List of Best ITI Colleges in Tripura

Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to apply for ITI admission in Tripura? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITI colleges in Tripura.

ITI Colleges Tripura

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of ITI colleges in Tripura, type of the ITI, address, number of trades offered by the ITI, number of seats available for admission and more. You may also check – ITI colleges in Sikkim. For polytechnic colleges, please check – List of polytechnics in Tripura.

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If you are interested in ITI admission process, this post will be of help to you. It will help you in identifying the ideal ITI that’ll suit your needs.


Come, let us check out the list of ITIs now. Here it is –


List of ITI colleges in Tripura

Sr NoName of the ITIType of ITINumber of trades offeredNumber of seats availableAddressDistrict
1Government Industrial Training Institute , Gandacherra.Government5216Sarma, Gandacherra,Dhalai.DHALAI
2Government ITI ,L.T ValleyGovernment9392L.T VALLEY, 82 MILEDHALAI
3Government ITI,KamalpurGovernment9408Kamalpur,ChulubariDHALAI
4Government Industrial Training Institute, AmbassaGovernment10360Lalchari,P.O- AmbassaDHALAI
5Government Industrial Training Institute, UdaipurGovernment8208Dhajanagar, Udaipur, Gomati TripuraGOMATI
6Government Industrial Training Instiutute, JatanbariGovernment13348P.O. Jatanbari, Jatanbari, Gomati TripuraGOMATI
7Government Industrial Training Institute, KhowaiGovernment4176P.O. :- Sonatala, District: KhowaiKHOWAI
8Government ITI,TeliamuraGovernment8368Howaibari,TeliamuraKHOWAI
9Government Industrial Training Institute (Mission Tilla) Dharma NagarGovernment7240Mission Tilla Dharma Nagar, Mission Tilla, P/o- EaNORTH TRIPURA
10Government ITI , KANCHANPURGovernment5232Subhashnagar, Kanchanpur, North tripur.NORTH TRIPURA
11Government ITI,BishramganjGovernment9400BishramganjSEPAHIJALA
12Government Industrial Training Institute, BoxanagarGovernment6352BoxanagarSEPAHIJALA
13Government Industrial Training Institute, BeloniaGovernment12380BeloniaSOUTH TRIPURA
14Government Industrial Training Institute, ManuBankulGovernment4176SabroomSOUTH TRIPURA
15Government ITI SantirbazarGovernment5232Madhya Kathalia, Santirbazar, South TripuraSOUTH TRIPURA
16Government Industrial Training Institute, KailashaharGovernment14420KailashaharUNAKOTI
17Government Industrial Training Institute for WomenGovernment8356P.O. Indranagar, AgartalaWEST TRIPURA
18Government Industrial Training Institute, IndranagarGovernment18624Agartala, P.O: IndranagarWEST TRIPURA
19Government Industrial Training Institute, KhumulwngGovernment5216PO:Radhapur,Belbari,Dist: Jirania West TripuraWEST TRIPURA
20NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (W),AgartalaGovernment7184Transit campus: PN complex, Gurkha basti, AgartalaWEST TRIPURA
21Pvt. ITI, Ramkrishna MissionPrivate3136P.O – Viveknagar, Agartala, West Tripura, PIN – 79WEST TRIPURA
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