List of Top ITI Courses & Seats in Uttar Pradesh

Are you searching for the list of best ITI courses in Uttar Pradesh? Are you going to apply for ITI admission in Uttar Pradesh this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITI courses in Uttar Pradesh.

ITI courses in UP

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of top ITI trades in Uttar Pradesh, number of seats available (for each trade/course), duration of the course/trade, NSFQ level of the trade & more. Also check – D.El.Ed. colleges in UP. For ITI based jobs, please check – govt jobs after completing ITI.

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Candidates preparing for ITI admission in Uttar Pradesh will benefit from this post. Using the information provided in this post, candidates may know more about seat availability & chances of securing admission!


Let us check out the list of top ITI courses in Uttar Pradesh now. Here it is –


List of top ITI courses & seats in Uttar Pradesh

Sr NoName of the trade/courseNumber of seats availableDurationNSQF Level
1Mechanic Medical Electronics (NSQF)484 semester/2 year5
2Desk Top Publishing Operator (NSQF)962 semester/1 year4
3Chemical Plant (NSQF)404 semester/2 year5
5Power Distribution(NSQF)402 year5
6Mechanic Auto Body Painting (NSQF)802 semester/1 year4
7Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics (NSQF)1002 semester/1 year4
8Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF)55444 semester/2 year5
9Mechanic Auto Body Repair (NSQF)1202 semester/1 year4
10Mechanic Diesel (NSQF)81842 semester/1 year4
11Mechanic Agriculture Machinery (NSQF)1924 semester/2 year5
12Mechanic Two & Three Wheeler (NSQF)5001 year4
13Mechanic (Tractor) (NSQF)19602 semester/1 year4
14Finance Executive (NSQF)722 semester/1 year4
15Cosmetology (NSQF)93122 semester/1 year4
16Spa Therapy (NSQF)482 semester/1 year4
17Painter General (NSQF)40804 semester/2 year5
18Plastic Processing Operator (NSQF)5202 semester/1 year4
19Plumber (NSQF)81842 semester/1 year4
20Carpenter (NSQF)4321 year4
21Architectural Draughtsman (NSQF)3362 year5
22Interior Design & Decoration (NSQF)1202 semester/1 year4
23Mason (Building Constructor) (NSQF)2162 semester/1 year3
24Draughtsman (Civil) (NSQF)94562 year5
25Surveyor (NSQF)14402 year5
26Industrial Painter (NSQF)482 semester/1 year4
27Mechanic (NSQF)1202 semester/1 year4
28Wireman (NSQF)48004 semester/2 year4
29Lift and Escalator Mechanic (NSQF)484 semester/2 year5
30Electrician Power Distribution (NSQF)13602 year5
31Electrician (NSQF)3125004 semester/2 year5
32Electroplater (NSQF)2004 semester/2 year5
33Technician Power Electronics System (NSQF)7684 semester/2 year5
34Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances (NSQF)33124 semester/2 year5
35Instrument Mechanic (NSQF)8164 semester/2 year5
36Electronics Mechanic (NSQF)160084 semester/2 year5
37Welder (Fabrication & Fitting) (NSQF)2202 semester/1 year3
38Sheet Metal Worker (NSQF)4602 semester/1 year3
39Welder (NSQF)151601 year4
40Food Production (General) (NSQF)2402 semester/1 year4
41Food Beverage (NSQF)722 semester/1 year4
42Physiotherapy Technician (NSQF)30802 semester/1 year4
43Health Sanitary Inspector (NSQF)190802 semester/1 year4
44Radiology Technician (NSQF)6604 semester/2 year5
45Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician (NSQF)3604 semester/2 year5
46Information Communication Technology System Maintenance (NSQF)50644 semester/2 year5
47IoT Technician (Smart healthcare)(NSQF)481 year4
48Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance (NSQF)7922 semester/1 year4
49IoT Technician (Smart City)(NSQF)481 year4
50Multimedia Animation & Special Effects (NSQF)962 semester/1 year4
51Information Technology (NSQF)7924 semester/2 year5
52Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF)237602 semester/1 year4
53IoT Technician (Smart Agriculture)(NSQF)481 year4
54Footwear maker (NSQF)1002 semester/1 year3
55Leather Goods Maker (NSQF)402 semester/1 year3
56Machinist (Grinder) (NSQF)4204 semester/2 year5
57Foundryman (NSQF)5042 semester/1 year4
58Machinist (NSQF)45204 semester/2 year5
59Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds) (NSQF)1444 semester/2 year5
60Turner (NSQF)64404 semester/2 year5
61Fitter (NSQF)2427604 semester/2 year5
62Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) (NSQF)2164 semester/2 year5
63Draughtsman (Mechanical) (NSQF)67684 semester/2 year5
64Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance (NSQF)724 semester/2 year5
65Solar Technician (Electrical) (NSQF)1601 year4
66Health Safety & Environment (NSQF)482 semester/1 year4
67Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (NSQF)3362 semester/1 year4
68Cutting & Sewing (VI) (NSQF)362 semester/1 year3
69Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (NSQF)9202 semester/1 year4
70Sewing Technology (NSQF)103002 semester/1 year4
71Dress Making (NSQF)50002 semester/1 year4
72Textile Wet Processing Technician (NSQF)404 semester/2 year5
73Fashion Design & Technology (NSQF)79402 semester/1 year4
74Weaving Technician (NSQF)484 semester/2 year5
75Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing (NSQF)6962 semester/1 year4
76Hospital House Keeping (NSQF)9602 semester/1 year4
77Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English) (NSQF)9362 semester/1 year4
78Tourist Guide (NSQF)482 semester/1 year4
79House Keeper (NSQF)1442 semester/1 year4
80Catering & Hospitality Assistant (NSQF)402 semester/1 year4
81Marketing Executive (NSQF)7442 semester/1 year4
82Front Office Assistant (NSQF)722 semester/1 year4
83Secretarial Practice (English) (NSQF)1922 semester/1 year4
84Travel & Tour Assistant (NSQF)482 semester/1 year4
85Digital Photographer (NSQF)962 semester/1 year4
86Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi) (NSQF)51842 semester/1 year3
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