List of ITI in Bhilwara: Trades, Seats, Admission & More

Welcome to our district-wise list of ITIs in Rajasthan! In this post, readers will find the list of ITI colleges in Bhilwara district, Rajasthan. We’ve included both private & government ITIs in this post.

ITI in Bhilwara

Apart from the name and type of each ITI, readers will also find additional information such as – number of trades offered as well as number of seats available for ITI admission. So, if you are interested in securing ITI admission this year, this post will be of help to you.

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Come, let us check out the list of ITI colleges in Bhilwara district, Rajasthan. Here it is –


List of ITI in Bhilwara

Sr NoName of the ITIType of ITINumber of trades offeredNumber of seats available for admission
1Government Industrial Training Institute GangapurGovernment5208
2Government Industrial Training Institute GulabpuraGovernment5216
3Government Industrial Training Institute ShahpuraGovernment4168
4Government Industrial Training Institute UNCHAGovernment6264
5Government Industrial Training Institute, BHILWARAGovernment9416
6Government Industrial Training Institute, MandalgarhGovernment5288
7Government Women Industrial Training InstituteGovernment3112
8BALAJI Private ITIPrivate2192
9Cambridge Private ITIPrivate4312
10Dr. R.L. Jat Private Industrial Training Institute,Gangapur(Bhilwara)Private4176
11K.K. Memorial Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2312
12Krishna Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1240
13Lotus Private ITIPrivate3172
15Metro Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
17Mewar Private ITIPrivate4272
18Modern Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
20Pass Private ITIPrivate2156
21Punit Private ITIPrivate2180
22Rise Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
23Sanskar PrivateIndustrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
24Seeta Devi Private ITIPrivate2108
25Shri Guru Kripa Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
26Shri Maheshshwari Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3312
27Shri Neelkamal Private Industrial Training InstituPrivate160
28Shri Raghav Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
29Shri Shyam Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3248
30Vardhaman Private ITIPrivate4288
31vidhya private ITIPrivate2180
32Vidhyaa Private ITIPrivate4232
33Vision Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3672
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