Top-Rated Secondary Schools in Barnet

Do you belong to Barnet, London? Are you searching for the list of top-rated secondary schools in Barnet? Do you want to select the best secondary school for your child? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best secondary schools in Barnet, London.

Top-rated secondary schools in Barnet

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best secondary schools in Barnet, type of the secondary school, city/location of the school & additional information. After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal government or non-government secondary school.

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Let us check out the list of secondary schools in Barnet now. Here it is –


List of best secondary schools in Barnet, London

Sr No Name of the secondary school Type of the secondary school Street Address
1 Friern Barnet School Community school Hemington Avenue
2 St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School Voluntary aided school Nether Street
3 Finchley Catholic High School Voluntary aided school Woodside Lane
4 St James’ Catholic High School Voluntary aided school Great Strand
5 Mill Hill School Foundation Independent school The Ridgeway
6 The King Alfred School Independent school 149 North End Road
7 Pardes House Grammar School Independent school Hendon Lane
8 Beth Jacob Grammar School for Girls Independent school Stratford Road
9 Dwight School London Independent school 6 Friern Barnet Lane
10 Brampton College Independent school Lodge House
11 Mapledown School Community special school Claremont Road
12 St Mary’s and St John’s CofE School Voluntary aided school Bennett House
13 Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomo Independent school Danescroft Avenue
14 WENTWORTH COLLEGE Independent school 6-10 Brentmead Place
15 Tiferes High School Independent school The Community Centre
16 North London Grammar School Independent school 110 Colindeep Lane
17 Ellern Mede School Limited Independent school Holcombe Hill
18 Wren Academy Finchley Academy sponsor led Hilton Avenue
19 The Holmewood School Other independent special school 88 Woodside Park Road
20 Ashmole Academy Academy converter Cecil Road
21 The Compton School Academy converter Summers Lane
22 Whitefield School Academy converter Claremont Road
23 Mill Hill County High School Academy converter Worcester Crescent
24 Christ’s College Finchley Academy converter East End Road
25 Hasmonean High School for Boys Academy converter Holders Hill Road
26 Hendon School Academy converter Golders Rise
27 The Henrietta Barnett School Academy converter Central Square
28 Copthall School Academy converter Pursley Road
29 St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School Free schools North London Business Park
30 The Archer Academy Free schools Eagans Close
31 Beis Medrash Elyon Independent school 233 West Hendon Broadway
32 Menorah High School for Girls Voluntary aided school 105 Brook Road
33 Bishop Douglass School Finchley Academy converter Hamilton Road
34 Oak Lodge School Academy special converter Heath View
35 The Totteridge Academy Academy sponsor led Barnet Lane
36 Kisharon School Free schools special 54 Parson Street
37 Oak Hill School Academy special converter Church Hill Road
38 Saracens High School Free schools Corner Mead
39 Hasmonean High School for Girls Academy converter 2 – 4 Page Street


Different types of secondary schools in Barnet

Broadly speaking, some of the different types of secondary schools in Barnet include – voluntary aided school, academic converter school, independent school, community school, special school etc. In this post, I’ve covered all these types of secondary schools in Barnet. The type of the secondary school has been provided against the name of each school.


Factors used to rate the quality of each secondary school

All the schools mentioned in this list are highly-rated by relevant authorities. These schools are trusted and recognized by relevant organizations and governing bodies. Factors such as – student to teacher ratio, safety, amenities, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, performance of existing students, quality of the teaching staff etc are generally used to rate and evaluate a secondary school.


The secondary schools mentioned in this list are known to fare well in the above-mentioned areas. You may visit the school personally and check the above-mentioned factors/parameters and make sure that the school is a good one.

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