List of Best Wireman ITI Colleges & Seats in Maharashtra

Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to study ITI wireman course after 10th? Are you all set to apply for ITI admission in Maharashtra this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITI colleges in Maharashtra that offer wireman course/trade.

ITI Wireman Colleges Maharashtra

In this post, readers will find the following details –

  • List of ITI colleges providing wireman trade in Maharashtra
  • Number of wireman trade seats available for admission
  • Type of the ITI
  • Address & district
  • Basic details about wireman trade/course


Come, let us take a quick look at the overview of wireman trade. Here it is –


ITI Wireman Trade: Basic Details

Name of the courseWireman
Type of courseITI training
Duration2 years
Eligibility criteriaPassed 10th class or equivalent qualification


Let us check out the list of ITI colleges now. Here it is –


List of Wireman ITI Colleges in Maharashtra

Sr NoName of the ITIType of ITIWireman seats availableAddressDistrict
1Akole Taluka Educ. Society’S Industrial Training Center Akole, Dist AhmednagarPrivate40At./Post : Akole, Tal: Akole, Dist : AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
2Amrutvahini Industrial Training Institute Amrutnagar,SangamnerPrivate40A/P-Amrutnagar,Tal-Sangamner,Dist-Ahemadnagar,State-MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
3Chattrapati Shahu MaharajPrivate40Parner- Supa Road, Parner Tal. Parner Dist AhmednaAHMEDNAGAR
4Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Maveshi, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment20Mavashe, At Post Maveshi Tal.AkoleAHMEDNAGAR
5Government Industrial Training Institute, Ahmednagar, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40At Post AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
6Government Industrial Training Institute, Jamkhed, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40Karmala RoadAHMEDNAGAR
7Government Industrial Training Institute, Karjat, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment20Walwad Road, At. Post KarjatAHMEDNAGAR
8Government Industrial Training Institute, Kopargaon, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40M.G.UdayanAHMEDNAGAR
9Government Industrial Training Institute, Newasa, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment20At. Post NewasaAHMEDNAGAR
10Government Industrial Training Institute, PathardiGovernment40Mohata Devi Road,PathardiAHMEDNAGAR
11Government Industrial Training Institute, Rahuri, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40Navyug Colony, Tandulwadi, Station RoadAHMEDNAGAR
12Government Industrial Training Institute, Shevgaon, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40Pathardi Road, At Post ShevgaonAHMEDNAGAR
13Government Industrial Training Institute, Shrirampur, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment40At Post ShrirampurAHMEDNAGAR
14Jijamata Private Industrial Training Institute,BhendaPrivate40Ap- Bhende (Dnyashwarnagar ),Tal – Newasa,Dist – AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
15Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation , Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Ranjangaon [ Masjid] Tal Parner Dist AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
16Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate100Plot No. B-4/2 , Midc, AhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR
17Private Industrial Training Institute,LoniPrivate40A/P:-Loni Bk Tal:-Rahata Dist:-Ahmednagar MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
18Rajlaxmi Private ITIPrivate40190/2,186,Madadgaon, Takli kazi, Nagar-Jamkhed RoaAHMEDNAGAR
20Shirdi Sai Rural Institute’S Industrial Training Institute,RahataPrivate40At.Po-Rahata Tal:Rahata Dist:Ahmednagar.AHMEDNAGAR
21Shri Ambalika Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Ambikanagar,Po-Jagdamba FactoryAHMEDNAGAR
22Shri Chakrdhar Swami Private ITIPrivate60Kopargaon, Dist Ahmednagar, MaharashtraAHMEDNAGAR
23Shri Nageshwar Private ITIPrivate40A/P Bhandgaon, Bhalawani-Bhandgaon Road, Tal ParneAHMEDNAGAR
24Vamanrao Ithape Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40AT- VELHALE, POST- RAJAPUR, TAL- SANGAMNER, DIST- AHMEDNAGAR (422605)AHMEDNAGAR
25Vidya Niketan Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40670, Vidyanagari, Pune-nashik highway,near AlephatAHMEDNAGAR
26Government Industrial Training Institute, Akola, Dist: AkolaGovernment60Ratanlal Plot , AkolaAKOLA
27Government Industrial Training Institute, Akot, Dist: AkolaGovernment40Popatkhed RoadAKOLA
28Government Industrial Training Institute, Balapur,Government60N.H. No. 6 Opp. Shri Tape Hanuman Temple BalapurAKOLA
29Government Industrial Training Institute, Patur, Dist: AkolaGovernment60Balapur RoadAKOLA
30Government Industrial Training Institute, Telhara, Dist: AkolaGovernment40MIDC Area Thar Telhara Dist AkolaAKOLA
31Manav Private ITIPrivate40Gut NO 1035, NH No.6, vyalla, Dist Akola.AKOLA
34Smt. Kamlabai Deshmukh ITIPrivate60Kanheri Sarap Ta, Barshitakali Dist Akola.AKOLA
35Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Chikhaldara, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Main RoadAMRAVATI
36Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dharni, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Burhanpur RoadAMRAVATI
37Government Industrial Training Institute (SCP), Rahatgaon, Dist: AmravatiGovernment20At- Rahatgaon, Amravati. Nagpur Road High Way No-6AMRAVATI
38Government Industrial Training Institute, Amravati, Dist: AmravatiGovernment100Morshi Road,AmravatiAMRAVATI
39Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhatkuli, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40BhatkuliAMRAVATI
40Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandur Bazar, Dist: AmravatiGovernment60Chandur BazarAMRAVATI
41Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandur Railway, Dist: AmravatiGovernment60Virul RoadAMRAVATI
42Government Industrial Training Institute, Dhamangaon Railway, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40At. Dhamangaon RailwayAMRAVATI
43Government Industrial Training Institute, Morshi, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Simbhora RoadAMRAVATI
44Government Industrial Training Institute, Mozari, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Dastekadi RoadAMRAVATI
45Government Industrial Training Institute, Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Dist: AmravatiGovernment40Chandurrly RoadAMRAVATI
46Government Industrial Training Institute, Warud, Dist: AmravatiGovernment60Dhanodi RoadAMRAVATI
47Private Industrial Training Institute PimplodPrivate40Private Industrial Training Institute Pimplod Ta.Daryapur Dist.AmravatiAMRAVATI
48Rajendrarao Moghe Private ITI, ShendurjanaghatPrivate40At – Malkapur, Dhanodi Road, Shendurjanaghat, TahAMRAVATI
49Swargiya Pratapsinh Deshmukh Private ITI JarudPrivate80At. Post Jarud, Pandhurna Amravati Road, Ta. Warud. Dist. AmravatiAMRAVATI
50Vidhybharti Private Industrial Training InstutitePrivate80C.K.Naidu Road Camp Amravati 444602AMRAVATI
51Vikram Shikshan Sansta New ITI Pathrot ,Tq.Achalpur Dist.AmravatiPrivate40At Post: Zenda Chowk Pathrot , Tq. Achalpur Dist.AMRAVATI
52Government Industrial Training Institute, Aurangabad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment60MIDC Area Railways Station RoadAURANGABAD
53Government Industrial Training Institute, Kannad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20Infront Off State Bank HyedrabadAURANGABAD
54Government Industrial Training Institute, Paithan, Dist: AurangabadGovernment20Apegaon RoadAURANGABAD
55Government Industrial Training Institute, Phulambri, Dist: AurangabadGovernment40Ajanta RoadAURANGABAD
56Government Industrial Training Institute, Vaijapur, Dist: AurangabadGovernment40Near BSNL OfficeAURANGABAD
57Aditya Bahuudeshiya Industrial Training Centre, Talegaon Road,BeedPrivate40Talgaon Road,BeedBEED
58Bharatiya Jain Sanghantana, Sakkarbai Bulabchand Muttha Industrial Training Center Dongarkini Tal. PPrivate40At. Post. Dongarkinhi Tal. Potoda Dist. BeedBEED
59Government Industrial Training Institute, Ashti, Dist: BeedGovernment40Belgoan RoadBEED
60Government Industrial Training Institute, Beed, Dist: BeedGovernment40Nagar RoadBEED
61Government Industrial Training Institute, Gevrai, Dist: BeedGovernment40Takadgaon RoadBEED
62Government Industrial Training Institute, Parali Vaijnath, Dist: BeedGovernment100Parli VaijnathBEED
63Government Industrial Training Institute, Patoda, Dist: BeedGovernment40PatodaBEED
64Gramin ITI, SangamPrivate40Sangam, Tq- Parli, Disr Beed, MaharashtraBEED
65Gramin Private ITI Dagadwadi Tq. Parli Dist. BeedPrivate80Gramin ITI Dagadwadi Tq. Parli Dist. BeedBEED
67Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Private Industrial Training Institute,Beed.Private40Telgaon Road,Beed. (M. S.) 431122.BEED
68Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhandara, Dist: BhandaraGovernment40Station RoadBHANDARA
69Government Industrial Training Institute, Pawani, Dist: BhandaraGovernment40Khapari RoadBHANDARA
70Government Industrial Training Institute, Sakoli, Dist: BhandaraGovernment40Near Government PolytechnicBHANDARA
71Ans Infovally Industrial Training CenterPrivate60Ans Infovally Industrial Training Center At. PostBULDHANA
72Government Industrial Training Institute, Buldana, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Malkapur RoadBULDHANA
73Government Industrial Training Institute, Deulgaon Raja, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment20Chikhali RoadBULDHANA
74Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalgaon Jamod, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment60Samadhan Geening Factory CampusBULDHANA
75Government Industrial Training Institute, Khamgaon, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Jalamb Road, Khamgaon.BULDHANA
76Government Industrial Training Institute, Lonar, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment60Pangra Dole Road ,Lonar Dist-BULDHANA
77Government Industrial Training Institute, Motala, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40At. MotalaBULDHANA
78Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangrampur, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment40Jalgaon Jamod RoadBULDHANA
79Karam Private ITI ChikhliPrivate40Old Town Road, ChikhliBULDHANA
81Shri.Pralhad Hari Jangale Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Po.N.H.6, Nandura Road,Malkapur Tal.Malkapur Dist.BuldhanaBULDHANA
82Ballarpur Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Shivaji Ward , Near Mjf College , BallarpurCHANDRAPUR
83Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Bamni, BallarpurPrivate40Bit Campus, Bamni, Tal.- Ballarpur, Dist.- ChandraCHANDRAPUR
84Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi)Government60Asifabad Rao Near Shivaji CollageCHANDRAPUR
85Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Chimur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Warora RoadCHANDRAPUR
86Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Gondpipari, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Alapalli RoadCHANDRAPUR
87Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Jivati, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Shengaon RoadCHANDRAPUR
88Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Korpana, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Wani RoadCHANDRAPUR
89Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Pombhurna, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40PombhurnaCHANDRAPUR
90Government Industrial Training Institute, Bramhapuri, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40Khed RoadCHANDRAPUR
91Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandrapur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment60Old Warora Naka Civil LineCHANDRAPUR
92Government Industrial Training Institute, Mul, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40At. MulCHANDRAPUR
93Government Industrial Training Institute, Sindewahi, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment40At. SindewahiCHANDRAPUR
94Government Industrial Training Institute, Warora, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment80Near Bus Stand Main RoadCHANDRAPUR
95Indira Industrial Training Centre, Tukum ChandrapuPrivate40In Front Of Khrist Hospital Near Mahesh Bhavan TukCHANDRAPUR
96Indira Priavte Industrial Training Institute, Dewada, Dist.- ChandrapurPrivate40At Post Dewada, Near Datala, Tahsil/Dist.- Chandrapur-442401CHANDRAPUR
97Karmaveer Kannamwar Private ITI, Netaji Chowk Babupeth, Dist-ChandrapurPrivate40Netaji Chowk, Babupeth, Dist – ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
98Nilkanthrao Shinde Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Near Shinde Petrol Pump Bhadrawati , Ta- Bhadrawati, Dist- ChandrapurCHANDRAPUR
99Priyadarshini Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Pandav Ward, Bangali Camp, BhadrawatiCHANDRAPUR
100Shinde Private Industrial Training Institute,Mul Dist ChandrapurPrivate40Markwar Kawelu Factory Parisar, Nagpur Road, Mul,CHANDRAPUR
101Gangamai Private ITIPrivate40At Post Nagaon Tal. Dist. Dhule.DHULE
102Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Pimpalner, Dist: DhuleGovernment40PimpalnerDHULE
103Government Industrial Training Institute, Dhule, Dist: DhuleGovernment80Old Agra Road, DeopurDHULE
104Government Industrial Training Institute, Shindkheda, Dist: DhuleGovernment40Kumrej Road ShindkhedaDHULE
105Kisan Vidya Prasarak Mandalache Industrial Training Center , Shirpur Dist-DhulePrivate20Near Bus Stand, Shirpur, Tal Shirpur, Dist DhuleDHULE
106R O Nikam Private ITIPrivate40Gondur, AT Tal, Dhule Maharastra.DHULE
107Sakri Taluka Education SocITIes Industriul Training Instiute SakriPrivate40Sakri Taluka Education SocITIes Industriul TraininDHULE
108Shri Tirupati Educational Sanstha’S D.N.Patil I. T. I.Private40Shri Tirupati Educational Sanstha’S D.N.Patil Industrial Training Institute, Ramnagar, Wadibhokar Road, Deopur,DHULE
109Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Allapalli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40At. AllapalliGADCHIROLI
110Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Bhamragad, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40At. BhamragadGADCHIROLI
111Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Desaiganj, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment60At. DesaiganjGADCHIROLI
112Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Etapalli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40Krushnar RoadGADCHIROLI
113Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Gadchiroli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40GadchiroliGADCHIROLI
114Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Mulchera, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment20Allapalli RoadGADCHIROLI
115Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Sironcha, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment40At. SironchaGADCHIROLI
117Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Arjuni Moregaon,Government20At Morgaon Ta Arjuni/morgaon Dist. GondiaGONDIA
118Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dewari, Dist: GondiaGovernment40At. DewariGONDIA
119Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Salekasa, Dist: BhandaraGovernment40Darekasa RoadGONDIA
121Government Industrial Training Institute, Gondia, Dist: GondiaGovernment40Government ITI, Fulchur peth, Goregaon Road, GondiaGONDIA
122Government Industrial Training Institute, Goregaon,Government20Hirapur Road GoregaonGONDIA
123Government Industrial Training Institute, Sadak Arjuni, Dist: GondiaGovernment40Sadak ArjuniGONDIA
124Government Industrial Training Institute, Tiroda,Government20At-khairbodi, MIDC AreaGONDIA
125Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jam Ghavan, Dist: HingoliGovernment20At. Jam GhavanHINGOLI
126Government Industrial Training Institute, Basmatnager, Dist: HingoliGovernment40Parbhani Road BasmathnagarHINGOLI
127Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalamnuri, Dist: HingoliGovernment20MIDC AreaHINGOLI
128Jagat Jyoti Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Pinprala road , Kurunda Tq.Basmat, Hingoli, MaharaHINGOLI
129Ramakrishna Private Industrial Technical InstitutePrivate40At-Balsond Th-Hingoli Dist-HingoliHINGOLI
130Shri. Bhiravnath Nisarga Mandals Private Industrial Training Institute, Hatta Tq. Vasmat Dist. HingoPrivate60Shri. Bhiravnath Nisarga Mandals Private Industrial Training Institute, Hatta Tq. Vasmat Dist. HingoliHINGOLI
131Bhagirathi Private I T I JalgaonPrivate40Bhagirathi Private I T I ; A 28/29 , Auduyogic Vasahat, Old Midc Jalgaon 425003JALGAON
132Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Yaval, Dist: JalgaonGovernment40At. Post YawalJALGAON
133Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal, Dist: JalgaonGovernment80Jamner Road, Near Saibaba MandirJALGAON
134Government Industrial Training Institute, Bodwad, Dist: JalgaonGovernment40Kolhadi RoadJALGAON
135Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment60National High Way No 6, JalgaonJALGAON
136Government Industrial Training Institute, Jamner, Dist: JalgaonGovernment40Jalgaon RoadJALGAON
137Government Industrial Training Institute, Pachora, Dist: JalgaonGovernment40At Post PachoraJALGAON
138Late, G. S. Varade Private Industrial Training Institute, Muktainagar, Dist- JalgaonPrivate40Old Bus Stand Road, Near J. E. School, MuktainagarJALGAON
139Matoshri Private Industrial Training Institute RaverPrivate40Savada – Burhanpur Raod Raver Tal. Raver Dist. JalJALGAON
140Tatra & Vaidyak Industrial Training Center. Faizpur.Dist-JalgaonPrivate40Nhavimarg, Faizpur.Tal-Yawal .Dist-Jalgaon.JALGAON
141Dharti Janseva Prathishthan Private ITI Rohanwadi, Revgaon Road,JalnaPrivate40Dharti Janseva Prathishthan Private ITI Rohanwadi, Revgaon Road,JalnaJALNA
142Government Industrial Training Institute, Ambad, Dist: JalnaGovernment100Jalna Beed RoadJALNA
143Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalna, Dist: JalnaGovernment40Near ST Workshop, Aurangabad Road, Chandanzeera, JJALNA
144Yashwantrao Chavan Industrial Training Center, AnkushnagarPrivate20At Post Ankushnagar, Tq. Ambad Dist. Jalna.JALNA
145Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhudargad (gargoti), Dist: KolhapurGovernment40Raut Mal, GargotiKOLHAPUR
146Government Industrial Training Institute, Gadhinglaj, Dist: KolhapurGovernment20Sadhana Mal, Shendri RoadKOLHAPUR
147Government Industrial Training Institute, Gaganbawada, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40At. GaganbawadaKOLHAPUR
148Government Industrial Training Institute, Kolhapur, Dist: KolhapurGovernment100Kalamba RoadKOLHAPUR
149Government Industrial Training Institute, Murgud, Dist: KolhapurGovernment40Infront Of Sirpirajirao Talav, Senapati Kapshi RoadKOLHAPUR
150Latthe Education Society Sangli, Jaysingpur Private Industrial Training Institute,JaysingpurPrivate80C/O Balwantrao Zele Highschool Shirol-Wadi Road, Jaysingpur, Tal-Shirol, Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
151Mahatma Jotirao Phule Private. Industrial Training Institute,Shahunagar(Parite).Private20Shahunagar(Parite),Tal. Karvir, Dist. KolhapurKOLHAPUR
152Sangrul Edu. Soc. Industrial Training Center Koparade ,Tal.-Karveer,Dist- KolhapurPrivate40At-Post Koparde Tal Karveer Dist-KolhapurKOLHAPUR
153Azeem Private ITI. AusaPrivate60Afsar Nagar, Near Power House, Ausa Dist- LaturLATUR
154Balaghat Private ITIPrivate40Nanded highway, Ruddha, Maharashtra.LATUR
155Government Industrial Training Institute, Ahamadpur, Dist: LaturGovernment40Nanded RoadLATUR
156Government Industrial Training Institute, Ausa, Dist: LaturGovernment40P2 Midc AreaLATUR
157Government Industrial Training Institute, Chakur, Dist: LaturGovernment40Nanded RoadLATUR
158Government Industrial Training Institute, Latur, Dist: LaturGovernment120Shivaji ChowkLATUR
159Government Industrial Training Institute, Nilanga, Dist: LaturGovernment40Bidar RoadLATUR
160Government Industrial Training Institute, Renapur, Dist: LaturGovernment60Sai RoadLATUR
161Government Industrial Training Institute, Udgir, Dist: LaturGovernment60Degloor RoadLATUR
162Gramin ITIPrivate80At. post Gharni Tq Chakur, dist latur.LATUR
163Latur College of Private ITI , HasegaonPrivate40At/Po- Hasegaon Tq-Ausa Dist – Latur – 413531LATUR
164Mauli Private ITI At Post Tondar,TQ Udgir Dist LaturPrivate40Mauli Private ITI At Post Tondar Tq.Udgir Dist.LatLATUR
165Rajeev Gandhi Private ITIPrivate40Jalkot Road, Tal: UdgirLATUR
166Shri Guruji ITI, LaturPrivate40Near Shri Shri Ravishankar school, Gate No.7, WasaLATUR
167Swami Vivekanand Private Industrial Training Institute, LaturPrivate40P-74, MIDC, KALAMB ROAD, LATUR 413512LATUR
168Vishweshwarayya ITIPrivate40At- Post- Almala (S. Wadi), Tq, Ausa, Dist Latur-4LATUR
169Government Industrial Training Institute, Lower Parel, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment60Sitaram Mill Compd,bmc School,4th Fl, N.M. Joshi MMUMBAI
170Government Industrial Training Institute, Mumbai-11, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment80374, Sane Guruji Marg, Near Agripada Police StatioMUMBAI
171Shardashram Vidyamandir, Industrial Training CenterPrivate40Dr.Bhavanishnkar Dadarkar Marg,Opp.Post Office,Dadar,Mumbai-400 028.MUMBAI
172Government Industrial Training Institute (Minority), Chandivali, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment40Near Khandoba Temple, Mithagar Road Mulund (East)MUMBAI SUBURBAN
173Government Industrial Training Institute, Andheri,Government4018th Road Khar (West) MumbaiMUMBAI SUBURBAN
174Government Industrial Training Institute, Govandi, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment60Kirol Road Near St Workshop Vidyavihar (West)MUMBAI SUBURBAN
175Government Industrial Training Institute, Mulund, Dist: Mumbai SaharGovernment60Balasaheb Thakurwadi, Mithagar RoadMUMBAI SUBURBAN
176The Childrens Aid Societys Private. Industrial Training Institute MankhurdPrivate40ITI. Agarwadi Road, Mankhurd, Mumbai-400088.MUMBAI SUBURBAN
177Arvindbabu Deshmukh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Bhopal National Highway, Near M.I.D.C. Heti SurlaNAGPUR
178Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalmeshwar, Dist: NagpurGovernment40At. KalmeshwarNAGPUR
179Government Industrial Training Institute, Katol, Dist: NagpurGovernment40Sawargaon Road, KatolNAGPUR
180Government Industrial Training Institute, Kuhi, Dist: NagpurGovernment40M I D C Area Mandhal Road, tah-kuhi,dist-NagpurNAGPUR
181Government Industrial Training Institute, Nagpur,Government120Shraddhanand Peth Opp Blind SchoolNAGPUR
182Government Industrial Training Institute, Ramtek, Dist: NagpurGovernment40At Wahitola, Post Khairi Bijewada, Tah- Ramtek,NAGPUR
183Government Industrial Training Institute, Umred, Dist: NagpurGovernment40Sao Road, Gotekhani, UmredTal-Umred, Dist-NagpurNAGPUR
184Late Wamanrao Bhure Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate20At+Post- Kohli, Th- Kalmeshwar, Dist- Nagpur Pin-4NAGPUR
185Nit Private Industrial Training Center, Mahurzari, NagpurPrivate40Survey No.13/2, Mahurzari, Near Fetri, Katol Road, NagpurNAGPUR
186Parshuram (Private) Industrial Training InsITItutePrivate40Plot No. 55, Opp. Patel Petrol Pump, Koradi Road,NAGPUR
187Vidhya Shikshan Prasark Mandalachi Private Industrial Training Institute KatolPrivate40Near Railway Station Khutamba Road Katol Tah- Katol Dist- Nagpur 441302NAGPUR
188Vidyavihar Private Industrial Training Institute,Private40Orange Plaza, 2Nd Floor, Wing -B, Nagpur Road, KatNAGPUR
189Dr.Devendra Joshi Private Industrial Training Institute ,NandedPrivate40,Laxmi Nagar , Wadi (Bk),Tq.Dist-Nanded-NANDED
190Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Kinwat, Dist: NandedGovernment20Nanded RoadNANDED
191Government Industrial Training Institute, Ardhapur, Dist: NandedGovernment20Nanded Hingoli RaodNANDED
192Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhokar, Dist: NandedGovernment40At. BhokarNANDED
193Government Industrial Training Institute, Deglur, Dist: NandedGovernment40Rampur RoadNANDED
194Government Industrial Training Institute, Dharmabad, Dist: NandedGovernment80Basar RoadNANDED
195Government Industrial Training Institute, Hadgaon, Dist: NandedGovernment20Near DattbardiNANDED
196Government Industrial Training Institute, Mudkhed, Dist: NandedGovernment40Bhokar Road, Mudkhed, Tq. MudkhedNANDED
197Government Industrial Training Institute, Mukhed, Dist: NandedGovernment40Government LineNANDED
198Government Industrial Training Institute, Nanded, Dist: NandedGovernment40VIP Road,Near Mahatma Phule StatueNANDED
199Government Industrial Training Institute, Umri, Dist: NandedGovernment20Yerawar Complex, Near Bus StandNANDED
200Gramin Industrial Training Instiutec Vishnupuri Tq.Nanded Dist.NandedPrivate120At.Vishnupuri Tq.Nanded Dist.NandedNANDED
201Gramin Itc Malakoli Tq.Loha Dist.NandedPrivate200At.Malakoli Post.Malakoli Tq.Loha Dist.NandedNANDED
202Gramin Itc Nehrunagar Nagalgaon Tq.Kandhar Dist.NandedPrivate320At.Nehrunagar Post.Nagalgaon Tq.Kandhar Dist.NandeNANDED
203Gramin ITI, NandedPrivate40At post Ghodaj Road, Kandhar Tq. Kandhar Dist NandNANDED
204National Industrial Training Institute, NandedPrivate40Near Railway Over Bridge, Shivjaji Nagar, NandedNANDED
205Shri Hazursahib ITI NandedPrivate40Shri Hazur Sahib ITI Bafana Road NandedNANDED
206B.Y. Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Nandurbar-Prakasha Highway, Near Astoriya Sugar FaNANDURBAR
207Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Akrani, Dist: NandurbarGovernment20A/p. AkraniNANDURBAR
208Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Nandurbar, Dist: NandurbarGovernment40Near Shani Mandir, G.T.P. College Road, NandurbarNANDURBAR
209Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Navapur, Dist: NandurbarGovernment40Dhanrat RoadNANDURBAR
210Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Shahada, Dist: NandurbarGovernment40A/p. ShahadaNANDURBAR
211Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Taloda, Dist: NandurbarGovernment20Dalelpur RoadNANDURBAR
212Golden Privete Industrical Training InstitutePrivate40Sawata Nagar, Saikheda Road, Ozar (Mig)NASHIK
213Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi)Government40Behind B.s.n.l Office Balsad Road Peth tal-peth diNASHIK
214Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Deola, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Post -DEOLA TAL-DEOLANASHIK
215Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dindori, Dist: NashikGovernment60Umrale Road, At Post . DindoriNASHIK
216Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Kalwan, Dist: NashikGovernment40At Kolhopur Phata, Post – ManurNASHIK
217Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Satana, Dist: NashikGovernment40AT BHAKSHI POST MULANE TAL SATANA DIST NASHIKNASHIK
218Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Nanashi, Dist: NashikGovernment40Nanashi, At Post NanashiNASHIK
219Government Industrial Training Institute, Chandwad, Dist: NashikGovernment40Kalikadevi Paythe, At Post – ChandwadNASHIK
220Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon, Dist: NashikGovernment40Mochi Corner, Camp RoadNASHIK
221Government Industrial Training Institute, Nashik, Dist: NashikGovernment120Babubhai Rathi Chowk, Trambak Road, SatpurNASHIK
222K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute NashikPrivate40Dongare Vidyarthi Vasatigruh,Sharanpur Road,Canada Corner,NashikNASHIK
223Late Bhausaheb Hire Smarnika Trust Industrial Training Center, Malegaon Dist- NasikPrivate80Late Bhausaheb Hire Smarnika Trust Industrial TraNASHIK
224Maharashtra Shetkari Seva Mandal’S, Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Yeola Road, Camp EastNASHIK
225Matoshri Aasarabai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Near Odhagaon, Aurangabad Highway, Eklahare, NashiNASHIK
226N.D.M.V.P. Samaj’S, Private Industrial Training Institute , SatanaPrivate40N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S Private Industrial TrainingNASHIK
227Nashik Dist Maratha Vidy Prasarak Samajs, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13Private40Udoji Maratha Boarding Campus, Gangapur Road, NashNASHIK
228Saptashrungi Shikshan Sanstheche ITI DeolaPrivate40MALEGAON ROAD, DAULATNAGAR AT.POST.DEOLANASHIK
230Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhum, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment40Pardi RoadOSMANABAD
231Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalamb, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment40Tandulwadi RoadOSMANABAD
232Government Industrial Training Institute, Lohara, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment20At. LoharaOSMANABAD
233Government Industrial Training Institute, Osmanabad, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment60Tuljapur RoadOSMANABAD
234Government Industrial Training Institute, Tuljapur, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment40Naldurg RoadOSMANABAD
235Government Industrial Training Institute, Umarga, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment60MandirOSMANABAD
236Government Industrial Training Institute, Vashi, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment20Jirt Building, Para RoadOSMANABAD
237HA.BHA.PA SOPANKAKA KELE ITIPrivate40Kelewadi, Taluka, Vashi Dist Osmanabad, MaharashtrOSMANABAD
238Mother Kanchan Industrial Training Center, OsmanabadPrivate20Marwadi Galli, OsmanabadOSMANABAD
239Pavanraje Nimbalkar Private. ITIPrivate40At. Govardhanwadi post. Dhoki, Tq-Dist. OsmanabadOSMANABAD
240Savitribai Fule Private ITIPrivate40Paranda ,Dist Osmanabad, Maharashtra.OSMANABAD
241Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthan Itc Alani OsmanabadPrivate20Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthan Itc At Gadpati AlaniOSMANABAD
242Terana Public Charitable Trust’S ,Terna Industrial Training Center OsmanabadPrivate40Midc Area Plot No.1, Aurangabad Road, Osmanabad.OSMANABAD
243Bassein Education Society’S Industrial Training Center , Ramedi, Vasai, Dist- ThanePrivate40Opp. Shree Ram Mandir, Azad Road, At.: RamediPALGHAR
244Bhanudas Maniram Save Shikshan Sanstha’S L. J.Raut Private Industrial Training Institute, ChinchaPrivate40Raut Stop, Chinchani, Tal. Dahanu, Dist. Thane, Pin. 401 503, MaharashtraPALGHAR
245Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Jawhar, Dist: ThaneGovernment40Dahanu-Nashik, Bypass RoadPALGHAR
246Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Mokhada, Dist: ThaneGovernment40Irfan ManzilPALGHAR
247Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Talasari, Dist: ThaneGovernment40TalasariPALGHAR
248Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Vikramgad, Dist: ThaneGovernment20Dahanu Road, Mangal Kayalay Near Post OfficePALGHAR
249Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Wangaon, Dist: ThaneGovernment60Vangaon Chinchani RoadPALGHAR
250Dharti ITI, PohetakliPrivate40Tq- pathri, Dist Parbhani, Maharashtra.PARBHANI
252Government Industrial Training Institute, Manvat, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment40Pathri RoadPARBHANI
253Government Industrial Training Institute, Palam, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment20Jayakwadi WasahatPARBHANI
254Government Industrial Training Institute, Parbhani, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment60Jintur RoadPARBHANI
255Government Industrial Training Institute, Purna, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment40Anand NagarPARBHANI
256Government Industrial Training Institute, Selu, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment20Nagar Parishad StadiumPARBHANI
257Gramin Private ITI, PalamPrivate160Post Sarfarajpur, Tal- Palam, Dist Parbhani.PARBHANI
258Hon. Ratnakarraoji Gutte Industrial Training Institute, Wadgaon (St.) Tq-Sonpeth, Dist-ParbhaniPrivate40Hon. Ratnakarraoji Gutte Industrial Training Institute, Wadgaon (St.) Tq-Sonpeth, Dist-ParbhaniPARBHANI
260Camp Education Society’S Industrial Training Institute (Private)Private40Sect.No.27 A, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, PunePUNE
261Dnyandeep Gramvikas Pratishthan Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate40At Post Talegaon Dhamdhere, Tal. Shirur, Dist.PunePUNE
262Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Manikdoh, Dist: PuneGovernment40At. ManikdohPUNE
263Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhor, Dist: PuneGovernment40S.No.74/75 Waghajai Nagar, Manerdevi RoadPUNE
264Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghodegaon, Dist: PuneGovernment60A/p Ghodegaon (Gonawadi)PUNE
265Government Industrial Training Institute, Indapur, Dist: PuneGovernment40Baramati RoadPUNE
266Government Industrial Training Institute, Lonavala, Dist: PuneGovernment40Nangargaon MIDC Block Industrial EstatePUNE
267Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon (Bk), Dist: PuneGovernment40GovernmentINDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE Malegaon (Bk)PUNE
268Government Industrial Training Institute, Pune, Dist: PuneGovernment80Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune, MaharashtraPUNE
269Government Industrial Training Institute, Purandar (saswad), Dist: PuneGovernment20At Post-DivePUNE
270Government Industrial Training Institute, Shirur, Dist: PuneGovernment40P-45, M.I.D.C. RanjangaonPUNE
271Government Industrial Training Institute, Varvand, Dist: PuneGovernment40Solapur HighwayPUNE
272Government Industrial Training Institute, Velhe, Dist: PuneGovernment40GovernmentITI,VELHE.AT-KONDHAVALE KH,PO-ANTROLI,VELHEPUNE
273Government ITI Bombay Engineer Group & Centre, KirkeeGovernment40Kirkee, Pune 411003, Maharashtra.PUNE
274Karamveer Bhaurao Patil Shikshan Sanstha Sanchalit Col. Yashwantrao Renuse Private ITIPrivate40At PST_ kikvi (Morwadi) Tal- Bhor, Dist Pune.PUNE
275Pharate Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40A/P-Mandavgan Pharata Tal- Shirur,Dist-Pune 412210PUNE
276Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Industrial Training Institute Morwadi, Pimpri – 18Private40Pcmc ITI Morwadi, Near Morwadi Court, Morwadi, Pimpri – 18PUNE
277Purandhar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’S Private Industrial Training Institute,WaghapurPrivate40A/P-WaghapurPUNE
278Raje Pratishthan Sanchalit Mayureshwar Private ITIPrivate60Khandukhairewadi, Morgaon Road, Tal Baramati, distPUNE
279Social Aaction For Man Power Creation Private Industrial Training Centre, Malawali Tal Maval Dist PuPrivate20At- Bhaje, Near Malavali Railway Station, Post- Malvali, Tal- Maval, Dsit- Pune, Pin Code- 410405.PUNE
280Zeal Private ITIPrivate40Survey no 39,Narhe dhayari road ,Narhe,Pune-41PUNE
281Government Industrial Training Institute, Alibaug, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Shivaji Nagar, ChendhreRAIGAD
282Government Industrial Training Institute, Mahad, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Opp.chande Ground Tambad BhuvanRAIGAD
283Government Industrial Training Institute, Murud, DGovernment40C/o Sir S. A. High SchoolRAIGAD
284Government Industrial Training Institute, Nagothane, Dist: RaigadGovernment60Mumbai- Goa High Way, Near PHCRAIGAD
285Government Industrial Training Institute, Panvel, Dist: RaigadGovernment160Old Mumbai-pune Highway, Near S. T. StandRAIGAD
286Government Industrial Training Institute, Sudhagad(pali), Dist: RaigadGovernment20Behind Bllaleshwer Tempal Devulpada, Bhira RoadRAIGAD
287Government Industrial Training Institute, Tala, Dist: RaigadGovernment40At-pusati, Post TalaRAIGAD
288Government Industrial Training Institute, Uran, Dist: RaigadGovernment40Karanja Road, Daur NagarRAIGAD
289Government Industrial Training Institute, Chiplun, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment60A/p KanheRATNAGIRI
290Government Industrial Training Institute, Lanja, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment40Near Kukkutpalan KendraRATNAGIRI
291Government Industrial Training Institute, Ratnagiri, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment80Nachane RoadRATNAGIRI
292Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangameshwar, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment20Mabhale PunarvasavnRATNAGIRI
293Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha Private Industrial Training Institute , Sawarde, Tal – Chiplun, Dist -RatPrivate40Ap : Sawarde, (Vahalphata)RATNAGIRI
294Smt Indira M. Behare Private Industrial Training Institute, SadavaliPrivate40At/Post-SadavaliRATNAGIRI
295Government Industrial Training Institute, Islampur, Dist: SangliGovernment40MIDC Plot No. P10SANGLI
296Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangli, Dist: SangliGovernment220Industrial EstateSANGLI
297Government Industrial Training Institute, Shirala, Dist: SangliGovernment60Shirala-Islampur Road, SHIRALASANGLI
298Government Industrial Training Institute, Tasgaon, Dist: SangliGovernment40Datta Mala, Vasumbe Phata, Manerajuri RoadSANGLI
299Government Industrial Training Institute, Vita, Dist: SangliGovernment60Salsinge RoadSANGLI
300Sangli Industraial School, Industrial Training Center, Dist-SangliPrivate20Post Box No.71, Mission Compound, Sangli-Miraj RoaSANGLI
301Government Industrial Training Institute, Karad, Dist: SataraGovernment40Vidhya Nagar, SaidapurSATARA
302Government Industrial Training Institute, Khatav, Dist: SataraGovernment40Aundh-KhatavSATARA
303Government Industrial Training Institute, Koregaon, Dist: SataraGovernment20Plot No. P-3, Small MIDC, Koregaon – Rahimatpur RoSATARA
304Government Industrial Training Institute, Lonand, Dist: SataraGovernment40Jambhalicha MalaSATARA
305Government Industrial Training Institute, Patan, Dist: SataraGovernment20M.I.D.C., YeradSATARA
306Government Industrial Training Institute, Phaltan, Dist: SataraGovernment20Vinchurni Road JadhavwadiSATARA
307Government Industrial Training Institute, Satara, Dist: SataraGovernment120Molacha Odha Karanje TarfSATARA
308Government Industrial Training Institute, Sawantwadi, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment40Mumbai Goa High Way, KolgaonSINDHUDURG
309Government Industrial Training Institute, Vengurla, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment40C/o Gadekar Kanya School,br Khardekar RoadSINDHUDURG
310Government Industrial Training Institute, Akluj, Dist: SolapurGovernment60A/p KhandaliSOLAPUR
311Government Industrial Training Institute, Barshi, Dist: SolapurGovernment40Gadegaon RoadSOLAPUR
312Government Industrial Training Institute, Mandrup, Dist: SolapurGovernment40Old Nimbargi Road, MandrupSOLAPUR
313Government Industrial Training Institute, Mangalvedha, Dist: SolapurGovernment40MIDC Plot No P1, Pandharpur RaodSOLAPUR
314Government Industrial Training Institute, Solapur, Dist: SolapurGovernment80Vijapur RoadSOLAPUR
315Karmavee Lohokare Guruji Private Industrial Training Institute,Gaudgaon.Private20Karmavee Lohokare Guruji Private Industrial Training Institute,Gaudgaon,Tal:Barshi Dist:SolapurSOLAPUR
316Lokmangal Private ITIPrivate20At Post Wadala Taluka-Solapur North Dist- SolapurSOLAPUR
317Rural Private ITI KazikanbusPrivate80At Post Kazikanbus,Tal Akkalkot,Dist SolapurSOLAPUR
318Shanti Private Industrial Training Institute SolapurPrivate40Shivganga Nagar Vijapur Road SolapurSOLAPUR
319Sojar Private Industrial Traning Institute KhandviPrivate20At/Po-Khandvi,Tal-Barshi,Dist-SolapurSOLAPUR
320Government Industrial Training Institute, AmbernatGovernment40Old Bhendipada, Kalyan Badlapur Road (West)THANE
321Government Industrial Training Institute, Belapur, Dist: ThaneGovernment60Sect-29, Agroli Gaon, C.B.D. Belapur, PO- KokanbhaTHANE
322Dr R.G.Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate40Batchelor Road, Nalwadi, Dist:WardhaWARDHA
323Government Industrial Training Institute, Ashti, Dist: WardhaGovernment40At. AshtiWARDHA
324Government Industrial Training Institute, Hinganghat, Dist: WardhaGovernment20At Rimdoh Jam RoadWARDHA
325Government Industrial Training Institute, Karanja Gh, Dist: WardhaGovernment40Near Toll Naka Parisar Amravati RoadWARDHA
326Government Industrial Training Institute, Pulgaon, Dist: WardhaGovernment40Nachangaon RoadWARDHA
327Government Industrial Training Institute, Selu, Dist: WardhaGovernment40Near Indira Sah.soot Girni Station Road Dhanoli (MWARDHA
328Government Industrial Training Institute, Wardha, Dist: WardhaGovernment60Arvi Naka Mahda ColonyWARDHA
329Shri Gajanan Maharaj Rural Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate60Survey No.149,Mauza Umari (Meghe),Tal.Wardha,Dist.WARDHA
330Talmale Private. Industrial Training Institute, WardhaPrivate40Talmale (Private.) Industrial Training Institute, MahiWARDHA
331Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon, Dist: WashimGovernment40M.I.D.C. AreaWASHIM
332Government Industrial Training Institute, Manora, Dist: WashimGovernment60M.I.D.C. Area Devthana RoadWASHIM
333Government Industrial Training Institute, Risod, Dist: WashimGovernment20Bhokarkheda Road Near BSNL OfficeWASHIM
335Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Pandharkawada, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Sonbardi RoadYAVATMAL
336Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Ralegaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Kalamb RoadYAVATMAL
337Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Harshi, Dist: YavatmalGovernment20At. Post HarshiYAVATMAL
338Government Industrial Training Institute, Darwha, Dist: YavatmalGovernment60Yavatmal Road DarwhaYAVATMAL
339Government Industrial Training Institute, Digras, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Bhavani Mandir RoadYAVATMAL
340Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghatanji, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Belora RoadYAVATMAL
341Government Industrial Training Institute, Gunj, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Mahur RoadYAVATMAL
342Government Industrial Training Institute, Ner, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Manikwada RoadYAVATMAL
343Government Industrial Training Institute, Umarkhed, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Baldi RoadYAVATMAL
344Government Industrial Training Institute, Wani, DiGovernment40Chandrpur RoadYAVATMAL
345Government Industrial Training Institute, Yavatmal, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40Dhamangaon RoadYAVATMAL
346Government Industrial Training Institute, Zari-Jamani, Dist: YavatmalGovernment40At. Zari-jamani, Shirola Road Zari JamaniYAVATMAL
347Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute, WaniPrivate20Plot No. P 1, Midc Area. Wani Dist- Yavatmal 445304 (M.S.)YAVATMAL
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