Top-Rated Primary Schools in Manchester

Do you belong to Manchester, United Kingdom? Are you searching for the list of top-rated primary schools in Manchester? Do you want to select the best primary school for your child? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best primary schools in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Best primary schools in Manchester

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best primary schools in Manchester, type of the primary school, city/location of the school & additional information. After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal government or non-government primary school.

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Let us check out the list of primary schools in Manchester now. Here it is –


List of best primary schools in Manchester, UK

Sr NoName of the primary schoolType of the primary schoolStreet AddressTown/Location/Area
1Prestolee Primary SchoolAcademy converterChurch RoadBolton
2Butterstile Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSchool GroveBury
3Mersey Drive Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMersey Drive
4Ribble Drive Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRibble Drive
5Cams Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCams Lane
6Heaton Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCuckoo Lane
7Park View Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPark View Road
8Sedgley Park Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKings Road
9Whitefield Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVictoria Avenue
10Chapelfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClough Street
11St Margaret’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolHeywood Road
12All Saints Church of England Primary School, StandVoluntary controlled schoolRufford Drive
13Wesley Methodist Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolForth Road
14Radcliffe Hall Church of England/Methodist Controlled Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolBury Street
15St Mary’s Church of England Aided Primary School, PrestwichVoluntary aided schoolRectory Lane
16Our Lady of Grace RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHighfield Road
17St Bernadette’s Roman Catholic Primary School, WhitefieldVoluntary aided schoolAbingdon Avenue
18St Michael’s Roman Catholic Primary School, WhitefieldVoluntary aided schoolRibble Drive
19St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, RadcliffeVoluntary aided schoolGraves Street
20St Hilda’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWhittaker Lane
21St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School, RadcliffeVoluntary aided schoolBelgrave Street
22Prestwich Preparatory SchoolOther independent school400 Bury Old Road
23Yesoiday Hatorah Boys AcademyAcademy converterSedgley Park Road
24Radcliffe Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledCoronation Road
25Gorsefield Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledRobertson Street
26Higher Lane Primary SchoolAcademy converterEgerton Road
27Wesley Methodist Primary SchoolAcademy converterForth Road
28Radcliffe Hall Church of England Methodist  Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledBury Street
29Yesoiday Hatorah Girls AcademyAcademy converterSedgley Park Road
30Craig Ormerod Associates, School ProvisionOther independent special schoolOutwood Road
31St Michael’s Roman Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy�Academy sponsor ledRibble Drive
32Abbott Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLivesey StreetManchester (City)
33Alma Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolErrwood Road
34Bowker Vale Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMiddleton Road
35Acacias Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAlexandra Drive
36Cavendish Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCavendish Road
37Chapel Street Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChapel Street
38Charlestown Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPilkington Road
39Claremont Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClaremont Road
40Crosslee Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrosslee Road
41Crowcroft Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStovell Avenue
42Heald Place Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHeald Place
43Lily Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKenyon Lane
44Mauldeth Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMauldeth Road
45Moston Fields Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBrookside Road
46Moston Lane Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMoston Lane
47New Moston Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMoston Lane East
48Northenden Community SchoolCommunity schoolBazley Road
49Rack House Primary SchoolCommunity schoolYarmouth Drive
50Ravensbury Community SchoolCommunity schoolTartan Street
51Broadhurst Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWilliams Road
52Irk Valley Community SchoolCommunity schoolWaterloo Street
53Varna Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolChisholm Street
54Cheetwood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWaterloo Road
55Crab Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrab Lane
56Broad Oak Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBroad Oak Lane
57Peel Hall Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAshurst Road
58Sandilands Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWendover Road
59Pike Fold Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOld Market Street
60Higher Openshaw Community SchoolCommunity schoolSaunton Road
61Manley Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCollege Road
62All Saints Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBelle Vue Street
63Medlock Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWadeson Road
64Baguley Hall Primary SchoolFoundation schoolAckworth Drive
65Crumpsall Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCrumpsall Lane
66Chorlton CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolVicars Road
67Holy Trinity CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolCapstan Street
68St Augustine’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolSt Augustine Street
69St Chrysostom’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolLincoln Grove
70St Margaret’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolWithington Road
71St Mary’s CofE Junior and Infant SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolAdscombe Street
72St Wilfrid’s CofE Junior and Infant SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolMabel Street
73St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolSt Paul’s Road
74St Agnes C of E Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled school450 Hyde Road
75St Clement’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolAbbey Hey Lane
76Armitage CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolRostron Avenue
77St Luke’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolLangport Avenue
78St John’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolClarence Road
79All Saints C of E Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCulcheth Lane
80St Andrew’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBroom Avenue
81St James’ CofE Primary School, Birch-in-RusholmeVoluntary aided schoolCromwell Range
82St Philip’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLoxford Street
83Christ The King RC Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolCulcheth Lane
84Holy Name Roman Catholic Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolDenmark Road
85St Aidan’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolRackhouse Road
86St Ambrose RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolPrincess Road
87St Anne’s RC Primary School Crumpsall ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolMoss Bank
88St Brigid’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolGrey Mare Lane
89St Catherine’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSchool Lane
90St Chad’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBalmfield Street
91St Dunstan’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolBacup Street
92St Edmund’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolUpper Monsall Street
93St Francis RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEllenbrook Close
94St John Bosco RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHall Moss Road
95St Malachy’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEggington Street
96St Margaret Mary’s RC Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolSt Margaret’s Road
97St Mary’s RC Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolClare Road
98St Patrick’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLivesey Street
99Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFloatshall Road
100St Peter’s Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolFirbank Road
101St Willibrord’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolVale Street
102St Bernard’s RC Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolBurnage Lane
103Our Lady’s RC Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolWhalley Road
104St Richard’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWilpshire Avenue
105St Mary’s CofE Primary School MostonVoluntary aided schoolSt. Mary’s Road
106St John’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChepstow Road
107CofE School of the ResurrectionVoluntary aided schoolPilgrim Drive
108Saviour CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEggington Street
109St Joseph’s RC Primary School ManchesterVoluntary aided schoolRichmond Grove
110St Cuthbert’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHeyscroft Road
111St Clare’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolVictoria Avenue
112Mount Carmel RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWilson Road
113Abraham Moss Community SchoolCommunity schoolCrescent Road
114St Kentigern’s RC PrimaryVoluntary aided schoolBethnall Drive
115Moor Allerton Preparatory SchoolOther independent school131 Barlow Moor Road
116The Manchester Grammar SchoolOther independent schoolOld Hall Lane
117Manchester High School for GirlsOther independent schoolGrangethorpe Road
118Withington Girls’ SchoolOther independent schoolWellington Road
119Manchester Muslim Preparatory SchoolOther independent school551 Wilmslow Road
120Camberwell Park Specialist Support SchoolCommunity special schoolBrookside Road
121Lancasterian SchoolCommunity special schoolElizabeth Slinger Road
122The Birches SchoolCommunity special schoolNewholme Road
123Meade Hill SchoolCommunity special schoolChain Road
124Rodney House SchoolCommunity special school2 Albert Grove
125Grange SchoolCommunity special schoolMatthews Lane
126Southern Cross SchoolCommunity special schoolRoundwood Road
127Ashgate Specialist Support Primary SchoolCommunity special schoolCrossacres Road
128Birchfields Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLytham Road
129Oswald Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolOswald Road
130St Anne’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCarruthers Street
131Ringway Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRossett Avenue
132Button Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolButton Lane
133Benchill Primary SchoolFoundation schoolBenchill Road
134Ashbury Meadow Primary SchoolCommunity schoolRylance Street
135Sacred Heart RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKnutsford Road
136Manchester Jewish School for Special EducationOther independent special schoolManchester Jewish Community Centre
137Park View Community PrimaryCommunity schoolVarley Street
138William Hulme’s Grammar SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSpring Bridge Road
139The Divine Mercy Roman Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school20 Blue Moon Way
140Cheetham CofE Community AcademyAcademy converterHalliwell Lane
141E-ACT Blackley AcademyAcademy sponsor ledVictoria Avenue
142St Barnabas CofE Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledParkhouse Street
143Briscoe Lane AcademyAcademy converterBriscoe Lane
144Rushbrook Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledShillingford Road
145Oasis Academy Harpur MountAcademy sponsor ledAlfred Street
146Seymour Road AcademyAcademy sponsor ledSeymour Road South
147Haveley Hey Community SchoolAcademy sponsor ledNearbrook Road
148Abbey Hey Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledAbbey Hey Lane
149The Willows Primary SchoolAcademy converterTayfield Road
150Webster Primary SchoolAcademy converterDenmark Road
151St Anthony’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterDunkery Road
152St John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterWoodhouse Lane
153Co-Op Academy New IslingtonFree schools10 Hugh Oldham Way
154Longsight Community PrimaryFree schoolsFarrer Road
155Oasis Academy AspinalAcademy converterBroadacre Road
156Green End Primary SchoolAcademy converterBurnage Lane
157Ladybarn Primary SchoolAcademy converterBriarfield Road
158Beaver Road Primary SchoolAcademy converterBeaver Road
159Manchester Communication Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor led49 Parkstead Drive
160Cravenwood Primary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledCravenwood Road
161Crossacres Primary AcademyAcademy converterCrossacres Road
162St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary SchoolAcademy converterCalve Croft Road
163St James’ CofE Primary School GortonAcademy sponsor ledStelling Street
164Unity Community PrimaryFree schoolsAllesley Drive
165West Didsbury CE Primary SchoolFree schoolsCentral Road
166Didsbury CofE Primary SchoolAcademy converterElm Grove
167Chorlton Park PrimaryAcademy converterBarlow Moor Road
168Old Moat Primary SchoolAcademy converterOld Moat Lane
169Newall Green Primary SchoolAcademy converterFirbank Road
170Old Hall Drive AcademyAcademy converterOld Hall Drive
171St Wilfrid’s CofE Aided Primary School NorthendenAcademy sponsor ledPatterdale Road
172Gorton Primary SchoolFree schoolsMount Road
173Barlow Hall Primary SchoolAcademy converterDarley Avenue
174Brookburn Community SchoolAcademy converterBrookburn Road
175Rolls Crescent Primary SchoolAcademy converterRolls Crescent
176Wilbraham Primary SchoolAcademy converterPlatt Lane
177Oasis Academy TempleAcademy converterSmedley Lane
178Grange SchoolAcademy special sponsor ledMatthews Lane
179Co-op Academy BroadhurstAcademy converterWilliams Road
180Prospect House Specialist Support Primary SchoolFree schools special56 Bank House Road
181St Chad’s Roman Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary AcademyAcademy sponsor ledBalmfield Street
182Mount Carmel RC Primary School, a Voluntary AcademyAcademy converterWilson Road
183The Greens ENSOther independent special school202 Droylsden Road
184St Kentigern’s RC Primary School, a Voluntary AcademyAcademy converterBethnall Drive
185Lily Lane Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor led74 Kenyon Lane
186Mather Street Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMather StreetOldham
187South Failsworth Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPaddock Lane
188Propps Hall Junior Infant and Nursery SchoolCommunity schoolPropps Hall Drive
189Woodhouses Voluntary Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolAshton Road
190St John’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolJames Street
191St Mary’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolClive Road
192St John’s Church of England Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledSt Johns C of E Primary School, James Street
193Alkrington Primary SchoolCommunity schoolManor RoadRochdale
194Boarshaw Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStanycliffe Lane
195Elm Wood Primary SchoolCommunity schoolElm Street
196Hollin Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWaverley Road
197Parkfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolHarold Street
198St John’s VA Church of England Primary School, ThornhamVoluntary aided schoolSt. John’s CE Primary School
199St Gabriel’s Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolTonge Roughs
200Little Heaton Church of England Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolBoardman Lane
201St Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdaleVoluntary aided schoolKirkway
202St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School, MiddletonVoluntary aided schoolWood Street
203St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School, Middleton, RochdaleVoluntary aided schoolEvesham Road
204Middleton Parish Church SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSpringfield Road
205St Michael’s Church of England Primary School, AlkringtonVoluntary aided schoolBoardman Fold Road
206St John Fisher Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdaleVoluntary aided schoolStanycliffe Lane
207Bowlee Park Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWindermere Road
208SpringsideCommunity special schoolAlbert Royds Street
209Newlands SchoolCommunity special schoolWaverley Road
210Bamford AcademyAcademy converterBelgium Street
211Irlam Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLiverpool RoadSalford
212Clarendon Road Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClarendon Road
213Lewis Street Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLewis Street
214Monton Green Primary SchoolCommunity schoolPine Grove
215Westwood Park Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolVaughan Street
216Beech Street Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBeech Street
217Clifton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWroe Street
218Mesne Lea Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWalkden Road
219Bridgewater Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBridgewater Street
220Peel Hall Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGreencourt Drive
221Hilton Lane Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMadam’s Wood Road
222James Brindley Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolParr Fold Avenue
223North Walkden Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWorsley Road North
224The Deans Primary SchoolCommunity schoolStanwell Road
225Mossfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMossfield Road
226St John’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolDaisy Bank Avenue
227St Andrew’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolVicars Hall Lane
228St Andrew’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolBarton Lane
229Christ Church CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolNelson Street
230St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolBuckingham Road
231St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolHeathside Grove
232St Andrew’s Methodist Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolPrescott Street
233Irlam Endowed Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolChapel Road
234Wardley CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolMoss Bank Road
235St Paul’s Peel CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolStocksfield Drive
236Boothstown Methodist Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled school6 Chapel Street
237St Paul’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCrompton Street
238Godfrey Ermen Memorial CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSchool Road
239St Peter’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolVicarage Road
240St Mark’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAviary Road
241Christ The King RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHolly Avenue
242St Teresa’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided school5 Macdonald Road
243Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolTrafford Road
244St Mary’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHemming Drive
245St Gilbert’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCambell Road
246St Charles’ RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolEmlyn Street
247St Mark’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolQueensway
248St Mary’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolMilner Street
249Branwood Preparatory SchoolOther independent schoolStafford Road
250Bridgewater SchoolOther independent schoolDrywood Hall
251Talmud Torah Chinuch Norim SchoolOther independent school11 Wellington Street East
252Ellenbrook Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLongwall Avenue
253Cadishead Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAllotment Road
254Grosvenor Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolParkgate Drive
255St Edmund’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolQueen Street
256Broadoak Primary SchoolAcademy converterFairmount Road
257St Augustine’s CofE Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor led380 Bolton Road
258Barton Moss Community Primary SchoolAcademy converterTrippier Road
259Mesne Lea Primary SchoolAcademy converterWalkden Road
260Audenshaw Primary SchoolCommunity schoolAsh StreetTameside
261Russell Scott Primary SchoolCommunity schoolClare Street
262Fairfield Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGrove Street
263Aldwyn Primary SchoolCommunity schoolLumb Lane
264St Anne’s Primary SchoolCommunity schoolSt Anne’s Road
265Corrie Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCemetery Road
266Greenside Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGreenside Lane
267Greswell Primary School and NurseryCommunity schoolPercy Road
268St Stephen’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolAudenshaw Road
269St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChurch Street
270St Mary’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKynder Street
271St Stephen’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolChappell Road
272St John Fisher RC Primary School, DentonVoluntary aided schoolManor Road
273St Anne’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolClarendon Road
274Denton West End Primary SchoolAcademy converterBalmoral Drive
275Hawthorns SchoolAcademy special converterSunnyside Moss Campus
276Manchester Road Primary AcademyAcademy converterManchester Road
277Manor Green Primary AcademyAcademy converterMancunian Road
278Moorside Primary SchoolAcademy converterMarket Street
279Poplar Street Primary SchoolAcademy converterRavenwood Drive
280Greenside Primary SchoolAcademy converterGreenside Lane
281St John Vianney SchoolNon-maintained special schoolRye Bank RoadTrafford
282Urmston Primary SchoolCommunity schoolWycliffe Road
283Davyhulme Primary SchoolCommunity schoolCanterbury Road
284Flixton Primary SchoolCommunity schoolDelamere Road
285Gorse Hill Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBurleigh Road
286Kings Road Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKings Road
287Moss Park Primary SchoolCommunity schoolMoss Park Road
288Moss Park Infant SchoolCommunity schoolMoss Park Road
289Seymour Park Community Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNorthumberland Road
290Victoria Park Junior SchoolCommunity schoolDavyhulme Road East
291Victoria Park Infant SchoolCommunity schoolHenshaw Street
292Highfield Primary SchoolCommunity schoolBridgenorth Avenue
293Woodhouse Primary SchoolCommunity schoolNursery Road
294Kingsway Primary SchoolCommunity schoolKingsway Park
295St Matthew’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolPoplar Road
296Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLock Lane
297St Mary’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolCornhill Rd
298St Michael’s CofE (Aided) Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolThe Grove
299St Hilda’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWarwick Road South
300English Martyrs’ RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWycliffe Road
301St Teresa’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolSt Teresa’s Road
302St Monica’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolWoodsend Road South
303Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDavyhulme Road
304St Alphonsus RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolHamilton Street
305Longford Park SchoolCommunity special school74 Cromwell Road
306Delamere SchoolCommunity special schoolIrlam Road
307St Ann’s RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolDerbyshire Lane
308Afifah SchoolOther independent school86 Clifton Street
309Fairfield House SchoolOther independent special school57-59 Warburton Lane
310Forest Gate AcademyAcademy sponsor ledDaniel Adamson Avenue
311Acre Hall Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledIrlam Road
312Old Trafford Community AcademyAcademy converterMalvern Street
313Partington Central AcademyAcademy converterCentral Road
314Barton Clough Primary SchoolAcademy sponsor ledAudley Avenue
315Longford Park SchoolAcademy special converter74 Cromwell Road
316St Hilda’s CofE Primary SchoolAcademy converterWarwick Road South
317Meadowbank Primary School & Children’s CentreCommunity schoolFormby AvenueWigan
318Garrett Hall Primary SchoolCommunity schoolGarrett Lane
319Hindsford CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolLodge Road
320Chowbent Primary SchoolVoluntary controlled schoolLaburnum Street
321St Michael’s CofE Primary School, Howe BridgeVoluntary aided schoolLeigh Road
322St Stephen’s CofE Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolManchester Road
323St John’s CofE Primary School Mosley CommonVoluntary aided schoolCommonside Road
324St Richard’s Roman Catholic Primary School AthertonVoluntary aided schoolFlapper Fold Lane
325Sacred Heart RC Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolLodge Lane
326Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolKendal Road
327St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary SchoolVoluntary aided schoolManchester Road
328St Philip’s CofE Primary School, AthertonVoluntary aided schoolBolton Old Road
329Rowan Tree Primary SchoolCommunity special schoolGreen Hall Close
330Tyldesley St George’s Central CofE Primary School and NurseryVoluntary aided schoolDarlington Street
331Tyldesley Primary SchoolAcademy converterEnnerdale Road
332Atherton St George’s CofE Primary SchoolAcademy converterDerby Street


Different types of primary schools in Manchester

Broadly speaking, some of the different types of primary schools in Manchester include – voluntary aided school, academic converter school, independent school, community school, special school etc. In this post, I’ve covered all these types of primary schools in Manchester. The type of the primary school has been provided against the name of each school.


Factors used to rate the quality of each primary school

All the schools mentioned in this list are highly-rated by relevant authorities. These schools are trusted and recognized by relevant organizations and governing bodies. Factors such as – student to teacher ratio, safety, amenities, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, performance of existing students, quality of the teaching staff etc are generally used to rate and evaluate a primary school.


The primary schools mentioned in this list are known to fare well in the above-mentioned areas. You may visit the school personally and check the above-mentioned factors/parameters and make sure that the school is a good one.

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