List of Official CEEB Codes in Kansas

Are you searching for CEEB code of your institute? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a city-wise list of CEEB codes of institutes in Kansas, USA. After going through this post, readers will be able to find the correct CEEB code.

CEEB codes Kansas

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of CEEB codes (official) in Kansas, name of the school/college/institute, city/location of the high school & additional details. Here, I’ve provided an institute-wise list of CEEB codes. Readers may easily navigate through the table by using the name of the school/institute that they are interested in.

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Come, let us check out the list of high school codes now. Here it is –


List of CEEB codes in Kansas

Sr NoName of the high school/college/instituteCEEB code
121st Century Learning Academy172121
2Abilene Baptist Academy170004
3Abilene High School170005
4Accelerated Schools of Overland Park172291
5Allen County Community College6305
6Alpha Christian School172373
7Altoona-Midway Middle High School170395
8Andale High School170085
9Anderson County Junior Senior High School171085
10Andover Central High School170089
11Andover eCademy170577
12Andover High School170090
13Apostolic Academy171512
14Argonia Junior Senior High School170105
15Ark City Christian Academy170111
16Arkansas City High School170110
17Army Education Center171018
18Ashland Junior Senior High School170130
19Atchison County Community Junior Senior High School170855
20Atchison High School170140
21Attica High School170165
22Aubry Bend Middle School179016
23Augusta High School170180
24Axtell School170190
25Baldwin High School170200
26Basehor-Linwood High School170215
27Baxter Springs High School170225
28Belle Plaine High School170250
29Beloit Junior-Senior High School170260
30Bennington High School170285
31Berean Academy170860
32Bethany Christian Academy171364
33Bethel Baptist Christian School170514
34Bethel Christian Academy172287
35Bible Baptist High School170357
36Bible Methodist Academy172023
37Bishop Carroll Catholic High School173167
38Bishop Miege High School171532
39Bishop Seabury Academy171680
40Bishop Ward High School171555
41Blue Valley High School172820
42Blue Valley High School172535
43Blue Valley Middle School179018
44Blue Valley North High School172294
45Blue Valley Northwest High School172296
46Blue Valley SW High School172302
47Blue Valley West High School172821
48Bluestem Junior Senior High School171730
49Bonner Springs High School170360
50Brewster School170365
51Brighton Academy172214
52Bucklin High School170385
53Buhler High School170400
54Burlingame Junior Senior High School170425
55Burlington High School170430
56Burrton School170445
57Butler Community College6191
58Cair Paravel-Latin School172902
59Caldwell Secondary School170465
60Calvary Academy173173
61Calvary Baptist Academy171249
62Campus High School173168
63Caney Valley Junior Senior High School170475
64Canton Galva Junior Senior High School170480
65Capital City School172929
66Career Opportunity Center171530
67Cedar Vale High School170505
68Center Academic Achievement172767
69Central Christian Academy170011
70Central Christian College of Kansas6088
71Central Christian School171430
72Central Heights High School172573
73Central Junior-Senior High School170410
74Central Plains Junior Senior High School170560
75Central School170149
76Central States Junior Academy171528
77Centralia School170510
78Centre K 12 School171835
79Chanute Christian Academy170516
80Chanute Senior High School170515
81Chaparral High School170095
82Chapman High School170520
83Chase County Junior Senior School170685
84Chase High School170525
85Cheney High School170530
86Cherryvale Middle High School170540
87Chetopa School170545
88Cheylin West Junior Senior High School170320
89Christ Preparatory Academy171526
90Christian Family Ministries Academy173169
91Christian Learning Center171024
92Church Deliverance Christian Academy171511
93Cimarron High School170550
94Circle High School172940
95Classical School of Wichita173200
96Clay Center Community High School170570
97Clearwater High School170580
98Clifton-Clyde High School170605
99Cloud County Community College6137
100Coffeyville Community College6102
101Colby High School170625
102Coleman Middle School179001
103Columbus High School170645
104Complete High School Maize171884
105Concordia Junior Senior High School170655
106Conway Springs High School170665
107Cornerstone Christian Academy170518
108Cornerstone Family School172906
109Cornerstone High School171051
110Council Grove Junior Senior High School170690
111Covenant Academy172403
112Cowley County Community College6008
113Crest School170640
114Cunningham High School170725
115De Soto High School170770
116Decatur Community Junior Senior High School172210
117Deerfield High School170735
118Derby Christian School170764
119Derby High School170765
120Derby Middle School179007
121Dexter Junior Senior High School170775
122Dighton Junior Senior High School170780
123Dodge City Community College6166
124Dodge City High School170783
125Doniphan West Junior Senior High School171341
126Douglass High School170800
127East High School173206
128Eisenhower High School171120
129El Dorado High School170865
130Elk Valley Junior Senior High School171825
131Elkhart High School170880
132Ell Saline Middle Senior High School170375
133Ellinwood Middle High School170890
134Ellis High School170895
135Ellsworth Junior Senior High School170900
136Elyria Christian School171964
137Emmanuel Christian School172672
138Emporia High School170923
139Erie High School170955
140Eudora High School170970
141Eureka Junior Senior High School170975
142F L Schlagle High School171537
143Fairfield School171660
144Faith Academy173198
145Faith Baptist High School172217
146Faith Christian Academy173101
147Fellowship Baptist Academy171769
148Field Kindley High School170620
149Flint Hills Christian School171889
150Flinthills High School172600
151Fort Scott Christian Heights School171021
152Fort Scott Community College6219
153Fort Scott High School171020
154Fowler Junior-Senior High School171025
155Frankfort School171030
156Frederic Remington High School173155
157Fredonia Junior Senior High School171035
158Frontenac Senior High School171040
159Frontier Trail Middle School179004
160Galena High School171050
161Garden City Achieve171064
162Garden City Community College6246
163Garden City High School171065
164Garden Plain High School171070
165Gardner Edgerton High School171075
166Girard High School171110
167Glasco High School171115
168Goddard Academy171129
169Goddard High School171125
170Goessel Junior Senior High School171130
171Golden Plains High School172570
172Goodland Junior Senior High School171140
173Grace Christian Academy173111
174Great Bend High School171158
175Greeley County High School172945
176Halstead High School171215
177Hamilton Junior Senior High School171220
178Hanover School171230
179Harmony Middle School179015
180Hartford Junior Senior High School171255
181Haven High School171270
182Hayden High School172905
183Hays High School171295
184Haysville High School171305
185Healy School171310
186Heartland Christian School170629
187Heights High School173212
188Herington High School171320
189Heritage Christian Academy West172216
190Heritage Christian School172908
191Heritage Home School Academy171029
192Hesston College6274
193Hesston High School171330
194Hiawatha Christian Academy171336
195Hiawatha High School171335
196Highland Community College6276
197Highland Park High School172910
198Hill City Junior Senior High School171345
199Hillcrest Bible Baptist Academy170112
200Hillsboro Middle High School171350
201Hodgeman County High School171495
202Hoisington High School171355
203Holcomb High School171360
204Holton High School171370
205Hope High School171380
206Hope St Charter Academy172911
207Horizon Academy170009
208Horizons High School170006
209Horton High School171385
210Hoxie Junior Senior High School171395
211Hugoton High School171410
212Humboldt High School171415
213Hutchinson Community College6281
214Hutchinson High School171432
215Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy172472
216Independence Bible School171443
217Independence Community College6304
218Independence High School171445
219Ingalls Junior Senior High School171450
220Inman Junior Senior High School171455
221Insight School of Kansas172811
222Iola High School171460
223J C Harmon High School171536
224Jackson Heights High School171368
225Jayhawk Linn High School172095
226Jefferson County North High School172195
227Jefferson West High School171995
228Johnson County Community College6325
229Junction City High School171510
230Kansas City Christian School171531
231Kansas Connections Academy170882
232Kansas Correctional Institute Lansing171661
233Kansas School for the Blind171533
234Kansas School for the Deaf172218
235Kansas State Penitentiary171663
236Kansas State University – Cyber Pipeline Program170029
237Kapaun Mount Carmel High School173190
238Kickapoo Nation School172464
239Kingman High School171590
240Kinsley Junior Senior High School171600
241Kiowa County High School171185
242Knollwood Baptist High School172915
243Labette Community College6576
244Labette County High School170060
245Lacrosse High School171625
246Lakeside Junior Senior High School170811
247Lakewood Middle School179014
248Lakin High School171645
249Lansing High School171665
250Larned High School171670
251Lawerence College Career Center170007
252Lawrence Free State High School171691
253Lawrence Gardner High School172917
254Lawrence High School171690
255Lawrence Virtual School171692
256Learning Center of Wichita173220
257Leavenworth High School171700
258Leawood Middle School179013
259Lebo High School171710
260Lexington Trails Middle School179022
261Liberal High School171770
262Life Christian School170647
263Life Preparatory Academy173215
264Lincoln Junior Senior High School171780
265Linn School171795
266Little River Junior Senior High School171805
267Logan Junior Senior High School171810
268Longfellow Middle School179002
269Louisburg High School171840
270Lucas-Luray High School171850
271Lyndon High School171860
272Lyons High School171865
273Macksville High School171870
274Madison Junior Senior High School171875
275Maize High School171885
276Maize South High School173197
277Maize Virtual Preparatory School170008
278Manhattan High School171895
279Manhattan Virtual Academy170013
280Marais Des Cygnes Valley Junior Senior High School171985
281Maranatha Christian Academy171538
282Marion High School171915
283Marmaton Valley Junior Senior High School172065
284Marshall Middle School179005
285Marysville Junior Senior High School171925
286Maur Hill-Mount Academy170145
287McLouth High School171955
288McPherson High School171965
289Meade High School171977
290Medicine Lodge Junior Senior High School171980
291Midland Adventist Academy172768
292Midway Christian School173191
293Mill Creek Campus170012
294Mill Valley High School172777
295Miltonvale High School172025
296Minneapolis Junior Senior High School172035
297Minneola School172040
298Mission Oaks Christian School171544
299Mission Valley Junior Senior High School170965
300Morning Start Christian Academy173192
301Moscow Junior Senior High School172090
302Moundridge High School172100
303Mulvane High School172125
304Natoma High School172145
305Nemaha Central High School172747
306Neodesha Junior Senior High School172150
307Neosho County Community College6093
308Ness City Junior Senior High School172165
309New Life Christian Academy172224
310New Life Christian Academy172968
311Newton Senior High School172175
312Nickerson High School172180
313North Beloit High School170264
314North High School173207
315Northeast High School170120
316Northeast Magnet High School173183
317Northern Heights High School170045
318Northern Valley High School170055
319Northfield School Liberal Arts173184
320Northwest High School173214
321Norton Community High School172190
322Norwich High School172200
323Oakley High School172205
324Olathe East High School172221
325Olathe North High School172220
326Olathe Northwest High School172225
327Olathe South High School172222
328Olathe Virtual School170014
329Olathe West High School170010
330Olpe Junior Senior High School172235
331Onaga High School172245
332Osage City High School172255
333Osawatomie High School172260
334Osborne Junior Senior High School172265
335Oskaloosa Junior Senior High School172270
336Oswego Junior Senior High School172275
337Otis Bison Junior Senior High School172280
338Ottawa Christian Academy172286
339Ottawa High School172285
340Overland Christian High School172295
341Overland Trail Middle School179019
342Oxford Junior Senior High School172300
343Oxford Middle School179012
344Palco Junior Senior High School172315
345Paola High School172320
346Parsons High School172343
347Pathway Christian Academy172405
348Patton Junior High School179009
349Pawnee Heights School172620
350Peabody Burns Junior Senior High School172370
351Peoria Street Virtual Learning Center171843
352Perry-Lecompton High School172375
353Phillipsburg High School172385
354Pike Valley High School172700
355Pilgrim Christian High School171434
356Pioneer Christian Academy173029
357Piper High School172400
358Pittsburg High School172407
359Plainville Junior Senior High School172425
360Pleasant Ridge High School170830
361Pleasant Ridge Middle School179008
362Pleasanton High School172430
363Pleasantview Academy171433
364Point Rock Alternative School170881
365Prairie Star Middle School179017
366Prairie View High School171630
367Pratt Community College6581
368Pratt High School172475
369Pretty Prairie High School172490
370Quinter Junior Senior High School172515
371Rawlins County Junior Senior High School170170
372Republic County Junior Senior High School170273
373Riley County High School172580
374Riverbend International School170160
375Riverside High school173085
376Riverton High School172585
377Robinson Middle School179010
378Rock Creek High School172655
379Rock Hills Junior Senior High School171900
380Rolla Junior Senior High School172595
381Rose Hill High School172605
382Rossville Junior Senior High School172610
383Royal Valley High School171400
384RSW Institute173187
385Russell High School172625
386Sabetha High School172635
387Sacred Heart Junior-Senior High School172675
388Saint James Academy171720
389Saint John Vianney School171909
390Saint John’s High School170265
391Saint John’s Military School172680
392Saint Mary’s Academy172664
393Saint Mary’s-Colgan High School172410
394Saint Thomas Aquinas High School172776
395Saint Xavier Catholic School171515
396Salina Area Vocational Technical School172682
397Salina High School Central172685
398Salina High School South172687
399Santa Fe Trail High School172290
400Satanta Junior-Senior High School172690
401Scott City Community High School172710
402Seaman High School172920
403Seaman Middle School179003
404Sedan Junior Senior High School172720
405Sedgwick High School172725
406Shawnee Heights High School172883
407Shawnee Mission Baptist Academy172769
408Shawnee Mission Christian School173138
409Shawnee Mission East High School172473
410Shawnee Mission North High School172000
411Shawnee Mission Northwest High School172771
412Shawnee Mission South High School172772
413Shawnee Mission West High School172773
414Silver Lake Junior-Senior High School172775
415Skyline High School172477
416Smith Center Junior-Senior High School172785
417Smoky Valley High School171790
418Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School171799
419Solomon High School172795
420South Barber High School171605
421South Central High School170634
422South Gray High School172050
423South Haven School172800
424South High School173211
425Southeast High School170535
426Southeast High School173208
427Southeast of Saline School170135
428Southern Coffey County High School171759
429Southwest Middle School179011
430Southwestern Hgts High School171620
431Sowers Alternative High School173195
432Spearville Junior Senior High School172805
433Spring Hill High School172810
434St Francis Junior Senior High School172645
435St John Junior Senior High School172660
436St Mary’s Junior Senior High School172665
437St Paul School172670
438Stafford High School172815
439Stanton County Junior Senior High School171505
440Sterling Junior Senior High School172830
441Stockton High School172840
442Sublette High School172850
443Sumner Academy of Arts and Science171550
444Sun City Baptist Church School172861
445Sunflower Learning Cooperative172390
446Sunrise Christian Academy173196
447Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School172865
448Syracuse Christian Academy172874
449Syracuse Elementary School179300
450Syracuse Junior Senior High School172875
451Tescott Junior Senior High School172885
452The Independent School173185
453Thomas More Preparatory: Marian High School171300
454Thunder Ridge High School171580
455Thunder Ridge Middle School170030
456Tipton Catholic Junior Senior High School172895
457Todays Christian Academy173194
458Tonganoxie High School172900
460Topeka High School172925
461Topeka West High School172928
462Trego Community High School173040
463Trinity Academy173182
464Trinity Catholic High School171435
465Triplains School173255
466Troy High School172955
467Turner High School172960
468Tyro Community Christian School172958
469Udall High School172970
470Ulysses Career Learning Academy172979
471Ulysses High School172975
472Uniontown Junior Senior High School172980
473Valley Center High School172990
474Valley Falls High School172995
475Valley Heights Junior-Senior High School170345
476Veritas Christian School171693
477Victoria Junior Senior High School173015
478Victory Baptist Christian Academy172229
479Victory Village Christian Academy171437
480Wabaunsee High School170050
481Wakefield High School173045
482Wallace County School172765
483Wamego High School173070
484Washburn Rural High School172930
485Washington County Junior Senior High School173073
486Washington High School170310
487Waverly High School173090
488Wellington High School173110
489Wellsville High School173115
490Weskan School173120
491West Elk School171390
492West Franklin High School172409
493West High School173209
494West Side Christian Academy170929
495West Side High School171674
496Western Plains High School172541
497Wetmore Academic Center173140
498Wheatland Senior High School171155
499Wheatridge Middle School179006
500White City School173150
501Wichita Alternative High School173180
502Wichita Collegiate School173210
503Wichita County Junior Senior High School171745
504Wichita Eschool173205
505Wichita Heights Baptist School173202
506Wilson Junior Senior High School173230
507Winfield High School173252
508Wyandotte High School171560
509Yates Center High School173270


What is a CEEB code?

CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board. CEEB code is a unique identifier that helps students send the right information – SAT scores, transcriptions, and applications – to the colleges that they are applying to.


CEEB code is used to simplify the college admission process. Through the CEEB code, the following institutes involved in college admission process can be identified accurately – colleges, universities, scholarships, schools and more.


CEEB code vs ACT high school code

In most cases, CEEB codes and ACT high school codes are identical. They are also used interchangeably. However, ACT is a separate entity. They have their own set of high school codes, which is independent of CEEB code. That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to compile this post consisting of CEEB codes.


Other names of CEEB code

CEEB code is also known as College Board Code or simply as SAT code. Though the names are different, they do mean the exact unique identifier code.


Where can I find relevant CEEB code?

Right here, readers will be able to find a city-wise list of CEEB codes in Kansas. Apart from that, readers may even visit the official website of College Board and find school-wise as well as state-wise list of CEEB codes in the USA.

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