Science Stream After 10th: Syllabus, Courses, Scope & Jobs

Science stream is a very popular choice among 10th standard passed students in India. Students who want to pursue pure and applied science professional courses in the future may choose this stream. In this article, you will be reading details about science stream schooling (11th and 12th) such as boards available in India, subjects to study, professional courses available after completing 12th, career paths and prospects.


When compared to other main streams- Commerce and Arts, Science stream is a bit tough. Academically bright students won’t have much difficulty in facing the subjects present in this stream though. Let us take a look at the important education boards available in India (11th and 12th Science stream). You may also check – best courses after 12th Science.


Science stream boards available in India

There are four main education boards available in India. Students may choose a stream that suits them best. The choice shall be made on the basis of difficulty level associated with the boards and aptitude of the student. The names of the boards are-

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • State Boards


IB is the toughest board among the above mentioned entries. It focuses on the concept of ‘how to learn’. Much emphasis is laid on ‘application of knowledge’ and ‘practical aspects’ of learning.


IB board is followed by ICSE board, when it comes to difficulty level. Then comes CBSE board. I think most of you are knowledgeable about this board. It functions under the Union Government of India. Difficulty level associated with this board is moderate. You may also check – List of courses after 10th in India.


Last comes State Boards. Each State in India has its own education board. It functions under the respective State Governments of each state. Language of instruction (medium) in case of schools affiliated to such boards are- regional language and English.


Science stream groups

When it comes to Science stream, there are two main groups within it. They are-

  • Biology Group (Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects)
  • Mathematics Group (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects)


These groups, to an extent, ends up determining the career path of a student! A student may choose any one of the above mentioned groups or pursue both of them at the same time. The choice has to be made by the student.


The mathematics group is generally known as the A group and biology group is known as B group. Students pursuing both groups may identify themselves as AB group students.


Let us now focus on the important subjects present in science stream schooling.


List of important science stream subjects

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • English
  • Computer Science


Among the above mentioned subjects, Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics/Biology are compulsory subjects. Students have to choose an optional subject other than them. Usually, availability of such optional subjects may vary from one board to another and from one state board to another. Usually, the optional subjects are- computer science, Sanskrit, regional languages etc.


Analysis of science stream syllabus


1) 11th standard science stream syllabus

Sr No

Important subjects


1PhysicsUnits & measurement, motion in straight line, motion in plane, laws of motion, work, energy, power, system of particles, rotational motion, gravitation, mechanics of solids, thermal properties of matter, mechanics of fluids, thermodynamics, kinetic theory, oscillations & waves
2ChemistryStructure of atom, basics of chemistry, classification of elements, properties of elements, chemical bonding, molecular structure, chemical thermodynamics, equilibrium, redox reactions, basics of organic chemistry, hydrocarbons
3MathematicsSet theory, functions, algebra, coordinate geometry, calculus, statistics & probability, limits & derivatives
4BiologyBiological classification, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, flowering plants, cell, biomolecules, cell structure, cell cycle, cell division, photosynthesis, plant respiration, body fluids and circulation, neural control & coordination, movement
5BiotechnologyBasics of biotechnology, biomolecules, macromolecules, genetics, genes & genomes, cell growth & development
6Computer ScienceComputer organisation, software, operating system, boolean logic, number system, encoding schemes, programming, data protection, cyber safety


2) 12th standard science stream syllabus

Sr No

Important subjects


1PhysicsElectric charges, electric fields, electrostatic potential, capacitance, current electricity, magnetism, magnetism & matter, moving charges, electromagnetic induction, AC (alternating current), electromagnetic waves, ray optics & optical instruments, wave optics, dual nature of radiation, dual nature of matter, atoms, nuclei, semiconductor electronics, circuits
2ChemistrySolutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, coordination compounds, alcohols, phenols, ethers, amines, biomolecules, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids
3MathematicsRelations & functions, algebra, calculus, vectors, linear programming, probability
4BiologyReproduction, genetics & evolution, ecology, environment, human health & diseases, biotechnology, ecosystem, diversity
5BiotechnologyProtein & gene manipulation, cell culture, genetic manipulation
6Computer ScienceProgramming, computer networks, database management, data modeling, structured query language


11th & 12th science stream academic program and evaluation

There are two academic years present- 11th and 12th standards. In case of some boards and state boards, the each academic year has been divided into two semesters, each semester lasting a period of 6 months. Main evaluation exams are held at the end of each academic year (at the end of each semester, in case of semester learning system).


List of courses after 12th Science

Professional courses available after 12th can roughly be classified into three types- applied science courses, pure science courses and other courses. Such courses are available in Diploma as well as Bachelor’s Degree formats.


Course selection is influenced by the group a student has had in 11th and 12th classes. Based on those groups, some of the well known professional courses available are-

Sr No

Type of the course

List of courses

1Engineering courses (PCM group)• B.E. or B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Civil Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Computer Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Information Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Automobile Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Petroleum Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Petrochemical Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Mining Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Plastics & Polymer Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Rubber Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Ceramic Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Food Processing & Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Rail Infrastructure Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Rail Systems & Communication Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Fire & Safety Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Textile Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Electronics Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Environmental Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Power Electronics Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Industrial Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Production Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Robotics & Automation
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Manufacturing Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in B.E. or B.Tech. in Dairy Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Medical Electronics
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Biotechnology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Cyber Physical Systems
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Mechatronics
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Mathematics & Computing
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Marine Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Engineering Physics
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Polymer Science & Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Dyestuff Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Fibres & Textile Processing Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Surface Coating Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Bioinformatics & Data Science
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Geoinformatics
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Industrial Biotechnology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Leather Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Printing Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Pharmaceutical Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Handloom & Textile Technology
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Textile Chemistry
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Construction Engineering
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Jute & Fibre Technology
2Diploma in Engineering courses (PCM group)• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
• Diploma in Electrical Engineering
• Diploma in Civil Engineering
• Diploma in Computer Engineering
• Diploma in Chemical Engineering
• Diploma in Production Engineering
• Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
• Diploma in Automobile Engineering
• Diploma in Communication & Computer Networking
• Diploma in Information Technology
• Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
• Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
• Diploma in Automation & Robotics
• Diploma in Cloud Computing & Big Data
• Diploma in Gaming & Animation
• Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
• Diploma in Textile Chemistry
• Diploma in Textile Processing Technology
• Diploma in Plastic Engineering
• Diploma in Mining Engineering
• Diploma in Ceramic Technology
• Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
• Diploma in Food Processing & Technology
• Diploma in Information & Communication Technology
• Diploma in Tool & Die Making
• Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
• Diploma in Metallurgy
• Diploma in Power Electronics
• Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Technology
• Diploma in Architecture
• Diploma in Geoinformatics
• Diploma in Plastic Mould Technology
• Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
• Diploma in Printing Technology
• Diploma in Electronics Production & Maintenance
• Diploma in Medical Electronics
• Diploma in Marine Engineering
• Diploma in Mechatronics
• Diploma in Leather Technology
• Diploma in Rubber Technology
• Diploma in Packaging Technology
• Diploma in Computer Applications
• Diploma in Industrial Electronics
• Diploma in Environmental Engineering
• Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering
• Diploma in Plastic & Polymer Engineering
• Diploma in Polymer Technology
• Diploma in Garment Fabrication Technology
• Diploma in Renewable Energy
• Diploma in Robotic Process Automation
• Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering
• Diploma in Audiography & Sound Engineering
• Diploma in Cyber Forensics & Information Security
• Diploma in Safety & Fire Engineering
• Diploma in Refrigeration & Airconditioning
• Diploma in Paint Technology
3B.Sc. courses (PCM group)• B.Sc. Mathematics
• B.Sc. Chemistry
• B.Sc. Physics
• B.Sc. Electronics
• B.Sc. Electronics & Communication
• B.Sc. Multimedia & Animation
• B.Sc. Information Technology
• B.Sc. Hardware & Networking
• B.Sc. Computer Science
• B.Sc. PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics)
• B.Sc. Electronics & Telecommunication
• B.Sc. Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
• B.Sc. Computer Science (Cloud Computing & Big Data)
• B.Sc. Computer Science (Cyber Security)
• B.Sc. Data Science
4Architecture courses (PCM group)• B.Arch.
• Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
5Merchant Navy courses (PCM group)• B.E./B.Tech. in Marine Engineering
• B.Sc. Nautical Science
• Diploma in Marine Engineering
• GP Rating course
• Saloon Rating course
• B.Sc. Maritime Science
• Diploma in Nautical Science
• Higher National Diploma in Marine Engineering
• Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science
6Aviation courses (PCM group)• CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) Training
• AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)
• B.Sc. Aviation
• B.E. or B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineering
7Urban Planning & Design courses (PCM group)• Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Design
• Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Technology
• B.Plan. (Bachelor of Planning)
8Professional Degrees• CA (Chartered Accountant)
• CS (Company Secretary)
• CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
9Statistics courses• B.Stat. (Bachelor of Statistics)
• B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics
10Medical, dental & physiotherapy courses (PCB group)• MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery)
• BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
• BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
11Nursing courses (PCB group)• B.Sc. Nursing
• B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic)
12B.Sc. courses (PCB group)• B.Sc. Biology
• B.Sc. Botany
• B.Sc. Zoology
• B.Sc. Biotechnology
• B.Sc. Physics
• B.Sc. Chemistry
• B.Sc. Biochemistry
• B.Sc. Bioinformatics
• B.Sc. Anthropology
• B.Sc. Microbiology
• B.Sc. Genetics
• B.Sc. Health Science & Nutrition
13Allied Health Sciences courses (PCB group)• B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
• B.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology
• B.Sc. Medical Record Technology
• B.Sc. Cardiovascular Technology
• B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology
• B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology
• B.Sc. Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
• B.Sc. Emergency Medicine Technology
• B.Sc. Dialysis Technology
• B.Sc. Optometry
• B.Sc. Occupational Therapy
• B.Sc. Respiratory Therapy
• B.Sc. Perfusion Technology
• B.Sc. Prosthetics & Orthotics
• B.Sc. Sports Science and Exercise
• B.Sc. Psychology
• BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology)
• B.Sc. Physician Assistant
• B.Sc. Nuclear Medicine Technology
• B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology
• B.Sc. Cardiac Care Technology
• B.Sc. Ophthalmic Technology
14Alternative Medicine courses (PCB group)• BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery)
• BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
• BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)
• BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences)
15Veterinary & Fisheries Science courses (PCB group)• B.V.Sc. & AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry)
• B.F.Sc. (Bachelor of Fisheries Science)
16Integrated Law courses (PCM/B group)• BA LL.B.
• B.Sc. LL.B.
• B.Com. LL.B.
17Management courses (PCM/B group)• BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
• BBA + MBA (Integrated)
• BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
• BBA (Specialization programs)
• BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
• BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
• BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology)
• BHA (Bachelor of Hospital Administration)
• Diploma in Management
• BA (Hons in Management studies)
• B.Com. (Hons in Management studies)
• Bachelor of Event Management
18Diploma courses (PCM/B group)• Diploma in Aquaculture
• Diploma in Event Management
• Diploma in Dairy Technology
• Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education
• Diploma in Meat Technology
• Diploma in Paralegal Practice
• Diploma in Tourism Studies
• Diploma in BPO Finance & Accounting
• Diploma in Modern Office Practice
• Diploma in Watershed Management
19Certificate courses (PCM/B group)• Certificate in Business Skills
• Certificate in Community Radio
• Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution
• Certificate in Mobile Application Development
• Certificate in Consumer Protection
• Certificate in Disaster Management
• Certificate in Functional English (Basic)
• Certificate in Environmental Studies
• Certificate in Value Education
• Certificate in Food & Beverage Service Operation
• Certificate in Food & Nutrition
• Certificate in Foreign Languages (German, French, Spanish etc)
• Certificate in Front Office Operations
• Certificate in Health Care Waste Management
• Certificate in Yoga
• Certificate in Home Health Assistance
• Certificate in General Duty Assistance
• Certificate in HIV & Family Education
• Certificate in Housekeeping Operations
• Certificate in Solid Waste Treatment Techniques
• Certificate in Information Technology
• Certificate in Human Rights
• Certificate in Library & Information Science
• Certificate in NGO Management
• Certificate in Apparel Merchandising
• Certificate in Organic Farming
• Certificate in Tourism Studies
• Certificate in IT & Communication Skills
20Pharmacy courses (PCM/B group)• B.Pharm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
• D.Pharm. (Diploma in Pharmacy)
• Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)
• D.Pharm. (Ayurveda)
• D.Pharm. (Homeopathy)
21Aviation courses (PCM/B group)• BBA in Airport Management
• BBA in Airline & Airport Management
• Diploma in Cabin Crew Training
• Certificate in Cabin Crew Training
• BBA in Aviation
• Diploma in Airfare Ticketing
• Diploma in Ground Staff Training
• Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Management
• BBA in Airline Operations Management
22Design courses (PCM/B group)• B.Des. Film & Video Communication
• B.Des. Exhibition Design
• B.Des. Animation Film Design
• B.Des. Graphic Design
• B.Des. Ceramic & Glass Design
• B.Des. Furniture & Interior Design
• B.Des. Product Design
• B.Des. Textile Design
• B.Des. Fashion Design
• B.Des. Apparel Design
• B.Des. Accessory & Jewellery Design
• Bachelor of Fashion Design
• BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)
23Journalism & Mass Communication courses (PCM/B group)• BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)
• BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)
• Bachelor of Communication & Journalism
• BA (Hons) Journalism & Mass Communication
• BA (Hons) Journalism
• BBA in Media Management
24Teacher Training courses (PCM/B group)• JBT (Junior Basic Training)
• NTT (Nursery Teacher Training)
• B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)
• D.P.Ed. (Diploma in Physical Education)
• D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education)
25Vocational courses (PCM/B group)• B.Voc. Software Development
• B.Voc. Travel & Tourism
• B.Voc. Graphics & Multimedia
• B.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
• B.Voc. Food Processing
• B.Voc. Interior Design
• B.Voc. Fashion Design
• B.Voc. Jewellery Design
• B.Voc. Product Design
• B.Voc. Hardware & Networking
• B.Voc. Hotel Management
• B.Voc. Dairy Technology
• B.Voc. Apparel Design
• B.Voc. Rubber Technology
• B.Voc. Photography
• B.Voc. Modern Office Practice
26Other Degree courses (PCM/B group)• BA (General)
• BA (Hons)
• B.Sc. (specific B.Sc. courses)
• BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)
27B.Sc. courses (PCM/B group)• B.Sc. Agriculture
• B.Sc. Horticulture
• B.Sc. Sericulture
• B.Sc. Forestry
• B.Sc. Physics
• B.Sc. Chemistry
• B.Sc. Hotel Management
• B.Sc. Hotel & Hospitality Management
• B.Sc. Hotel Management & Catering Technology
• B.Sc. Web Designing
• B.Sc. Web & Graphic Design
• B.Sc. Animation & Special Effects
• B.Sc. Hospitality & Event Management
• B.Sc. Aviation & Hospitality Management
• B.Sc. Interior Design
• B.Sc. Commercial Photography
28Paramedical courses (PCM/B group)• Diploma in Pharmacy
• Diploma in Pharmacy (Ayurveda)
• Diploma in Pharmacy (Homeopathy)
• Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
• Diploma in Physiotherapy
• Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
• Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
• Diploma in X-Ray Technology
• Diploma in Radiography
• GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery)
• ANM (Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery)
• Diploma in Emergency Care Technology
• Diploma in Dialysis Technology
• Diploma in Occupational Therapy
• Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology
• Diploma in Veterinary Assistant
• Diploma in Dental Hygienist
• Diploma in Radiography
• Diploma in ECG Technology
• Diploma in CT Scan Technology
• Diploma in Dental Assistant
• Diploma in Community Healthcare
• Diploma in Medical Record Technology
• Diploma in Blood Bank Technology
• Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
• Diploma in Rural Healthcare
• Diploma in Sanitary Worker
• Diploma in Nursing Assistant
• Diploma in Radiological Techniques
• Diploma in Neuro Technology
• Diploma in Cardiovascular Technician
• Diploma in Dental Mechanics
• Diploma in Dental Hygiene
• Diploma in Optometry
• Diploma in Pharmacy (Veterinary)
• Diploma in Multi-purpose Health Worker
• Diploma in Cath Lab Technology
• Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science
• Diploma in Dental Lab Technician
• Diploma in Orthopaedic Technician
• Diploma in Food & Nutrition



Sr No

Prominent science stream courses

Scope & potential jobs

1Engineering courses (PCM group)Government sector jobs, private sector jobs, engineering companies, PSUs, engineering consultancies, tech firms, banks, civil services, Indian Railways, PWD & more
2Diploma in Engineering courses (PCM group)Government sector jobs (PSUs, Railways, State Electricity Boards, PWD & more), private sector jobs, automobile companies, manufacturing firms, automation firms, construction firms & more
3B.Sc. courses (PCM group)Banks, government sector jobs, private sector jobs, civil services, educational institutes, private offices, MNCs & more
4Architecture courses (PCM group)Architecture studios, design firms, construction firms, developers, self-employment (own architecture firm, freelancing or consultant), architecture consultancies, government sector jobs, civil services & more
5Merchant Navy courses (PCM group)Merchant Navy consultancies, shipping lines, ports, logistics firms & more
6Aviation courses (PCM group)Aeronautical engineering firms, commercial airlines, aircraft maintenance firms, aviation R&D firms, aviation training institutes & more
7Urban Planning & Design courses (PCM group)Government planning agencies, government housing agencies, developers, construction firms, planning consultancies & more
8Professional DegreesBanks, accounting firms, consultation agencies, self-employment (CA, CS, CMA etc), government sector jobs, MNCs, tax firms, private sector jobs & more
9Statistics coursesBanks, financial institutions, market research firms, government sector jobs, civil services, private sector jobs, consultation agencies, market research firms, marketing firms, MNCs & more
10Medical, dental & physiotherapy courses (PCB group)Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, civil services, self-employment (own practice), insurance firms, dental clinics, physiotherapy centres, nursing homes & other healthcare institutes
11Nursing courses (PCB group)Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, civil services, nursing homes, NGOs, government sector jobs (Army, govt hospital, PSUs, railways etc) & other healthcare institutes
12B.Sc. courses (PCB group)Government sector jobs, banks, private sector jobs, MNCs, private offices & more
13Allied Health Sciences courses (PCB group)Pathology labs, medical imaging centres, hospitals, blood banks, clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, old age homes, government sector jobs, civil services & relevant healthcare institutes
14Alternative Medicine courses (PCB group)Hospitals (ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy), clinics, self-employment (own practice), government sector jobs & more
15Veterinary & Fisheries Science courses (PCB group)Government sector jobs, private sector jobs, civil services, vet clinics, fisheries board, self-employment (own vet clinic) & more
16Integrated Law courses (PCM/B group)Law firms, legal consultancies, self-employment (law firm or office or practice), government sector jobs, civil services, MNCs (legal department), private firms (legal department), freelance consultant & more
17Management courses (PCM/B group)MNCs, private firms, government sector jobs, civil services, hospitals, schools, hotels & resorts, aviation firms, airlines, consultation agencies, marketing firms, advertising agencies, management consultancies, corporate firms, banks, insurance firms, banking institutes, startups & more
18Diploma courses (PCM/B group)Entry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain
19Certificate courses (PCM/B group)Entry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain
20Pharmacy courses (PCM/B group)Phamaceutical companies, pharmacy store chains, pharmaceutical marketing agencies, government sector jobs, civil services, state pharmaceutical bodies, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy stores, self-employment (own pharmacy) & more
21Aviation courses (PCM/B group)Airlines, airports, aviation consultancies, hospitality sector firms, travel & tourism agencies & more
22Design courses (PCM/B group)Design studios, design firms, design MNCs, apparel designers, clothing manufacturers, design consultancies, educational institutes & more
23Journalism & Mass Communication courses (PCM/B group)TV & broadcasting firms, internet media companies, government sector jobs, civil services, radio stations, new media firms, media production firms, self-employment (freelance reporter, internet media specialist etc)
24Teacher Training courses (PCM/B group)Schools, special education schools, tuition centres, educational MNCs, online learning platforms, self-employment (tuition or online classes) & more
25Vocational courses (PCM/B group)Domain specific job (automobile, software, construction, design, manufacturing etc)
26Other Degree courses (PCM/B group)Government sector jobs, private sector jobs, civil services, MNCs & more
27B.Sc. courses (PCM/B group)Government sector jobs, banks, private sector jobs, MNCs, private offices & more
28Paramedical courses (PCM/B group)Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, community health centres, NGOs, old age homes, medical labs, medical imaging centres, dental clinics, dental hospitals, nursing homes & more


Mathematics group students may become (depending upon the professional course)- Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Management professionals, Lawyers, Government employees, Architects, Commercial Pilots, Air Hostesses/Cabin Crew, Pharmacists etc.


Biology group students may become (depending upon the professional course)- Doctors, Physiotherapists, Scientists, Teachers, Management professionals, Lawyers, Government employees, Architects, Pharmacists, Nurses, Air Hostesses/Cabin Crew, Fashion Designer, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists etc.


Note: Not all job profiles and careers have been mentioned above. Some of the well known job profiles have been mentioned, so that students may get a general idea about the careers present at the end of science stream education!


Before selecting science stream, do give a look at the careers available. Check whether you have the aptitude to pursue a career in this stream. This can be done through career counseling sessions and field trips.

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    • Take Science stream with PCB subjects after 10th. Finish 11th and 12th. Pursue MBBS course. Complete MBBS and pursue MS/MD and specialize in the desired discipline.


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