Top-Rated Primary Schools in London

Do you belong to London, United Kingdom? Are you searching for the list of top-rated primary schools in London? Do you want to select the best primary school for your child? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best primary schools in London, United Kingdom.

Best primary schools in London

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best primary schools in London, type of the primary school, city/location of the school & additional information. After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal government or non-government primary school.

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Let us check out the list of primary schools in London now. Here it is –


List of best primary schools in London, UK

Sr NoName of the primary schoolType of the primary schoolStreet AddressTown/Location/Area
1Bell Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBell Lane


2Brookland Junior SchoolCommunity schoolHill Top
3Brookland Infant and Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolHill Top
4Brunswick Park Primary and Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolOsidge Lane
5Childs Hill SchoolCommunity schoolDersingham Road
6Colindale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClovelly Avenue
7Coppetts Wood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCoppetts Road
8Courtland SchoolCommunity schoolCourtland Avenue
9Deansbrook Infant SchoolCommunity schoolHale Drive
10Dollis Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPursley Road
11Fairway Primary School and Children’s CentreCommunity schoolThe Fairway
12Frith Manor Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLullington Garth
13Garden Suburb Junior SchoolCommunity schoolChilds Way
14Garden Suburb Infant SchoolCommunity schoolChilds Way
15Hollickwood Primary SchoolFoundation schoolSydney Road
16Holly Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBellevue Road
17Manorside Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSquires Lane
18Monkfrith Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKnoll Drive
19Moss Hall Junior SchoolCommunity school187 Nether Street
20Moss Hall Infant SchoolCommunity schoolMoss Hall Grove
21Northside Primary SchoolCommunity school2 Albert Street
22Woodridge Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouthover
23Tudor Primary SchoolCommunity schoolQueen’s Road
24Chalgrove Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChalgrove Gardens
25Sunnyfields Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHatchcroft
26Queenswell Infant & Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolSweets Way
27Queenswell Junior SchoolCommunity schoolSweets Way
28All Saints’ CofE Primary School NW2Voluntary aided schoolCricklewood Lane
29Holy Trinity CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEagans Close
30St John’s CofE Junior Mixed and Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrescent Road
31St John’s CofE Primary and Nursery SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSwan Lane
32St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDollis Park
33St Paul’s CofE Primary School N11Voluntary aided schoolThe Avenue
34St Paul’s CofE Primary School NW7Voluntary aided schoolThe Ridgeway
35St Andrew’s CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School, TotteridgeVoluntary aided schoolThe Green
36All Saints’ CofE Primary School N20Voluntary aided school116 Oakleigh Road North
37Our Lady of Lourdes RC SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBow Lane
38St Agnes’ Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThorverton Road
39St Vincent’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThe Ridgeway
40St Theresa’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEast End Road
41St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWatford Way
42Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school2 Oakleigh Park South
43Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGreat Strand
44Menorah Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThe Wohl Campus
45Dollis Junior SchoolFoundation schoolPursley Road
46Osidge Primary SchoolFoundation schoolChase Side
47Mill Hill School FoundationOther independent schoolThe Ridgeway
48The King Alfred SchoolOther independent school149 North End Road
49Annemount SchoolOther independent school18 Holne Chase
50Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Jewish Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school68 Hale Lane
51Golders Hill SchoolOther independent school678-680 Finchley Road
52Goodwyn SchoolOther independent schoolHammers Lane
53Kerem SchoolOther independent schoolNorrice Lea
54Dwight School LondonOther independent school6 Friern Barnet Lane
55Northway SchoolCommunity special schoolThe Fairway
56Oakleigh School & Acorn Assessment CentreCommunity special schoolOakleigh Road North
57St Mary’s and St John’s CofE SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBennett House
58Hasmonean Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school8-10 Shirehall Lane
59Talmud Torah Tiferes ShlomoOther independent schoolDanescroft Avenue
60Finchley and Acton Yochien SchoolOther independent school6 Hendon Avenue
61Barnet Hill AcademyOther independent school10a Montagu Road
62Wessex Gardens Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWessex Gardens
63The Orion Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrahame Park Way
64Pardes House Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHendon Lane
65Beis Yaakov Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school373 Edgware Road
66Nancy Reuben Primary SchoolOther independent school48 Finchley Lane
67Torah VodaasOther independent schoolBrent Park Road
68North London Grammar SchoolOther independent school110 Colindeep Lane
69Ellern Mede School LimitedOther independent schoolHolcombe Hill
70Akiva SchoolVoluntary aided school80 East End Road
71Martin Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPlane Tree Walk
72Wren Academy FinchleyAcademy sponsor ledHilton Avenue
73The Holmewood SchoolOther independent special school88 Woodside Park Road
74Etz Chaim Jewish Primary SchoolFree schools20 Daws Lane
75Independent Jewish Day SchoolAcademy converter46 Green Lane
76PeninimOther independent school37 Elmcroft Crescent
77Limespring SchoolOther independent special schoolPark House
78Rimon Jewish Primary SchoolFree schools41a Dunstan Road
79Deansbrook Junior SchoolAcademy converterHale Drive
80Alma PrimaryFree schoolsFriern Barnet Lane
81Parkfield Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSt David’s Place
82Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school31 Stahope Road
83The Hyde SchoolAcademy sponsor ledHyde Crescent
84Millbrook Park Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSchool House Lane
85Claremont Primary SchoolAcademy converterClaremont Road
86Ashmole Primary SchoolFree schoolsSummit Way
87St Anthony’s School for GirlsOther independent schoolIvy House, 94-96
88Summerside Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledCrossway
89Kisharon SchoolFree schools special54 Parson Street
90Oak Hill SchoolAcademy special converterChurch Hill Road
91Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary SchoolAcademy converter31 Stanhope Road
92Childs Hill Primary SchoolAcademy converterDersingham Road
93Dulverton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDulverton Road


94Castilion Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCopperfield Road
95Willow Bank Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSeacourt Road
96Jubilee Primary SchoolAcademy converterCrowden Way
97Castilion Primary SchoolAcademy converterCopperfield Road
98Anson Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAnson Road


99Brentfield Primary SchoolCommunity school41-43 Meadow Garth
100Carlton Vale Infant SchoolCommunity schoolMalvern Place
101Harlesden Primary SchoolCommunity schoolActon Lane
102Kingsbury Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOld Kenton Lane
103Leopold Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHawkshead Road
104Malorees Infant SchoolCommunity schoolChristchurch Avenue
105Northview Junior and Infant SchoolCommunity schoolNorthview Crescent
106Roe Green Junior SchoolCommunity schoolPrinces Avenue
107Roe Green Infant SchoolCommunity schoolPrinces Avenue
108Wykeham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAboyne Road
109Donnington Primary SchoolCommunity schoolUffington Road
110The Stonebridge SchoolCommunity schoolShakespeare Avenue
111Newfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLongstone Avenue
112Mitchell Brook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBridge Road
113Salusbury Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSalusbury Road
114Oliver Goldsmith Primary SchoolCommunity schoolConiston Gardens
115Mora Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMora Road
116Fryent Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChurch Lane
117John Keble CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrownhill Road
118Princess Frederica CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCollege Road
119St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGarnet Road
120Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDollis Hill Lane
121St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLinacre Road
122St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSlough Lane
123Convent of Jesus and Mary RC Infant SchoolVoluntary aided school21 Park Avenue
124Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWesley Road     Hillside
125Our Lady of Grace RC Infant and Nursery SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDollis Hill Avenue
126St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolQuainton Street
127Malorees Junior SchoolFoundation schoolChristchurch Avenue
128St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGoodson Road
129The Kilburn Park School FoundationFoundation schoolMalvern Road
130St Nicholas SchoolOther independent school22 Salmon Street
131Islamia Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school129 Salusbury Road
132Al-Sadiq SchoolOther independent school126 Chevening Road
133The Swaminarayan SchoolOther independent school260 Brentfield Road
134Phoenix Arch SchoolCommunity special schoolDrury Way
135The Village SchoolCommunity special schoolGrove Park
136St Mary’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCanterbury Road
137Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolParkside
138The Noam Primary SchoolOther independent school8-10 Forty Avenue
139Sakutu Organisation MontessoriOther independent school346 Dollis Hill Lane
140The School of the Islamic Republic of IranOther independent school100 Carlton Vale
141Maple Walk SchoolOther independent school62a Crownhill Road
142Southover Partnership SchoolOther independent special school288 Kingsbury Road
143Bnos Beis Yaakov Primary SchoolOther independent schoolKingsbury Synagogue
144Ark Franklin Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledHarvist Road
145Gladstone Park Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSherrick Green Road
146North West London Jewish Day SchoolAcademy converter180 Willesden Lane
147St Andrew and St Francis CofE Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledBelton Road
148Kilburn Grange SchoolFree schoolsPriory Park Road
149Lycee International de LondresOther independent schoolOld Brent Hall
150Furness Primary SchoolAcademy converterFurness Road
151Advance EducationOther independent schoolUnit 5 Unimix House
152The Avenue SchoolFree schools specialChristchurch Avenue
153Manor SchoolAcademy special converterChamberlayne Road
154Braintcroft E-ACT Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledWarren Road
155Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior SchoolAcademy converterDollis Hill Lane
156St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary SchoolAcademy converterQuainton Street
157The Village SchoolAcademy special converterGrove Park
158Our Lady of Grace RC Infant and Nursery SchoolAcademy converterDollis Hill Avenue
159Eltham CollegeOther independent schoolGrove Park Road


160Stewart Fleming Primary SchoolAcademy converterWitham Road
161Harris Primary Academy Kent HouseAcademy sponsor ledHigh Street
162Harris Primary Academy Crystal PalaceAcademy sponsor ledMalcolm Road
163Alexandra Junior SchoolAcademy converterCator Road
164Elmstead Wood Primary SchoolAcademy converterCastlecombe Road
165St John’s Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledMaple Road
166St Vincent’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterHarting Road
167Ravensworth Primary SchoolAcademy converterRavensworth Road
168Dorset Road Infant SchoolAcademy converterCastlecombe Road, Mottingham
169James Dixon Primary SchoolAcademy converterWilliam Booth Road
170St Anthony’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterGenoa Road
171Argyle Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTonbridge Street


172West Hampstead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDornfell Street
173Brecknock Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCliff Villas
174Brookfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChester Road
175Carlton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrafton Road
176Edith Neville Primary SchoolCommunity school85 Polygon Road
177Fleet Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFleet Road
178Hawley Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHawley Road
179Netley Primary School & Centre for AutismCommunity school74 Stanhope Street
180New End Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStreatley Place
181Primrose Hill SchoolCommunity schoolPrincess Road
182Rhyl Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRhyl Street
183Richard Cobden Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCamden Street
184Torriano Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTorriano Avenue
185Gospel Oak Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMansfield Road
186Fitzjohn’s Primary SchoolCommunity school86A Fitzjohn’s Avenue
187Eleanor Palmer Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLupton Street
188Christ Church Primary School, HampsteadVoluntary aided schoolChrist Church Hill
189Christ Church SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRedhill Street
190Emmanuel Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school152-158 Mill Lane
191Hampstead Parochial Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHampstead Parochial School , Holly Bush Vale
192Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, NW3Voluntary aided schoolTrinity Walk
193Holy Trinity and Saint Silas CofE Primary School, NW1Voluntary aided schoolHartland Road
194Kentish Town Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolIslip Street
195Rosary Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school238 Haverstock Hill
196St Alban’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBaldwins Gardens
197St Aloysius Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAldenham Street
198St Dominic’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSouthampton Road
199St George the Martyr Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolJohn’s Mews
200St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMacklin Street
201St Mary’s Kilburn Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolQuex Road
202St Mary and St Pancras Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school81 Werrington Street
203St Michael’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school88 Camden Street
204St Patrick’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHolmes Road
205St Paul’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolElsworthy Road
206St Eugene de Mazenod Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMazenod Avenue
207Our Lady Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPratt Street
208St Christopher’s SchoolOther independent school32 Belsize Lane
209St Margaret’s SchoolOther independent school18 Kidderpore Gardens
210Sarum Hall SchoolOther independent school15 Eton Avenue
211The Hall SchoolOther independent school23 Crossfield Road
212University College SchoolOther independent schoolFrognal
213The Cavendish SchoolOther independent school31 Inverness Street
214St Mary’s School, HampsteadOther independent school47 Fitzjohn’s Avenue
215North Bridge House Nursery & Pre-Prep SchoolsOther independent school8 Netherhall Gardens
216Hereward House SchoolOther independent school14 Strathray Gardens
217St Anthony’s School for BoysOther independent school90 Fitzjohn’s Avenue
218North Bridge Nursery SchoolOther independent school33 Fitzjohn’s Avenue
219Lyndhurst House Preparatory SchoolOther independent school24 Lyndhurst Gardens
220Hampstead Hill SchoolOther independent schoolSt Stephen’s
221Trevor-Roberts SchoolOther independent school55-57 Eton Avenue
222South Hampstead High SchoolOther independent school3 Maresfield Gardens
223The Village SchoolOther independent school2 Parkhill Road
224Heathside Preparatory SchoolOther independent school84A Heath Street
225Devonshire House Preparatory SchoolOther independent school2
226Broadhurst SchoolOther independent school19 Greencroft Gardens
227College Francais Bilingue De LondresOther independent school87 Holmes Road
228Rainbow Montessori SchoolOther independent school13 Woodchurch Road
229The Mulberry House SchoolOther independent school7 Minster Road
230UCS Pre-PrepOther independent school36 College Crescent
231Southbank International School HampsteadOther independent school16 Netherhall Gardens
232Frank Barnes School for Deaf ChildrenCommunity special school4 Wollstonecraft Street
233Swiss Cottage School – Development & Research CentreCommunity special school80 Avenue Road
234Christopher Hatton Primary SchoolCommunity school38 Laystall Street
235The Academy SchoolOther independent school2 Pilgrims Place
236Maria Montessori SchoolOther independent school26 Lyndhurst Gardens
237Kingsgate Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKingsgate Road
238North Bridge House PreparatoryOther independent school1 Gloucester Avenue
239Gloucester House, The Tavistock Children’s Day UnitOther independent special school33 Daleham Gardens
240St Luke’s Church of England SchoolFree schools12 Kidderpore Avenue
241La Petite Ecole BilingueOther independent school22 Vicar’s Road
242Abacus Belsize Primary SchoolFree schoolsJubilee Waterside Centre
243Kings Cross AcademyAcademy sponsor ledPlimsoll Building
244Ecole Jeannine ManuelOther independent school43-45 Bedford Square
245City Junior SchoolOther independent school4 Gray’s Inn Place
246Odyssey House School – BloomsburyOther independent special school45 Russell Square
247The Aldgate SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt James’s Passage

City of London

248City of London School for GirlsOther independent schoolSt Giles’ Terrace
249St Paul’s Cathedral SchoolOther independent school2 New Change
250City of London SchoolOther independent school107 Queen Victoria Street
251Charterhouse Square SchoolOther independent school33 – 40 Charterhouse Square
252Heavers Farm Primary SchoolCommunity school58 Dinsdale Gardens


253Downsview Primary and Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolBiggin Way
254Rockmount Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChevening Road
255Norbury Manor Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAbingdon Road
256All Saints CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUpper Beulah Hill
257St Joseph’s RC Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWoodend
258St Joseph’s RC Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrown Dale
259St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterBecket Close
260Oasis Academy RyelandsAcademy sponsor ledOakley Road
261St Mark’s Church of England Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledAlbert Road
262Beulah Infants’ SchoolAcademy sponsor ledFurze Road
263St Chad’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterAlverston Gardens
264Cypress Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledCypress Road
265South Norwood PrimaryAcademy sponsor led34 Crowther Road
266Aya College (Educational Provision)Other independent school
267Ysgol Gymraeg Llundain, London Welsh SchoolOther independent schoolHanwell Community Centre


268Berrymede Junior SchoolCommunity schoolOsborne Road
269Acton Gardens Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOsborne Road
270East Acton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEast Acton Lane
271North Ealing Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPitshanger Lane
272St John’s Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSt John’s Primary School
273St Mark’s Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLower Boston Road
274West Twyford Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTwyford Abbey Road
275West Acton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNoel Road
276Mayfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHigh Lane
277Drayton Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDrayton Grove
278Hobbayne Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGreenford Avenue
279John Perryn Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLong Drive
280Southfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouthfield Road
281Derwentwater Primary SchoolCommunity schoolShakespeare Road
282Fielding Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWyndham Road
283Little Ealing Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWeymouth Avenue
284Oaklands Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOaklands Road
285Montpelier Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMontpelier Road
286Mount Carmel Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLittle Ealing Lane
287St Gregory’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWoodfield Road
288St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolYork Avenue
289St Vincent’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school1 Pierrepoint Road
290Durston House SchoolOther independent school12-14 Castlebar Road
291Harvington Prep SchoolOther independent school20 Castlebar Road
292St Augustine’s PrioryOther independent schoolHillcrest Road
293Barbara Speake Schools for Performing ArtsOther independent schoolEast Acton Lane
294King Fahad AcademyOther independent schoolBromyard Avenue
295The Japanese SchoolOther independent school87 Creffield Road
296Orchard House SchoolOther independent school16 Newton Grove
297Avenue House SchoolOther independent school70 The Avenue
298Castlebar SchoolCommunity special schoolHathaway Gardens
299Springhallow SchoolCommunity special schoolCompton Close
300Grange Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChurch Gardens
301London Bunka YochienOther independent school307a Horn Lane
302Greek Primary School of LondonOther independent school3 Pierrepoint Road
303North West London Independent Special SchoolOther independent special school85 Old Oak Common Lane
304Christ the Saviour Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school1 Springbridge Road
305Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolVale Lane
306La Chouette SchoolOther independent school17 The Mall
307Brentside Primary SchoolAcademy converterKennedy Road
308Ark Priory Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledActon Lane
309Ark Byron Primary AcademyFree schoolsThe Vale
310Woodlands AcademyAcademy sponsor ledHathaway Gardens
311Eldon Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEldon Road


312Firs Farm Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRayleigh Road
313Fleecefield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBrettenham Road
314Galliard Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGalliard Road
315Garfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolUpper Park Road
316Hazelwood Junior SchoolCommunity schoolHazelwood Lane
317Hazelwood Infant SchoolCommunity schoolHazelwood Lane
318Honilands Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLovell Road
319Tottenhall Infant SchoolCommunity schoolTottenhall Road
320Walker Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWaterfall Road
321Houndsfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRipon Road
322Wilbury Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWilbury Way
323De Bohun Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGreen Road
324Raynham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRaynham Avenue
325Eversley Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChaseville Park Road
326St Michael at Bowes CofE Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolTottenhall Road
327St Andrew’s Southgate Primary School (CE)Voluntary aided school297 Chase Road
328St John and St James CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGrove Street
329St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRingwood Way
330St Monica’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCannon Road
331Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThe Limes Avenue
332Latymer All Saints CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school41 Hydethorpe Avenue
333Wolfson Hillel Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school154 Chase Road
334Keble Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolWades Hill
335Grange Park Preparatory SchoolOther independent school13 The Chine
336Vita Et Pax SchoolOther independent school6a Priory Close
337West Lea SchoolFoundation special schoolHaselbury Road
338Oaktree SchoolCommunity special schoolChase Side
339Brettenham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBrettenham Road
340Oakthorpe Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTile Kiln Lane
341West Grove PrimaryCommunity school218a Chase Road
342Highfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHighfield Road
343Starks Field Primary SchoolCommunity school167 Church Street
344Phoenix AcademyOther independent school85 Bounces Road
345Cuckoo Hall AcademyAcademy converterCuckoo Hall Lane
346Woodpecker Hall Primary AcademyFree schoolsCuckoo Hall Lane
347Ark John Keats AcademyFree schoolsBell Lane
348Focus 1st AcademyOther independent school339 Bowes Road
349Alternative Centre of EducationOther independent school45/51 Market Square
350Edmonton County SchoolAcademy converterLittle Bury Street
351Hazelbury Primary SchoolAcademy converterHaselbury Road
352Bowes Primary SchoolAcademy converterBowes Road
353Grange Park Primary SchoolAcademy converterWorld’s End Lane
354Churchfield Primary SchoolAcademy converterLatymer Road
355Wolfson Hillel Primary SchoolAcademy converter154 Chase Road
356Houndsfield Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledRipon Road
357Galliard Primary SchoolAcademy converterGalliard Road
358Walker Primary SchoolAcademy converterWaterfall Road
359Raynham Primary SchoolAcademy converterRaynham Avenue
360Wilbury Primary SchoolAcademy converterWilbury Way
361Fleecefield Primary SchoolAcademy converterBrettenham Road
362Brettenham Primary SchoolAcademy converterBrettenham Road
363Panaga SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited

Fieldwork Overseas Establishments

364Al Kafilah Damascus Shell SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
365Pdo Oman SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
366Ecole YenziService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
367Oman Lng LLC SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
368Rumukoroshe SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
369Ogunu SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
370OSA SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
371Piasau SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
372Tabangao SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
373Bonny Island SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
374The British School of TeheranService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
375Sakhalin International SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Limited
376Haizira SchoolService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education
377CSPC International School, Hui YangService children’s educationC/O Fieldwork Education Ltd
378Bannockburn Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPlumstead High Street


379Morden Mount Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLewisham Road
380Cherry Orchard Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRectory Field Crescent
381Ealdham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEaldham Square
382Fossdene Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVictoria Way
383Gallions Mount Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPurrett Road
384Gordon Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEarlshall Road
385Haimo Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHaimo Road
386Henwick Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHenwick Road
387Invicta Primary SchoolCommunity schoolInvicta Road
388Kidbrooke Park Primary SchoolCommunity school202a Holburne Road
389Meridian Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOld Woolwich Road
390Plumcroft Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPlum Lane
391Sherington Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWyndcliff Road
392Thorntree Primary SchoolCommunity schoolThorntree Road
393Wyborne Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFootscray Road
394Montbelle Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMilverton Way
395De Lucy Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCookhill Road
396Wingfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEnsign Street
397Cardwell Primary SchoolCommunity school118 Frances Street
398Heronsgate Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWhinchat Road
399Linton Mead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCentral Way
400Greenslade Primary SchoolCommunity schoolErindale
401Mulgrave Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRectory Place
402Charlton Manor Primary SchoolCommunity schoolIndus Road
403Christ Church Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school45 Commerell Street
404Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Shooters HillVoluntary aided schoolShooters Hill
405Eltham Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRoper Street
406Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school16 Highcombe
407St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCommerell Street
408St Margaret’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Margaret’s Grove
409Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKingsman Street
410St Patrick’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Patrick’s Catholic Primary School,Griffin Road
411St Alfege with St Peter’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCreek Road
412St Peter’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrescent Road
413St Thomas More Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAppleton Road
414St Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMottisfont Road
415Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolTudway Road
416Notre Dame Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school169 Eglinton Road
417St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCole Close
418Bishop John Robinson Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHoveton Road
419Hawksmoor SchoolFoundation schoolBentham Road
420The Pointer SchoolOther independent school19 Stratheden Road
421Blackheath PrepOther independent school4 St Germans Place
422Riverston SchoolOther independent school63-69 Eltham Road
423St Olave’s Prep SchoolOther independent school106-110 Southwood Road
424Colfe’s SchoolOther independent schoolHorn Park Lane
425Middle Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMiddle Park Avenue
426Discovery Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBattery Road
427James Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the DeafCommunity schoolRoyal Hill
428Alexander McLeod Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFuchsia Street
429Greenwich Steiner SchoolOther independent schoolWoodlands
430Conway Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGallosson Road
431Eglinton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPaget Rise
432Waterside SchoolCommunity special schoolRobert Street
433Windrush Primary SchoolAcademy converter2 Bentham Road
434Timbercroft Primary SchoolAcademy converterTimbercroft Lane
435Brooklands Primary SchoolAcademy converterMedebourne Close
436Millennium Primary SchoolAcademy converter50 John Harrison Way
437Foxfield Primary SchoolAcademy converterSandbach Place
438Rockliffe Manor Primary SchoolAcademy converterBassant Road
439Woodhill Primary SchoolAcademy converterWoodhill
440South Rise Primary SchoolAcademy converterBrewery Road
441Halstow Primary SchoolAcademy converterHalstow Road
442Horn Park Primary SchoolAcademy converterAlnwick Road
443Deansfield Primary SchoolAcademy converterDairsie Road
444Alderwood Primary SchoolAcademy converterRainham Close
445St Mary’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterGlenure Road
446Greenacres Primary School and Language Impairment UnitAcademy converterWitherston Way
447Nightingale Primary SchoolAcademy converterBloomfield Road
448Hawksmoor SchoolAcademy sponsor ledBentham Road
449Wingfield Primary SchoolAcademy converterEnsign Street
450Berger Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAnderson Road


451Colvestone Primary SchoolCommunity schoolColvestone Crescent
452Daubeney Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDaubeney Road
453De Beauvoir Primary SchoolCommunity school80 Tottenham Road
454Gainsborough Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBerkshire Road
455Lauriston SchoolCommunity schoolRutland Road
456London Fields Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWestgate Street
457Millfields Community SchoolCommunity schoolHilsea Street
458Morningside Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChatham Place
459Orchard Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHolcroft Road
460Queensbridge Primary SchoolCommunity schoolQueensbridge Road
461Randal Cremer Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOrmsby Street
462Princess May Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPrincess May Road
463Sebright SchoolCommunity schoolAudrey Street
464Shacklewell Primary SchoolCommunity schoolShacklewell Row
465Thomas Fairchild Community SchoolCommunity schoolForston Street
466Oldhill Community SchoolCommunity schoolOldhill Street
467Shoreditch Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBridport Place
468Woodberry Down Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWoodberry Grove
469Kingsmead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKingsmead Way
470Sir Thomas Abney SchoolCommunity schoolFairholt Road
471Grasmere Primary SchoolCommunity school92 Albion Road
472Jubilee Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFiley Avenue
473Nightingale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTiger Way
474Baden-Powell SchoolCommunity schoolFerron Road
475Harrington Hill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMount Pleasant Lane
476Holmleigh Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDunsmure Road
477Grazebrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrazebrook Primary School
478Parkwood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolQueen’s Drive
479Benthal Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBenthal Road
480Mandeville Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOswald Street
481Holy Trinity Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBeechwood Road
482Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBuckingham Road
483St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrondall Street
484St Matthias Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWordsworth Road
485St Monica’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school43 Hoxton Street
486St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKingshold Road
487St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Stoke NewingtonVoluntary aided schoolBarn Street
488St Scholastica’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKenninghall Road
489Simon Marks Jewish Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school75 Cazenove Road
490Yesodey Hatorah SchoolOther independent school2-4 Amhurst Park
491Talmud Torah Yetev LevOther independent school111-115 Cazenove Road
492Bnois Jerusalem Girls SchoolOther independent school71, 75-81 Amhurst Park
493Beis Rochel d’Satmar Girls’ SchoolOther independent school51-57 Amhurst Park
494Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass SchoolOther independent school1 Belz Terrace
495Beis Malka Girls’ SchoolOther independent school93 Alkham Road
496Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz SchoolOther independent school26 Lampard Grove
497T T T Y Y SchoolOther independent school14 Heathland Road
498Tayyibah Girls’ SchoolOther independent school88 Filey Avenue
499Paragon Christian AcademyOther independent school233-241 Glyn Road
500The Garden SchoolCommunity special schoolWordsworth Road
501Ickburgh SchoolCommunity special schoolKenworthy Road
502Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls SchoolOther independent schoolWoodberry Down Centre
503Springfield Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCastlewood Road
504Rushmore Primary SchoolCommunity schoolElderfield Road
505Gayhurst Community SchoolCommunity schoolGayhurst Road
506William Patten Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStoke Newington Church St
507Hoxton Garden PrimaryCommunity schoolIvy Street
508Beis Trana Girls’ SchoolOther independent school186 Upper Clapton Road
509The LyceumOther independent school59-65 Worship Street
510Betty Layward Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClissold Road
511St John and St James CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolIsabella Road
512Rosemary Works SchoolOther independent school1 Branch Place
513Side By Side SchoolOther independent special schoolLordship Road
514Al-Falah Primary SchoolOther independent school48 Kenninghall Road
515St. Dominic’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBallance Road
516Beis Yaakov Girls SchoolOther independent school11 Amhurst Park
517Bnei Zion Community SchoolOther independent school49 – 51 Ravensdale Road
518Beis Ruchel D’Satmar LondonOther independent school117 Stamford Hill
519Leaways SchoolOther independent special school18 Theydon Road
520Wiznitz Cheder SchoolOther independent school126b Stamford Hill
521TTD Gur SchoolOther independent school17 Margaret Road
522The Olive School HackneyFree schools32 St Johns Church Road
523Mossbourne Riverside AcademyAcademy sponsor ledEast Bay Lane
524Northwold Primary SchoolAcademy converterNorthwold Road
525Halley House SchoolFree schools52-58 Arcola Street
526Hackney New Primary SchoolFree schools2 Downham Road
527Mossbourne Parkside AcademyAcademy converterSigdon Road
528Talmud Torah LondonOther independent school69 Amhurst Park
529Lubavitch Girls Primary SchoolAcademy converter107-115 Stamford Hill
530Lubavitch Boys’ Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor led135 Clapton Common
531Addison Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAddison Gardens

Hammersmith and Fulham

532Avonmore Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAvonmore Road
533Brackenbury Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDalling Road
534Miles Coverdale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCoverdale Road
535Flora Gardens Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDalling Road
536Kenmont Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKenmont Primary School, Valliere Road
537Melcombe Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFulham Palace Road
538Old Oak Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMellitus Street
539Sir John Lillie Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLillie Road
540Wendell Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCobbold Road
541Wormholt Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBryony Road
542All Saints CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBishops Avenue
543Holy Cross RC SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBasuto Road
544John Betts Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPaddenswick Road
545St Augustine’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDisbrowe Road
546St John’s Walham Green Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFilmer Road
547St Mary’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMasbro Road
548St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWorlidge Street
549St Peter’s Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school33 St Peter’s Road
550St Stephen’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUxbridge Road
551Good Shepherd RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school35 Gayford Road
552St John XXIII Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school1 India Way
553St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEstcourt Road
554St Paul’s Girls’ SchoolOther independent schoolBrook Green
555Latymer Upper School and Latymer Prep SchoolOther independent school237 King Street
556Ecole Fran�aise de Londres Jacques Pr�vertOther independent school59 Brook Green
557Ravenscourt Park Preparatory SchoolOther independent school16 Ravenscourt Avenue
558Sinclair House SchoolOther independent school159 Munster Road
559L’Ecole des Petits SchoolOther independent school2 Hazlebury Road
560Le Herisson SchoolOther independent schoolRivercourt Methodist Church
561Queensmill SchoolCommunity special school1 Askham Road
562Jack Tizard SchoolCommunity special schoolSouth Africa Road
563Thomas’s FulhamOther independent schoolHugon Road
564The Fulham Prep School LtdOther independent school200 Greyhound Road
565St James Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolEarsby Street
566Burlington House SchoolOther independent special schoolBishops Avenue
567Ark Burlington Danes AcademyAcademy sponsor ledWood Lane
568Larmenier & Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school41a Brook Green
569Parsons Green Prep SchoolOther independent school1 Fulham Park Road
570Normand Croft Community School for Early Years and Primary EducationCommunity schoolBramber Road
571Parayhouse SchoolNon-maintained special schoolHammersmith and Fulham College
572Young Dancers AcademyOther independent school25 Bulwer Street
573Dalling House Mandarin Immersion SchoolOther independent schoolBasement and Ground Floor
574The London Oratory SchoolAcademy converterSeagrave Road
575Ark Conway Primary AcademyFree schools60 Hemlock Road
576Ark Bentworth Primary AcademyAcademy converterBentworth Road
577West London Free School PrimaryFree schoolsCambridge Grove
578Ark Swift Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledAustralia Road
579Lena Gardens Primary SchoolAcademy converterLena Gardens
580Earl’s Court Free School PrimaryFree schoolsCambridge Grove
581Langford Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledGilstead Road
582Greenside Primary SchoolAcademy converterWestville Road
583Thomas’s AcademyAcademy converterNew King’s Road
584Queen’s Manor School and Special Needs UnitAcademy converterLysia Street
585Fulham Primary SchoolAcademy converterHalford Road
586Sulivan Primary SchoolAcademy converterPeterborough Road
587Kensington WadeOther independent schoolFulham Palace Road
588Queensmill SchoolAcademy special converter1 Askham Road
589St John XXIII Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converter1 India Way
590Belmont Junior SchoolCommunity schoolRusper Road


591Belmont Infant SchoolCommunity schoolRusper Road
592Bounds Green Junior SchoolCommunity schoolBounds Green Road
593Bounds Green Infant SchoolCommunity schoolBounds Green Road
594Campsbourne Junior SchoolCommunity schoolNightingale Lane
595Campsbourne Infant SchoolCommunity schoolNightingale Lane
596The Devonshire Hill Nursery &  Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWeir Hall Road
597Earlsmead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBroad Lane
598Highgate Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNorth Hill
599Lancasterian Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKing’s Road
600Coldfall Primary SchoolCommunity schoolColdfall Avenue
601Tetherdown Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrand Avenue
602Rokesly Junior SchoolCommunity schoolRokesly Avenue
603Rokesly Infant & Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolHermiston Avenue
604South Harringay Junior SchoolCommunity schoolPemberton Rd
605South Harringay Infant SchoolCommunity schoolPemberton Road
606Stamford Hill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBerkeley Road
607West Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWoodlands Park Road
608Tiverton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPulford Road
609Coleridge Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrouch End Hill
610Welbourne Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStainby Road
611Lea Valley Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSomerford Grove
612Ferry Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolJarrow Road
613Rhodes Avenue Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRhodes Avenue
614Crowland Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrowland Road
615Weston Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDenton Road
616The Willow Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAdams Road
617St Aidan’s Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolAlbany Road
618St Michael’s CofE Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNorth Road
619St James Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWoodside Avenue
620St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Lane
621Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPages Lane
622St Francis de Sales RC Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Road
623St Ignatius RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Ann’s Road
624St Mary’s Priory RC Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHermitage Road
625St Paul’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBradley Road
626St Mary’s Priory RC Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHermitage Road
627St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolElm Grove
628St Francis de Sales RC Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Road
629St Martin of Porres Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBlake Road
630St Gildas’ Catholic Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolOakington Way
631St John Vianney RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolStanley Road
632Sunrise Primary SchoolOther independent school55 Coniston Road
633North London Rudolf Steiner SchoolOther independent school1-3 Campsbourne
634Woodstar SchoolOther independent special schoolCoppetts Road
635Excelsior CollegeOther independent schoolSelby Centre
636Blanche Nevile SchoolCommunity special schoolBurlington Road
637Vale SchoolCommunity special schoolTrulock Road
638The Brook Special Primary SchoolCommunity special schoolAdams Road
639Hyland House SchoolOther independent schoolHolcombe Road
640Alexandra Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWestern Road
641Stroud Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWoodstock Road
642Earlham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEarlham Grove
643Bruce Grove Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSperling Road
644Muswell Hill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMuswell Hill
645Risley Avenue Primary SchoolCommunity schoolThe Roundway
646Seven Sisters Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouth Grove
647The Mulberry Primary SchoolCommunity schoolParkhurst Road
648Islamic Shakhsiyah FoundationOther independent schoolFirst Floor
649Chestnuts Primary SchoolFoundation schoolBlack Boy Lane
650North Harringay Primary SchoolFoundation schoolFalkland Road
651TreeHouse SchoolNon-maintained special schoolWoodside Avenue
652Kestrel House SchoolOther independent special school104 Crouch Hill
653Eden PrimaryFree schools79 Creighton Avenue
654Harris Primary Academy Coleraine ParkAcademy sponsor ledGlendish Road
655Harris Primary Academy Philip LaneAcademy sponsor ledPhilip Lane
656Noel Park Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledGladstone Avenue
657Trinity Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledBounds Green Road
658St Ann’s CE Primary SchoolAcademy converterAvenue Road
659St Michael’s CofE Primary SchoolAcademy converterBounds Green Road
660St Paul’s and All Hallows CofE Infant SchoolAcademy converterPark Lane
661St Paul’s and All Hallows CofE Junior SchoolAcademy converterWorcester Avenue
662Holy Trinity CofE Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSomerset Road
663Harris Academy TottenhamFree schoolsAshley Road
664Brook House Primary SchoolFree schools881 High Road
665The GroveFree schools specialDownhills Park Road
666Odyssey House SchoolOther independent school2c Northwood Road
667Falcons Pre-Preparatory ChiswickOther independent school2 Burnaby Gardens


668Belmont Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBelmont Road
669Cavendish Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEdensor Road
670Grove Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNightingale Close
671Strand-on-the-Green Junior SchoolCommunity schoolThames Road
672Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolThames Road
673St Mary’s Catholic Primary School ,ChiswickVoluntary aided schoolDuke Road
674Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolPriory House
675International School of LondonOther independent school139 Gunnersbury Avenue
676The William Hogarth Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDuke Road
677Heathfield House SchoolOther independent schoolTurnham Green Church Hall
678Bedfont Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHatton Road
679The St Michael Steiner SchoolOther independent schoolPark Road
680Ambler Primary School and Children’s CentreCommunity schoolBlackstock Road


681Copenhagen Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTreaty St
682Drayton Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolArvon Road
683Duncombe Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSussex Way
684Gillespie Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGillespie Road
685Grafton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEburne Road
686Hanover Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNoel Road
687Hargrave Park Primary SchoolCommunity school51 Bredgar Road
688Laycock Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLaycock Street
689Moreland Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMoreland Street
690Pakeman Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHornsey Road
691Robert Blair School and Children’s CentreCommunity schoolBrewery Road
692Thornhill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolThornhill Road
693Vittoria Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHalf Moon Crescent
694Winton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKillick Street
695Yerbury Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFoxham Road
696Tufnell Park Primary SchoolCommunity school31 Carleton Road
697Highbury Quadrant Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHighbury New Park
698Ashmount Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrouch Hill Park
699Prior Weston Primary School and Children’s CentreCommunity school101 Whitecross Street
700Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school68 Georges Road
701St John Evangelist RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDuncan Street
702St John’s Upper Holloway CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPemberton Gardens
703St John’s Highbury Vale CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolConewood Street
704St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHighgate Hill
705St Jude and St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school10 Kingsbury Road
706St Luke’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRadnor Street
707St Mark’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSussex Way
708St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFowler Road
709St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCompton Street
710St Andrew’s (Barnsbury) Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMatilda Street
711St Joan of Arc RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNortholme Road
712Christ The King Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school55 Tollington Park
713Blessed Sacrament RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBoadicea Street
714Italia Conti Academy of Theatre ArtsOther independent school23 Goswell Road
715Richard Cloudesley SchoolCommunity special schoolTudor Rose Building
716Samuel Rhodes MLD SchoolCommunity special school11 Highbury New Park
717The Children’s House Upper SchoolOther independent schoolKing Henry’s Walk
718Newington Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMatthias Road
719St Paul’s Steiner SchoolOther independent school1 St Paul’s Road
720Rotherfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRotherfield Street
721Pooles Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLennox Road
722Canonbury Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCanonbury Road
723Hugh Myddelton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMyddelton Street
724St Mary Magdalene AcademyAcademy sponsor ledLiverpool Road
725The Gower SchoolOther independent school10 Cynthia Street
726The New North AcademyAcademy converter32 Popham Road
727William Tyndale Primary SchoolAcademy converterUpper Street
728Dania Scandinavian SchoolOther independent school3 Highbury Crescent
729Whitehall Park SchoolFree schools106 Hornsey Lane
730The Bridge Integrated Learning SpaceFree schools special1 Dowrey Street
731City of London Primary Academy, IslingtonFree schools15 Baltic Street West
732The Bridge SchoolAcademy special converter251 Hungerford Road
733The Bridge Satellite ProvisionFree schools specialDuncombe Road
734Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledAmwell Street
735Hungerford SchoolAcademy sponsor led249 Hungerford Road
736Ashburnham Community SchoolCommunity school17 Blantyre Street

Kensington and Chelsea

737Barlby Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTreverton Street
738Bevington Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBevington Road
739Bousfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouth Bolton Gardens
740Colville Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLonsdale Road
741Fox Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFox Primary School , Kensington Place
742Marlborough Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDraycott Avenue
743Oxford Gardens Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOxford Gardens
744Park Walk Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPark Walk
745Avondale Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSirdar Road
746Thomas Jones Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSt Mark’s Road
747Christ Church CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school1 Robinson Street
748Holy Trinity CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSedding Street
749Oratory Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBury Walk
750St Thomas’ CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAppleford Road
751St Barnabas and St Philip’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school58 Earls Court Road
752Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolTreadgold Street
753St Clement and St James CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPenzance Place
754St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCadogan Street
755St Mary Abbots CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school2 Kensington Church Court
756St Cuthbert with St Matthias CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWarwick Road
757Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEast Row
758Servite RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school252 Fulham Road
759Our Lady of Victories RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolClareville Street
760St Charles Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school83 St Charles Square
761Redcliffe Gardens SchoolOther independent school47 Redcliffe Gardens
762Glendower Preparatory SchoolOther independent school86/87 Queen’s Gate
763Norland Place SchoolOther independent school162-166 Holland Park Avenue
764Queen’s Gate SchoolOther independent school133 Queen’s Gate
765Sussex House SchoolOther independent school68 Cadogan Square
766St Philip’s SchoolOther independent school6 Wetherby Place
767Hill House SchoolOther independent schoolHans Place
768Wetherby SchoolOther independent school11 Pembridge Square
769Falkner HouseOther independent school19 Brechin Place
770Instituto Espanol Canada BlanchOther independent school317 Portobello Road
771Knightsbridge SchoolOther independent school67 Pont Street
772Thomas’s KensingtonOther independent school17-19 Cottesmore Gardens
773Cameron Vale SchoolOther independent school4 The Vale
774Southbank International School KensingtonOther independent school36-38 Kensington Park Road
775La Petite Ecole FrancaiseOther independent school
776Lycee Francais Charles de GaulleOther independent school35 Cromwell Road
777Tabernacle SchoolOther independent school32 St Ann’s Villas
778The Lloyd Williamson School FoundationOther independent school12 Telford Road
779Notting Hill Prep SchoolOther independent school95 Lancaster Road
780Snowflake SchoolOther independent special school10-14 CRown Street
781Chepstow House SchoolOther independent school108a Lancaster Road
782Frederick Hugh HouseOther independent special school48 Old Church Street
783SIALOther independent school154-156 Holland Park Avenue
784The Stewart Bilingual SchoolOther independent school85 Clarendon Road
785Ark Brunel Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledMiddle Row
786Kensington Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor led205 Warwick Road
787The Kensington SchoolOther independent school24 Kensington Square
788St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterCadogan Street
789Kensington Queensmill SchoolFree schools specialBarlby Road
790Robin Hood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBowness Crescent

Kingston upon Thames

791Robin Hood Primary and Nursery SchoolAcademy converterBowness Crescent
792Ashmole Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAshmole Street


793Clapham Manor Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBelmont Road
794Granton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGranton Road
795Heathbrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSt Rule Street
796Henry Cavendish Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHydethorpe Road
797Jessop Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLowden Road
798Kingswood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGipsy Road
799Larkhall Primary CampusCommunity schoolSmedley Street
800Paxton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWoodland Road
801Richard Atkins Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNew Park Road
802Stockwell Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStockwell Road
803Sudbourne Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMandrell Road
804Sunnyhill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSunnyhill Road
805Telferscot Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTelferscot Road
806Vauxhall Primary SchoolFoundation schoolVauxhall Street
807Walnut Tree Walk Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWalnut Tree Walk
808Woodmansterne SchoolCommunity schoolWoodmansterne Road
809Wyvil Primary School and Resource Bases for Speech, Language and Communication Needs, and AutismFoundation schoolWyvil Road
810Crown Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrown Lane
811Fenstanton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAbbots Park
812Elm Wood SchoolCommunity schoolCarnac Street
813Allen Edwards Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStudley Road
814Glenbrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClarence Crescent
815Julian’s SchoolFoundation school16 Wolfington Road
816Herbert Morrison Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHartington Road
817Streatham Wells Primary SchoolCommunity school50 Palace Road
818Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolReedworth Street
819Christ Church Primary SW9Voluntary aided schoolCancell Road
820St Andrew’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKay Road
821St John the Divine Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWarham Street
822St John’s Angell Town Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school85 Angell Road
823St Jude’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRegent Road
824St Mark’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHarleyford Road
825St Saviour’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHerne Hill Road
826St Stephen’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDorset Road
827Holy Trinity Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUpper Tulse Hill
828St Helen’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKnowle Close
829St Bernadette Catholic Junior SchoolVoluntary aided school1 – 4 Atkins Road
830St Anne’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school6 Durham Street
831St Bede’s Catholic Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThornton Road
832St Andrew’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPolworth Road
833Immanuel and St Andrew Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNorthanger Road
834Reay Primary SchoolFoundation schoolHackford Road
835St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrescent Lane
836Turney Primary and Secondary Special SchoolFoundation special schoolTurney Road
837Rosemead Preparatory SchoolOther independent school70 Thurlow Park Road
838The White House Preparatory School & Woodentops KindergartenOther independent school24 Thornton Road
839Elm Court SchoolCommunity special schoolElm Park
840London Steiner SchoolOther independent school9 Weir Road
841Bonneville Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBonneville Gardens
842Hill Mead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMoorland Road
843Hitherfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLeigham Vale
844Henry Fawcett Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBowling Green Street
845Kings Avenue SchoolCommunity schoolKings Avenue
846The Livity SchoolCommunity special schoolAdare Walk
847Loughborough Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMinet Road
848Jubilee Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTulse Hill
849The Orchard SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChristchurch Road
850Iqra Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school127 Park Hill
851Dunraven SchoolAcademy converter94-98 Leigham Court Road
852Corpus Christi Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterTrent Road
853Oasis Academy JohannaAcademy converterJohanna Street
854Octavia House Schools, LondonOther independent special school214b Kennington Road
855Rosendale Primary SchoolAcademy converterRosendale Road
856Christ Church, Streatham Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy converterCotherstone Road
857St Leonard’s Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy converter42 Mitcham Lane
858St Luke’s Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy converterLinton Grove
859Van Gogh PrimaryAcademy converterCowley Road
860Streatham Wells PrimaryAcademy converter50 Palace Road
861Heath House Preparatory SchoolOther independent school37 Wemyss Road


862Adamsrill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAdamsrill Road
863Athelney Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAthelney Street
864Baring Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLinchmere Road
865Beecroft Garden PrimaryCommunity schoolBeecroft Road
866Cooper’s Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPragnell Road
867Dalmain Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrove Close
868Deptford Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEvelyn Street
869Edmund Waller Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWaller Road
870Elfrida Primary SchoolCommunity schoolElfrida Crescent
871Grinling Gibbons Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClyde Street
872Haseltine Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHaseltine Road
873Brindishe Green SchoolCommunity schoolBeacon Road
874Holbeach Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNelgarde Road
875John Stainer Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMantle Road
876Kelvin Grove Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKelvin Grove
877Kender Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKender Street
878Brindishe Manor SchoolCommunity schoolLeahurst Road
879Lucas Vale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolThornville Street
880Marvels Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRiddons Road
881Rathfern Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRathfern Road
882Rushey Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCulverley Road
883Sandhurst Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMinard Road
884Stillness Junior SchoolCommunity schoolBrockley Rise
885Stillness Infant SchoolCommunity schoolBrockley Rise
886Torridon Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHazelbank Road
887John Ball Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouthvale Road
888Fairlawn Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHonor Oak Road
889Eliot Bank Primary SchoolCommunity schoolThorpewood Avenue
890Twin Oaks Primary SchoolCommunity schoolScawen Road
891Myatt Garden Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRokeby Road
892Horniman Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHorniman Drive
893Perrymount Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSunderland Road
894Ashmead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAshmead Road
895Brindishe Lee SchoolCommunity schoolWantage Road
896Kilmorie Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKilmorie Road
897All Saints’ Church of England Primary School BlackheathVoluntary aided school2 Blackheath Vale
898St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHowson Road
899Holy Trinity Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDartmouth Road
900St Margaret’s Lee CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLee Church Street
901St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School and NurseryVoluntary aided schoolDunfield Road
902St Bartholomews’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThe Peak
903St James’s Hatcham Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt James’s
904St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrossfield Street
905St Mary’s Lewisham Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school329 Lewisham High Street
906St Michael’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChampion Road
907Our Lady and St Philip Neri Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school208 Sydenham Road
908St Saviour’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school10 Bonfield Road
909St Stephen’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAlbyn Road
910St William of York Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBrockley Park
911Holy Cross Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCulverley Road
912Trinity Church of England School, LewishamVoluntary aided schoolTaunton Road
913St Dunstan’s CollegeOther independent schoolStanstead Road
914Brent Knoll SchoolFoundation special schoolPerry Rise
915Watergate SchoolFoundation special schoolLushington Road
916Kings Kids Christian SchoolOther independent school100 Woodpecker Road
917Olive Tree SchoolOther independent school363-365 Lewisham High Street
918Haberdashers’ Hatcham CollegeAcademy sponsor ledPepys Road
919St Matthew AcademyAcademy sponsor ledSt Joseph’s Vale
920Prendergast Vale SchoolFoundation schoolElmira Street
921Marathon Science SchoolOther independent school1-9 Evelyn Street
922Drumbeat School and ASD ServiceCommunity special schoolRoundtable Rd & Revelon Rd
923Tidemill AcademyAcademy converter11 Giffin Street
924Rose House Montessori SchoolOther independent schoolSt George’s Church Hall
925Haberdashers’ Hatcham Free SchoolFree schoolsPepys Road
926St Winifred’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNewstead Road
927St George’s CofE Primary SchoolAcademy converterPerry Vale
928Turnham AcademyAcademy sponsor ledTurnham Road
929Childeric Primary SchoolAcademy converterChilderic Road
930Haberdashers’ Hatcham PrimaryAcademy converterHunsdon Road
931Willington SchoolOther independent schoolWorcester Road


932Dundonald Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDundonald Road
933Hollymount SchoolCommunity schoolCambridge Road
934Joseph Hood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWhatley Avenue
935Links Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFrinton Road
936Merton Abbey Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHigh Path
937Merton Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChurch Lane
938Pelham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouthey Road
939Poplar Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPoplar Road South
940Singlegate Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouth Gardens
941Wimbledon Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHavana Road
942West Wimbledon Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBodnant Gardens
943Stanford Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChilmark Road
944Wimbledon Chase Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMerton Hall Road
945All Saints’ CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school3 – 19 Hanover Road
946St Matthew’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCottenham Park Road
947Holy Trinity CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEffra Road
948St Mary’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRussell Road
949St John Fisher RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGrand Drive
950The Priory CofE SchoolVoluntary aided schoolQueens Road
951The Rowans SchoolOther independent school19 Drax Avenue
952Ursuline Preparatory SchoolOther independent school18 The Downs
953Donhead Preparatory SchoolOther independent school33 Edge Hill
954The Study Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolWilberforce House
955Norwegian School in LondonOther independent school28 Arterberry Rd
956The London Acorn SchoolOther independent schoolMorden Cottage
957The Norwegian Kindergarten In LondonOther independent school28 Arterberry Road
958Park AcademyFree schools200 Dorset Road
959Stanford Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledChilmark Road
960Liberty Woodland SchoolOther independent schoolMorden Lodge
961Altmore Infant SchoolCommunity schoolAltmore Avenue


962Avenue Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMeanley Road
963Brampton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBrampton Road
964Carpenters Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFriendship Way
965Dersingham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDersingham Avenue, Manor Park, London
966Godwin Junior SchoolCommunity schoolCranmer Road
967Woodgrange Infant SchoolCommunity schoolSebert Road
968Grange Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSuffolk Road
969Keir Hardie Primary SchoolCommunity school13 Robertson Road
970Lathom Junior SchoolCommunity schoolLathom Road
971Stratford Manor Primary School & NurseryCommunity schoolRichardson Road
972Maryland Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGurney Road
973Odessa Infant SchoolCommunity schoolWellington Road
974Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPark Primary School, Mathews Park Avenue
975Roman Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRoman Road
976Salisbury Primary SchoolCommunity school495 High Street North
977William Davies Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStafford Road
978Star Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStar Lane
979St Stephen’s Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWhitfield Road
980Winsor Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEast Ham Manor Way
981Colegrave Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHenniker Road
982Southern Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSouthern Road
983Calverton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKing George Avenue
984Ellen Wilkinson Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTollgate Road
985North Beckton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHarrier Way
986Essex Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSheridan Road
987St James’ CofE Junior SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolTower Hamlets Road
988West Ham Church Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolPortway
989St Luke’s Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRuscoe Road
990St Edward’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGreen Street
991St Francis’ Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMaryland Park
992St Michael’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHoward Road
993St Winefride’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Road
994Grangewood Independent SchoolOther independent schoolChester Road
995Sandringham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSandringham Road
996Central Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCentral Park Road
997Promised Land AcademyOther independent schoolSt Cedd’s Hall
998St Antony’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUpton Avenue
999Sir John Heron Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSchool Road
1000Plaistow Primary SchoolCommunity schoolJunction Road
1001Azhar Academy Girls SchoolOther independent schoolTennyson Road
1002Zakariya Primary SchoolOther independent school447-451 Romford Road
1003Madaniyah FoundationOther independent school80 – 82 Stafford Rd
1004Quwwat Ul Islam Girls’ SchoolOther independent school16 Chaucer Road
1005London Christian Learning CentreOther independent school639-643 Romford Road
1006East London Independent SchoolOther independent special schoolWelfare Road
1007Hafs AcademyOther independent schoolUnit 3
1008Harris Academy ChobhamAcademy sponsor led40 Cheering Lane
1009Langdon AcademyAcademy sponsor ledSussex Road
1010John F Kennedy Special SchoolAcademy special converterPitchford Street
1011Sheringham Primary SchoolAcademy converterSheringham Avenue
1012St Helen’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterChargeable Lane
1013St Joachim’s Catholic  Primary SchoolAcademy converterShipman Road
1014Upton Cross Primary SchoolAcademy converterChurston Avenue & Kirton Road
1015Portway Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledStratford Road
1016Hartley Primary SchoolAcademy converterHartley Avenue
1017Selwyn Primary SchoolAcademy converterSelwyn Road
1018Eko PathwaysAcademy special converterFlanders Road
1019Gainsborough Primary SchoolAcademy converterGainsborough Road
1020Kaizen Primary SchoolAcademy converterElkington Road
1021Royal Wharf Primary SchoolFree schools1 John Harrison Square
1022Tollgate Primary SchoolAcademy converterBarclay Road
1023Cleves Primary SchoolAcademy converterArragon Road
1024Drew Primary SchoolAcademy converterWythes Road
1025Ranelagh Primary SchoolAcademy converterCorporation Street
1026Ravenscroft Primary SchoolAcademy converterCarson Road
1027Kensington Primary SchoolAcademy converterKensington Avenue
1028Curwen Primary SchoolAcademy converterAtlas Road
1029Britannia Village Primary SchoolAcademy converterWestwood Road
1030Bobby Moore AcademyFree schools1 Siding Street
1031Rosetta Primary SchoolAcademy converterSophia Road
1032Earlham Primary SchoolAcademy converterEarlham Grove
1033Monega Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledMonega Road
1034Elmhurst Primary SchoolAcademy converterUpton Park Road
1035Hallsville Primary SchoolAcademy converterRadland Road
1036Nelson Primary SchoolAcademy converterNapier Road
1037Scott Wilkie Primary SchoolAcademy converterHoskins Close
1038Vicarage Primary SchoolAcademy converterVicarage Lane
1039New City Primary SchoolAcademy converterTunmarsh Lane
1040Gallions Primary SchoolAcademy converterWarwall
1041Shaftesbury Primary SchoolAcademy converterShaftesbury Road
1042North Beckton Primary SchoolAcademy converterHarrier Way
1043St Edward’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterGreen Street
1044St Francis’ Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterMaryland Park
1045St Antony’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterUpton Avenue
1046School 360Free schools5 Sugar House Lane
1047St Winefride’s RC Primary SchoolAcademy converterChurch Road
1048Daffodil Preparatory SchoolOther independent school43 West Ham Lane
1049Aldersbrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHarpenden Road


1050Snaresbrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMeadow Walk
1051Nightingale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAshbourne Avenue
1052Wanstead Church SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Path
1053Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChestnut Drive
1054St Joseph’s Convent SchoolOther independent school59 Cambridge Park
1055Snaresbrook Prep SchoolOther independent school75 Woodford Road
1056Oakdale Junior SchoolCommunity schoolOakdale Road
1057Oakdale Infants’ SchoolCommunity schoolWoodville Road
1058Churchfields Junior SchoolCommunity schoolChurchfields
1059Churchfields Infants’ SchoolCommunity schoolChurchfields
1060Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary SchoolAcademy converterChestnut Drive
1061East Sheen Primary SchoolCommunity schoolUpper Richmond Road West

Richmond upon Thames

1062Lowther Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStillingfleet Road
1063Sheen Mount Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWest Temple
1064Barnes Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCross Street
1065St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWorple Street
1066St Osmund’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Road
1067Tower House SchoolOther independent school188 Sheen Lane
1068St Paul’s SchoolOther independent schoolLonsdale Road
1069The Swedish SchoolOther independent school82 Lonsdale Road
1070The Harrodian SchoolOther independent schoolLonsdale Road
1071St Richard Reynolds Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolClifden Road
1072Thomson House SchoolFree schools27 Sheen Lane
1073St Richard Reynolds Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterClifden Road
1074Albion Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAlbion Street


1075Bellenden Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDewar Street
1076Charles Dickens Primary SchoolFoundation schoolToulmin Street
1077Cobourg Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCobourg Road
1078Comber Grove SchoolCommunity schoolComber Grove
1079Crampton PrimaryCommunity schoolIliffe Street
1080Crawford Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrawford Road
1081Dog Kennel Hill SchoolCommunity schoolDog Kennel Hill
1082Goodrich Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDunstans Road
1083Grange Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWebb Street
1084Heber Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHeber Road
1085Hollydale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHollydale Road
1086Ilderton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVarcoe Road
1087Ivydale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolIvydale Road
1088John Ruskin Primary School and Language ClassesCommunity schoolJohn Ruskin Street
1089Keyworth Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKeyworth Primary School, Faunce Street
1090Dulwich Wood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBowen Drive
1091Lyndhurst Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrove Lane
1092Michael Faraday SchoolCommunity schoolPortland Street
1093Riverside Primary SchoolCommunity schoolJaneway Street
1094Robert Browning Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKing and Queen Street
1095Rotherhithe Primary SchoolCommunity school61 Hawkstone Road
1096Snowsfields Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKirby Grove
1097Southwark Park Primary SchoolCommunity school383 Southwark Park Road
1098Tower Bridge Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFair Street
1099Townsend Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTownsend Street
1100Victory Primary SchoolCommunity schoolElba Place
1101Charlotte Sharman Primary SchoolFoundation schoolSt George’s Road
1102Phoenix Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMarlborough Grove
1103Pilgrims’ Way Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTustin Estate
1104Alfred Salter Primary SchoolCommunity schoolQuebec Way
1105Oliver Goldsmith Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPeckham Road
1106Boutcher Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school93 Grange Road
1107Dulwich Village Church of England Infants’ SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDulwich Village
1108English Martyrs’ Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFlint Street
1109St James the Great Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPeckham Road
1110St Francis RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFriary Road
1111St George’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolColeman Road
1112St George’s Cathedral Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school28 Lambeth Road
1113St James’ Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolOld Jamaica Road
1114St John’s and St Clement’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAdys Road
1115St John’s Walworth Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLarcom Street
1116St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGeorge Row
1117St Joseph’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGomm Road
1118Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, the BoroughVoluntary aided schoolLittle Dorrit Court
1119St Jude’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolColnbrook Street
1120St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school48 Brayards Road
1121Peter Hills with St Mary’s and St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school2 Beatson Walk
1122St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, WalworthVoluntary aided schoolPenrose Street
1123St Peter’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLiverpool Grove
1124The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary OverieVoluntary aided schoolRedcross Way
1125St John’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Elmo’s Road
1126St Francesca Cabrini Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolForest Hill Road
1127St Anthony’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEtherow Street
1128St Joseph’s Catholic Junior SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPitman Street
1129St Joseph’s Catholic Infants SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPitman Street
1130Friars Primary Foundation SchoolFoundation schoolWebber Street
1131Dulwich CollegeOther independent schoolDulwich Common
1132James Allen’s Girls’ SchoolOther independent schoolEast Dulwich Grove
1133Alleyn’s SchoolOther independent schoolTownley Road
1134Herne Hill SchoolOther independent school127 Herne Hill
1135Haymerle SchoolCommunity special schoolHaymerle Road
1136Beormund Primary SchoolCommunity special schoolCrosby Row
1137Cherry Garden SchoolCommunity special school41 Bellenden Road
1138Bessemer Grange Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDylways
1139Brunswick Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPicton Street
1140The VillaOther independent school54 Lyndhurst Grove
1141Rye Oak Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWhorlton Road
1142London Christian SchoolOther independent school40 Tabard Street
1143Ark Globe AcademyAcademy sponsor ledHarper Road
1144Dulwich Hamlet Junior SchoolAcademy converterDulwich Village
1145Harris Primary Academy Peckham ParkAcademy converterMarmont Road
1146Redriff Primary SchoolAcademy converterSalter Road
1147Judith Kerr Primary SchoolFree schools62-68 Half Moon Lane
1148John Donne Primary SchoolAcademy converterWoods Road
1149Harris Primary Academy East DulwichFree schools173 Lordship Lane
1150Angel Oak AcademyAcademy sponsor ledBurcher Gale Grove
1151The Belham Primary SchoolFree schools165 Bellenden Road
1152Galleywall Primary SchoolFree schoolsGalleywall Primary
1153Spa School CamberwellFree schools special150 Southampton Way
1154Goose Green Primary and Nursery SchoolAcademy converterTintagel Crescent
1155John Keats Primary SchoolFree schools391 Rotherhithe New Road
1156Surrey Square Primary SchoolAcademy converterSurrey Square
1157St Paul’s Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledPenrose Street
1158Charles Dickens Primary SchoolAcademy converterToulmin Street
1159Lyndhurst Primary SchoolAcademy converterGrove Lane
1160St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterGeorge Row
1161River House Montessori SchoolOther independent schoolUnit C Great Eastern Enterprise Centre

Tower Hamlets

1162Ben Jonson Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHarford Street
1163Bonner Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStainsbury Street
1164Old Palace Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSt Leonard’s Street
1165Canon Barnett Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGunthorpe Street
1166Cayley Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAston Street
1167Blue Gate Fields Junior SchoolCommunity schoolKing David Lane
1168Chisenhale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChisenhale Road
1169Columbia Primary SchoolCommunity schoolColumbia Road
1170Cubitt Town Primary SchoolCommunity schoolManchester Road
1171Cyril Jackson Primary SchoolCommunity school51 Three Colt Street
1172Globe Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGawber Street
1173Hague Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWilmot Street
1174Harbinger Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCahir Street
1175John Scurr Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCephas Street
1176Lawdale Junior SchoolCommunity schoolMansford Street
1177Elizabeth Selby Infants’ SchoolCommunity schoolOld Bethnal Green Road
1178Marion Richardson Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSenrab Street
1179Marner Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDevas Street
1180Mayflower Primary SchoolCommunity schoolUpper North Street
1181Mowlem Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMowlem Street
1182Blue Gate Fields Infants’ SchoolCommunity schoolKing David Lane
1183Olga Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLanfranc Road
1184Stepney Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSmithy Street
1185Manorfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWyvis Street
1186Stewart Headlam Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTapp Street
1187Virginia Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVirginia Road
1188Wellington Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWellington Way
1189Woolmore Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWoolmore Street
1190Thomas Buxton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBuxton Street
1191Seven Mills Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMalabar Street
1192Cubitt Town Infants’ SchoolCommunity schoolManchester Road
1193Osmani Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVallance Road
1194Shapla Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWellclose Square
1195Hermitage Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVaughan Way
1196Bangabandhu Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWessex Street
1197Halley Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHalley Street
1198Bigland Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBigland Street
1199Kobi Nazrul Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSettles Street
1200Smithy Street Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSmithy Street
1201William Davis Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWood Close
1202Christ Church CofE SchoolVoluntary aided school47a Brick Lane
1203Guardian Angels Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWhitman Road
1204Stepney Greencoat Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNorbiton Road
1205St Agnes RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRainhill Way
1206St Anne’s and Guardian Angels Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUnderwood Road
1207St Edmund’s Catholic SchoolVoluntary aided school299 Westferry Road
1208St John’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPeel Grove
1209St Luke’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSaunders Ness Road
1210St Matthias Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBacon Street
1211St Paul with St Luke CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLeopold Street
1212St Paul’s Whitechapel Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWellclose Square
1213St Peter’s London Docks CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGarnet Street
1214St Saviour’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChrisp Street
1215English Martyrs Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Mark Street
1216Gatehouse SchoolOther independent schoolSewardstone Road
1217Phoenix SchoolCommunity special school49 Bow Road
1218Arnhem Wharf Primary SchoolCommunity school1 Arnhem Place
1219Stephen Hawking SchoolCommunity special schoolBrunton Place
1220Green Gables Montessori Primary SchoolOther independent school4 Wapping Lane
1221The Cherry Trees SchoolCommunity special school68 Campbell Road
1222Harry Gosling Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFairclough Street
1223St Mary and St Michael Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSutton Street
1224St Elizabeth Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBonner Road
1225Lansbury Lawrence Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCordelia Street
1226Al-Mizan SchoolOther independent school46 Whitechapel Road
1227Malmesbury Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCoborn Street
1228Faraday SchoolOther independent schoolOld Gate House
1229Canary Wharf College, East FerryFree schools197 East Ferry Road
1230Sir William Burrough Primary SchoolAcademy converterSalmon Lane
1231Solebay Primary – A Paradigm AcademyFree schools11 Solebay Street
1232Buttercup Primary SchoolOther independent school181 Cannon Street Road
1233Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWades Place
1234Culloden Primary – A Paradigm AcademyAcademy converterDee Street
1235Old Ford Primary – A Paradigm AcademyAcademy converterWrights Road
1236Canary Wharf College, GlenworthFree schools93 Saunders Ness Road
1237St Paul’s Way Trust SchoolAcademy converter125 St Paul’s Way
1238Stebon Primary SchoolAcademy converterBurdett Estate
1239Bygrove Primary SchoolAcademy converterBygrove Street
1240The Clara Grant Primary SchoolAcademy converterKnapp Road
1241Cyril Jackson Primary SchoolAcademy converterLimehouse Causeway
1242Mulberry Canon Barnett Primary AcademyAcademy converterGunthorpe Street
1243Brick Lane SchoolOther independent special schoolBacon Street
1244Mulberry Wood Wharf Primary SchoolFree schools20 Brannan Street
1245Chase Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolYork Road

Waltham Forest

1246Whitehall Primary SchoolCommunity school90 Normanton Park
1247Downsell Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDownsell Road
1248Newport SchoolCommunity schoolNewport Road
1249Chapel End Infant School and Early Years CentreCommunity schoolBeresford Road
1250Edinburgh Primary SchoolCommunity schoolQueen’s Road
1251Greenleaf Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGreenleaf Road
1252Handsworth Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHandsworth Avenue
1253Thorpe Hall Primary SchoolCommunity school123 Hale End Road
1254The Winns Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFleeming Road
1255Henry Maynard Primary SchoolCommunity school101 Maynard Road
1256South Grove Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRingwood Road
1257Dawlish Primary SchoolCommunity schoolJesse Road
1258Gwyn Jones Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHainault Road
1259George Tomlinson Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHarrington Road
1260Mission Grove Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBuxton Road
1261Coppermill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEdward Road
1262Stoneydown Park SchoolCommunity schoolPretoria Avenue
1263Buxton SchoolFoundation school234 Cann Hall Road
1264The Jenny Hammond Primary SchoolCommunity schoolElsham Road
1265Chingford CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolKing’s Road
1266St Mary’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolStation Road
1267St Joseph’s Catholic Junior SchoolVoluntary aided school150 Vicarage Road
1268St Patrick’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLongfield Avenue
1269St Joseph’s Catholic Infant SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMarsh Lane
1270George Mitchell SchoolCommunity schoolFarmer Road
1271Forest SchoolOther independent schoolCollege Place
1272Normanhurst SchoolOther independent school68-74 Station Road
1273Ainslie Wood Primary SchoolCommunity school140 Ainslie Wood Road
1274Barn Croft Primary SchoolCommunity school2 Brunel Road
1275Belmont Park SchoolCommunity special schoolLeyton Green Road
1276Lantern of Knowledge Secondary SchoolOther independent school30-36 Lindley Road
1277Noor Ul Islam Primary SchoolOther independent school135 Dawlish Road
1278Walthamstow Montessori SchoolOther independent schoolPenryhn Hall
1279Our Lady and St George’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolShernhall Street
1280Roger Ascham Primary SchoolAcademy converter1 Wigton Road
1281Yardley Primary SchoolAcademy converterHawkwood Crescent
1282Hillyfield Primary AcademyAcademy converterHigham Hill Road
1283Emmanuel Community SchoolFree schoolsThe Drive
1284Salisbury Manor Primary SchoolAcademy converter4 Burnside Avenue
1285Willow Brook Primary School AcademyAcademy sponsor led190 Church Road
1286Lime Academy HornbeamAcademy special converterFolly Lane
1287Barclay Primary SchoolAcademy converter155 Canterbury Road
1288The Woodside Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledWood Street
1289Chapel End Junior AcademyAcademy sponsor ledRoberts Road
1290Whittingham Primary AcademyAcademy converterHigham Hill Road
1291Riverley Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledPark Road
1292Sybourn Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSybourn Street
1293Joseph Clarke SchoolAcademy special sponsor ledVincent Road
1294Thomas Gamuel Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledColchester Road
1295Whitefield SchoolAcademy special converterMacdonald Road
1296Lime Academy LarkswoodAcademy converterNew Road
1297Walthamstow Primary AcademyFree schoolsBillet Road
1298Longshaw Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledLongshaw Road
1299Mayville Primary SchoolAcademy converterLincoln Street
1300Selwyn Primary SchoolAcademy converter105 Selwyn Avenue
1301Davies Lane Primary SchoolAcademy converterDavies Lane
1302St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolAcademy converterBrooke Road
1303St Saviour’s Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy converterVerulam Avenue
1304George Mitchell SchoolAcademy converterFarmer Road
1305Longshaw Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledLongshaw Road
1306Salisbury Manor Primary SchoolAcademy converter4 Burnside Avenue
1307Thomas’s BatterseaOther independent school28-40 Battersea High Street


1308Alderbrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOldridge Road
1309Allfarthing Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSt Ann’s Crescent
1310Beatrix Potter Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMagdalen Road
1311Brandlehow Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBrandlehow Road
1312Broadwater Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBroadwater Road
1313Goldfinch Primary  SchoolFoundation schoolCunliffe Street
1314Earlsfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolTranmere Road
1315Falconbrook Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWye Street
1316Fircroft Primary SchoolCommunity schoolFircroft Road
1317Furzedown Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBeclands Road
1318Honeywell Junior SchoolFoundation schoolHoneywell Road
1319Honeywell Infant SchoolFoundation schoolHoneywell Road
1320Hotham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCharlwood Road
1321John Burns Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWycliffe Road
1322Penwortham Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPenwortham Road
1323Ravenstone Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRavenstone Street
1324Riversdale Primary SchoolCommunity school302a Merton Road
1325Sellincourt Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSellincourt Road
1326Shaftesbury Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAshbury Road
1327Smallwood Primary School and Language UnitCommunity schoolSmallwood Road
1328Swaffield SchoolCommunity schoolSt Ann’s Hill
1329West Hill Primary SchoolCommunity school5 Merton Road
1330Sheringdale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStanden Road
1331Southmead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPrinces Way
1332Granard Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCortis Road
1333Heathmere Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAlton Road
1334Albemarle Primary SchoolFoundation schoolPrinces Way
1335All Saints’ CofE Primary School, PutneyVoluntary aided schoolPutney Common
1336Christ Church CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBatten Street
1337Holy Ghost Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNightingale Square
1338Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school1 Clarendon Drive
1339Roehampton CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school245 Roehampton Lane
1340St Anne’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school208 St Ann’s Hill
1341St Boniface RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUndine Street
1342St Faith’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAlma Road
1343St George’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCorunna Road
1344St Joseph’s Catholic Primary and Nursery SchoolVoluntary aided school90 Oakhill Road
1345St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFelsham Road
1346Trinity St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school6 Balham Park Road
1347St Mary’s RC Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school7 St Josephs Street
1348St Michael’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGranville Road
1349Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, RoehamptonVoluntary aided schoolRoehampton Lane
1350Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC SchoolVoluntary aided schoolVictoria Drive
1351St Anselm’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLouisville Road
1352Hillbrook SchoolFoundation schoolHillbrook Road
1353Ibstock Place SchoolOther independent schoolClarence Lane
1354Merlin SchoolOther independent school4 Carlton Drive
1355Hurlingham SchoolOther independent school122 Putney Bridge Road
1356Emanuel SchoolOther independent schoolBattersea Rise
1357Broomwood Hall SchoolOther independent school68-74 Nightingale Lane
1358The Roche SchoolOther independent school11 Frogmore
1359The Dominie School LimitedOther independent special school55 Warriner Gardens
1360Hornsby House SchoolOther independent schoolHearnville Road
1361Prospect House SchoolOther independent school75 Putney Hill
1362Newton Preparatory SchoolOther independent school149 Battersea Park Road
1363Dolphin School (Incorporating Noahs Ark Nursery Schools)Other independent school106 Northcote Road
1364Hurlingham Nursery and Pre PrepOther independent schoolOld Methodist Hall
1365Eaton House the Manor SchoolOther independent schoolThe Manor
1366Northcote Lodge SchoolOther independent school26 Bolingbroke Grove
1367Al Risalah Secondary SchoolOther independent school145 Upper Tooting Road
1368Parkgate House SchoolOther independent school80 Clapham Common
1369Oak Lodge SchoolCommunity special school101 Nightingale Lane
1370Greenmead SchoolCommunity special school147 Beaumont Road
1371Paddock SchoolCommunity special schoolPriory Lane
1372Centre Academy LondonOther independent special school92 St John’s Hill
1373Thomas’s ClaphamOther independent schoolBroomwood Road
1374Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, BatterseaVoluntary aided schoolEste Road
1375Chelsea Hall SchoolOther independent special schoolSt Andrew’s Church Hall
1376Gatton (VA) Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school13e Broadwater Rd
1377Park House SchoolOther independent special school48 North Side Wandsworth Common
1378Oliver House Preparatory SchoolOther independent school7 Nightingale Lane
1379L’Ecole de BatterseaOther independent schoolTrott Street
1380Roehampton Gate SchoolOther independent special schoolPriory Lane
1381Belleville Primary SchoolAcademy converterBelleville Road
1382Wandsworth Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolThe Old Library
1383Tooting Primary SchoolFree schoolsFranciscan Road
1384Mosaic Jewish Primary SchoolFree schools170 Roehampton Lane
1385Rutherford House SchoolFree schools217 Balham High Road
1386Oasis Academy PutneyAcademy sponsor led184 Lower Richmond Road
1387Floreat Wandsworth Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor led305 Garratt Lane
1388Westbridge AcademyAcademy sponsor ledBolingbroke Walk
1389Nightingale Community AcademyAcademy special sponsor ledBeechcroft Road
1390Anglo Portuguese School of LondonFree schools25 Courthouse Way
1391Belleville Wix AcademyAcademy sponsor ledWix’s Lane
1392The Alton SchoolAcademy converterDanebury Avenue
1393Griffin Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledStewarts Road
1394Chesterton Primary SchoolAcademy converterDagnall Street
1395Linden Lodge SchoolAcademy special converter61 Princes Way
1396Franciscan Primary SchoolAcademy converter221 Franciscan Road
1397ARK John Archer Primary AcademyAcademy converterPlough Road
1398Goldfinch Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledCunliffe Street
1399Ravenstone Primary SchoolAcademy converterRavenstone Street
1400Portland Place SchoolOther independent school56-58 Portland Place


1401Barrow Hill Junior SchoolCommunity schoolBridgeman Street
1402Edward Wilson Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSenior Street
1403Essendine Primary SchoolCommunity schoolEssendine Road
1404George Eliot Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMarlborough Hill
1405Hallfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHallfield Estate
1406Robinsfield Infant SchoolCommunity schoolOrdnance Hill
1407Queen’s Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDroop Street
1408All Souls CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFoley Street
1409Burdett-Coutts and Townshend Foundation CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRochester Street
1410Hampden Gurney CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school13 Nutford Place
1411Our Lady of Dolours Catholic PrimaryVoluntary aided school19 Cirencester Street
1412St Augustines Federated Schools: CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKilburn Park Road
1413St Barnabas’ CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Barnabas Street
1414St Clement Danes CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school118 Drury Lane
1415St Edward’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLisson Grove
1416St Gabriel’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurchill Gardens Road
1417St George’s Hanover Square CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSouth Street
1418Soho Parish CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school23 Great Windmill Street
1419St James & St John Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school4 Craven Terrace
1420St Joseph’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLanark Road
1421St Luke’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFernhead Road
1422St Mary Magdalene CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRowington Close
1423St Mary’s Bryanston Square CofE SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEnford Street
1424St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolShrewsbury Road
1425St Matthew’s School, WestminsterVoluntary aided school18 Old Pye Street
1426St Peter’s CofE SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChippenham Mews
1427St Peter’s Eaton Square CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLower Belgrave Street
1428St Saviour’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolShirland Road
1429St Stephen’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school91 Westbourne Park Road
1430St Vincent’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Vincent Street
1431St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMorpeth Terrace
1432Westminster Cathedral RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBessborough Place
1433Christ Church Bentinck CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCosway Street
1434Arnold House SchoolOther independent school1-3 Loudoun Road
1435Queen’s College, LondonOther independent school43-49 Harley Street
1436Westminster Abbey Choir SchoolOther independent schoolDean’s Yard
1437Eaton House SchoolOther independent school3-5 Eaton Gate
1438Francis Holland SchoolOther independent school39 Graham Terrace
1439Westminster Cathedral Choir SchoolOther independent schoolAmbrosden Avenue
1440The American School in LondonOther independent school1 Waverley Place
1441Saint Christina’s SchoolOther independent school25 St Edmund’s Terrace
1442ICS LondonOther independent school7b Wyndham Place
1443Fairley House SchoolOther independent special school30 Causton Street
1444St John’s Wood Pre-Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolSt John’s Hall
1445Naima Jewish Preparatory SchoolOther independent school21 Andover Place
1446Abercorn SchoolOther independent school28 Abercorn Place
1447College Park SchoolCommunity special schoolGarway Road
1448Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee SchoolCommunity special schoolKennet Road
1449L’Ecole Bilingue ElementaireOther independent schoolSt David’s Welsh Church
1450Wetherby Preparatory SchoolOther independent school48 Bryanston Square
1451Miss Daisy’s Nursery School, Hyde ParkOther independent schoolThe Long Garden
1452Abingdon House SchoolOther independent special schoolBroadley Terrace
1453Ark King Solomon AcademyAcademy sponsor ledPenfold Street
1454Ark Atwood Primary AcademyFree schoolsAmberley Road
1455Millbank AcademyAcademy converterMillbank Academy
1456Eifa International SchoolOther independent school36 Portland Place
1457Wilberforce PrimaryAcademy sponsor ledBeethoven Street
1458Pimlico PrimaryFree schoolsLupus Street
1459Churchill Gardens Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledRanelagh Road
1460Gateway AcademyAcademy converterCapland Street
1461Ark Paddington Green Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledPark Place Villas
1462St Joseph’s RC Primary SchoolAcademy converterLanark Road


Different types of primary schools in London

Broadly speaking, some of the different types of primary schools in London include – voluntary aided school, academic converter school, independent school, community school, special school etc. In this post, I’ve covered all these types of primary schools in London. The type of the primary school has been provided against the name of each school.


Factors used to rate the quality of each primary school

All the schools mentioned in this list are highly-rated by relevant authorities. These schools are trusted and recognized by relevant organizations and governing bodies. Factors such as – student to teacher ratio, safety, amenities, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, performance of existing students, quality of the teaching staff etc are generally used to rate and evaluate a primary school.


The primary schools mentioned in this list are known to fare well in the above-mentioned areas. You may visit the school personally and check the above-mentioned factors/parameters and make sure that the school is a good one.

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