Top-Rated Secondary Schools in Birmingham (City/Urban)

Do you belong to Birmingham (City/Urban), Birmingham? Are you searching for the list of top-rated secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban)? Do you want to select the best secondary school for your child? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban), Birmingham.

Best secondary schools in Birmingham City

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban), type of the secondary school, city/location of the school & additional information. After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal government or non-government secondary school.

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Let us check out the list of secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban) now. Here it is –


List of best secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban), Birmingham

Sr No Name of the secondary school Type of the secondary school Street Address
1 Starbank  School Community school Starbank Road
2 Hodge Hill Girls’ School Community school Bromford Road
3 Kings Heath Boys Community school Chamberlain Road
4 Bordesley Green Girls’ School & Sixth Form Community school Bordesley Green Road
5 Queensbridge School Foundation school Queensbridge Road
6 Selly Park  Girls’ School Community school 5 Selly Park Road
7 Turves Green Girls’ School Foundation school Turves Green
8 Turves Green Boys’ School Community school Turves Green
9 Wheelers Lane Technology College Community school Wheelers Lane
10 Hodge Hill College Community school Bromford Road
11 Holte School Community school Wheeler Street
12 Swanshurst School Community school Brook Lane
13 Moseley School and Sixth Form Foundation school Wake Green Road
14 Balaam Wood School Community school New Street
15 St Paul’s School for Girls Voluntary aided school Vernon Road
16 St John Wall Catholic School Voluntary aided school Oxhill Road
17 St Edmund Campion Catholic School & Sixth Form Centre Voluntary aided school Sutton Road
18 Holy Trinity Catholic School Voluntary aided school Oakley Road
19 Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School Voluntary aided school Old Oscott Hill
20 Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School Voluntary aided school Victoria Road
21 Bishop Challoner Catholic College Voluntary aided school Institute Road
22 King’s Norton Boys’ School Foundation school Northfield Road
23 Colmers School and Sixth Form College Foundation school Bristol Road South
24 Edgbaston High School for Girls Independent school Westbourne Road
25 King Edward’s School Independent school Edgbaston Park Road
26 King Edward VI High School for Girls Independent school Edgbaston Park Road
27 Darul Uloom Islamic High School Independent school 521-527 Coventry Road
28 Mander Portman Woodward Independent College Independent school 16 – 18 Greenfield Crescent
29 Birchfield Independent Girls’ School Independent school 30 Beacon Hill
30 Al Huda Girls’ School Independent school 74-76 Washwood Heath Road
31 Victoria School Community special school Bell Hill
32 Uffculme School Community special school Yew Tree Road
33 Baskerville School Foundation special school Fellows Lane
34 Braidwood School for the Deaf Foundation special school Bromford Road
35 Selly Oak Trust School Foundation special school Oak Tree Lane
36 Priestley Smith School Community special school Perry Beeches Campus
37 Queensbury School Community special school Wood End Road
38 Mayfield School Community special school Wheeler Street
39 The Pines Special School Foundation special school Marsh Hill
40 Fox Hollies School Foundation special school Highbury Community Campus
41 Oscott Manor School Community special school 290 Reservoir Road
42 Lindsworth School Community special school Monyhull Hall Road
43 South and City College Birmingham Further education 129 Floodgate Street
44 Green Oak Academy Independent school 11 – 15 Woodstock Road
45 Hamd House School Independent school 73 Burbidge Road
46 Values Academy Other independent special school 15 Key Hill
47 Al-Hijrah School Voluntary aided school Burbidge Road
48 Al-Burhan Grammar School Independent school Spring Road Centre
49 Jamia Islamia Birmingham Independent school Islamic College
50 Elmhurst Ballet School Independent school 249 Bristol Road
51 Spring Hill High School Other independent special school C/O 28 Slade Road
52 St Paul’s School Other independent special school 73 Hertford Street
53 Ward End Community College Independent school 962-968 Alum Rock Road
54 Archway Academy Independent school 86 Watery Lane
55 Future First Independent School Independent school Hockley Port. All Saints Street
56 Flexible Learning School Independent school 23 All Saints Road
57 TLG North Birmingham Independent school Ntcg Handsworth
58 Green Heath School Independent school Oakwood House
59 Heartlands Academy Academy sponsor led Great Francis Street
60 Shenley Academy Academy sponsor led Shenley Lane
61 Ark St Alban’s Academy Academy sponsor led Conybere Street
62 North Birmingham Academy Academy sponsor led 395 College Road
63 Al-Noor Girls Secondary School Independent school 21 Shakespeare Street
64 Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School Independent school 18 Dixon Road
65 King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy Academy sponsor led Sheldon Heath Road
66 Harborne Academy Academy sponsor led Harborne Road
67 Ninestiles, an Academy Academy converter Hartfield Crescent
68 Bartley Green School Academy converter Adams Hill
69 Kings Norton Girls’ School Academy converter Selly Oak Road
70 King Edward VI Lordswood School for Girls Academy converter Knightlow Road
71 Aston Manor Academy Academy converter Phillips Street
72 Birmingham Ormiston Academy Academy sponsor led 1 Grosvenor Street
73 Holyhead School Academy converter Milestone Lane
74 King Edward VI Aston School Academy converter Frederick Road
75 King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls Academy converter Vicarage Road
76 King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys Academy converter Vicarage Road
77 King Edward VI Five Ways School Academy converter Scotland Lane
78 King Edward VI Handsworth School Academy converter Rose Hill Road
79 Hillcrest School and Sixth Form Centre Academy converter Stonehouse Lane
80 Ark Kings Academy Academy sponsor led Shannon Road
81 City United Academy (CUA) Independent school 10 Edward Street
82 Hall Green School Academy converter Southam Road
83 Rockwood Academy Academy converter Naseby Road
84 Stockland Green School Academy converter Slade Road
85 Central Academy Free schools Newhall Street
86 Aston University Engineering Academy University technical college 1 Lister Street
87 Wilson Stuart School Academy special converter Perry Common Road
88 Nishkam High School Free schools Great King Street North
89 George Dixon Academy Academy converter Portland Road
90 King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy Academy converter Church Lane
91 Four Dwellings Academy Academy sponsor led Dwellings Lane
92 Greenwood Academy Academy sponsor led Farnborough Road
93 James Brindley School Academy special converter Bell Barn Road
94 R.Y.A.N Education Academy Other independent special school C/O Concord Youth Centre
95 Hamstead Hall Academy Academy converter Craythorne Avenue
96 Waverley Studio College Studio schools 470 Belchers Lane
97 City Academy Birmingham Free schools 23 Langley Walk
98 Broadway Academy Academy converter The Broadway
99 Washwood Heath Academy Academy converter Burney Lane
100 Yardleys School Academy converter Reddings Lane
101 Ark Boulton Academy Academy sponsor led Golden Hillock Road
102 Avecinna Academy Independent school The Garrison Centre
103 The University of Birmingham School Free schools Weoley Park Road
104 Jewellery Quarter Academy Free schools St George’s Court
105 Kimichi School Independent school Eastbourne House
106 Calthorpe Academy Academy special converter Darwin Street
107 Bournville School Academy sponsor led Hay Green Lane
108 Saltley Academy Academy sponsor led Belchers Lane
109 Ark Victoria Academy Free schools Talbot Way
110 St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Academy converter Wychall Lane
111 King Solomon International Business School Free schools Lord Street
112 Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham Free schools 150 Wellhead Lane
113 Oscott Academy Independent school St Martins’s Church Centre
114 Waverley School Academy converter Yardley Green Road
115 Riverside Education Independent school 2 Riverside Drive
116 Cockshut Hill School Academy sponsor led Cockshut Hill
117 Woodbourne Hospital School Independent school Priory Woodbourne Hospital
118 Newbury Independent School Independent school Unit 6, Cuckoo Wharf
119 Erdington Academy Academy sponsor led Kingsbury Road
120 Birmingham Independent College Independent school Albert Hall
121 Fortis Academy Academy converter Aldridge Road
122 Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School Academy converter Woodbrooke Road
123 King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys Academy converter Grove Lane
124 Tile Cross Academy Academy sponsor led Gressel Lane
125 Hallmoor School Academy special sponsor led 50 Scholars Gate
126 Small Heath Leadership Academy Academy sponsor led Muntz Street
127 Holy Trinity Catholic School Academy sponsor led Oakley Road
128 Central Birmingham Education Centre Independent school George Street West
129 Lordswood Boys’ School Academy converter Hagley Road
130 Arena Academy Academy sponsor led Beeches Road
131 Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham East Free schools 441 Alum Rock Road
132 Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School Academy converter Victoria Road
133 Queensbury School Academy special sponsor led Wood End Road
134 Camp Hill Education Independent school The Bordesley Centre
135 Eden Girls’  Leadership Academy, Birmingham Free schools 256 Hob Moor Road
136 Orion School Independent school 14246
137 King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy Academy sponsor led New Street
138 V.A.S.E Academy Independent school Oaklands Centre
139 St Edmund Campion Catholic School Academy converter Sutton Road
140 Starbank School Academy sponsor led Hob Moor Road
141 City Academy Free schools 23 Langley Walk
142 Mayfield School Academy special sponsor led Wheeler Street
143 Turves Green Boys’ School Academy sponsor led Turves Green
144 Prince Albert High School Free schools 115 Holford Drive
145 Christ Church, Church of England Secondary Academy Free schools 6 Dale View Road
146 Myles Academy Other independent special school Unit 7, 3B Business Village
147 King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls Academy converter Turves Green
148 Lea Hall Academy Academy special sponsor led Hallmoor Road
149 New Horizon Academy Other independent special school 104 & 106 Summer Road
150 BOA Digital Technologies Academy Free schools 47 Barrack Street
151 King Solomon International Business School Free schools Richard Street
152 Edgbaston College Independent school 37 George Road
153 R.Y.A.N Education Academy Vocational Centre Other independent special school 334 Bordesley Green Road


Different types of secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban)

Broadly speaking, some of the different types of secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban) include – voluntary aided school, academic converter school, independent school, community school, special school etc. In this post, I’ve covered all these types of secondary schools in Birmingham (City/Urban). The type of the secondary school has been provided against the name of each school.


Factors used to rate the quality of each secondary school

All the schools mentioned in this list are highly-rated by relevant authorities. These schools are trusted and recognized by relevant organizations and governing bodies. Factors such as – student to teacher ratio, safety, amenities, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, performance of existing students, quality of the teaching staff etc are generally used to rate and evaluate a secondary school.


The secondary schools mentioned in this list are known to fare well in the above-mentioned areas. You may visit the school personally and check the above-mentioned factors/parameters and make sure that the school is a good one.

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