List of Official CEEB Codes in Charlotte

Are you searching for CEEB code of your institute? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a city-wise list of CEEB codes of institutes in Charlotte, USA. After going through this post, readers will be able to find the correct CEEB code.

CEEB codes in Charlotte

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of CEEB codes (official) in Charlotte, name of the school/college/institute, city/location of the high school & additional details. Here, I’ve provided an institute-wise list of CEEB codes. Readers may easily navigate through the table by using the name of the school/institute that they are interested in.

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Come, let us check out the list of high school codes now. Here it is –


List of CEEB codes in Charlotte

Sr NoName of the school/institute/collegeCEEB code
1Albemarle Road Middle School349357
2Alexander Graham Middle School349362
3Ardrey Kell High School340735
4Bradford Preparatory School340776
5Briar Creek Road Cottage High School340650
6Brisbane Academy340653
7Carmel Middle School349359
8Cato Middle College High School340746
9Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education340678
10Central Piedmont Community College5102
11Central Piedmont Early College160531
12Charlotte Catholic High School340665
13Charlotte Christian School340667
14Charlotte Country Day School340666
15Charlotte Engineering Early College340771
16Charlotte Islamic Academy340726
17Charlotte Laboratory School340158
18Charlotte Latin School340663
19Charlotte Mecklenburg Virtual School340024
20Charlotte Preparatory School349003
21Charlotte Secondary School340766
22Charlotte Teacher Early College High School340079
23Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academy340050
24Christ Classical Academy Of Charlotte340041
25Cochrane Collegiate Academy340764
26Commonwealth High School340767
27Community House Middle School349524
28Corvian Community School340052
29Coulwood STEM Academy349467
30Deutsche Schule Charlotte340652
31Dolly Tate – Teenage Parent Services340696
32East Mecklenburg Senior High School342535
33Eastway Middle School349013
34Elbert Edwin Waddell High School652035
35Fletcher School340717
36Fusion Academy – Charlotte340144
37Garinger High School340668
38Guidepost Montessori Prosperity340757
39Harding University High School340670
40Harper Middle College High School340017
41Hawthorne Academy Health Sciences340662
42Hawthorne Middle School349009
43Hickory Grove Baptist Christian School340661
44Independence Senior High School340673
45Intellicor International Academy340153
46INVEST COLLEGIATE: Transform340073
47J T Williams Middle School349373
48Jackson Day School340042
49James Martin Middle School349471
50Jay M Robinson Middle School349038
51John T Williams Secondary Montessori School340092
52Julius L Chambers High School340708
53Kennedy Charter Public School340721
54King’s College5361
55Kings Academy340763
56Legacy Preparatory School340069
57Liberty Heights Athletic Institute340013
58Mallard Creek High School340732
59Manus Academy340720
60Marie G Davis Middle School349470
61McClintock Middle School349365
62McLeod Center School349449
63Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy340034
64Military And Global Leadership Academy340756
65Myers Park High School340680
66Northridge Middle School349472
67Northside Christian Academy340681
68Northwest School of the Arts340706
69Oak Brook School340707
70Olympic High School341932
71Omni Montessori School349079
72Palisades High School340263
73Paw Creek Ministry Academy340685
74Phillip O Berry Academy Of Technical340716
75Piedmont Open IB Middle School349367
76Plaza Road Academy For Youth – PRAY340713
77Princeton Hall School340775
78Providence Day School340687
79Providence Senior High School340688
80Quail Hollow Middle School349473
81R Lacy Ranson Middle School349465
82Randolph Middle School349369
83Ranson Middle School349008
84Robert F Kennedy Middle School349364
85Rod of God Christian Academy340689
86Sedgefield Middle School349474
87Sister Clara Muhammad School340691
88South Academy Of International Languages349475
89South Charlotte Middle School349454
90South Mecklenburg High School343103
91Spaugh Middle School349476
92Stewart Creek High School340629
93Student First Academy340728
94Sugar Creek Charter High School340027
95The British International School of Charlotte340096
96The John Crosland School340682
97Tms Charlotte Math And Science Academy340148
98Trinity Christian Preparatory School340703
99Trinity Episcopal School349520
100Turning Point Academy340719
101United Faith Christian Academy340701
102Victory Christian Center School340702
103Victory School340709
104West Charlotte High School340700
105West Mecklenburg High School340705
106Wilson Middle School349477
107Word of Wisdom in Excellence Academy340769


What is a CEEB code?

CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board. CEEB code is a unique identifier that helps students send the right information – SAT scores, transcriptions, and applications – to the colleges that they are applying to.


CEEB code is used to simplify the college admission process. Through the CEEB code, the following institutes involved in college admission process can be identified accurately – colleges, universities, scholarships, schools and more.


CEEB code vs ACT high school code

In most cases, CEEB codes and ACT high school codes are identical. They are also used interchangeably. However, ACT is a separate entity. They have their own set of high school codes, which is independent of CEEB code. That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to compile this post consisting of CEEB codes.


Other names of CEEB code

CEEB code is also known as College Board Code or simply as SAT code. Though the names are different, they do mean the exact unique identifier code.



Where can I find relevant CEEB code?

Right here, readers will be able to find a city-wise list of CEEB codes in Charlotte. Apart from that, readers may even visit the official website of College Board and find school-wise as well as state-wise list of CEEB codes in the USA.

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