hatti Tehsil Dehra Distt KangraKANGRA
70Gayatri Industrial Training Institute V.P.O JandourPrivate4168V.P.O The Jandour Tehsil Jaswan Distt. Kangra (H.P)KANGRA
71Government Industrial Training Institute DharamshalaGovernment9688DharamshalaKANGRA
72Government Industrial Training Institute NehranpukharGovernment11464P.O. Nehranpukhar, Tehsil DehraKANGRA
73Government Industrial Training Institute ShahpurGovernment281444V.P.O. Shahpur, Tehsil Shahpur, Dist. Kangra, H.P.KANGRA
74Government ITI BaijnathGovernment5260BaijnathKANGRA
75Government ITI DadasibaGovernment5208Dadasiba Dist-KangaraKANGRA
76Government ITI GangathGovernment364Gangath Tehsil Nurpur Distt KangraKANGRA
77Government ITI GarhjamulaGovernment5248Garhjamula, Tehsil PalampurKANGRA
78Government ITI NagrotaGovernment4176Serathana Tehsil Nagrota Bagwan Dist KangraKANGRA
79Government ITI PalampurGovernment7300Government ITI PalampurKANGRA
80Government ITI, BarohGovernment6236V.P.O Sarotri Tehsil Baroh Distt. Kangra (H.P)KANGRA
81Government Model Industrial Training Institute Sansarpur TerraceGovernment3136Government Model ITI Sansarpur Terrace, Teh JaswanKANGRA
82Government Industrial Training Institute SalianaGovernment7368SalianaKANGRA
83Government Industrial Triaing Institute DhametaGovernment7264V.P.O Dhameta, Tehsil- Fatehpur, Distt Kangra, H.PKANGRA
84Government ITI, DaulatpurGovernment4160Vill. and P.O. Daulatpur Tehsil KangraKANGRA
85Government ITI, NurpurGovernment9512Government ITI Nurpur P.O Nurpur Tehsil NurpurKANGRA
86Hari Om Private. ITI Indira Colony (Haripur)Private3168Indira Colony (Haripur), DehraKANGRA
87Himalayan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4268Lagbaliana Tehsil DehraKANGRA
89Kanwar Durga Chand Government ITI BalakrupiGovernment392Tehsil jaisinghpurKANGRA
90Kesh Raj Private ITI, RiyaliPrivate4176V.P.O. Riyali (Near Peer Baba Soldh), Tehsil FatehpurKANGRA
91Khanchi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3288Near Home Guard Training Centre, Vill. Chakki DhanKANGRA
92Khundian Government ITIGovernment3120Government ITI Khundian,PO & Teh. Khundian DistrictKANGRA
93Krishana Private Industrail Training Institute DhametaPrivate160V.P.O. Dhameta, Tehsil FatehpurKANGRA
94Kshatriya Private ITIPrivate2120Vill. Nadoun, Kathgarh Road Indora Tehsil IndoraKANGRA
95Laxmi Narayan Private ITIPrivate140saniyala PO BankhandiKANGRA
96Maa Chamunda Private ITIPrivate2100V.P.O Dahad Tehsil Palampur, District Kangra (H.P)KANGRA
97Maa Jawala Private. ITI, Near Majheen Chowk, P.O Bharoli, JwalamukhiPrivate4212Near Majheen Chowk, P.O Bharoli Tehsil JawalamukhiKANGRA
98Mahavir Industrial Training InstitutePrivate6304Kopra (Jawalamukhi)KANGRA
99Mata Parvati Private. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate280NurpurKANGRA
100Modern Industrial Training Institute PragpurPrivate6356Pragpur DehraKANGRA
101P.C.S Memorial Industrial Training Centre SansarpurPrivate3148V.P.O Sansarpur Terrace the JaswanKANGRA
102Prayaas Private Industrial Training Institute, Jawali at BhaneiPrivate2112Village Bhanei, P.O Makrahan, Tehsil JawaliKANGRA
103Prayaas Private. ITIPrivate2100V.P.O. MAIRAKANGRA
104Rainbow Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate5228Tehsil. & Distt-KangraKANGRA
105Renesis Private. ITIPrivate160Nagrota, BagwanKANGRA
106Roots Private. ITI Kadana-DehriPrivate3208Post Office Kandor Tehsil Nurnpur Distt. Kangra-176022KANGRA
107Sarva Shri Maa ITIPrivate160Amb, Salater Jawalamukhi Disst KangraKANGRA
108Shaheed Diwan Chand Katoch Private. ITIPrivate6364BaijanthKANGRA
109Shaheed Surinder Singh, Government Industrial Training Institute JawaliGovernment7368Jawali, KangraKANGRA
110SHAM Private ITIPrivate4340Vill. Matholi, P.O Jassur, Teh. NurpurKANGRA
112Shree Dhanwantri Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3128VPO Rait, Tehsil ShahapurKANGRA
113Skills Development Society Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2108VPO- BadhukarKANGRA
114State of the Art, Government ITI Nagrota BagwanGovernment140Nagrota Bagwan Camp at ITI baroh Dist kangraKANGRA
115Tagore Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2132Alampur Sai, PO AlampurKANGRA
116Unique Private Industrial Training Institute KalohaGovernment4200V.P.O Kaloha, Tehsil-Rakkar, Distt KangraKANGRA
118Vishwakarma Industrail Training Centre VPO LambagaonPrivate4152VPO LambagaonKANGRA
119Government Industrial Training Institute Reckong PeoGovernment8240Reckong PeoKINNAUR
120Government Industrial Training Institute for Women Reckong PeoGovernment4136Reckong PeoKINNAUR
121Jaypee Karcham Private ITIPrivate288V.P.O Urni, Tehsil Nichar, District Kinnaur Himachal PradeshKINNAUR
122Brahma Private ITC AnniPrivate288VPO Anni Tehsil Anni Distt Kullu.KULLU
123Christian Private. ITI KulluPrivate5192Dhalpur KulluKULLU
124Everest Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3164Vill Sirkoti P.O & Tehsil NirmandKULLU
125Government Industrial Training Institute, KulluGovernment5216Post office Dhalpur, Tehsil &aKULLU
126Government Industrial Training Institute ShamshiGovernment261472ShamshiKULLU
127Government ITI PATLIKUHLGovernment288Shrikot, PO Katrain, himachal pradeshKULLU
128Government ITI NirmandGovernment5152V.P.O & Tehsil Nirmand, District KulluKULLU
129Government Industrial Training Insutute SainjGovernment4168SainjKULLU
130Government ITI DalashGovernment3136V.P.O. Dalash, Tehsil AnniKULLU
131Maa Ambika Private. ITIPrivate140Vill. Sidhwan At Banjar Tehsil BanjarKULLU
132Orail Industrial Training InstitutePrivate140Nh-21, Village-kalheli, Po.BajauraKULLU
133Raj Intra Tech Private ITIPrivate196274/6, near Distt. Courts. DhalpurKULLU
134State of the Art Government ITI, ShamshiGovernment244V.P.O SHAMSHI TEHSIL BHUNTERKULLU
135Government Industial Training Institute Rong-TongGovernment384Rong-Tong (Kaza)LAHUL AND SPITI
136Government Industrial Training Institute UdaipurGovernment8312UdaipurLAHUL AND SPITI
137Alpine private ITI MandiPrivate14028/5/4/, Kaushal Building near Zonal hospital Mandi(H.P)-175001MANDI
138Bhartiya Private ITIPrivate140V.P.O. Nalsar, Rajgarh, Teh.MandiMANDI
139Bhuvneshwari (Private.) Industrial Training Institute BahotPrivate7324Vill Bahot Teh Sunder NagarMANDI
140Bishwajeet Private. Industrial Training Institute Mahadev Sunder NagarPrivate3172Dhanotu, P.O. Mahadev Sunder Nagar , Distt. Mandi (H.P)MANDI
141Bitta Private. ITIPrivate3480Vill. Fatoh, P.O.Baldwara, Tehsil SarkaghatMANDI
143Drang Valley Private. ITI Dalah PadharPrivate2100Opp. I & PH Rest House Vill. Dalah Padhar, TehMANDI
144Dreamz Private ITIPrivate3128Vill. Khilra P.O Meramasit Tehsil Sundernagar DistMANDI
145Future Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate140VPO Chail Chowk, Tehsil ChachiotMANDI
146Government Industrial Training Institute KotliGovernment3148Government Industrial Training Institute Kotli, TehsilMANDI
147Government ITI ThaloutGovernment4208Village & Post Office Thalout Tehsil Aut DistrMANDI
148Government ITI, ChachiotGovernment6280Chachiot Distt-MandiMANDI
149Government Industrial Training Institute for Persons with DisabilITIes Sunder NagarGovernment10400BBMB Colony SundernagarMANDI
150Government Industrial Training Institute, MandiGovernment221556Government ITI Mandi Tehsil sadar Distt Mandi H.P Pin 1MANDI
151Government Industrial Training Institute, Mandi (Women)Government9476Government ITI Mandi ,Tehsil Sadar, Distt Mandi ,H.P ,MANDI
152Government ITI DeharGovernment2100Village, Kot P.O Dehar, Tehsil. Sunder NagarMANDI
153Government ITI SHIVABADARGovernment288Tehsil- Sadar, Dist Mandi HP.MANDI
154Government ITI, BatailGovernment3192Batail (Bhambla) Distt-MandiMANDI
155Government Industirial Training Institute KarsogGovernment244KarsogMANDI
156Government Industrial Training Institute MohinGovernment288Government ITI Mohin, PO. Gopalpur,Teh. sarkaghatMANDI
157Government INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE NIHRIGovernment280Tehsil Nihri, Distt. Mandi, H.P. 175038MANDI
158Government Industrial Training Institute, BagsaidGovernment9372P.O Bagsaid, Tehsil ThunagMANDI
159Government ITI BhadrotaGovernment4168Post office Bhaderwar, Tehsil Sarkaghat Distt. ManMANDI
160Government ITI JogindernagarGovernment9412P.O Jogindernagar, Tehsil Jogindernagar, Distt ManMANDI
161Government ITI PaplogGovernment9576Paplog, P.O. Sadhot, Tehsil SarkaghatMANDI
162Government ITI SandholeGovernment3128P.O. & Teh. SandholeMANDI
163Government ITI, BalhGovernment2132At Nerchowk, Post Office Baggi,Tehsil BalhMANDI
164Government ITI, PadharGovernment4168V.P.O. Gawali, Tehsil- PadharMANDI
165Happy Young Industrail Training InstitutePrivate4372Naya Bazar BBMB Colony Sunder nagarMANDI
166Him Techno Private. ITIPrivate140VPO Mahadev, Tehsil. Sundernagar, Disitt MandiMANDI
167Himalyan Center for Human Resource DevelopmentPrivate5224V.P.O Dharampur Tehsil SarkaghatMANDI
168Lalgee Private Industrial Training Institute GutkarPrivate9568Gutkar NH-21MANDI
169N.R. Memorial Private. ITIPrivate3168V.P.O Gutkar Tehsil BalhMANDI
170Nandini Industrial Training Centre Kaniad ,VPO KanPrivate4160Kanaid VPO The- Sunder NagarMANDI
171OMKAR ITIPrivate140vpo GutkarMANDI
172Shiv Adarsh Private ITIPrivate5200VPO. Lohara, Tehsil. SadarMANDI
173Shri Sai Private ITIPrivate5272Pungh, Sundernagar Distt. Mandi (HP)MANDI
174State of the Art Government ITI sundernagarGovernment140Near Chaangar tehsil Sundernagar Dist MandiMANDI
175State of the Art Government ITI ChhatriGovernment280Tehsil Thunag, Dist mandi , Himachal PradeshMANDI
176Takshila Private ITIPrivate1240Near M.L.S.M College Sundernagar,MANDI
177Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government Institute of Engineering & Technology, PragatinagarGovernment5224Tehsil – KotkhaiSHIMLA
178Dogra (Private.) ITI, Panthaghati, ShimlaPrivate2160Sai Dham, Lower Panthagatti, Kasumpati, ShimlaSHIMLA
179Everest Private. ITI Brow, Rampur Bsr.Private140Brow, Rampur BushahrSHIMLA
180Government ITI ChirgaonGovernment272P.O. & Tehsil, ChirgaonSHIMLA
181Government ITI, TheogGovernment4148Theog Distt-ShimlaSHIMLA
182Government Industrial Training Institute for Women, ShimlaGovernment4328ShimlaSHIMLA
183Government Industrial Training Institute JubbalGovernment11352JubbalSHIMLA
184Government Industrial Training Institute KangalGovernment4176Government ITI, P.O Kangal,Teh. KumarsainSHIMLA
185Government Industrial Training Institute Rampur BushaharGovernment11376Rampur BushaharSHIMLA
186Government Industrial Training Institute ShimlaGovernment19788ShimlaSHIMLA
187Government Industrial Training Institute, DelathGovernment3128VPO Delath,Sub Teh.Nankari,Teh. Rampur, Bhushar dtSHIMLA
188Government ITI DargiGovernment3144Sub Tehsil Dhami, Dist shimlaSHIMLA
189Government ITI JungaGovernment4168V.P.O Junga sub-Tehsil JungaSHIMLA
190Government ITI NerwaGovernment288Tehsil Nerwa Dist Shimla Himachal pradesh.SHIMLA
191Government ITI SummerkotGovernment288Dist Shimla HPSHIMLA
192Government Industrial Training Institute ChopalGovernment9360Chopal ShimlaSHIMLA
193Government Industrial Training Institute Sunni, Dist. ShimlaGovernment3128Government ITI Sunni, Dist. Shimla, Himachal PradeshSHIMLA
194Government Industrial Training Institute TikkarGovernment3128VILL. And. P.O Tikkar, Tehsil Rohru Distt ShimlaSHIMLA
195Government Industrial Training Institute, Dodra KewarGovernment288Government ITI Dodra Kewar,Teh. Dodra Kewar Dist. ShimlaSHIMLA
196Government Industrial Training Institute, KumarsainGovernment6244KumarsainSHIMLA
197Government ITI, JalogGovernment4176Dhami, ShimlaSHIMLA
198Government ITI, KhadahanGovernment288V.P.O. Khadahan, Teh. NankhariSHIMLA
199Government ITI, MashobraGovernment4168Post Office Mashobra, Tehsil-District ShimlaSHIMLA
200Government ITI, NainidharGovernment3148Nainidhar,Tehsil- KumarsainSHIMLA
201Him Education (Private) ITI ShoghiPrivate3168NH-22,Sukhdayal Bhawan,V.P.O. Shoghi, Teh ShimlaSHIMLA
203State of the Aret Government Industrial Training Institute Sunni (camp at Government ITI Shimla)Government3144PO Summerhill, TehDist. Shimla, Himachal PradeshSHIMLA
204Bhagwan Parshuram Private ITIPrivate160Ekat Vihar , shimla Road, Tehsil Nahan District-SIRMAUR
205Galaxy Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3208College Road, Paonta SahibSIRMAUR
206Government Industrial Training Institute Paonta SahibGovernment10352Paonta SahibSIRMAUR
207Government ITI BogdharGovernment244ITI Bogdhar Tehsil SangrahSIRMAUR
208Government ITI SarahanGovernment384SarahanSIRMAUR
209Government Industrial Training Institute for Women NahanGovernment10456NahanSIRMAUR
210Government Industrial Training Institute NahanGovernment12436NahanSIRMAUR
211Government Industrial Training Institute, MainaGovernment280Government ITI,Village MainaPO, Teh. Sangarh, Dt.SirmaurSIRMAUR
212Government ITI, KaffotaGovernment388P.O Dugana Tehsil Paonta SahibSIRMAUR
213Government ITI RajgarhGovernment6272RajgarhSIRMAUR
214Government ITI ShillaiGovernment3112ShillaiSIRMAUR
215Gyan Shakti Vidyapeeth Private. ITIPrivate3204PaontasahibSIRMAUR
216M.D ITC, Nohradhar Via RajgarhPrivate3136Nohradhar Via RajgarhSIRMAUR
217MAA BHANGAYANI Private ITIPrivate2108V.P.O. Haripurdhar Tehsil Sangarh Distt SirmourSIRMAUR
218Mata Balasundry Private ITI NahanPrivate160Ground Floor, M.C. Complex Near Delhi Gate NahanSIRMAUR
219Nav Durga Private Industrial Training Institute BedonPrivate260Vill-Bedon, PO.-DadahuSIRMAUR
220Pragati Private Industrail Training InstitutePrivate160Kheri Road RajgarhSIRMAUR
221Pt. Shiva Nand Ramaul Private. ITIPrivate120Bangran Road Chungi No. 6 Paonta SahibSIRMAUR
222State of the Art Government ITI Nahan at Paonta SahibGovernment148Shamsherpur, Near ‘Y’ Point, Paonta SahibSIRMAUR
223Ambuja Cement Foundation Private. ITI, DarlaghatPrivate4184VPO- DarlaghatSOLAN
224Anand Private Industrial training Institute Joghon (Nalagarh)Private2120Joghon Tehsil. Nalagarh,SOLAN
225Anand Private Industrial Training Institute-Phase-II New NalagarhPrivate160Phase II, New, NalagarhSOLAN
226Awasthi Private ITIPrivate4176Ward No.9, Nalagarh Dist Solan HPSOLAN
227Baddi Technical Training Institute Private. ITIPrivate4208Epip Phase-1 jharmajri, BaddiSOLAN
228Chanshal Private ITIPrivate280Chanshal Park PO. Oachghat Tehsil and Dist Solan HSOLAN
229Doon Private ITI Barotiwala-BaddiPrivate160Society Complex (Above Jogindra Bank), Main Bazar Barotiwala Tehsil. BaddiSOLAN
230Government ITI Syri Distt Solan HPGovernment2100Village & Post Office Syri Sub Tehsil Mamleeg Distt. Solan (HP)- 173207SOLAN
231Government Industrial Training Institute DeegalGovernment7324DeggalSOLAN
232Government Industrial Training Institute for Women NalagarhGovernment4200NalagarhSOLAN
233Government Industrial Training Institute KasauliGovernment8392KasauliSOLAN
234Government Industrial Training Institute, SolanGovernment221564SolanSOLAN
235Government Model Industrial Training Institute Nalagarh Dist Solan HPGovernment11940NalagarhDist Solan, HPSOLAN
236Government ITI ArkiGovernment5268Arki, Distt-SolanSOLAN
237Government ITI Krishangarh (Kuthar)Government296P.O. KutharSOLAN
238Government ITI. Patta- MehlogGovernment280Tehsil-KasauliSOLAN
239Hari Om Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4220V.P.O Diggal Teh. NalagarhSOLAN
240Ravinder Nath Tagore Memorial Private. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3144Him Auto Building, Kamli Road, Sector-1, ParwanooSOLAN
241S.D.S.J. Food Craft Industrial Training InstitutePrivate6292Village Nagali Barog HillSOLAN
242Shiwalik Industrial Training Institute Ropar RoadPrivate3192NalagarhSOLAN
243State of the Art Government ITI DharampurGovernment2120(Camp at Government ITI Solan)SOLAN
244Vertex ITCPrivate2132Sood Building, Near Post Office Kotla Nala, SolanSOLAN
245Angel Private Industrail Training Institute, PateharPrivate3128Patehar P.O Nehrian Tehsil AmbUNA
246Aryan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate140Bharwain, Teh. AmbUNA
247Bhagat Ram Memorial Industrial Training Institute Vill BhalounPrivate4188Vill Bhaloun P.O Bhaloun Via ChoukimaniarUNA
248Global Private. ITIPrivate2100Vill.-Badhora, HaveliUNA
249Government Industrial Training Institute for Women, UnaGovernment3120Takka Road Una Distt UnaUNA
250Government Industrial Training Institute, UnaGovernment13924Takka Road Una Distt UnaUNA
251Government ITI NehrianGovernment3120At-Nehrian Tehsil Amb Distt UnaUNA
252Government ITI PUBOWALGovernment4176Teh. Haroli , Dist Una himachal pradeshUNA
253Government Industrial Training Institute BhaderkaliGovernment288village Bhaderkali, P.O DaultpurUNA
254Government ITI BanganaGovernment7336Tehsil Bangana, Distt UnaUNA
255Government ITI MehatpurGovernment3144at chharatpur Tehsil & Distt UUNA
256Government ITI, PandogaGovernment4176at Ispur Maira Sub Tehsil IspurUNA
257Him Gaurav Private. industrial Training Institute SantokhgarhPrivate6492SantokhgarhUNA
258Kutlehar Private. ITIPrivate288Balh Tehsil. BanganaUNA
259Modern Private. ITI MairiPrivate148VPO Mairi, Tehsil Amb.UNA
260New Angel Private Industrial Taining Institute, PekhubelaPrivate7328Pekhubela PO Jankaur Teh. UnaUNA
261Optech Vidya (P) ITI BanganaPrivate140Upper Naily hattli Road, BanganaUNA
262Optech Vidya Private. ITI AmbPrivate4200Above City Heart Hotel, AmbUNA
263Saafat Private Industrail Training InstitutePrivate3160Awahar, P.O. Hatli, Tehsil Bangana,UNA
264Shiksha Bharti Private. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate5208Kotla KhurdUNA
265Shobhit Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate5264VPO Chalola,UNA
266Simona Private ITIPrivate3180VPO. Daulatpur Chowk, Tehsil. AmbUNA
267State of the Art Government ITI Gagret(at Government ITI una)Government3204Takka road una, Dist Una.UNA
268Swami Vivekanand Private ITIPrivate4208Badhera Tehsil HaroliUNA
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