Bank of America Routing Number for Wire & ACH Transfer

Are you searching for Bank of America routing number to initiate a wire transfer or ACH transfer? Do you want Bank of America routing number for receiving or sending money within the USA? Do you need the routing number for receiving or sending money internationally? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled all the routing numbers used by Bank of America.

Bank of America routing number

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of routing numbers used by Bank of America, location of the bank & more. Users who want to use wire transfer or ACH transfer will benefit from this post. Also check – Chase Bank routing number.


Using the routing number provided here, Bank of America customers may carry out banking transactions (wire or ACH) within the USA or internationally. In simple terms, a bank routing number is a nine-digit number that acts as a bank’s address/unique identifier. Routing number is used while carrying out electronic transactions such as – wire transfer, ACH, direct deposits, bill payments etc. Also check – Capital One Bank routing number.


Let us check out Bank of America’s routing number now. Here it is –


Bank of America routing number for Wire & ACH transfer

Sr NoName of the banking instituteStateRouting number
1Bank of AmericaACH transfers within USA026009593
2Bank of AmericaAlabama051000017
3Bank of AmericaArkansas082000073
4Bank of AmericaConnecticut011900254
5Bank of AmericaDakota051000017
6Bank of AmericaFlorida063100277/ 063000047
7Bank of AmericaHampshire011400495
8Bank of AmericaHawaii051000017
9Bank of AmericaIowa073000176
10Bank of AmericaLouisiana051000017
11Bank of AmericaMassachusetts011000138
12Bank of AmericaMississippi051000017
13Bank of AmericaMontana051000017
14Bank of AmericaNorth071000505
15Bank of AmericaOhio051000017
16Bank of AmericaPennsylvania031202084
17Bank of AmericaTexas111000025/ 113000023
18Bank of AmericaVirginia051000017
19Bank of AmericaWire transfers within USA026009593
20Bank of AmericaWisconsin051000017
21Bank of AmericaYork021000322


Where to find Bank of America routing number for sending money within USA & international accounts?

  • Bank of America routing number can be found on the bottom left corner of a check.
  • It can also be found on your Bank of America mobile banking app.
  • The bank routing number can also be accessed online on the Bank of America website.
  • One may also dial customer care/support service of Bank of America and find the routing number.
  • You may even find the routing number on your Bank of America statement.
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