Top Preschools in Latur: Admission, Details & More

Are you searching for the list of best preschools in Latur? Do you want to select a top-rated preschool for your child? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top preschools in Latur, Maharashtra.

Top rated preschools in Latur

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best preschools in Latur, address of the preschool, type of the preschool & additional information. In short, this post has been crafted keeping the needs of parents in mind. Using the information provided in this post, they may find a top-rated preschool for their children.

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Early education plays an important role in the life of a child. Early education helps shape the personality, character and attitude of a child. The better the quality of his/her early education, the better he/she will perform in higher classes & further studies.


Come, let us check out the list of best preschools in Latur now. Here it is –


List of best preschools in Latur

Sr No Name of the preschool Type of the preschool Address District/Area/Location
1 Bachpan A Play School – Aurad Shahajani Private Dhavile-Complex, Aurad (Shahajani Latur, Maharashtra
2 Bachpan A Play School – Indraprasth Private Dadashri Niwas, Indraprasth Nagar, Near Rajiv Gandhi Chowk Latur, Maharashtra
3 Bachpan A Play School – Shirur Tajband Private Udgir Road, Shirur Tajband Latur, Maharashtra
4 Bachpan A Play School – Shri Saraswati Nagar Private Shri Saraswati Nagar, Opp. Govt. Colony, Barshi Road Latur, Maharashtra
5 Brainworks – Udgir Private Meenakashi G. Nakate (Donagapure),
C/O N.C. Yerole, Vikas Nagar, Udgir
Latur, Maharashtra
6 EuroKids – Latur Private Maharashtra Housing Society, Varsha Bungalow, Plot No. 10, Barshi Road,
Near Mandade Hospital
Latur, Maharashtra
7 Hello Kids – Jalkot Private Market Yard, Near Datta Mandir Latur, Maharashtra
8 Kidzee – Udgir Private C/O Sayed Haji Sayed Mustafa Hashmi, (Hashmi Building), M.C. No Latur, Maharashtra
9 Podar Jumbo Kids – New Renapur Naka Private New Renapur Naka, Ambejogai Road Latur, Maharashtra
10 Shemrock Ethics Private 5, Nirmalkunj, Mahsool Colony Latur, Maharashtra
11 Suman Sanskar Prep School Private Old Adarsh Colony, Ausa Road Latur, Maharashtra
12 The Tree House Play Group Private 35, New Adarsh Colony, Ausa Road Latur, Maharashtra


Preschool admission in Latur

The admission process may vary from one preschool to another. Most preschools provide admission on the basis of first come, first served basis. Once the admission season starts, they start issuing admission forms for interested parents. You simply have to collect the admission form, fill it up and submit it at the office of the preschool.


After going through the application form, the authorities at the preschool will call you for a meeting. If everything goes through well, your child will be able to secure admission in the preschool. Some preschools are known to conduct an aptitude test to gauge the child’s capability. Some other preschools have a donation-based admission process.

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