List of Best ITI Colleges in Jalgaon

Are you looking for top ITI colleges in Jalgaon, Maharashtra? If yes, this article will be of help to you. I’ve provided a list of best ITIs in Jalgaon in this article.

ITI Colleges in Jalgaon

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. There are many government as well as private ITIs across India. ITIs are known to offer job oriented training courses. These training programs are popularly known as ‘trades’.

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Before heading to the meat of the matter – best ITIs in Jalgaon, Maharashtra – let us know some basic details about ITI trades offered by these colleges. At present, ITI trades can be classified into two types –

  • Engineering trades
  • Non-engineering trades


The list provided below consists of Government ITIs. Government ITIs offer a wide variety of trades. They also provide training at very affordable fees! If you have passed 10th and are looking for job oriented courses, these ITI courses will be of help to you!


List of ITI Colleges in Jalgaon

Sr No Name of the ITI Type of ITI Number of trades offered Number of seats available Address
1 Aabasaheb Shivajirao Sitaram Patil Private ITI Private 4 328 AT-CHINCHPURA TAL-DHARANGAON DIST-JALGAON
2 Aabaso Datta Pawar Industrial Training Institute(P) Bhadgaon Deshmukh Wada Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dis Private 3 140 Aabaso Datta Pawar Industrial Training Institute(P) Bhadgaon Deshmukh Wada Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon
3 Aadarsh Hightech Private ITI Private 3 300 Kanhale, Tal:. Bhusaval
4 Ams Technical Institute Private 2 88 Gat. No. 37/3/2 Kusumbe, Tal & Dist. Jalgaon.
5 Annasaheb Punekar Private I.I.I. , Jalgaon Private 2 220 Suvarn Bhavan, Near Bank Of Maharashtra, Jilha Peth, Jalgaon
6 Avdai Private Industrial Training Institute Gudhe Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon Private 2 80 At & Post Gudhe Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon
7 Bhagini Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute Chopda Private 2 120 Post Box No.20 Satwai Mata Road, Dhangar Galli, Chopda , Tal-Chopda , Dist-Jalgaon Maharashtra
8 Bhagirathi Private I T I Jalgaon Private 5 460 Bhagirathi Private I T I ; A 28/29 , Auduyogic Vasahat, Old Midc Jalgaon 425003
9 BHASKARACHARYA (Private) Industrial Tranining Institute Private 4 168 Tarwade peth chalisgaon dist jalgaon
10 Bhusawal Parisar Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal Private 2 100 15, Nivrutti Nagar, Nh- 6, Over Bridge Near, Bhusawal Dist. Jalgaon 425201
11 Chopda Education Society’S,Shikshan Sanstha,Industrial Training Institute, Chopda, Private 4 220 Arunodaya Coloney,Old Shirpur Road,A/P-Chopda, Tal-Chopda,Dist-Jalgaon
12 D.M Patil Private ITI Private 3 120 Savakhede Turk tal. Parola Dist jalgaon.
13 Dadasaheb Sukhadev Soma Bhoi Private ITI Private 2 80 Unsrikhada, Ta. Parola, Dist Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
14 Dhandai Mata Education Society’S Industrial Training Centre, Amalner Private 2 80 Dhandai Mata Education Society’S Industrial Training Centre, Dheku Sim Road Amalner
15 Dr. Uttamrao Mahajan Private ITI Private 3 120 Bhilakhed Shivar, Chalisgaon
16 Ekra Education Societiche Industrial Training Center, Mehrun , Dist- Jalgoan Private 2 80 S.No 10/1 Haji Gulam Nabi Nagar, Ganeshpuri, Mehrun Jalgaon
17 Ekveera Private ITI Private 2 180 Anand Nagar Tal.
18 Gan Gan Ganate Bote Private Industrial Training I Private 3 200 Plot No. 14,Midc Area, Varangaon Rd, Bhusawal
19 Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Chopada, Dist: Jalgaon Government 7 272 At. Post Vele Chopda
20 Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Yaval, Dist: Jalgaon Government 7 284 At. Post Yawal
21 Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jondhankheda, Dist: Jalgaon Government 4 84 Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal
22 Government Industrial Training Institute (Woman), Jalgaon, Dist: Jalgaon Government 9 336 National High Way No 6, Jalgaon
23 Government Industrial Training Institute, Amalner, Dist: Jalgaon Government 7 248 At Post. Amalner
24 Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhadgaon, Dist: Jalgaon Government 8 304 Pachora Road Bhadgaon
25 Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal, Dist: Jalgaon Government 15 724 Jamner Road, Near Saibaba Mandir
26 Government Industrial Training Institute, Bodwad, Dist: Jalgaon Government 11 452 Kolhadi Road
27 Government Industrial Training Institute, Chalisgaon, Dist: Jalgaon Government 7 248 Behind Government Milk Scheme, Dhule Road
28 Government Industrial Training Institute, Dharangaon, Dist: Jalgaon Government 7 300 Chopda Road
29 Government Industrial Training Institute, Erendol, Dist: Jalgaon Government 6 192 Shetaki Sangh Godawoon Mhasawad Road At Post Erand
30 Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalgaon, Dist: Jalgaon Government 24 4108 National High Way No 6, Jalgaon
31 Government Industrial Training Institute, Jamner, Dist: Jalgaon Government 11 492 Jalgaon Road
32 Government Industrial Training Institute, Pachora, Dist: Jalgaon Government 6 196 At Post Pachora
33 Government Industrial Training Institute, Parola, Dist: Jalgaon Government 8 340 Kasoda Road
34 Government Industrial Training Institute, Raver, Dist: Jalgaon Government 7 228 Utkheda Road
35 Government Industrial Training Institute, Uchande, Government 7 252 At Post Uchande
36 Hari Om Private Industrial Training Institute Private 2 160 Kargaon shivar,Near Medical College,Dhule Road,CSN
37 Hindi Seva Mandalache, Shri Sant Gadge Baba Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal. Private 8 948 D.L.Hindi High School Campus, Shivaji Nagar, Bhusawal. Dist.Jalgaon
38 Indirabai Lalwani Private Industrial Training Institute, Jamner Private 3 160 Indirabai Lalwani Private Industrial Training Institute, Jamner Tal Jamner Dist Jalgaon
39 Jai Durga Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirsoli (P.B.) Private 3 160 Shirsoli (P.B.) Tal.&Dist.Jalgaon
40 Jai Hanuman Private ITI Private 2 80 Survey No. 76/1, Plot No. 4, 5 NH-6, Bhusawal
41 Jijau Shishnik And Bahuuddshia Industrial Training Institute Takarkhede Private 2 80 A / P. Takarkhede Tal Amalner Dist Jalgaon
43 L.H. Patil Private ITI Private 4 228 Gat. No. 76, At. Ramdeowad, Post. Wavadada
44 Late Annasaheb Bhaurao Jadhav Private Industrial Training Institute, Patonda Private 2 80 At Post- Pantonda Tal-Chalisgaon, Dist-Jalgaon PIN-424102
45 Late, G. S. Varade Private Industrial Training Institute, Muktainagar, Dist- Jalgaon Private 7 564 Old Bus Stand Road, Near J. E. School, Muktainagar
46 Late. Mandodari Khalane Industrial Taining Institute, Chalisgaon Private 4 304 Chalisgaon Tal. Chalisgaon Dist. Jalgaon
47 Mahajan Private ITI Private 2 120 Shriram eregision near pal road post, Raver Tq.
48 Matoshri Private Industrial Training Institute Raver Private 4 160 Savada – Burhanpur Raod Raver Tal. Raver Dist. Jal
49 Modern Industrial Taining Institute, Derabardi Chalisgaon Private 2 80 Chalisgaon Tal. Chalisgaon Dist. Jalgaon
50 Navalbhau Pratishtanche Industrial Training Center, Amalner Private 3 180 Navalbhau Pratishtanche Industrial Training Center, Jalod Road Amalner
51 Navyuvak Samajik & Shaikshnik Santha Sachalit Shri Ramchandra Kishan Mahajan Private Industrial Trainin Private 2 220 At Post Pilkhod Tal Chalisgaon Dist: Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
52 Navyuvak Vidya Prasarak Mandalssau JS Bhangale Private ITI Private 3 260 At. Po. Dambhurani Tal- Yawal
53 North Maharashtra Knowledge City Private ITI Private 5 208 Oat No.166 Bambhori In front of K B C N M U main
54 Nutan Private Industrial Training Institute Chinawal Private 2 80 At.Po. Chinawal, Tal- Raver, Dist – Jalgaon.
56 Prakash Mandal’S Private Industrial Training Institute, Sangvi Bk. Private 3 184 At.Po. Sangvi Bk. Tal.Yawal Dist. Jalgaon Pin – 425326
57 Rajashree Shahu Private ITI Bambhori Private 2 120 Infront of main gate of university,,Bambhori,Tal.Dharangaon,Dist.Jalgaon Maharastra 425001
58 Samartha Private Industrial Training Institute Private 2 80 Sunoda Road Maskawad bk
59 Sameer Industrial Training Centre. Private 2 120 Sameer Industrial Training Centre.Danish Nagar,Ama
60 Saraswati Private ITI Private 2 160 Gate No. 15/1, Ta:. Amalner
61 Sarvodaya Education Society Sanchalit Sarvajanik Vidyalayache Private ITI Asoda Private 2 80 At. Po. Asoda Tal. & Dist Jalgaon
62 Sarvodya Shikshan Prasarak Co.Op.Samaj Ltd. Umbarkhede’S Private Industrial Training Institute Umbar Private 3 140 At.Post – Umbarkhede Tal. – Chalisgaon Dist – Jalgaon
63 Shakuntala Sevabhavi Santheche Private Industrial Training Institute Dist: Jalgaon Private 4 388 Gat No.50 Plot No.39/1, Vidyut Colony, Near Government Polytechnic, Jalgaon
64 Sheth Natwarlala Ranchoddas Gujrathi Private ITI Private 2 80 Ghodgaon , Tal- Chopda, Dist Jalgaon, maharashtra
65 Shiv Shakti Private ITI Dharangaon Private 2 80 AT POST KOKILA NIVAS RAJWAD TAL PAROLA DIST JALGOA
66 Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Mandal Sanchalit Mangaldeep Private Industrial Training Institute, Khadka Private 3 180 At.Po. Khadka Tal. Bhusawal Dist. Jalgaon
67 Shram Safalya Education Society’S Industrial Training Institute(Private), Private 3 160 Chopda Road, Near Deoli Phata, Amalner, Tal- Amalner, Dist-Jalgaon, Pin-425401
68 Shree Nath Education Society, Private I.T I., Fulgaon Private 2 80 Ravjibua Parisar, Tapat Kathora Road, Varangaon
69 Shri Dadasaheb Pundalik Patil Private ITI Private 2 120 pachora, Dist Jalgaon Maharashtra.
70 Shri Ganesh Private ITI Private 4 144 Yawal, Tehsil – Yawal
71 Shri Prakashchandra Jain Private ITI Private 2 80 86/1/2 Palkhed (BK) Jalgon Road, Tal: Jamner
72 Shri Sai Private ITI Private 2 80 Devagaon, Tal- Amalner, Dist Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
73 Shri Sai Samarth Industrial Training Institute (P), Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgoan Dist-Jalgaon Private 3 416 Balad Road Sant Sena Maharaj Mandir, Nachankheda Road, Bhadgaon
74 Shri Sant Gajanan Bahuddshiy Sanstha Sanchlit,Industrial Training Institute, Vele, Tal-Chopda Private 2 80 Narendra Nagar, A/P-Vele , Tal-Chopda,Dist-Jalgaon
75 Shri Tatyasaheb Arun Bajirao Chaudhari Private ITI Private 3 300 AT POST ANTURLI KH. TAL ERANDOL
76 Shri.Sharada Shikshan Mandal Deepnagar Sanchlit Private ITI. ,Nimbhora Bk Private 3 120 At.Nimbhora Bk. Post.Fekari
77 Shrimati Indubai Private ITI Private 2 120 A-5 Co op Industrial Estate MIDC Jalgaon
78 Smt. Bhagirathi G. Zharkhande Sanchailit Siddhivinayak Private Industrial Training Institute, Kanhal Private 3 120 Plot No. 1,12,13,14, Shivpur Kanhala Rd, Bhusawal Dist. Jalgaon
79 Smt. Sharchchandrika Suresh Patil Private ITI Private 3 120 MGSM Campus, Yaval Road, Chopda
80 Sri Nath Nange Baba Multipurpose Mandal’S Idustria Private 3 200 At/Post Waghare Tal Parola Dist Jalgaon
81 Sspm’S Industrial Training Institute, Tehu Private 5 368 A/P. Kajgaon Road, Tehu
82 Sushila Ramesh Choudhri Private ITI Private 3 120 Yawal road, Kingaon, Tal-Yawal
83 Tatra & Vaidyak Industrial Training Center. Faizpur.Dist-Jalgaon Private 7 468 Nhavimarg, Faizpur.Tal-Yawal .Dist-Jalgaon.
84 Tatyasaheb Patil Shikshan Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Center, Devgaon, Jalgaon Private 3 144 A/P. Shetaki Sangh Parola Tal. Parola Dist. Jalgaon
85 Ujjwal Shaikshanik & Samajik Industrial Training Center, Nashirabad, Dist-Jalgaon Private 5 740 At And Post : Nashirabad, Tal Dist : Jalgaon
86 Umang private ITI Private 2 80 Bhorasgyran, Dhule Road, Chalisgaon,
88 Ushabai Shankar Patil Private Industrial Training Institute Private 2 80 S.NO.198, BEHIND GURUKUL, JALGAON ROAD, SAKEGAON
89 Vatsai Education Society Sanchalit,Private ITI.,Amalner Private 2 160 Near Sub Station,Dhule Road,Amalner
90 Vidyaniketan Private Industrial Training Institute Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon. Private 2 120
91 Vyas Shikshan Mandal,S Private ITI Yawal Private 5 428 Vyas Shikshan Mandal,S Private ITI Yawal Near Go
92 Y.C.S.P.Mandal’S Private ITI.Erandol Private 2 140 Y.C.S.P.Mandal’S Private ITI. Erandol Mhasawad Road, Erandol
93 Yuva Vikas Pratistahan Jalgaon Private 2 120 G-11, Midc, Jalgaon 425003.

List of trades offered by ITIs in Jalgaon

  • Draughtsman Civil
  • Draughtsman Mechanical
  • Electrician
  • Electronics Mechanic
  • IT and Electronics System Maintenance
  • Instrument Mechanic
  • Machinist Grinder
  • Mechanic Motor Vehicle
  • Radio and TV Mechanic
  • Radiology Technician
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Mechanic
  • Surveyor
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Fitter
  • Machinist
  • Painter
  • Turner
  • Wireman
  • Architectural Assistant
  • Auto Electrician
  • Automotive Body Repair
  • Automotive Paint Repair
  • Carpenter
  • Computer Hardware and Networking
  • Dent Beating and Spray Painting
  • Mechanic Diesel
  • Mechanic Tractor
  • Interior Decoration and Designing
  • Plastic Processing Operator
  • Plumber
  • Scooter and Auto Cycle Mechanic
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Steel Fabricator
  • Welder (Gas and Electric)
  • Baker and Confectionery
  • Commercial Art
  • Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
  • Craftsman Food Production
  • Cutting and Sewing
  • Desktop Publishing Operator
  • Digital Photography
  • Dress Making
  • Dress Designing
  • Embroidery and Needle Work
  • Fashion Technology
  • Health and Sanitary Inspector
  • Hair and Skin Care
  • Hospital House Keeping
  • Litho Offset Machine Minder
  • Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Steno English
  • Steno Hindi
  • Steward
  • Call Centre Assistant
  • Corporate House Keeping
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Domestic House Keeping
  • Front Office Assistant
  • Event Management Assistant
  • Office Machine Operator
  • Tourist Guide


It is evident from the above list that ITI Colleges in Jalgaon are offering a wide variety of courses. These courses include – engineering, non-engineering and other short term courses.

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