List of Official CEEB Codes in Connecticut

Are you searching for CEEB code of your institute? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a city-wise list of CEEB codes of institutes in Connecticut, USA. After going through this post, readers will be able to find the correct CEEB code.

CEEB codes Connecticut

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of CEEB codes (official) in Connecticut, name of the school/college/institute, city/location of the high school & additional details. Here, I’ve provided an institute-wise list of CEEB codes. Readers may easily navigate through the table by using the name of the school/institute that they are interested in.

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Come, let us check out the list of high school codes now. Here it is –


List of CEEB codes in Connecticut

Sr NoName of the high school/college/instituteCEEB code
1A I Prince Regional Vocational Technical School70270
2Academy Information Technical And Engineering70707
3Academy of Aerospace and Engineering70471
4Academy of Science And Innovation70949
5Academy Of The Holy Family High School70015
6Academy Our Lady Mercy Lauralton70415
7ACCESS – Bristol School District70536
8Access High School – Edadvance70509
9ACES Educational Center For The Arts70485
10Aces Whitney Academy70473
11Aces Whitney High School North70178
12Achievement First Hartford Academy High School70297
13Achievement First: Amistad High School70512
14Adelbrook-The Learning Center70091
15Adelbrook-The Learning Center of East Hartford70097
16Adult Education Center70264
17Aerospace/Hydrospace Engineering & Physical Science High School70072
19Albert D Griswold Middle School79021
20Albert J Solnit Childrens Center – North Campus70098
21ALPHA Program70007
22Alternative Center for Excellence70121
23Alternative Education Program Oxford70226
24Alternative Learning Center70497
25Alternative Learning Center – New Fairfield70534
26Alternative Learning Program at Rocky Hill High School70418
27Alternative Learning Programming for School Success70318
28Alternative Program at Center School70234
29Alternative Special Education Program70238
30American School For The Deaf70885
31American School for the Deaf PACES70225
32Amistad Academy70004
33Amity Regional High School70965
34Andover College Preparatory70907
35Ansonia High School70000
36Ansonia Middle School79088
37Apex Academy70500
38Arch Bridge School70066
39Area Cooperative Education Service70269
40ARTS Academy70195
41Arts at the Capitol Theater Magnet High School70927
42Asnuntuck Community College3656
43Aspire at Somers High School70431
44Aspire Living And Learning Academy70148
45Augusta Lewis Troup School79078
46Avon High School70008
47Avon Old Farms School70010
48Bacon Academy70110
49Bacon Academy Alternative Education70029
50Bais Yaakov of Waterbury70881
51Baptist Bible Academy70872
52Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School79065
53Barnum School79031
54Bassick High School70045
55Bedford Middle School79117
56Beecher Museum School79066
57Behavioral Academic Social and Emotional Support Program (BASES)70508
58Ben Bronz Academy70886
59Benhaven Academy70006
60Benhaven School70537
61Benjamin Jepson Magnet School79028
62Bentley Alternative Education School70188
63Berlin High School70020
64Beth Chana Academy High School70486
65Bethel High School70025
66Bethel Middle School79004
67Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School79012
68BI Cultural Hebrew Academy Lower79102
69BI Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut70071
70Biotechnology Research and Zoological Sciences IDM70074
71Bishop Woods Arch And Design Magnet79029
72Black Rock School79048
73Blackham School79033
74Blended Learning Program70301
75Bloomfield High School70030
76Bolton Center School79116
77Bolton High School70038
78Bpt Regional Vocational Aquaculture School70049
79Bradley School – Windham County70467
80Bradley School New London Regional70442
81Branford High School70040
82Branford High School Horizons Program70198
83Brennan Rogers Magnet School of Communication and Media79075
84Bridge Academy70048
85Bridgeport Correctional Center70358
86Bridgeport International Academy70060
87Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center70149
88Bridgeport Learning Center70099
89Bridgeport Military Academy70084
90Bridges 9-1270468
91Brien McMahon High School70698
92Bristol Adult Education Center70083
93Bristol Central High School70075
94Bristol Eastern High School70076
95Bristol Preparatory Academy70597
96Bristol Technical Education Center70079
97Broad-Based Educational Services and Therapies – BEST Academy70510
98Broadview Middle School79113
99Brookfield High School70085
100Brooklyn Correctional Institution70349
101Brookside School70124
102Brunswick School70219
103Bulkeley High School70315
104Bullard Havens Technical High School70050
105Bunnell High School70756
106Canterbury School70540
107Canton Academy70436
108Canton High School70115
109Canton Middle School79083
110Capital Preparatory Harbor School70087
111Capital Preparatory Magnet School70284
112Capitol Region Mental Health Center70352
113Cardinal Kung Academy70479
114Carl Robinson Correctional Institution70181
115Carmen Arace Middle School79098
116Carrington Elementary School79097
117Cedar School70483
118Cedarhurst School70470
119Cedarhurst School Passages Program70401
120Celentano Biotech Health and Medical Magnet School79067
121Center for Autism Spectrum and Development Disorders70193
122Center For Global Studies70414
123Central Christian Academy70689
124Central High School70055
125Cesar A Batalla School79032
126Charles F Hayden Day School at Boys & Girls Village70058
127Charles H Barrows STEM Academy79094
128Cheshire Academy70095
129Cheshire Correctional Institution70338
130Cheshire High School70100
131Children’s Center of Hamden70257
132Chippens Hill Middle School79017
133Choate Rosemary Hall School70810
134Christian Heritage School70796
135Classical Magnet School70306
136Classical Studies Magnet Academy79063
137Clemente Leadership Academy79068
138Clinton Avenue Elementary School79069
139Cloonan Middle School79051
140Coastal Connections70051
141Coastline Christian Academy70531
142Coginchaug Academy70533
143Coginchaug Regional High School70160
144Colchester Christian Academy70111
145Coleytown Middle School79118
146Collaborative Alternative Magnet School70567
147Collaborative Learning Program70502
148College and Career Readiness Center70409
149Colonial Hills Christian Academy70119
150Columbus Elementary School79064
151Common Ground High School70474
152Compass Program – Norwich Free Academy70538
153Conard High School70887
154Concord Magnet School K879120
155Connecticut Center for Child Development Bridgeport Avenue Campus70157
156Connecticut Coastal Academy70151
157Connecticut Ib Academy70169
158Connecticut Junior Republic70348
159Connecticut Junior Republic – Bristol70457
160Connecticut Mental Health Center70356
161Connecticut River Academy70167
162Connecticut Valley Hospital70329
163Conte West Hills Magnet School79026
164Cooperative Arts-Human Magnet High School70261
165Cornerstone Christian School70371
166Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Institution70808
167Coventry Academy70298
168Coventry High School70116
169CREC Academy Of Computer Science And Engineering70182
170CREC Academy of International Studies 6-1270034
171Crec Greater Academy of the Arts Full Day70276
172CREC Impact Academy70463
173Cromwell High School70118
174Cromwell Middle School79108
175Crosby High School70835
176Cross Street Academy70481
177Danbury High School70120
178Daniel Hand High School70370
179Darien High School70145
180Davis Street Arts And Academics79030
181Derby Alternative School70042
182Derby High School70155
183Derby Middle School79084
184Developmental Learning Center70499
185Devereux Glenholme School70831
186DiLoreto Magnet Elementary School79086
187Disability Resource Network Inc70392
188District Program at Ridgefield High School70527
189Dolan Middle School79052
190Dr Joseph S Renzulli G T Academy70295
191Dr. Cortlandt V.R. Creed Health and Sports Sciences High School70268
192Duggan Elementary School79058
193E C Goodwin Technical High School70445
194E O Smith High School at the Depot Campus70064
195Eagle Academy70458
196East Catholic High School70373
197East Connecticut Secondary Program70113
198East Granby High School70163
199East Hampton High School70165
200East Hartford High School70170
201East Haven High School70175
202East Lyme High School70177
203East Rock Magnet School79023
204East Shore Middle School79121
205East Windsor High School70816
206East Windsor Middle School79126
207EastConn Special Education70128
208Eastern Middle School79007
209Easton Country Day School70159
210Edadvance – Access North70444
211EdAdvance ACCESS Program – South70454
212Edgewood Magnet School79071
213Edison Middle School79495
214EDP – Bulkeley High School70434
215EDP – HPHS Academy of Engineering and Green Technology70316
216Education Connection Special Education70359
217Education Enhancement Program70199
218Edwin O Smith High School70754
219Eli Whitney Regional Vocational Technical School70259
220Elizabeth Ives School for Special Children70138
221Ella T Grasso SE Technical High School70254
222Ellington High School70643
223Elm City College Preparatory Middle School79100
224Elm City College Preparatory School70144
225Emmanuel Christian Academy70522
226Emmett O’Brien Technical High School70003
227Enfield Alternative Education Program70506
228Enfield Correctional Institution70347
229Enfield High School70790
230Engineering and Science University Magnet Middle and High School70282
231Enlightenment School70875
232Enrico Fermi High School70179
233Evening Program – Middletown High School70231
234Excel II70232
235Excel III70294
236Explorations Charter School70958
238Fair Haven School79072
239Fairfield College Preparatory School70190
240Fairfield Ludlowe High School70187
241Fairfield Warde High School70186
242Faith Preparatory School70026
243Family Academy of Multilingual Exploration79070
244Farmington Alternative High School70001
245Farmington High School70805
246Farmington Valley Diagnostic Center70879
248Foot Soldiers Academy of Destiny70272
249Foothills Adult Education Center70491
250Forman School70350
251Foundation High School70604
252Francis T Maloney High School70382
253Franklin Academy70166
254Fusion Academy Fairfield70421
255Fusion Academy Greenwich70757
256Futures Inc70393
257Futures School70077
258Garner Correctional Institution70339
259Gateway Community College986
260Gateway to College Program70451
262Genesis Academy Alternative Learning Program70407
263Gengras Center70054
264Geraldine Claytor Magnet Academy79150
265Geraldine W Johnson School79042
266German School Of Connecticut West Hartford71210
267Gilbert School70960
268Gilmartin Elementary School79059
269Girls Care 270357
270Glastonbury High School70215
271Global Communications Academy Ib70290
272Global Experience Magnet School70031
273Grace S Webb School at the Iol70273
274Granby Memorial High School70217
275Granby Memorial Middle School79125
276Great Oaks Charter School – Bridgeport70596
277Great Path Academy Middle College High School70372
278Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health Center70334
279Greater Hartford Academy of Arts70275
280Greens Farms Academy70915
281Greenwich Academy70235
282Greenwich Country Day School70249
283Greenwich Country Day School79011
284Greenwich High School70240
285Griswold Alternative School70102
286Griswold High School70325
287Groton Middle School79060
288Grove School70365
289Guilford High School70255
290H C Wilcox Vocational Technical School70385
291H H Ellis Technical High School70133
292Haddam-Killingworth High School70324
293Hals Academy79087
294Hamden Collaborative Learning Center70147
295Hamden Community Residential Program for Boys (SOAR)70363
296Hamden Hall Country Day School70258
297Hamden High School70260
298Har-Bur Middle School79099
299Harborside Middle School79122
300Harry M Bailey Middle School79085
301Hartford Area Seventh Day Adventist School70289
302Hartford Correctional Center70331
303Hartford Detention Center70333
304Hartford Job Corps Academy70283
305Hartford Opportunity Academy70402
306Hartford Public High School70265
307Hartford Public Schools Satellite Program70478
308Helen Keller Middle School79104
309Helping Hands70317
310Henry Abbott Regional Technical High School70123
311Henry James Memorial School79082
312Heritage Baptist Academy70812
313Heritage Christian School70081
314High Horizons Magnet School79041
315High Road High School of Wallingford70814
316High Road School of Fairfield County70131
317High Road School of Hartford High70018
318High Road School of New London70366
319High Road School of Norwalk: Waterbury Campus70874
320High Road School of Wallingford70129
321High Road School of Windham County70477
322High School in the Community70487
323Highville Charter School70314
324Hill Central School79073
325Hill Regional Career Magnet High School70488
326Holy Cross High School70838
327Hope Academy70603
328Hopkins School70490
329Hotchkiss School70335
330Housatonic Community College3446
331Housatonic Valley Regional High School70205
332Howell Cheney Technical High School70375
333Hrtfd Magnet Trinity College Academy70274
334Humiston School70411
335Illing Middle School79096
336Immaculate High School70125
337Indian Mountain School Upper79019
338Information Technology & Software Engineering High School70073
339Intensive Education Academy70122
340Interdistrict Discovery Magnet School79062
341J M Wright Technical High School70715
342James Curiale Elementary School79045
343James Hillhouse High School70495
344Jettie S Tisdale Elementary School79035
345Joel Barlow High School70638
346John Daniels International Comm Magnet School79074
347John F Kennedy High School70840
348John J Allison Polaris Center70173
349John Read Middle School79013
350John S Martinez Sea And Sky STEM79025
351Jonathan Law High School70423
352Jonathan Reed School79057
353Joseph A Foran High School70424
354Jumoke Academy70224
355Kent School70330
356Killingly Alternative Learning Program70207
357Killingly High School70135
358King Robinson IB World School79076
359King School70720
360Kingswood-Oxford School70890
361Klingberg Family Centers70448
362Kolbe-Cathedral High School70053
363LEAP Alternative High School70461
364LEARN ABA Grades 10-12 Intensive70389
365LEARN ABA Program at Center School70016
366LEARN Diagnostic And Wellness Center70459
367LEARN Intensive Program70464
368LEARN Pathways Program70194
369Learn Sail At Dlamms70466
370Learning Academy at Bloomfield70046
371Learning Annex70462
372Learning Center70024
373Learning Clinic70088
374Lebanon Middle School79009
375Ledyard High School70342
376Lewis S Mills High School70807
377Life Prep Academy70086
378Lincoln Academy Regional Interdistrict Collaborative70202
379Lincoln College of New England: Briarwood3121
380Lincoln Middle School79049
382Links Academy70728
383LINKS Academy Glastonbury70223
384Litchfield Community Residential Program70364
385Litchfield High School70355
386Loomis Chaffee School70945
387Lorraine D Foster Day School70561
388Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School79046
389Lyman Hall High School70815
390Lyman Memorial High School70340
391MacDougall/Walker Correctional Institute70354
392Madina Academy70877
393Manchester Community College3544
394Manchester High School70380
395Manchester Memorial Hospital Clinical Day School70047
396Manchester Regional Academy70197
397Manson Youth Institution70343
398Marianapolis Preparatory School70780
399Marine Science Magnet High School SE Connecticut70252
400Mark T Sheehan High School70813
401Marvelwood School70117
402Mary I. Johnson Alternative Education Program70209
403Master’s School70678
404Masuk Alternative Program70230
405Masuk High School70753
406Mauro-Sheridan Science Technology and Communications School79077
407Meliora Academy70404
408Mercy High School70398
409Mesivta High School of Waterbury70869
410Metropolitan Business Academy70503
411Michael Wallace Middle School79054
412Middle School of Plainville79111
413Middlebrook Middle School79106
414Middlesex Community College3551
415Middlesex Middle School79010
416Middletown Adult Education70399
417Middletown High School70400
418Middletown High School – Alternative Education Program 170237
419Middletown High School – Alternative Education Program 270239
420Middletown High School – Virtual Learning Academy70416
421Midstate Christian Academy70384
422Migeon Academy70206
423Milestones Behavioral Services – Orange Campus70447
424Milestones Behavioral Services – Wolf Harbor Campus70146
425Mileva Maric Montessori71000
426Milford Christian Academy70422
427Miss Porter’s School70210
428Molloy College Blended Program70208
429Montville High School70599
430Morgan School70105
431Multicultural Magnet School79043
432Natchaug Hospital Inpatient School70204
433Natchaug Hospital Joshua Center NE70108
434Natchaug Hospital Journey School70139
435Natchaug Hospital School CDT-Shoreline70036
436Natchaug Hospital School CDT-W70140
437Natchaug Hospital School Joshua Center70017
438Natchaug Hospital School Joshua Center Thames Valley70052
439Nathan Hale Elementary School79024
440Nathan Hale Middle School79089
441Nathan Hale-Ray High School70430
442Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School79103
443Naugatuck High School70440
444Naugatuck Valley Community College3550
445New Beginnings Alternative Program70233
446New Britain High School70455
447New Britain Transition Center70192
448New Canaan High School70465
449New England Jewish Academy70889
450New Fairfield High School70476
451New Fairfield Middle School79101
452New Haven  Adult And Continuation Education Center70498
453New Haven Academy70281
454New Haven Correctional Center70332
455New Haven Job Corps70524
456New Horizon High School70484
457New Horizons70027
458New Light High School70092
459New London Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School70480
460New Milford High School70545
461New Visions70472
462Newington High School70525
463Newtown High School70550
464NLHS Multi Magnet Campus70530
465Nonnewaug High School70970
466North Branford High School70563
467North End Middle School79055
468North Haven Christian Academy70569
469North Haven High School70570
470North Stonington Christian Academy70574
471Northern Correctional Institution70337
472Northwest Catholic High School70896
473Northwest Village School70011
474Northwestern Connecticut Community College3652
475Northwestern Regional High School70962
476Norwalk Alternative Opportunity Program70494
477Norwalk Community College3675
478Norwalk High School70580
479Norwich Free Academy70590
480Norwich Free Academy Night School70437
481Norwich Technical High School70595
482Notre Dame Catholic High School70057
483Notre Dame High School70905
484Oak Hill at Farmington Valley Montessori70137
485Oak Hill School70161
486Oak Hill School70287
487Oak Hill School at Bristol North70002
488Oak Hill School at Bristol South70037
489Oak Hill School at Haddam-Killingworth High School70174
490Oak Hill School at Hemlocks70378
491Oak Hill School at Plainville Middle School70153
492Oak Hill School at Toffolon70013
493Old Lyme High School70600
494Old Saybrook High School70605
495Oliver Wolcott Technical High School70793
496Opportunity Academy70309
497OPTIONS Educational Services70012
498Orville H Platt High School70388
499Osborn Correctional Institution70353
500Oxford Academy70912
501Oxford High School70929
502P Technical Norwalk70456
503PACE at West Haven High School70419
504Pace Education Center70439
505Paier College Of Art3699
506Palmer Academy70009
507PALS – Putnam Alternative Learning System70078
508Parish Hill Junior Senior High School70093
509Park City Magnet School79040
511Pathways Academy Technical And Design70304
512Pathways at Academy of Aerospace & Engineering Elementary School70221
513Paul Laurence Dunbar School79044
514Phoenix Program70228
515Pierrepont School70921
516Pine Meadow Academy70080
517Plainfield High School70090
518Plainville Adult High School Diploma Program70608
519Plainville High School70610
520Plato Credit Recovery70246
521Platt Technical High School70426
522Plymouth Alternative High School70229
523PM Panthers After School Program70176
524Pomfret School70615
525Pomperaug Regional High School70685
526Ponus Ridge Middle School79090
527Portland High School70620
528Positive and Creative Education Program70293
529Praise Power and Christian School70948
530Prestans Online Academy220076
531Pulaski Middle School79014
532Putnam High School70630
533Putnam Science Academy70631
534Quinebaug Middle College High School70136
535R J Kinsella Magnet School Arts70300
536Raymond Hill School70019
537REACH Conard High School70162
538Read Elementary School79036
539Rectory School79018
540Rham High School70323
541Rham Middle School79112
542Ridgefield Alternative High School70214
543Ridgefield High School70640
544Rippowam Middle School79022
545River Valley Services70344
546Riverside Academy70514
547Riverview School70141
548Robert E Fitch Senior High School70435
549Robinson Correctional Institution70319
550Rockville High School70645
551Rocky Hill High School70648
552Roger Ludlowe Middle School79020
553Rogers Park Middle School79114
554Roosevelt Elementary School79037
555Roosevelt Middle School79016
556Ross-Woodward Classical Studies School79027
557Roton Middle School79092
558Rushford Academy70022
559Russian School of Mathematics – Rocky Hill70369
560Sacred Heart Academy70263
561Sacred Heart Greenwich70220
562Sacred Heart High School70845
563Sage Park Middle School79006
564SAILS – Bunnell High School70247
565Sails at Stonington High School70432
566Saint Bernard High School70428
567Saint Catherine Academy70142
568Saint Joseph Catholic Academy79124
569Saint Joseph High School70797
570Saint Joseph School70368
571Saint Luke’s School70460
572Saint Paul Catholic High School70082
573Saint Thomas More School70112
574Saint Timothy Middle School79008
575Salisbury School70655
576Satellite Career Academy70189
577School Resilience Program70446
578Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut70379
579Seymour High School70660
580Seymour Middle School79105
581Shelton High School70665
582Shepaug Valley School70830
583Simsbury High School70675
584Slade Middle School79015
585Solterra Academy70062
586Somers High School70683
587Sound School70516
588Soundbridge at Academy of Science and Innovation70391
589Soundbridge at Bristol Central70433
590South Kent School70695
591South Windsor High School70700
592Southeast Mental Health Authority70336
593Southington High School70690
594SPARK Program70256
595Sport and Medical Sciences Academy70291
596SPS Anchor70184
597Stafford High School70705
598Stafford Middle School79127
599Stamford High School70750
600Staples High School70920
601State Street School70876
602Stedfast Christian Academy70253
603STEM At Annie Fisher School70551
605Step Program70711
606Stepping Stones School70868
607STEPS – Bunnell High School70218
608Stonington High School70607
609Stratford Continuing Education70976
610Stratford High School70755
611STRIVE-West Hartford70069
612Student Transition Educational Pathways (STEP) at Hartford High School70507
613Success Academy70377
614Suffield Academy70765
615Suffield High School70760
616Suffield Middle School79115
617Synergy Alternative High School70126
618Taft School70880
619TASK Alternative Learning Program at Bethel High School70413
620Terryville High School70770
621The Academy of Milford70417
622The Beacon School70114
623The Bridge at ACES70539
624The Ethel Walker School70670
625The Foote School79109
626The Foundation School – Orange Campus70493
627The Frederick Gunn School70825
628The Fresh Start School70449
629The Karen Smith Academy70222
630The Light House Learning Campus70021
631The Light House of Pennsylvania Avenue70158
632The PATHS School70505
633The Pinnacle School70747
634The Speech Academy70390
635The Spire School70729
636The Steps at East School Program70492
637The Susan Wayne Center of Excellence70094
638The Woodstock Academy70975
639Therapeutic Day Program70104
640Therapeutic Education Program70292
641Thomas Hooker Elementary School79038
642Thomas Snell Weaver High School70310
643Thomaston High School70775
644Thompson Middle School79107
645Three Rivers Middle College High School70594
646TLC at Maloney High School70529
647Tolland Alternative Learning Center70191
648Tolland High School70792
649Torrington Christian Academy70794
650Torrington High School70795
651Touchstone School70361
652Tourtellotte Memorial High School70565
653Transition to Life Center70406
654Truman School79079
655Trumbull Alternative School70063
656Trumbull High School70800
657Trumbull REACH Program70203
658TSC at Platt High School70526
659Tunxis Community College3897
660Tunxis Middle College High School-Crec70211
661Turn of River Middle School79053
662University High School Science And Engineerng70326
663University School70065
664Valley Regional High School70150
665Venture Academy-Meriden School70041
666Vinal Technical High School70405
667Virtual Learning Academy70107
668Virtual Learning Academy – Gorton70429
669Virtual Learning Academy Program70185
670Voluntown Elementary School70403
671W F Kaynor Technical High School70855
672Wallingford High School70811
673Walter Fitzgerald Campus70156
674Waltersville Elementary School79047
675Wamogo Regional High School70360
676Warren Harding High School70070
677Washington Middle School79050
678Washington Street Detention Center70351
679Waterbury Adult Continuing Education School70864
680Waterbury Arts Magnet School70867
681Waterbury Career Academy High School70863
682Waterford Country School70089
683Waterford High School70873
684Watertown High School70882
685Watkinson School70320
686West Haven High School70910
687West Rocks Middle School79091
688West Shore Middle School79123
689West Side Middle School79056
690West Side Middle School79061
691West Woods Christian School70262
692Westbrook High School70883
693Westhill High School70751
694Westminster School70680
695Weston High School70913
696Westover School70395
697Westport Day School70386
698Westside Middle School Academy79110
699Wethersfield High School70925
700Wexler-Grant Community School79080
701Wheeler Academy70152
702Wheeler Middle-High School70575
703Whisconier Middle School79005
704Wilbur Cross Elementary School79039
705Wilbur Cross High School70520
706Wilbur Cross Self Contained MD at Wilbur Cross High School70438
707Wilby High School70870
708Wildcat Learning Academy70511
709Willard/Cybulski Correctional Institution70341
710William H Hall High School70900
711Williams School70535
712Wilton High School70938
713Windham High School70930
714Windham Middle School79093
715Windham Technical High School70935
717Windrose Alternative Program70443
718Windsor High School70950
719Windsor Locks High School70955
720Windsor Locks Middle School79095
721Winston Preparatory School70589
722Winthrop Elementary School79034
723Wolcott High School70871
724Woodhall School70028
725Woodhouse Academy70606
726Woodland Regional High School70014
727Woodland School70068
728Wooster School70130
729Worthington Hooker School79081
730WRHS Alternative Education Program70251
731Xavier High School70412
732Yeshiva of New Haven70504
733York Correctional Institution70345
734Youth Boys Care70327


What is a CEEB code?

CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board. CEEB code is a unique identifier that helps students send the right information – SAT scores, transcriptions, and applications – to the colleges that they are applying to.


CEEB code is used to simplify the college admission process. Through the CEEB code, the following institutes involved in college admission process can be identified accurately – colleges, universities, scholarships, schools and more.


CEEB code vs ACT high school code

In most cases, CEEB codes and ACT high school codes are identical. They are also used interchangeably. However, ACT is a separate entity. They have their own set of high school codes, which is independent of CEEB code. That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to compile this post consisting of CEEB codes.


Other names of CEEB code

CEEB code is also known as College Board Code or simply as SAT code. Though the names are different, they do mean the exact unique identifier code.


Where can I find relevant CEEB code?

Right here, readers will be able to find a city-wise list of CEEB codes in Connecticut. Apart from that, readers may even visit the official website of College Board and find school-wise as well as state-wise list of CEEB codes in the USA.

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