List of Official CEEB Codes in Jacksonville

Are you searching for CEEB code of your institute? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a city-wise list of CEEB codes of institutes in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. After going through this post, readers will be able to find the correct CEEB code.

CEEB codes in Jacksonville

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of CEEB codes (official) in Jacksonville, name of the school/college/institute, city/location of the high school & additional details. Here, I’ve provided an institute-wise list of CEEB codes. Readers may easily navigate through the table by using the name of the school/institute that they are interested in.

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Come, let us check out the list of high school codes now. Here it is –


List of CEEB codes in Jacksonville, Florida

Sr NoName of the school/institute/collegeCEEB code
1A Philip Randolph Career Academy100734
2Al-Furqan Academy100623
3Alexandrian School100727
4Alfred I DuPont Middle School109188
5American Global School101392
6AMIKIDS Jacksonville100190
7Andrew Jackson High School100730
8Arlington Middle School109343
9Atlantic Coast High School102320
10Atrium School100415
11Baldwin Middle-Senior High School100080
12Beverly Institute102287
13Biscayne High School102502
14Bishop John J Snyder High School100819
15Bishop Kenny High School100740
16Bolles School  San Jose100745
17Bridge To Success Academy High School102463
18Bridge to Success Academy Middle109191
19Broach School South Campus102375
20Broach School West Campus100746
21Calvary Chapel Christian Academy100743
22Cedar Creek Christian School102155
23Center Academy102129
24Center Academy at Jacksonville Mandarin100732
25Charger Academy109178
26Christs Church Academy102034
27Cornerstone Christian School102050
28Cornerstone Classical Academy102856
29Covenant School Of Jacksonville100855
30Crossroad Private School100738
31Crossroads Christian School Jacksonville102530
32Darnell-Cookman Middle School102179
33Digital Academy Of Florida102727
34Dimensions 3 Academy100021
35Douglas Anderson School Of Arts100791
36Duncan U Fletcher Middle School109305
37Duval Academy100447
38Duval Charter High School Baymeadows102436
39Duval Charter Scholars Academy931466
40Duval Charter School At Coastal109605
41Duval County DJJ and Alternative109817
42Duval MYcroschool Jacksonville Charter School102472
43Duval Virtual Instruction Academy102317
44Eagles View Academy100822
45Edward H White High School100752
46Englewood High School100754
47Episcopal School of Jacksonville100761
48Esprit De Corps Center For Learning102087
49Eunice Christian Private School of Duval County100831
50Faith Academy100773
51Father’s Harbor Academy100414
52First Coast Christian School100767
53First Coast High School100741
54Florida Cyber Charter Academy – Duval100294
55Florida Cyber Charter Academy Clay County102769
56Florida Junior College: Jacksonville100748
57Florida State College Jacksonville: Adult Studies Program100757
58Fort Caroline Middle School109167
59Foundation Academy100804
60Frank Peterson Academy of Technical100802
61Geraldine Ransome Fields Christian Academy102489
62Girls Recovery Center100405
63Global Outreach Charter Academy High School102733
64Grand Park Career Center100792
65GRASP Academy109165
66Greenwood School100771
67Harvest Christian Academy100747
68Harvest Community School102130
69Heart To Heart Christian Academy102471
70Highlands Middle School109186
71Holy Family Catholic School109285
72Horizon Institute102774
73Impact Christian Academy100094
74Impact Halfway House100425
75Jacksonville Adventist Academy100779
76Jacksonville Christian Academy100766
77James W Johnson Preparatory Middle School109333
78Jean Ribault High School100783
79Jean Ribault Middle School109175
80John E Ford Elementary School109172
81Joseph Stilwell Middle School109187
82Joshua Christian Academy101108
83Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School109068
84Kernan Middle School109042
85King’s Christian Academy100807
86KIPP Bold City High School102822
87Lake Shore Middle School109176
88Landmark Middle School109171
89Latam Global School102746
90Lavilla School Of Arts109168
91Little Country School100722
92Lone Star High School102332
93Lutheran High School of Jacksonville102224
94Mandarin High School100769
95Mandarin Middle School109177
96Matthew Gilbert Middle School109369
97Mattie Rutherford Alternative Education Center109474
98Maxville Christian Academy100778
99Mayport Middle School109360
100Millennial Christian School102359
101Morning Star School102535
102Murray Hill High School102415
103North Florida Education Institute102154
104Northwestern Middle School109185
105Oasis Christian Academy102174
106Oceanway Middle School109174
107Old Plank Christian Academy102142
108Orange County American High School102536
109Pablo Academy100806
110Pace Center for Girls Jacksnvl100073
111Parsons Christian Academy102328
112Pathways Academy102076
113Paxon School-Advanced Studies100780
114Pre-Trial Detention Center100430
115Providence School100781
116River City Science Academy Innovation School109545
117River City Science Academy Mandarin109608
118River City Science Academy Middle High School102252
119Riverside High School100785
120Safe Harbor Academy102062
121Samuel W Wolfson High School100799
122San Jose Catholic School109324
123San Jose Early College At Cecil102901
124San Jose Preparatory School102603
125Sandalwood High School100787
126School for Accelerated Learning And Technologies High Schoool101971
127Seacoast Christian Academy100777
128Shekinah Christian Academy102110
129SOS Charter High School and Career Academy102027
130Southside Middle School109170
131Springfield Middle School109345
132Stanton College Preparatory School100775
133TDH Christian Academy100487
134Temple Christian Academy102407
135Terry Parker High School100758
136The Potter’s House Christian Academy100837
137Trinity Christian Academy100788
138Twin Lakes Academy Middle School109173
139University Christian School100793
140Victory Christian Academy100801
141Wally Green Recovery Campus100412
142West Meadows Baptist Academy100803
143Westside High School100798
144Westside Middle School109463
145Westview School109190
146William M Raines High School100796
147Young Kids In Motion Academy102533
148Young Women/Men Leadership Academy109033
149Youth Crisis Center100550
150Youth Development Program 182100843
151Zarephath Academy102194


What is a CEEB code?

CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board. CEEB code is a unique identifier that helps students send the right information – SAT scores, transcriptions, and applications – to the colleges that they are applying to.


CEEB code is used to simplify the college admission process. Through the CEEB code, the following institutes involved in college admission process can be identified accurately – colleges, universities, scholarships, schools and more.


CEEB code vs ACT high school code

In most cases, CEEB codes and ACT high school codes are identical. They are also used interchangeably. However, ACT is a separate entity. They have their own set of high school codes, which is independent of CEEB code. That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to compile this post consisting of CEEB codes.


Other names of CEEB code

CEEB code is also known as College Board Code or simply as SAT code. Though the names are different, they do mean the exact unique identifier code.



Where can I find relevant CEEB code?

Right here, readers will be able to find a city-wise list of CEEB codes in Jacksonville, Florida. Apart from that, readers may even visit the official website of College Board and find school-wise as well as state-wise list of CEEB codes in the USA.

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