Top Preschools in Himachal Pradesh: Admission, Details & More

Are you searching for the list of best preschools in Himachal Pradesh? Do you want to select a top-rated preschool for your child? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top preschools in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Top rated preschools in HP

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best preschools in Himachal Pradesh, address of the preschool, type of the preschool & additional information. In short, this post has been crafted keeping the needs of parents in mind. Using the information provided in this post, they may find a top-rated preschool for their children.


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Early education plays an important role in the life of a child. Early education helps shape the personality, character and attitude of a child. The better the quality of his/her early education, the better he/she will perform in higher classes & further studies.


Come, let us check out the list of best preschools in Himachal Pradesh now. Here it is –


List of best preschools in Himachal Pradesh

Sr NoName of the preschoolType of the preschoolAddressDistrict
1ABC Kids Play SchoolPrivateNear Sarswati Vidya Mandir School, VikasnagarShimla, Himachal Pradesh
2ABC Montessori – GaggalPrivate (Montessori)Dharamshala Road, GaggalKangra, Himachal Pradesh
3Ankur Day SchoolCBSE BoardStrawberry Hill, KasumptiShimla, Himachal Pradesh
4Arklow Play SchoolPrivateGautam Foundation CampusHamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
5Artrac Primary SchoolPrivateWood Bird BuildingShimla, Himachal Pradesh
6Bachpan A Play SchoolPrivateNear Himchal KeosariDharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
7Bachpan A Play SchoolPrivateNear Himchal KeosariDharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
8Bachpan A Play School – DarangPrivateVillage – Darang, NearKangra, Himachal Pradesh
9Bachpan A Play School – FatehpurPrivateVillage- Bherta, POKangra, Himachal Pradesh
10Bachpan A Play School – GhumarwinPrivateIPH Colony, NearBilaspur, Himachal Pradesh
11Bachpan A Play School – Krishna NagarPrivateKrishna Nagar, NearHamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
12Bachpan A Play School – MandiPrivateSamidha Complex, VillageMandi, Himachal Pradesh
13Bachpan A Play School – SolanPrivateSamriddhi Kunj, SuryaSolan, Himachal Pradesh
14Bachpan A Play School – Sujanpur TiraPrivateNear Tagor ITIHamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
15Bachpan Play SchoolPrivateSamriddhi Kunj, SuryaSolan, Himachal Pradesh
16EuroKidsPrivateRaj Niwas, RajgarhSolan, Himachal Pradesh
17Eurokids PreschoolPrivateKangra, Himachal Pradesh
18EuroKids Pre-School – Sai RoadPrivateBuilding No. 94, HousingBaddi, Himachal Pradesh
19First Step SchoolPrivateJandev’s Tulsi ComplexSolan, Pradesh
20Genius Global Play SchoolPrivate194 Anand Vihar, SaproonSolan, Himachal Pradesh
21Guru Kripa Vidya Niketan SchoolPrivateBurma Papri   9805350659Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh
22Hello KidsPrivateSaroch Bhawan, VNadaun, Himachal Pradesh
23Indo American Montessori Pre SchoolPrivate (Montessori)Opp. Amravati, BehindBaddi, Himachal Pradesh
24Indo American Montessori Pre School – JharmanjhriPrivate (Montessori)Village Jharmanjhri, KunjahalSolan, Himachal Pradesh
25Indus World School – IWS MandiCBSE BoardVillage- Jarli, GaggalMandi, Himachal Pradesh
26KIDS Pro Smart SchoolPrivateGhumarwin  (01978)-254044Bilaspur, Pradesh
27KidzeePrivatePine Paradise HousingSolan, Himachal Pradesh
28Kidzee – AmrohPrivateVillage Sihal, PostHamirpur, Pradesh
29Kidzee – KarsogPrivateJohar, Village BarolMandi, Himachal Pradesh
30Kidzee – NahanPrivate424/2, Sunder Bag ColonyNahan, Himachal Pradesh
31Kidzee – Tiny Tots PalampurPrivateDharamshala By PassPalampur, Himachal Pradesh
32Little Genius Play School and DaycarePrivateC-36, Lane-2, SectorShimla, Himachal Pradesh
33London Kids PreschoolPrivateNandini Cottage, SidhbariDharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
34Murari Shishu NiketanPrivateMandi, Himachal Pradesh
35Sanfort PreschoolPrivateShri Chamunda ComplexDharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
36Saraswati Paradise International Public SchoolCBSE BoardHousing Board ColonyShimla, Himachal Pradesh
37Shemrock Buttercups PreschoolPrivateTasheena Cottage, KeonthalShimla, Himachal Pradesh
38Shemrock Diamonds PreschoolPrivate# 666, Ward NoHamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
39Shemrock Joy PreschoolPrivate# 86, Basanti BaghBaddi, Himachal Pradesh
40Shemrock Plums PreschoolPrivateOld Income TaxSolan, Himachal Pradesh
41Shemrock Smart KidsPrivateLoveena Complex, SanjauliShimla, Himachal Pradesh
42Shemrock Tender BudsPrivateNear Snauran ChowkKangra, Himachal Pradesh
43The Lawrence SchoolCBSE BoardSanawar  (01792)-261208FaxSolan, Himachal Pradesh
44The Poly Kids – UNA 1PrivateNear JBT/ DIETUna, Pradesh
45The Poly Kids – UNA 2PrivateV.P.OUna, Pradesh
46Viveka Foundations SchoolCBSE BoardVillage Mansimbal, OffKangra, Himachal Pradesh


Preschool admission in Himachal Pradesh

The admission process may vary from one preschool to another. Most preschools provide admission on the basis of first come, first served basis. Once the admission season starts, they start issuing admission forms for interested parents. You simply have to collect the admission form, fill it up and submit it at the office of the preschool.


After going through the application form, the authorities at the preschool will call you for a meeting. If everything goes through well, your child will be able to secure admission in the preschool. Some preschools are known to conduct an aptitude test to gauge the child’s capability. Some other preschools have a donation-based admission process.

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