List of Official CEEB Codes in North Dakota

Are you searching for CEEB code of your institute? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a city-wise list of CEEB codes of institutes in North Dakota, USA. After going through this post, readers will be able to find the correct CEEB code.

CEEB codes North Dakota

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of CEEB codes (official) in North Dakota, name of the school/college/institute, city/location of the high school & additional details. Here, I’ve provided an institute-wise list of CEEB codes. Readers may easily navigate through the table by using the name of the school/institute that they are interested in.

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Come, let us check out the list of high school codes now. Here it is –


List of CEEB codes in North Dakota

Sr NoName of the high school/college/instituteCEEB code
1Alexander Public School350015
2Anamoose Public School350045
3Ashley School350075
4Barnes County North351900
5Beach High School350110
6Belfield School350120
7Berthold School350135
8Bethany Prairie School351898
9Beulah High School350145
10Bishop Ryan School351228
11Bismarck High School350158
12Bottineau Junior Senior High School350175
13Bowbells Public School350180
14Bowman County School350195
15Burke Central School351090
16Carrington Junior Senior High School350260
17Cavalier Public School350280
18Center-Stanton High School350285
19Central Cass Public School350270
20Central Valley Public School350235
21Century High School350159
22Community High School350752
23Dakota Adventist Academy350832
24Dakota High School350576
25Dakota Memorial School351229
26Dakota Prairie Junior Senior High School351430
27Davies High School350569
28Des Lacs Burlington High School350410
29Devils Lake High School350415
30Dickinson High School350430
31Divide County High School350365
32Drake Anamoose High School350465
33Drayton Public School350470
34Dunseith Junior Senior High School350485
35Edgeley Public School350495
36Edmore Public School350505
37Eight Mile School351743
38Elgin New Leipzig High School350516
39Ellendale School350520
40Enderlin Area School350535
41Fairmount Public School350560
42Fargo North High School350568
43Fessenden Bowdon School350580
44Finley Sharon School350595
45Flasher School350600
46Fordville Lankin School350615
47Four Winds Community High School350635
48Gackle Streeter Public School350655
49Garrison High School350685
50Glen Ullin Public School350715
51Glenburn Public School350705
52Goodrich School350730
53Grafton High School350740
54Grand Forks Central High School350750
55Granville School350765
56Grenora Public School350770
57Griggs County Central School350345
58Hankinson Public School350805
59Harvey High School350830
60Hatton Eileson School350840
61Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock High School350855
62Hazen High School350860
63Hebron Public School350870
64Heritage Middle School359000
65Hettinger Public School350875
66Hillsboro High School350885
67Hope Christian Academy350002
68Hope-Page High School350895
69Horace High School350003
70James Valley Career And Technical Center350924
71Jamestown High School350923
72Johnson Corners Christian Academy351827
73Kenmare High School350960
74Killdeer School350980
75Kindred High School350985
76Kulm School351005
77Lake Area Career And Technical Center350417
78Lake Region State College6163
79Lakota Junior Senior High School351010
80Lamoure Public School351015
81Langdon Area Junior Senior High School351025
82Larimore Junior Senior High School351045
83Leeds School351060
84Legacy High School350161
85Lidgerwood School351085
86Linton Public School351095
87Lisbon High School351100
88Litchville-Marion High School351145
89Maddock School351120
90Magic City Campus High School351232
91Mandan Senior High School351130
92Mandaree Public School351132
93Maple Valley Elementary Sch-Buffalo351385
94Maple Valley School350225
95Marmot High School North Dakota Youth Corr Center351131
96Max Public School351160
97May-Port Cg Middle High School351170
98McClusky High School351175
99Medina Public School351195
100Midkota Junior Senior High School350710
101Midway Public School350935
102Milnor Public School351215
103Minnewaukan School351225
104Minto School351255
105Mohall Lansford Sherwood Public School351260
106Montpelier School351268
107Mott Regent School351270
108Munich School351280
109Napoleon Public School351285
110Nedrose High School351234
111New England School351305
112New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School351320
113New Salem Almont Junior Senior High School351330
114New Testament Baptist Christian School351047
115New Town Junior Senior High School351335
116Newburg School351300
117North Border School Pembina351420
118North Border School Walhalla351815
119North Dakota Center Distance Education350564
120North Dakota School for the Deaf350418
121North Dakota State College of Science6476
122North Sargent School350780
123North Shore Plaza High School351125
124North Shore Plaza School351455
125North Star Public School350155
126Northern Cass Public School350070
127Northwood School351355
128Oak Grove Lutheran School350570
129Oakes High School351370
130Our Redeemers Christian School351235
131Park River School351405
132Parshall High School351410
133Pingree-Buchanan High School351445
134Powers Lake High School351470
135Quenten N Burdick Job Base Corporation351258
136Ray Public School351475
137Red River High School350753
138Rhame Elementary School351500
139Richardton-Taylor High School351508
140Richland Junior Senior High School350330
141Robinson Public School351520
142Rocklake High School351525
143Rolette Public School351535
144Rolla High School351540
145Roughrider 9 12 Virtual Academy350004
146Rugby High School351550
147Saint Marys Central High School350160
148Sargent Central School350625
149Scranton Public School351600
150Selfridge High School351605
151Shanley Sacred Heart Schools350575
152Sherwood Public School351625
153Shiloh Christian School350163
154Solen Junior Senior High School351635
155South Central Alternative High School350165
156South Heart School351645
157South High School350565
158South Prairie School351233
159Southwest Community High School350440
160St John School351570
161Standing Rock High School350640
162Stanley Junior Senior High School351650
163Starkweather Public School351660
164Steele Public School351665
165Strasburg Public School351675
166Sundale Colony School350001
167Surrey Public School351685
168Thompson Public School351715
169Tioga Junior Senior High School351720
170Towner School351740
171Trinity Junior Senior High School350438
172Turtle Lake Mercer Public School351745
173Turtle Mountain Community High School350115
174Underwood Public School351755
175Valley City Junior Senior High School351788
176Valley-Edinburg High School350500
177Velva School351790
178Wahpeton High School351800
179Warwick Public School351820
180Washburn Public School351825
181Watford City High School351830
182West Fargo High School351845
183West Fargo Sheyenne High School351840
184Westhope School351850
185White Shield Public School350533
186Williston High School351880
187Williston State College6905
188Williston Trinity Christian School351881
189Wilton Public School351895
190Wing Public School351905
191Wishek Public School351910
192Wolford High School351915
193Wolves Center Academy350006
194Wyndmere Public School351925
195Zeeland Public School351935


What is a CEEB code?

CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board. CEEB code is a unique identifier that helps students send the right information – SAT scores, transcriptions, and applications – to the colleges that they are applying to.


CEEB code is used to simplify the college admission process. Through the CEEB code, the following institutes involved in college admission process can be identified accurately – colleges, universities, scholarships, schools and more.


CEEB code vs ACT high school code

In most cases, CEEB codes and ACT high school codes are identical. They are also used interchangeably. However, ACT is a separate entity. They have their own set of high school codes, which is independent of CEEB code. That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to compile this post consisting of CEEB codes.


Other names of CEEB code

CEEB code is also known as College Board Code or simply as SAT code. Though the names are different, they do mean the exact unique identifier code.


Where can I find relevant CEEB code?

Right here, readers will be able to find a city-wise list of CEEB codes in North Dakota. Apart from that, readers may even visit the official website of College Board and find school-wise as well as state-wise list of CEEB codes in the USA.

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